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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

David introduces Kevin, who's pleased he's found his 'sister'. As John and Kevin go into the kitchen to make some tea, there is awkardness between David and Angela, and they both say they are finding it hard to take in. David tells Angela that he's thought of her a lot, but, although he'd considered tracking her down, he didn't because he didn't want to come into contact with Patricia. Angela says she's glad it's happened the way it has - she's able to prove she can stand on her own two feet. She tells David that she's looking forward to meeting Beryl. In the kitchen, Kevin tells John that Angela doesn't look anything like him - luckily!

At Beryl's parents' house, Susan is writing a letter to Bill. Aileen asks her if she thinks she's doing the right thing, but Susan makes it clear that she's sure she is.

Angela goes into the Palmers' kitchen and tells John and Kevin that David has invited her to stay. David decides it's time he rang Beryl to tell her what has happened. He nervously dials the number and, as Aileen is on her way to bed, Beryl answers the 'phone when it rings. When Beryl hears it's David, she asks if something's wrong. David says there isn't, and he asks how things are. Beryl realises she can hear what sounds like a party going on at home, and asks what the noise in the background is. David says he has something important to tell Beryl - something he should have told her a long time ago. He tells Beryl that John wasn't the only child Patricia gave birth to - she also had a daughter, whom John met while he was in Sydney - and she's there in Melbourne with him right now. Beryl says she'll come home straight away, but David tells her not to rush, saying he'd like some time with Angela first - he says to Beryl, "You'll like her." The next day, Beryl goes and sits outside her parents' house. When her father comes up to her, she tells him that David and the family are managing very well. A ute pulls up and a young man called Mick gets out. Bob obviously knows him, and Beryl recognises him as the snotty-nosed little monster who used to drive her mad pulling her apron strings! She remarks on how well he's turned out, considering! Indoors, Beryl says it's three years since she last saw Mick. She says she's sorry to hear about him and Cheryl, but Mick replies that they were just silly kids, and he still gets to see his son, Stevie, every other weekend. Mick says he's looking forward to meeting Susan, but when she arrives a short while later, she doesn't remember Mick. He tries to be pleasant to her, but she is very off-hand with him.

Wayne talks to Brian Ingleton, who has heard that Gordon is selling Woombai. He wants Wayne to persuade his father to sell the property to Ingleton's mining company, as he thinks there may be minerals on the land. Wayne says he may be able to use his trust fund money to buy Woombai off his father, and then sell it on to Ingleton - but he wants a 50/50 split of any deal. Ingleton tells Wayne to work on the owner of the property next door to Woombai, as he wants that as well.

Wayne arrives at the boarding house to see Jill, as they are going out. Wayne says he wishes Fiona would give him a chance to get to know her. Jill tells him that Fiona's a sucker for a good time, and she suggests a picnic. The next day, Fiona is having a whale of a time on the beach, as Wayne has laid on a sumptuous spread. She says it takes her back a few years, but, although the company was good then, the food and drink wasn't! Wayne tells Fiona that he didn't like working at the stud, and John just caught him at the wrong time - he says he's happier now he's working in investments, and considers that if you're unhappy with your job, it affects everything else you do. Wayne then tells Fiona that Gordon has had an offer for Woombai, and he was wondering if Fiona had too. Fiona says she hasn't, but even if she had, her property stays where it is, and who it is with. She goes for a swim.

Back at Dural, Wayne tells Ingleton that Fiona's an old cow! He says he's put the idea in her head though, and it'll be a different story once he makes an offer.

Fiona feels wonderful, and says that Wayne's effort was the best bit of buttering-up she's had in years! She adds that she knows it's for Jill's benefit! Jill says she knows what Wayne is like, and she's still undecided about him. Fiona thinks Wayne might have meant what he said about being sorry for his treatment of John.

Angela, John and David go and see Kevin race in the hurdles at school. On their way out, the headmaster, Mr. Woods, approaches them and apologises to John for not believing he was innocent. When he meets Angela, she says she is a bit of an outcast, who has lived most of her life in Sydney.

When Mick tries to talk to Susan again, she walks off. Beryl sees this, and is furious with her daughter. She tells her that Mick was just trying to be nice. However, Susan thinks he doesn't mean a word of what he says. Beryl tells Susan that Mick's son is dying of an incurable disease, but he's not snide and rude. Beryl says Susan should take a leaf out of Mick's book. Later, when Mick is about to leave, Susan finally manages to talk civilly to him. When he's on his way out, Beryl tells him she'll talk to David about 'the business'. Mick says he'll call-by next week. Beryl and Susan go and get ready to make their own departure.

Angela enjoys the home cooking, saying she hadn't been in the kitchen at home for years. David is asleep in the chair in front of the television. Angela says she'll really like it in Melbourne.

Aileen and Bob go to bed, but not before Susan has had a chance to thank them for putting up with her. She then apologises to Beryl for being rude to Mick, and Beryl accepts the apology. Beryl then says there's something she has to tell Susan - she hasn't said anything before, because she needed time to think. Beryl says that, when they get home, John's sister will be there. She tells Susan that when David rang, she felt he was glad his wife wasn't with him, and she relates how David told her not to rush home. Susan says Beryl must be imagining things. Beryl says, "Maybe I am." Beryl says she only found out about John through David's father, and Susan's two grandmothers. David just told her that what they said was true. Beryl says that she tried so many times to get close to David, but it was his big secret, that he never shared. Beryl tells Susan that, it sounds stupid, but she has always been scared that John's mother might turn up. She says she's terrified that this could be even worse...


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