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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

At the hospital, Wayne tells Jill and Gordon that he wants to chuck in running Woombai as a farm, and he wants to turn it into an exclusive riding school - so good, in fact, that they'll have to beat the customers off with a stick. Wayne says he gets on with people, and he knows horses, so it'll be perfect. Gordon thinks the idea has potential. Wayne also suggests they provide live-in courses - but he'd like Fiona's country property to be used as the residential base...

At the boarding house, Jill tries to persuade Fiona, but Fiona says she doesn't want people all over it making it horsey. Scott points out that they were looking for a way to make money from the property, and Fiona eventually relents, saying she knows how important it is for Jill, and adding that it will help Wayne. Scott wants Fiona to get a cut in the riding school profits, and says Wayne can't expect special favours. The two of them agree to go and see Wayne later, although Fiona says Scott must stay in the hospital corridor.

Mick Ryan is in a stew about Cheryl arriving to drop Stevie off. Susan is busy cleaning so that Stevie won't think he's coming to a pigsty.

Angela gets home and announces that she's got a job as a full time dental receptionist. David is pleased for her. Angela asks how the househunting is going, and David tells her about how it was love at first sight with the property he's found - although he adds that Beryl thinks it's too expensive. Beryl doesn't look pleased when Angela says the money will sort itself out.

A knock at the door of Susan and Mick's flat heralds the arrival of Cheryl and Stevie. Mick introduces the two women to each other and Susan takes Stevie to see his room. Cheryl asks Mick where Angela is hidden. She says that all Stevie talks about after his visits to see Mick is 'Angela this' and 'Angela that'. Mick tells Cheryl that he doesn't want to argue with her, and Cheryl warns Mick to watch himself when Stevie is around. Later, Mick and Stevie 'phone Angela to invite her round tomorrow, and Angela agrees to go. After the call has finished, Beryl asks Angela a favour: not to egg David on too much about moving. She says she thinks it's too big a commitment at their time of life. Angela says she was only trying to help, but she'll keep out of it.

Fiona tells Wayne that if he puts up the cost of renovating her property, he can use it rent-free, but if the riding school does well, she wants a small cut of the net profits. Wayne offers her 5%, but Fiona says she asked for a small cut, not a microscopic cut, and she suggests 15%. Wayne agrees, and Fiona gives him a miniature bottle of drink that she's smuggled in. Out in the corridor, after warning Jill not to strike a match in Wayne's room!, Fiona tells Scott that she's going to have an income of 15% of the net profits. Scott says she should have gone for a percentage of gross turnover, as Wayne could fiddle the books so the school doesn't come within cooee of showing a net profit - he says it's called creative accounting. Fiona says it's no good Scott getting huffy!

At the boarding house, Scott says it upsets him to see people taking Fiona down, but Fiona says she trusts Wayne, and thinks he's changing for the better. Scott says you can't trust anyone when it comes to money. Fiona asks what happened to the young idealist she met all those years ago. Scott says he's had his eyes opened and has stopped dreaming. Fiona says it's time she helped Scott remember that people are basically good and honest. Scott says, "You might have a fight on your hands." Fiona replies, "I'll go and dig out my boxing gloves!"

Angela has Stevie on her lap, and they're getting along well. Susan isn't in a very friendly mood, though. Angela tells Stevie about her new job, and Stevie asks, "Do you use the drill?" Susan snidely says, "No, Angela only answers the 'phone." Angela gives Susan a sour look! Angela tells Stevie that she's not a real nurse like Susan - she says that real nurses have lots of important things to do, and that's why they sometimes get so crabby! Stevie starts chanting, "Susan's crabby, Susan's crabby," until Mick comes in with a present for his son. The gift is a train set, which, a short while later, is set up on the floor, and Angela, Mick and Stevie are playing with it. Susan picks up a letter addressed to Bill, and looks upset. When Stevie sees the letter, he asks what Pentridge is. Susan says it's a place, and she knows someone there. Stevie says, "Who?" to which Susan replies, "Just someone."

Beryl and David have been speaking to Kevin on the 'phone. The honeymooners will be back tomorrow, and David remarks to his son about returning to his pokey room. Beryl immediately accuses her husband of trying to get the kids on-side about moving, without them even being there. Beryl asks if it's that important to David. David says it would be important to the whole family if Beryl would let it.

Gordon is at the hospital, having given himself the day off to relax a bit. He tells Wayne that it's important to keep some sort of perspective on things, and adds that there were rumblings on the industrial front with the drivers, and he didn't want an ulcer over it, so he gave himself the day off. Wayne assures his father that he'll work hard to build up the riding school.

Fiona has made a batch of scones for Scott for morning tea. She tells Jill that she thinks she overstepped the mark last night about trying to get Scott to change his ideas. She says she feels as if she's walking on a tightrope - one foot wrong and she'll never see him again. Later, as Fiona has everything neatly laid out on the table, Scott arrives. He tells Fiona that he can't stay, as some business has come up, and he has to fly to London. He says that he has some friends in London who he had been planning to look up for ages, so he's going to do that while he's there, so he'll probably be away for a few weeks. He says he only came round so he could tell Fiona face-to-face, rather than by 'phone. He has to dash off as he has a 'plane to catch, but he says he'll send a card. Fiona looks crestfallen. She sits down and sighs heavily.

Stevie picks up Susan's letter, and Susan yells, "Don't touch." Angela sends Stevie out to see his father, and she then tells Susan that she has no right to boss Stevie around. Angela says that Susan's job in a children's hospital should give her some idea of how to treat them. Susan says, "I can imagine how your brats are going to turn out." She goes out to post her letter.

Beryl apologises to David for being so snitchy, but she says there's so much of them where they are that it'll be hard to move. However, she says they've survived buying a house once, so she guesses they can do it again.

Stevie opens a drawer and gets out more of Susan's letters. As Angela and Mick talk in the background, Susan comes in and storms, "Who gave you my letters?" Susan tells Angela that she's fed up with her. She orders her to get out, and she tells Mick to take his little monster home.


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