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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Angela tells Patricia that she sat around all day and got bored. Wayne drops her in it, though, when he asks if her friend was OK. Patricia tells Gordon that she is very upset that Angela lied to her. Gordon says he'll talk to Angela. A telephone call for Angela from someone called Simon, is rejected, as Angela tells her mother to inform Simon that she is asleep.

At the boarding house, Fiona is playing with a Rubick's Cube - she says it's the only way to stop her wringing John's neck. John tells Fiona he's done a lot of walking and thinking, and he wants to keep seeing Angela. He says he'll take things slowly, and that he appreciates what Fiona is doing for him.

Lynn calls to see Kevin. She asks to see Susan, but Susan is out. Kevin tells Lynn that the wedding is off. He shows her an article he has written for the school newspaper, setting the record straight about the murder and his family.

At Bill's place, Bill and Susan argue about the wedding. Susan says she just wants to postpone it, not cancel it altogether. Bill says they can't live on a trainee nurse's wage. When Susan has left, Bill gets a call from Margaret Selmar, who asks to see him at the warehouse the next morning. At the warehouse, Mrs. Selmar asks Bill to go back to work there. She offers him a lot more responsibilty. Bill hesitates, and Mrs. Selmar thinks it's because he's marrying John's sister. However, Bill is really going over the events from the time when he killed Selmar. He says he'll think about the offer.

Angela tells Patricia she's a snob, and says that at least Gordon's on her side. She tells her mum that she should talk to "Scott", to see there's no "us and them." In a meeting with Wayne, Gordon tells his son that it is necessary to cut costs at the stud, and that he has a lot of worries as well as this. Angela gets a call from "Scott". She tells him that Patricia would like him to come for dinner!

Bill and Susan make up. He tells her about the job offer, and Susan says that if Bill took the job, it would change her mind about the wedding.

Beryl tells Lynn the wedding's back on. Lynn says she can't now be a bridesmaid, because her parents won't let her, due to all the publicity. Beryl 'phones Susan at Bill's to tell her this news. Susan says she won't let it get her down. Lynn asks Kevin if this will affect their relationship. He says "of course not."

At the Hamiltons', Patricia says she'll "play the game". She tells Angela she'll try to get on with "Scott". She then chastises a maid for laying a tarnished spoon on the table. She says she wouldn't want to have to speak to the agency...

Angela goes to see Gordon. She wants to know if her father is angry with her. She ways she only invited "Scott" to teach her mother a lesson. Gordon asks Angela if she's using "Scott", adding that he doesn't want "Scott" to end up as the ping-pong ball between Angela and Patricia. Angela tells Gordon that she feels as if she's known "Scott" for ages, even though they've only met a few times.

Patricia tells Wayne she's not giving in to Angela. She says she has plans for her daughter, and that she's going to create an atmosphere to show "Scott" for what he really is - "a fish out of water".

When "Scott" arrives, Gordon thanks him for saving Angela. Patricia asks "Scott" if he is related to the Edwards of Alona Avenue! When asked, "Scott" tells Patricia that his father does manual work.

At the Palmers', Kevin and Beryl talk at the dinner table. Kevin tells his mother that the school paper got out on time, but that he forgot to bring an edition home for her.

Back at the Hamiltons', "Scott" is feeling very awkward at not knowing correct etiquette.


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