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Angela Kennedy adds a touch of Madonna to Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters' latest acquisition, Angela Kennedy, plays a character who is a cross between an ocker Eliza Dolittle and an over-the-top Madonna.

The attractive, petite, 18-year-old actress, who also sings and dances with aplomb, is cast as Ginny Doyle, an outspoken young lady whose dialogue is devoid of 'aitches' and 'gees'.

Ginny debuts on the Seven Network series this week in Sydney and soon in other States.

"She's an excellent character to play," said Angela, who has already played a bit part in Sons and Daughters.

"Ginny is very strong, very cheeky and a very smart cookie, who's also a little bit vulnerable, which is good.

"I like her; she's a challenge for me."

Ginny enters the series through her involvement with Alison Carr (Belinda Giblin), whom she met at the Community Work Centre.

"Ginny had fallen in love with an older man, who ended up dropping her," Angela said. "So she took one of his prized cars, smashed it and was sent to the work centre as a form of punishment."

Because of her car accident with Caroline Morrell (Abigail), Alison also was at the work centre paying her debt to society.

"The two did not hit it off at first," Angela said. "In fact, they fought like cat and dog - until Alison realised she saw Ginny as her younger self, a lady determined to get what she wants.

"So she took Ginny under her wing.

"It's like a Pygmalion story actually, particularly as Ginny's speech leaves a lot to be desired."

Angela has been working on Sons and Daughters for the past three months and the producers, impressed by her work, have asked her to stay for the rest of the year.

"Although it is my first substantial role, I don't want to be restricted to television," Angela said.

She has been studying her craft since she was five.

Born in Sydney, she studied speech and drama at Trinity College, and singing and dancing - classical, tap and jazz - at the Australian Theatre For Young People.

She later won a three-year diploma course at Sydney's Academy Of Dramatic And Social Arts, where she is still a student.

Her professional career has involved six theatre engagements, including Zombie Barbecue and Mission Thraxoria.

She has also been a privileged performer at a Royal Command Performance and entertained on cruise liners.

On television, she has appeared in Young Talent Time, The Ian Turpie Show, Harry And Ralph and numerous telethons for Networks Seven and 10.

Angela plans to present a cabaret show, as well as work by day on Sons and Daughters.

She is enjoying the situation in which the writers have placed Ginny. But is romance afoot for Ginny?

"They haven't given her too much in that direction because her storylines are so strong in other areas," Angela said.

"More than anything else, she wants to be a rock singer and a fashion designer.

"She does fall for Glen (Mark Conroy), but he won't be having anything to do with her.

"I should imagine there will be romance later on.

"Meaning, I'm just loving the challenge of playing her."


By: Garry Shelley
Source: TV Week
Date: 19 July 1986


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