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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Back at the boarding house after their meal, Fiona tells Scott that his friends were very rude, and she'd prefer not to go out with them again. When Fiona goes into her room, she finds Jill in there, sitting in the dark. Fiona says, "Richie?", and Jill nods. Fiona sends Scott for some brandy, but Jill says she's OK. Fiona says it's for her! Jill has grazed her knee, and explains that Richie Miller turned up at the bar with some mates, and she couldn't ignore them. She tells Fiona that they kept making smart remarks about the bar employing ex-prostitutes, and she ended up throwing a drink over Richie. The boss took Jill's side and threw the troublemakers out, but Richie waited for Jill, and, after her boss let her off early, she went out into the car park and noticed a car with three guys in it. Jill started running and she heard car doors slam and a couple of guys chasing her. As she ran to her car, she skidded and hurt her knee, but she just got to her car in time, and managed to escape. Jill asks Fiona if she can stay the night as she's too scared to be by herself, and Fiona agrees, and helps Jill get to bed. When Jill is settled, Fiona tells Scott that she gave her boarder something to help her sleep, "Poor kid." Scott asks if he's supposed to feel responsible, and Fiona says they should have known. She wants to 'phone Steve Caplan again, but Scott asks her not to, and to call the police instead. He tells Fiona that if she does call Caplan, he'll go, and won't be back. He asks Fiona if Jill will be safe tonight, and Fiona says Richie Miller won't go near the boarding house. Scott says they'll discuss it in the morning, and he makes Fiona promise to call the police if there's any trouble. Fiona says there won't be, and she tells Scott to go home. As he leaves, Fiona looks apprehensive.

Susan is on duty at the hospital, and she tells Mick and Angela that Cheryl is on her way. She adds that she's doing a double-shift so that she'll be around when Stevie goes into theatre. When Cheryl Ryan arrives, Angela leaves. Cheryl asks Mick what Angela was doing there, and, outside, Angela tells Susan that she's decided to go home. She adds that, if Stevie wants her, she'll come back. Susan remarks that, a while back, she would have thought Angela would have been glad of an excuse to stay away. Angela replies, "I would have been - once."

Jill's organising breakfast, and remarks that she didn't realise the boarding house creaked so much, as she's been worrying at every noise she's heard. Fiona points out that, when Jill gets up to Woombai, she'll be out of harm's way. Jill asks what she should do about her bar job, and Fiona suggests she chuck it in, so as not to tempt fate. Jill says she needs the money, but Fiona asks what for - hospital bills? Jill says she's worried that, if the men get caught, her past will come out, and Wayne would learn the truth about her. She thinks she should just tell him and be done with it, but Fiona thinks Jill should leave it. Jill decides not to say anything for the time being, but she does 'phone Wayne, as he's expecting her. Wayne is sitting in his wheelchair, reading his newspaper, when the 'phone rings. Miss. Brooks answers it, and then goes and answers a ring on the Dural doorbell. Jill asks Wayne if she can give today a miss, as she has to go shopping. She says she hopes it won't spoil his day, but Wayne says that, with Miss. Brooks finishing, nothing's going to spoil his day! The caller at Dural is Barbara Armstrong, and Wayne tells her that he's impatient to be up-and-about. Barbara says good - and invites him for lunch at the yacht club. Wayne tries to get out of it, but when Gordon comes in and hears the idea, and gets an invite as well, Wayne eventually accepts.

Beryl is dozing on the couch when Angela gets in. She says she's heard that Stevie's had his pre-op, and is quite calm. Angela says she's not so uncomfortable now, although it's Cheryl Ryan that's giving her more cause for concern than Stevie. Angela asks Beryl why Mick and Cheryl split up, and Beryl explains that they were never suited - Cheryl just wore Mick down until he could take no more. Angela says divorce is a crazy thing, and she hopes her parents are civilised about it.

Susan comes out of Stevie's room, and tells Mick and Cheryl that their son is sedated, but very nervous. Susan says she's going off duty now, but will be back after she's had some sleep. Cheryl tells Stevie that there's nothing to worry about, but Stevie just asks where Angela is. Mick says she'll be there later, telling Stevie that he'll have a long sleep, and then Angela will be in to see her little mate. The orderlies come and wheel Stevie off to the operating theatre. Stevie gives his parents two thumbs-up as he goes.

At the yacht club, the waiter tries to help Wayne, but he insists he can manage. He complains that he feels like a floorshow, but Barbara asks so what if half the yacht club are gawping at him - behind their suspicious year-round tans, there isn't a single brain! Wayne manages a smile. Barbara continues by saying the other people are sheep, and tomorrow they'll all be in wheelchairs! Wayne appears to be a bit cheerier.

Fiona is exercising when Jill comes in, saying she's quit her job, and her boss was fine about it. She says she feels like her head's spinning, as she hates lying. She points out that Fiona told Scott, but Fiona says, "That's different." She says Scott was harder to shock - and besides, she doesn't think Scott took it as well as she first thought - deep down, it worries him. Fiona tells Jill not to put herself in the same boat with Wayne. Jill asks, "Why, what happened?" and Fiona explains that, "He carried on a bit last night," and wouldn't let her call Steve Caplan. Fiona says the old days are fine with Scott, as long as they stay dead and buried. Jill apologises for causing trouble, but Fiona says, "Not trouble," and explains that there's just a few things to sort out. She adds that it's reasonably easy to sort things with Scott, but Wayne is more immature, and probably less-understanding. Fiona asks how long Jill's known Wayne, and then answers her own question by saying it's only a few months - not long. She tells Jill to make sure she knows how Wayne will react, otherwise they'll both be sorry.

The operation is over, but Dr. Parker tells Cheryl Ryan than Stevie is in intensive care. He says they found more than one tumour, and the disease would have worsened if it had been left any longer. Dr. Parker adds that Stevie suffered acute renal failure, and may need a kidney transplant, or a series of operations to replace lost tissue. He tells Mick that they need names of relatives and details for future possible kidney transplants. He tells Cheryl that they are trying to save Stevie, and he takes her in to see her son, but won't let her talk to him. The nurse says Stevie murmered some names - Norman and Angela. Cheryl says Norman is a toy, but she doesn't know who Angela is.

Scott is back at the boarding house, and Fiona tells him he took his time coming round. Scott says he didn't want to rush into a return bout, adding that he hasn't changed his mind, though. Fiona explains that she's always been her own boss, and she doesn't take kindly to being told what to do. She says she almost called Steve Caplan on principle. Scott says that was his mistake - next time he'll try to remember that Fiona's an independent woman. Fiona says, "Not too independent!" Scott suggests that they both give and take a little. Fiona tells Scott that she doesn't like arguing with him, and Scott repeats, "Give and take."

At the hospital, the nurse tells Dr. Parker that Stevie's restless. Mick asks if his son can receive any other visitors, but the doctor says no. The nurse tells Mick about how Stevie asked for Angela, and Mick asks if he can break the family-only rule. Dr. Parker explains that the nurse mentioned Angela before, but Cheryl didn't know who she was. Mick immediately goes and rings Angela, and tells her that Stevie's in intensive care. He tells her that she'd better get over, and explains that Stevie had low blood pressure, and kidney problems. He then goes and confronts Cheryl, and asks her why she did it. Cheryl asks Mick to consider how she felt with her kid dying and asking for her husband's girlfriend. A nurse suddenly rushes past, calling for Dr. Parker. Dr. Parker goes into Stevie's room, but asks Mick and Cheryl to stay outside. He asks the nurse for the defibrilator.

Angela arrives at the hospital in a taxi. She looks for Mick, and eventually finds him sitting in a sandpit. She looks at him, and he eventually says, "He just died." Mick walks off, leaving Angela looking stunned.


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