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Battle lines are drawn in a bid to nail Roger Carlyle's killer in this week's shocking episode of Sons and Daughters.

Virtually the entire cast came under suspicion when Roger (Les Dayman) finally got his just desserts last week.

The mystery killer sneaked up behind dastardly Roger, gave him a well-deserved wallop on the back of the head and left him lying in a pool of blood.

His body, which mysteriously disappeared, is discovered this week and police start investigations.

Roger's rotten past left him with a lot of enemies.

Nearly everyone had a motive for murder, and in the chaos following the discovery of the body in a compost heap, accusing fingers point in all directions.

Alison Carr (Belinda Giblin) is convinced that Caroline Morrell (Abigail) murdered Roger.

After all, she was charmed by him and later discovered his romantic advances were merely a ploy to help him get control of Woombai.

To add insult to injury, Caroline discovered a young woman emerging from Roger's bedroom during a visit, and she never takes rejection well.

But the police suspect Caroline because she was caught trying to have a bloodstained rug cleaned.

Wayne and his father, Gordon (Brian Blain), also had good reasons for wanting Roger dead.

Both of them hated him and were afraid that he'd take control of their family company.

Samantha Morrell (Sally Tayler) had a pretty good motive for murder too.

Roger had threatened to have her closest friend and protector, Leo Walsh (Bob Baines), committed to a psychiatric institution.

Then there's Leo, silently in love with Samantha and jealous of Roger. He was terrified by Roger's threat to have him committed and didn't like his interest in Samantha.

But it's unlucky Mary Reynolds (Tessa Humphries) whom the police cart off to jail, and they think they have sound reasons for doing so.

If only they knew the truth...

Also in this week's show, Fiona Thompson's (Pat McDonald) refugee friend, Nguyen Hung (Phu An Chiem) runs away, causing untold havoc.

His disappearance forces Fiona to go to the immigration department and tell the full story, but she's worried that if Hung is found, he will be tossed into a detention centre.

Only one person knows where Hung is hiding, and he's not telling - not until there's a close call with death, anyway.

Meanwhile, troublemakers Tracey Kingsford (Anna Hruby) and Judge (Rob Sampson) plot to get Brett Keegan (Brett Partridge) into deep trouble by forcing him to break into a warehouse to repay his gambling debt.


By: Helen Vines
Source: TV Star
Date: 20 September 1985


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