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Rowena Wallace makes her much-heralded return to Channel 7's Sons and Daughters on Sunday - and when viewers first see her, she is in jail.

Is she still playing Pat the Rat, the character which she made famous in the popular soapie?

Channel 7 isn't saying and the channel is also refusing to make preview tapes of coming Sons and Daughters episodes available.

Rowena initiated the role of the devious Patricia Hamilton in Sons and Daughters and she soon became the most notorious character in any soap opera in the country.

Fellow cast member Peter Phelps gave her the name 'Pat the Rat' and it stayed with her until she left the series in 1985.

Another actress, Belinda Giblin, then joined the cast as Alison Carr and, according to the scriptwriters, she was Pat the Rat. The change in her appearance was explained by plastic surgery.

Then came the news last August that Rowena had agreed to return to Sons and Daughters. At the time it was rumoured that Rowena and Belinda were to play sisters.

Channel 7, determined to keep the plot-lines secret, have never confirmed this relationship.

What is known is that Rowena's character is called Pamela.

And, in Sunday's episode of Sons and Daughters, she is recognised in jail by Beryl Hamilton (played by Leila Hayes) who is awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her stepson, wicked Wayne (Ian Rawlings).

From sources at Channel 7, we learn that Beryl and Pam become firm friends in jail and, when Pam is eventually released, Beryl invites her to move into her home.

It's not until then that Alison and Pam meet face to face. And according to the sources, that's when the fireworks really start!


By: Unknown
Source: The Sun (Australia)
Date: Unknown


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