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Education has been important in the life of Jane Seaborn. But it seemed to conflict with a TV starring role…

The world, it seems, is actress Jane Seaborn's oyster.

Having just completed a contract with the Queensland Theatre Company, Jane, 20, was offered the chance of a role in the Seven Network soap Sons and Daughters. A successful audition, Jane was told, would require a hasty trip from Maroochydore on Queensland's Sunshine Coast to Sydney where the series is filmed.

A desire to finish a university degree also made Jane hesitate to proceed with the audition and the chance for a role that most young actors would give their eye-teeth for.

It was only after some advice and encouragement from her mum that Jane decided to try out for the Sons and Daughters role of Katie O'Brien and complete her studies externally.

Now the role is hers - and Jane couldn't be more delighted.

"I had only finished up (with the theatre company) a week when my agent rang to tell me about the auditions and that, if successful, I would be required in Sydney in three days," Jane told TV WEEK.

"I said I didn't want to go to Sydney, that I wanted to finish my degree."

Jane is the daughter of two pharmacists, and education, understandably, has played an important part in her life.

After two years of studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Queensland, Jane was keen to complete the course.

School has prepared her for a life as a performer. She studied speech and drama for ten years and has taught privately herself.

After two years at university, Jane decided to take one year off to work with the QTC's Theatre-In-Education team touring all over Queensland.


By: Unknown
Source: TV Week
Date: 25 August 1984


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