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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Charlie tells Patricia that her emotions are getting the better of her. Patricia asks Charlie if she thinks the idea of getting the Hamilton family back together doesn't stand a chance, to which Charlie replies that she can't imagine how Patricia can think of going back to Gordon. Charlie thinks Patricia's still in love with David, whatever she may say.

Fiona's doorbell rings - her visitor is Angela, who has stopped in on her way to an appointment. Fiona says she's glad Patricia passed on her message, but Angela asks, "What message?" and when Fiona explains that she rang yesterday, Angela says Patricia probably forgot, what with the divorce going through. She tells Fiona that she doesn't want it to happen, and neither does Patricia, but Gordon's digging his heels in strongly. Fiona tells Angela to watch and ensure Patricia doesn't start depending on her too much - if she doesn't want the divorce, but it goes through, she might lean on her daughter. She warns Angela not to let her mother start running her life again. Angela invites Fiona to dinner at Dural at the weekend, but Fiona thinks they'd better make it a restaurant - and it would be better if Angela rang Fiona with the details rather than the other way round.

After a late night, Rob eventually gets up, and Beryl says she supposes he'd like some breakfast. She asks her brother how his talk with Kevin went, and Rob says Kevin has agreed to see David. He adds that he bluffed the truth from Kevin, and Beryl has to admit that it was a hard time, but it's over now, and they don't discuss it. Rob says that what's done is done, so it's best to get on with it. Beryl says it will still take time. Rob tells his sister not to get her hopes too high over Kevin and David, as Kevin wouldn't budge when it came to forgiving him. Beryl remarks that at least Rob got the ball rolling, and adds that David will be home later, and they can discuss it then. A while later, Beryl asks Rob if he has a minute, and she asks him to sit down. She tells her brother that she knows he made a packet up north, and she hopes he's not going to make any more shonky investments. Rob says he wants to buy a taxi and become an owner-driver. He heads out of the house, saying that he's going to take Kevin and Susan to the races.

At the racetrack, Kevin is grumpy, as he thinks Lynn should be there. Rob suggests that Kevin could win some cash, but Kevin says they need every cent. Rob offers Kevin a loan, but, after some hesitation, Kevin declines.

David gets home after a hard trip. Beryl tells him that Rob might have done the trick, and David says he'd better get over there straight away. Beryl tells him there's no point as everyone's at the races. She suggests David go for a sleep instead.

Susan doesn't think her system is going very well, but Rob has won, and he asks Kevin to take some of the cash off his hands. He adds that, if Kevin loses, the money's gone, but if he wins, he can just pay back the stake. Kevin says he has a system that David taught him - and a look crosses his face as he realises he said his father's name. He puts $2 each way on 'Blast Away', and as the race takes place, Susan, Kevin and Rob cheer the horses on. 'Blast Away' is the eventual winner. While Kevin is collecting his winnings, Rob tells Susan that he has a plan - he's going to drop Kevin off at home, and then go out while David comes round. Kevin returns and says he's made $10 profit. Susan is down $5 but had a good time. Rob is up $100!

At the stud, Patricia remarks to Angela that Charlie is late. She tells her daughter that she had a long think about her and Gordon, but it's a lost cause, as Gordon won't give an inch. Charlie finally arrives, and says she has wonderful news: she's late because of an important call she took - she's been asked to help organise a fashion parade, which includes a trip to Paris. She adds that there's a brilliant gimmick - the models are all mother/daughter combinations, and she'd like Patricia and Angela to take part. Patricia is pleased, but Angela isn't, and when Charlie tells her the date it's taking place on, Angela says she has to work. Patricia says she'll arrange it with Alan Pascoe, but Angela says she said no and meant no. She tells Patricia not to start running her life again.

Kevin gets home and tells Lynn that he won $10, and he gives her the cash. Lynn has made tea, but is upset that only Kevin is there to eat it - and even he isn't hungry, because he had something at the races. He tells Lynn that he wishes she'd been there. Lynn says Beryl rang, and David's coming round later.

Beryl tells David that it'll be alright. She offers to go with him, but David says he wants to go on his own. Beryl gives him a kiss, and he leaves.

At the stud, Alan Pascoe watches Patricia riding. As she pulls up by him, she says it was great. A stablehand leads the horse off, and Pascoe asks if any decision has been made about the future of the stud after the divorce. Patricia says it hasn't been discussed, but now that Angela's involved, it's likely nothing will change. Charlie rides up, and flirts with Alan Pascoe. Angela doesn't look impressed when Charlie intimates that Patricia's interested in Pascoe.

At Dural, Patricia rings Gordon about the stud. She says she'd rather it wasn't sold as part of the property settlement, as it's Angela's future. Gordon says he'll get his solicitors to sign over a portion of the stud-holding to Patricia as part of the divorce settlement.

Angela tells Charlie that she has to get back to work. Charlie brings up the fashion parade, and about how it pleased Patricia, but Angela doesn't think Charlie's right. Charlie remarks about the fact that Angela's never liked her. Angela tells Charlie that she's alright, but she doesn't like her attitude - she knows Charlie's one of Patricia's best friends, but if Patricia ever ends up like Charlie, Angela won't be around to see her make a fool of herself. Outside the office, Patricia tells Alan Pascoe that Gordon is going to see his solicitor and everything at the stud will remain the same. She adds that, as Pascoe's going to be seeing a lot more of Charlie, he's not to take too much notice of what she says, as she's inclined to carry on a bit. Pascoe says he doesn't think Charlie carries on at all. Realising that Pascoe's suggesting that he's interested in her, Patricia tells him that he's a very nice man, but he should remember where and who they are. From a distance, Angela sees Alan Pascoe's hand on Patricia's. Pascoe apologises to Patricia, who says, "Forget it."

Rob and Susan tell Beryl that they had fun. Beryl brings up the subject of Rob's taxi, and Susan comments that she hopes he's saved quite a few thousand. Rob says something else will turn up! He goes out to the pub to get some more beers. Susan tells Beryl that Rob's amazing, and adds that he's probably happier than everyone else. Beryl says he may not have any responsibilities, but he has noone to care about, either. She says she'll stick to what she's got, with its ups and downs.

Kevin's working out the finances, and thinks things are looking difficult. There's a knock at the door, and Lynn answers it. The visitor is David, and Lynn tries to make smalltalk with him, but Kevin tells his wife that they don't have to tell him everything. Lynn goes into the kitchen. David smiles, but Kevin turns his back. David asks Kevin if he agrees that Beryl's been affected most by this, and if she can forgive him, why not Kevin? Kevin says he remembers the night before his wedding, when David told him about how great married life is, and he says his father must have been seeing Patricia even then. David says he wasn't, but he was thinking of her a lot. Lynn is listening in the kitchen, and she hears Kevin remarking that that's probably why Beryl didn't want David going to Woombai. Kevin tells David that he lied his head off, and David admits, "Yes, I lied to you, son. I promise it'll never happen again." Kevin asks his father to answer some questions: "How long had you been seeing her?" "Since I went to Woombai." "Were you going to leave mum?" "I thought about it, but not for long." "Do you still think about her?" "I don't love her, but yes, I still think about her." David says he loves Beryl, he always has, and always will, but it will take time for things to get back to normal. Kevin says that that's between David and Beryl; the problem between him and David is the lying. Lynn is crying in the kitchen. Kevin says David was keen on Patricia before the affair, and David admits that he was. Kevin tells his father that he'll see him for Beryl's sake, but he won't ever change the way he feels. David goes. Lynn emerges from the kitchen, and she and Kevin hug.


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