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Five shots... but only two victims, one badly wounded, one dead.

On Sunday night, fans of Channel 7's Sons and Daughters will see 'who shot who' in last November's cliffhanger episode.

When the series went into recess, a crazed prison escapee, Joe Parker (played by Danny Adcock) was holding five people at gunpoint - including two of Sons and Daughters' best-loved characters, David Palmer and his wife Beryl (Tom Richards and Leila Hayes).

As the five shots rang out, viewers heard Beryl Palmer scream out her husband's name.

But as our dramatic picture shows, Beryl is still alive - but her husband, David, is close to death.

During the non-ratings summer months there was speculation that the Palmers were being killed off to make way for four new characters, the O'Brien family.

Last year, Sons and Daughters was one of Channel 7's most popular programmes.

Its return to the screen was delayed because of the summertime success of Terry Willesee Tonight.

Willesee took over the Sons and Daughters 7:00pm Monday to Friday time-slot.

Now Sons and Daughters returns in a new time-slot of 7:30pm Sunday.

The action moves from an isolated farmhouse, where the shooting takes place, to the intensive care ward of a big hospital.

David Palmer is one of two patients raced by ambulance from the farm-house to the hospital.

The other victim? Well that's a secret, but there's a struggle and a twist in the plot before one of the intensive care monitors shows that one of the victims is dead.


By: Kevin Sadler
Source: Unknown
Date: 1983


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