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A horrific plane crash, a murder being planned by a spurned lover, and an incestuous marriage.

That's the cliff-hanger fare being served up to soapie fans on Friday night as Channel 7's Sons and Daughters winds up a successful year.

Arch bitch Alison Carr, alias Pat the Rat, is headed for a horrific death in the plane crash as she dashes to stop daughter Mary from marrying her half-brother.

Mary (Tessa Humphries) and Wayne Hamilton (Ian Rawlings) are poised to take their wedding vows at a remote church when a horrified Alison (Belinda Giblin) hears the news.

She is the only one who knows the truth about Mary and Wayne's relationship - that they share the same father, Gordon Hamilton (Brian Blain), and that she is Mary's real mother.

Alison knows she has to stop the nuptials even though it could mean exposing the dark secret that she is Pat the Rat.

She ropes James Hamilton (Nick Tate) into flying her to the church.

He's drunk and his plane is very low on fuel, but Alison insists he take off.

They haven't been in the air long when they're plummeting to the ground in dense bushland. It appears there's little chance either will survive.

In another plot twist, Beryl Palmer (Leila Hayes) and her lover Rod Campbell (David Bradshaw) quarrel, then make up.

But Rod's jealous housekeeper Doris Hudson (Carol Skinner), secretly in love with her boss, has ideas of her own and plots the murder of Beryl's baby.


By: Helen Vines
Source: Daily Mirror - Sydney Evening Daily
Date: 7 November 1985


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