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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Wayne yells to Gordon that he wants John off the place. Gordon points out that John did tell Mal Leyton where Wayne was, but Wayne says John did that just so everyone could have a good laugh. He repeats that he wants John to go, but Gordon says he wants to hear John's side of the story first. Wayne says he's treated John just like one of the workers, but Gordon says John's a bit more than that. He adds that Wayne is still an invalid, and says he thought his son would be glad of the help. He then suggests that perhaps it would be best if John goes, but he reiterates that he wants to discuss it with John first. Wayne yells, "I don't want him here." Gordon goes outside, and sees John heading towards him. Gordon tells John that what he did was irresponsible, as Wayne could have done something stupid, such as trying to walk unaided, but John says he was too mad to think. Gordon says he doesn't blame John for standing up for himself, but he wishes he'd found another way of doing it. He also points out that it is Wayne's project. John tells Gordon that he promised him a job, but Wayne won't let him do it. He adds that Prue has been at him for days to get away from Woombai. Gordon asks John if he'd like his job at the stud back, but John says he'll find something. He suggests Gordon could go against Wayne, but Gordon is reluctant. John says that'll be it for him, unless Wayne changes his mind. He adds that he thought Gordon was a fair man, but, after this, you could have fooled him...

David arrives at Fiona's, and Fiona is very pleased to see him. David says he wasn't sure if he'd be welcome, but Fiona says that, as long as he's done the right thing by Beryl... She asks David when he'll be going back, and David says it'll be tomorrow night. He adds that he wants to call Angela - but he decides he'd better call her at the stud, rather than at Dural. Fiona asks David if he still thinks about Patricia, and David admits that he does - he worries about the way he walked out on her. He says he knows it's wrong, but he can't help it. Fiona says Patricia will survive.

At Woombai, Rosie tells Gordon that she hopes everyone will manage without her. Gordon tells her to have a good time. Rosie asks what's going on, but Gordon says he'd rather not discuss it. Rosie reckons it must be Prue, who's probably feeling glad she's caused trouble. She adds that John needs his head read. Rosie leaves the room, and Wayne comes in. Gordon tells his son that the whole business with John has left a nasty taste in his mouth, and he says he's going to speak to John before he leaves in the morning. Wayne says John is going, and so Gordon is forced to point out that he could override what Wayne says. He sits down and looks thoughtful. The next morning, John and Prue are just leaving by the front door when Jill knocks on the kitchen window. Prue goes to put the bags in the car, but not before warning John to make sure noone changes his mind. He goes inside and finds Rosie has prepared breakfast. John doesn't want any, though. Rosie says Gordon will be sorry John didn't stay to sort things out. She and John hug, and then John and Jill do the same, prompting John to say that he doesn't think Wayne would like it!

Angela remarks that Patricia and Charlie are up early, and Charlie says they're going sailing. She adds that 'Tony' has the Midas touch! She then asks Angela to talk Patricia into accompanying her best friend on a fashion trip to Paris, but Patricia says she'll only go if Angela goes. Angela says she doesn't want to, and adds that she'll probably be back in Melbourne by then. She leaves the room, and Charlie asks Patricia what the big attraction of Melbourne is. Patricia says it's "...all of them... one big happy family." She tells Charlie that, if that's what will make Angela stay, that's what she's going to get - Patricia says she's going to get Gordon back - "I can give her everything David can - and more."

As David emerges from having a shower, Fiona is frying breakfast. David asks if he can invite Angela over for lunch, and Fiona says it's fine, but it wouldn't be a good idea for Patricia to find out. David asks Fiona if she's sure Angela doesn't know about the affair, and Fiona assures him that his daughter's in the dark. David wonders if he should say something, as Angela might take it OK, but Fiona tells him not to. She suggests David take Angela out somewhere for lunch, so he rings Angela at the stud and asks her. Angela says she has a mountain of work, and she adds that David will miss Patricia, as she's out sailing for the day. She invites him to the stud, and David says he'll see what he can tee up. After the call, David tells Fiona that Patricia's not going to be there, and he decides to go.

Rosie is ready to leave, and Jill and Gordon both wish her well, but Wayne turns his back on her. Gordon tells Wayne that that wasn't necessary, but Wayne says Rosie will only be gone for a week. Gordon, who's driving Rosie to the city, says he's still hoping to see John. Wayne reiterates once more that he doesn't want John back, and he points out that Gordon doesn't owe John an apology. Gordon says, "No, I don't." Jill says Gordon has a point, but Wayne tells her not to start.

Rob is on the 'phone to a girl he met the previous night, and when the call has finished, he tells Beryl that Kevin and Lynn seemed quiet when he drove them home yesterday. Beryl says she's cross with the way Kevin is treating Lynn, plus she's unhappy at Rob for putting ideas in Kevin's head. She asks Rob to think about how Lynn will feel, and so Rob asks Beryl why she doesn't say anything. Beryl, though, says it's not her place to interfere, now that the kids are married. Rob says he'll speak to Kevin and show him the less glamourous side of life in mining.

At Susan's, Rob offers Kevin a beer, but Kevin says he doesn't really drink it. Rob tells him that it's drunk a lot up north. He adds that Kevin will miss Lynn, but then points out that it's only for four or five months. He then brings up all the other bad things about life up north - the temperatures in the hundreds, the dusty rooms, drinking to help you sleep, playing cards, which helps you lose all your money... He suggests to Kevin that he'd be better off staying in Melbourne and going back to school, but Kevin realises Rob has been talking to Beryl. Rob says big sisters can get to you! Kevin asks Rob what he really thinks, and Rob says Susan's right - a person with brains should use them. He shows Kevin some letters that he wrote to Beryl when he was feeling depressed while he was away, and he adds that they contain the truth, whereas, when he talks, he sometimes exaggerates. Rob says Lynn has money coming in, and Kevin has the carwash at weekends, so they won't starve. He tells Kevin not to end up bumming around like he did.

Gordon goes to the Armstrong property, where Barbara is in the garden. He invites her for dinner, but Barbara suggests a home-cooked meal would be nicer. She suggests Gordon stay at her house while he's in Sydney, but Gordon asks Barbara to return to Woombai with him when he goes back.

Lynn gets home and spots Kevin with a suitcase. He's emptying it of the schoolbooks in there, and Lynn initially thinks it's so that he can pack, but when Kevin tells her it's because he's going back to school, Lynn is really happy.

Charlie and Patricia get home, and John and Prue hurriedly stop kissing on the couch. Patricia acts surprised that John is back from Woombai, and she asks what happened. John tells her that she was right about him just being a messenger boy there. He adds that he's a bit disappointed, but he'll get by. Patricia says she thinks it's wonderful, as John will do much better away from there. She says she'd like John to stay. Prue chips in that she'd like it, too, and John eventually says, "OK."

Angela tells David that Rob seems like quite a guy. Gordon suddenly comes in and, after he and David have briefly nodded at each other, David turns his back and looks out of the window. Gordon tells Angela about John leaving Woombai. The 'phone suddenly rings, and Angela transfers the call to take it in another room, leaving the two men alone. David asks Gordon why John being at Woombai didn't work out, and Gordon says it was Wayne's fault. David says John seemed happy when he was up there, but Gordon says a lot has changed since then. He tells David to ask John - "...he's with his mother. Need directions?!" David asks if Wayne's attitude has anything to do with him, or Patricia. Gordon says he knows about the affair, and David says he's sorry, and he knows Patricia is too. He thanks Gordon for not telling Angela or John. Gordon says he doesn't need gratitude. David says Beryl has been great about it, and they're both doing their damndest to keep the family together. He suggests that Gordon should do the same, but Gordon snaps that he's not going to take advice from Patricia's ex-lover. He adds, "You'd find it pretty hard explaining a fight to Angela. Don't push your luck."


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