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Pat the Rat sneaks back on to the sets of Seven's Sons and Daughters this Wednesday in the form of Belinda Giblin.

And she's no sooner there than she's up to her old tricks, totally confusing Wayne the Weasel and ruining a wedding.

Belinda, who is forcing her voice to sound like the departed Rowena Wallace, knocks on Charly's [sic] door after a flight from London.

Wayne, who has had yet another verbal punch-up with his family, is staying at Charly's.

With Pat the Rat's arrogant approach to life, she announces her name is Allison [sic], she is an old friend of Charly's fresh from England and accepting an offer to stay.

Wayne can't put his finger on this who this attractive blonde reminds him of, but never mind.

It's a good reason to do some dedicated drinking while they get to know each other.

Patricia, as everyone knows except the rest of the cast, has had plastic surgery in Rio.

Her ex-husband (or is he still her husband?) David, has gone there looking for her.

Wayne, working his way quietly through a bottle of scotch, drops bombshells such as: "Everyone would be a lot better off if David comes home from Rio alone."

Allison's arrival has certainly brightened up Sons and Daughters.

By: Unknown
Source: Brisbane Sun
Date: 12 August 1985


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