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This weekend Joanna Lockwood is getting married on television - for the second time.

The first time was in Cop Shop as Valerie; this time it's in Sons and Daughters, as Jenny Turner.

She's marrying Stephen Morrell (played by Michael Long), ex-husband of Pat the Rat (Rowena Wallace) and Caroline (Abigail).

Getting married on a TV show is a long and tiring day's work, according to Joanna.

Her latest 'wedding' involved a cast of thousands, an outside broadcast unit and a huge marquee for the many extras to change in.

"The Cop Shop one looked like a big wedding," says Joanna, "but it was really a pretty piddling affair.

"This time I have a full ceremony and ALMOST a reception."

The producers of Sons and Daughters (Channel Seven, Sundays and Mondays, 7:30pm) even went to the trouble of hiring a real marriage celebrant.

And - surprise, surprise - it turned out to be the same woman who recently married two sets of Joanna's best friends!

"She wrote the words herself and did a better job of it than any actor or actress could have done," says Joanna.

But things don't all go well for Jenny and Stephen on their big day when Stephen is knocked on the head by an angry guest.


By: Patricia Sheanan
Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown


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