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Whoever Dreamt Up That One?

To Sons and Daughters fans across Australia, she is known as Pat the Rat.

You know why. The character of Mrs. Patricia Morrell, formerly Mrs. Patricia Hamilton, is an arch bitch.

But do you know who invented the very descriptive nickname?

Rowena Wallace, who plays Pat the Rat, knows the answer.

"It was Phelpsy," she said. "At least, I'm pretty sure it was him."

Phelpsy is, of course, her nickname for co-star Peter Phelps, who plays her son, John, in the popular Channel 7 series.

Rowena explains: "We used to have our scripts hanging on pegs in the green room and all the young lads in the show would write things on the scripts pertaining to the character.

"I won't go through them all because some of those written remarks were very grubby but they did write rude things.

"One day, I found written across my scripts: 'A shrine of remembrance for Pat the Rat' - and they listed all her husbands and lovers."

And, with a possible broken marriage and more romantic entanglements planned for Pat the Rat in 1984, Rowena added: "The list is growing."

One-hour episodes of Sons and Daughters are currently screening in Sydney in a new time-slot: 7:30 on Sunday and Monday nights.

With the current affairs series, Terry Willesee Tonight, in the old Sons and Daughters time-slot - 7pm Monday to Friday - how does the cast feel about the move?

"We are not happy about it," Rowena said.

"I think I can speak for everybody. We think it's a crazy decision."


By: Kevin Sadler
Source: The Sun (Australia)
Date: 1 March 1984


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