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The return of Rowena Wallace to Australian soapie Sons and Daughters was the best news Belinda Giblin had in a long time.

"It was an idea Rowena and I had and I think it will be great to have her back," Belinda said.

"It makes room for some really meaty scenes."

Belinda plays Alison Carr, supposedly Pat the Rat with plastic surgery.

When the news broke about Rowena's return, speculation started over the role she would play and Belinda's future.

"I can't tell you a thing about the story, but there will be plenty of fireworks," Belinda said.

I'm not going to be kicked out, as some of the press reported."

Those reports angered down-to-earth Belinda.

"Publicity can be so damning at times," she said.

"The press has immense power and I often think it's the newspapers and magazines that control what's shown on TV.

"Some of the things I read are very hurtful."

Because Belinda is an actress of high calibre, it is hard to believe she doubts her ability.

"I have doubts of incredible depression about why I'm in the business," she said.

"I often think I should go home and be a mother who regularly visits the supermarket.

"I seem to go through these periods of immense self-doubt and especially if I don't like the storylines I have at the time.

"But at the moment I'm really enjoying myself."

Although most actors believe playing a nasty character is more of a challenge, Belinda doesn't like some of Alison Carr's behaviour.

"I feel the character needs more of a challenge," she said.

"I get incredibly frustrated when Alison is bitchy just for the sake of being bitchy.

"She does have a soft side and bitches are more vulnerable than most other people. But they (the producers) are scared Alison will become a wimp if she shows too much vulnerability."

Away from the bright lights, Belinda is devoted to five-year-old daughter Romy and husband Axel.

"Romy is a great joy and we all relax on our farm in Tamworth," she said.

"My husband words at home and I often have mornings off, so I see them plenty.

"It's a pleasant change to be working in Sydney. Before, most of my work had been in Melbourne and I was commuting all the time."

Now, Belinda seems content to continue her TV role, but she plans to have another child.

"I'd like to have more children," she said.

"I'm getting older and if I want more children, then I'll have to do it soon."


By: Unknown
Source: Daily Sun, Brisbane
Date: 25 September 1986


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