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Former Young Doctors actor Philip Quast and experienced performer Tim Eliott are the latest additions to the ever-increasing cast of Sons and Daughters.

The two began filming in the series' Seven Network studios in Sydney last week. Twenty-seven-year-old Philip, who appeared as Rod Hawkins in the final few episodes of The Young Doctors, has been signed to play Bob Mitchell.

"He has a problem with his fiery temper and that gets him into trouble a fair bit. He spends a lot of his time dealing with that," Philip said. "He's very touchy, got a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and when his temper flares up he is potentially dangerous. I've been doing mostly theatre. Television, I've found, is a difficult medium for me. It's high pressure stuff and, as relaxation is a little bit of a problem for me, it's like throwing yourself in at the deep end," he said.

He is happy to have been signed for 13 weeks: "I think that will be enough for me at the moment. I wouldn't like to have a really long-term one. It can be such a drain."

For experienced actor Tim Eliott, his recent addition to the series cast as Nat Fisher, ex-husband of Irene (Judy Nunn) and father of Todd (Michael Winchester), is his second appearance in the show. He played a character called Brian Ingleton in 1982 episodes of the series.

By: Stephen Cook
Source: Unknown
Date: 1984


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