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It proves Sons and Daughters is a success - Rowena

Sons and Daughters actress Rowena Wallace has received a back-handed compliment.

In her role as Patricia Morrell, she has been voted the second most-hated TV character in Britain.

But Rowena says her ignominious title is proof that the SEVEN soapie is a success with the British.

Patricia Morrell's scheming and underhand behaviour has audiences booing and hissing.

A London newspaper, the Daily Star, asked viewers this month who they hated most on TV.

Rowena ran second behind a character from the British soapie Crossroads, and beat evil J.R. Ewing, of Dallas, who finished 10th.

But she says there is another side to the fans' opinion.

"Everybody says 'you are such a bitch, but we can't wait to see what you are going to do next'."

Like the sinister Gerard (Noel Trevarthan) in Carson's Law, Patricia Morrell's nasty habits sustain interest in Sons and Daughters.

"Viewers are also waiting for her to get her just desserts, and she's always getting them," Rowena said.

"But she's a survivor, no matter what happens to her."

She says coming second in the hate poll is "quite an achievement" because the show is screened in off-peak viewing time in Britain, between 3 and 4pm.

Rowena learnt of her title when a British fan sent her the results. Now mail is pouring in from Britain and even the Netherlands, where the show is also screened.

Despite the show's success overseas, ratings have dropped in its home town, Sydney.

And Rowena says the Sons and Daughters cast fear for the soapie's future as the network has changed its timeslot to 7:30pm Sunday and Monday for an hour.

In Melbourne and Perth the show is screened at 7pm Monday to Friday.

Rowena has been with the show since it started more than two years ago.

- From the Melbourne Herald.


By: Unknown
Source: Perth Daily News - W.A. Evening Daily
Date: 28 March 1984


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