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Additions to the cast of Channel Seven soapie Sons and Daughters are set to cause some shake-ups in the future.

Especially for the show's resident socialite Charlie Bartlett, played by Sarah Kemp.

Charlie's children appear on the scene, shedding some light on her mysterious past.

Charlie's son, Adam Tate (Adam Briscombe) joined the show last week as a policeman and Charlie's daughter, Sally (Ruth Hessey), arrives next week.

"Adam is a nice, tall, good-looking man - the kind they like to have in soapies. It takes me a while to realise he is my son and until I find out his name I flirt outrageously with him," says Sarah.

"My daughter Sally is a university student and is quite a contrast to Charlie. Sally doesn't get dressed up, she isn't glamorous, she is rather dowdy and serious. That's not a very polite description, but it will give you an idea. Of course, Charlie eventually transforms her daughter into a young lady.

The sudden arrival of Charlie's children signals the increasing importance of her role in the series.

"I've been with Sons and Daughters for three years, but I wasn't a regular with the show until last year. It seems as more regulars are leaving, the producers are trying to get more mileage out of the smaller roles."

Charlie's husband, Eric Tate, also makes an appearance in the series soon.

"My screen husband Eric, of nine or so years, is played by Paul Mason. Eric is an absolute bastard. He was so nasty to Charlie, she had a nervous breakdown. After the breakdown she started shoplifting and was charged. Eric used that as a means to take the children away from her," says Sarah.

The growing importance of her position in Sons and Daughters means an increased workload but Sarah says she is enjoying it.

"I thought it was the end of me after Pat (Rowena Wallace) left the series, because I didn't see the need to keep Charlie in the script. Charlie was the only one who really liked Pat the Rat - I guess she has a soft spot for super-bitches.

"But I'm glad Patricia's character is returning and I'm delighted Belinda Giblin was chosen for the part."

The Melbourne-born actress moved to England in 1969 to begin her career in theatre. She remained there for more than 12 years and has extensive stage, television and film experience. She returned to Australia in 1981, to her role in Sons and Daughters.

How does Sarah feel about suddenly having two grown-up children?

"For the past three years, I've been playing a wonderful dizzy lady without a care in the world. All I can say is that I'm surprised - but then that's typical of soapies!"


By: Michelle Stone
Source: Sunday Telegraph - Sydney Weekly
Date: Unknown


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