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Rowena Wallace has become Australian television's most-wanted actress.

Even before she tapes her final scene as Sons and Daughters' arch-bitch Pat the Rat, the silver-maned actress has been snapped up by producers wanting her significant talents.

The result is four totally different yet equally challenging jobs which will keep the TV WEEK Logie-winning star busy until at least March next year.

Not only has she won a major role in the telemovie Relatives, as announced in TV WEEK recently, but Rowena will also star in what promises to be one of next year's most controversial mini-series, Glass Babies.

And she will also be host for two documentaries - one of which will be her second safari into Third World countries for World Vision.

But nobody is more surprised by the sudden demand for her services than the dedicated actress herself.

"I thought people would associate me so strongly with Pat the Rat and Sons and Daughters that I might be sitting around on the shelf for quite a while," a stunned Rowena admitted.

Rowena tapes her final scene with Sons and Daughters on September 26 and then begins rehearsals for her vital role as Doctor Gloria McCrae in PBL Productions' Glass Babies.

Destined to be one of the most topical and talked-about TV dramas yet made in this country, it focuses on the in-vitro fertilisation (test-tube baby) and surrogate mother program.


By: Stephen Cook
Source: TV Week
Date: 1984


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