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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

David yells at John, accusing him of giving Kevin the money to go to Tasmania. John angrily denies it. Angela walks in and, when Beryl tells her that Kevin has skipped school and gone to Tasmania, she drops herself in it by saying Kevin told her he wasn't going until Christmas! Beryl reveals that Lynn is pregnant. David wants to go and see Victor Hardy, to decide what to do, but Beryl manages to dissuade him temporarily, saying she wants Kevin and Lynn to have some time together before their folks catch up with them. Angela apologises for her actions, and Beryl says she doesn't hold any blame against her.

Kevin arrives in Tasmania and surprises Lynn - she is overjoyed to see him.

On his return from his neighbour's, David tells Beryl that Victor Hardy couldn't stop shouting. But David then says he doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Kevin that his dad made with him. He apologises for going off the handle earlier and tells Beryl that Vic Hardy is trying to ring Lynn. He says that both he and Victor are going to the airport to meet the kids when they return. Beryl reiterates that she hopes Kevin makes the most of the time he has.

Lynn tells Kevin that it took her a week to get up the courage to write to him. Kevin says he'd do anything to be with his girlfriend. The telephone starts ringing, but they ignore it. Lynn says she wants to keep the baby, but all her father is concerned about is what the neighbours think. Kevin tells Lynn that they can get married so noone can tell them what to do.

Angela tells John that she can't do anything right and John moans about how David blamed him for Kevin running away. Angela asks what Lynn is like, and John says Angela will like her - she's nothing like Cathy! The twins agree to a truce. Angela says she's getting on everyone's nerves - she tried to stop being selfish, but she must have been crazy to think she could change. John says he's glad Angela's there.

At Woombai, Patricia shows Gordon a vase that she wants to take back to Sydney. Gordon tells her to take what she likes. The telephone rings - it's Angela. She wants to speak to Gordon, but has to cope first with Patricia asking how she's getting on. When she eventually gets to speak to her father, she tells him she's missing him, and wanted to hear his voice. Outside, Patricia tells Wayne that she's going home tomorrow. Wayne says he can't go home yet because he's decided to buy the place. Patricia says she'll believe it when she sees the cheque, and tells Wayne that the place hasn't made a profit for years.

Fiona goes to see Jill in her room. Jill has a lobster that she needs to learn how to cook. Fiona says she is flat broke and the bank are foreclosing on her mortgage. She tells Jill that there has been no income from the property, and she had to take out a hefty loan to pay for renovations to the boarding house. Now she has to pay up or the bank will sell. She says she's thinking about selling the property, and only her instinct that it would be the wrong thing to do, is stopping her. Fiona says she's thinking of going up to the property and Jill offers to drive her if Fiona can find someone to cook her lobster!

Fiona and Jill arrive at Woombai and Gordon greets them. Fiona says she wants to see where her money is going, and she tells Jill that she'll get her first riding lesson when they go to the property. Jill sees the horse and rapidly declines! Indoors, Jill tells Fiona that she can't imagine her living in the country. Fiona tells Jill that there were five kids in her family, and when the depression hit, her grandparents looked after her. Fiona says her dad never got over the depression - he would never spend money on anything other than necessities, and it drove Fiona mad. She left school at 15 and got a job in a factory, but after three years, she was fed up. She ended up on the game, and tells Jill that that is why she helped her - although she says Jill is now more like family. Fiona reveals that, when her parents twigged her new 'profession', they kicked her out and never spoke to her again. She says she went to pieces for a while, but then got mad and decided, "If I have a bad name, I'll live up to it!" Fiona fronted the Madam at the best house in town, and was taken on. She tells Jill that she could have a whip-round of her old clients and pay off her debts ten times over, but she has her pride. Jill comments that she didn't think women like them had any pride. Fiona says she used to go up to the property for holidays - her grandparents lived there, and Fiona's parents were so ashamed of her that they never told her grandparents the truth. Jill says she can understand why Fiona doesn't want to sell. Fiona says, "That's one of the reasons - the other is very personal." Gordon shouts to say the horses are ready, and Jill decides she will go for a ride.

When Fiona and Jill eventually dismount, Jill says the ride was great. The two of them start walking and Fiona asks Jill if she has ever been to the Domain. She says it was the best free show in town in the twenties. Fiona says she was heckling a politician once, and a man standing next to her started arguing with her. They ended up having dinner, and Fiona realised she was falling in love - but she couldn't marry the man because of their different backgrounds. Fiona says she found out she was pregnant and broke off with the man. She says she couldn't have him, but she could have his baby. She decided to change her name by deed poll to Mrs. Scott Thompson. Fiona says she was ecstatic when the baby was a boy, and she called him Scott after his father. She tells Jill she had the baby for three whole days. They arrive at a gravestone, engraved with the dates 1 January 1953 to 4 January 1953. Fiona looks at the grave and says, "That's all I came for."

Back at Dural, Fiona tells Wayne that she'll sell and will see her solicitor on Monday. Jill tells Wayne it wasn't an easy decision for Fiona to make, and just says it was for 'personal reasons.' Wayne tells Gordon that Fiona will sell. Gordon tells Fiona that she's done the Hamiltons a good turn. Fiona just says, "I need the money."

In Melbourne, Victor Hardy tells Kevin and Lynn that the baby will have to be put up for adoption. Lynn says she and Kevin want to get married. David tells Mr. Hardy to let the kids have their say, but Hardy decides to march Lynn home. David reminds Kevin that Lynn is underage, and Beryl says, "It's the law." Kevin says the law should be changed. David says he won't let his kids down, but he can't help thinking that things may have been different for him, if he'd had backing from his family. Beryl tells David that his experiences may not be applicable to Kevin now. David tells Beryl to go to bed, saying he won't be long. When she has left the room, David goes to Beryl's handbag and gets out her address book. He dials a telephone number - Patricia's telephone number. She answers, and David tells her that he'd like to see her. Patricia doesn't think it's a very good idea, but David says he's going to be in Sydney on a job, and will explain when he gets there. Patricia hangs up, and looks very thoughtful.


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