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Supersoapie Sons and Daughters takes its final curtain call at the weekend - after five years of TV tears, traumas and tribulations.

The show which not only got away with screen murder but also rapes, kidnaps, marriages, births and love tangles reaches the end of its successful run amid a welter of storylines waiting to be tied up.

Although filming actually finished in April, viewers have still been able to follow the fortunes of the crisis-stricken characters darting between Sydney and Melbourne all year.

And the last hour-long episode (Channel 7, Sunday 6:30pm) is sure not to disappoint.

It boasts yet more tears with another wedding, another murder and a few surprises.

Romantic reconciliations are the order of the day but winners turn out to be losers, as wicked Wayne Hamilton (Ian Rawlings) finds out.

Scheming Alison Carr (Belinda Giblin) appears to be on death's doorstep but it remains to be seen whether she will get her just desserts.

Although Sunday's episode tries to wrap up a surfeit of storylines, a few forgotten ones are left hanging with a big question mark over them.

Like, for example, whatever happened to Wayne dying from Huntington's Disease?

The remaining original cast members - Ian Rawlings, Pat McDonald (Fiona Thompson), Brian Blain (Gordon Hamilton) and Leila Hayes (Beryl Palmer-Hamilton) - have endured more dramas in five years than most of us could ever put up with in a lifetime.

Dastardly Wayne has walked down the aisle six times, been engaged twice, suspected of murder and tried to rip off all and sundry.

Do-gooder Gordon and boring Beryl have been plagued with long-lost children throughout the series, with the question of parenthood rearing up every so often, and deserve to end up with each other.


By: Nicole Silverman
Source: Daily Mirror - Sydney N.S.W.
Date: 24 December 1987


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