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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona gets back to the Palmers', and Beryl asks her if she's alright. Fiona says she's just inherited more money than she ever thought she'd see in her life - she's just sorry that James had to die for it to happen. She explains to Beryl about the bulk of the inheritance going to Paul, with Patricia being the next main beneficiary, but she adds that, as well as money, she and Patricia both recevied a large number of shares in James' company. She tells Beryl that she hoped she'd never see Patricia again, but now they're going to have to cooperate to protect Paul's interests on the board. Fiona explains about how she and Patricia pretended to be good friends, but now it means the two of them will have to work together. Beryl says she can't wait until eveyone hears about the money, but Fiona says she'd rather it was glossed over while she's there, as she's not in the mood to celebrate - she tells Beryl to play down the amount. She adds that Beryl should have seen the look on Patricia's face - "She's one person who probably is celebrating."

At James' house, Patricia takes a sip from her drink as Mr. Mason comes in. She tells him that she'd prefer that the details of the will didn't become public knowledge - she doesn't even want John to know. Mason assures her that he won't discuss it with anyone. He tells Patricia that she'll be on the board, in a position to influence decisions. Patricia adds that it'll be in conjunction with Fiona, and Mason chips in, "Or Paul." Patricia asks Mason when Paul is likely to be appearing, but Mason says he doesn't even know where Paul is at the moment. Patricia remarks that Paul won't be aware of James' death, or the fact that he's worth a fortune. Mason tells Patricia that he's always willing to advise her, and he adds that he hopes theirs will be a long, and ultimately satisfying, association.

Angela walks briskly into Dural as Rob comes downstairs. She tells him that she's been to see Jill, and she's invited her over for dinner tonight, and she'd like him to take Wayne out. Rob points out that they're not the best of mates, but Angela persuades him nonetheless, causing Rob to state, "A man need his head read!" They start having a fake argument about going to the pub, with Angela saying she wants to stay at home. Rob says he hates drinking by himself, and, looking at Wayne, who is sitting at the bar in the lounge, invites him to join him. Wayne says it's not really his scene, but Rob tells him that it'll be his shout, causing Wayne to immediately change his mind and comment that it'll do him good to see how the other half lives. Angela says she hopes they have a lot of fun together!

Later, Gordon arrives back at Dural, and he has Rosie with him. She has a look round to see if Patricia's there, but Gordon assures her that his wife is in Melbourne. Rosie says she hopes she stays there! Angela emerges from the lounge and remarks that she didn't expect to see either of them there, and so Rosie explains that she's come to see her sister, who's in a nursing home, and Gordon says he has to do the rounds to try and get some work. Wayne comes downstairs using his crutches (which impresses Rosie!). Gordon curtly asks Wayne to settle Rosie in upstairs, and they go off. He then asks Angela if she's heard from Melbourne, but Angela says everyone's probably busy with the funeral. Gordon remarks that he can't understand why Patricia didn't tell him about the funeral, as James was an acquaintance of his, as well.

Patricia apologises to John for dragging him away from his drinks with the executors, and explains that she needed some company. John suggests that she could go and see David and Beryl, but Patricia says Fiona might have had a few choice words to say about her, so it probably isn't a good idea. John asks how Fiona was during the will-reading, and Patricia says she was unpleasant. John then asks how the will-reading went, and Patricia says she did receive an inheritance. John asks if it's enough to save Woombai and the stud, but Patricia says it isn't - it's just enough to stay afloat. She adds that she'd rather John didn't discuss it at home. She then asks how David and Beryl are, and John says Beryl is a bit one-eyed, but David hasn't really taken sides. Patricia asks if David has been on lots of long-hauls, but John says his father has been taking a lot of shorter jobs recently. Patricia asks if David is working today, but John says he isn't, although he is going to the depot later to pick up his roster. He asks Patricia when she's heading back to Sydney, but Patricia says she hasn't decided yet, as she has a few loose ends to tie up.

Prue and Lynn both enter the Palmer house, having met outside by the gate. Prue has been shopping, and shows off some of her new clothes. She adds that she'll give everyone a fashion show later. Fiona tells Lynn that she's come into some money, and she'll buy Lynn a present before she goes. Lynn jokingly says a house would be nice, which prompts Prue to state that she couldn't believe it when she heard Lynn and Kevin had to get married. She says she can't imagine living with someone else, and she tells Lynn that she should have been more careful. She adds that it will probably be ages before Kevin earns any money, and if it was her, she'd hate it. Lynn doesn't look impressed, but keeps her mouth shut. Fiona comments, though, that there's more to life than what you can buy. Prue and Lynn go off to look at Prue's new clothes, leaving Fiona to remark to Beryl that money doesn't buy tact. She adds that Prue reminds her of a younger version of "...someone else we know..."

Patricia is sitting in her car outside the truck depot, and watches as David comes out. She starts to get out of her car, but then sees John approaching his father, and sits back. John asks David if he wants to go for a beer, and David accepts. John says he wishes Bates would come out so that he could see he's not a complete no-hoper. Patricia sits watching from her car.

At dinner, later, David tells the gathering that Bates walked out of the depot just as he and John drove off. John says Bates looked really surprised when he saw his smart suit. Prue tells John that he never said he worked at a depot, and John replies, "Yeah - like Dad." David hurriedly says he doesn't work in the depot. The talk then turns to the time they're eating, as Prue states that she's not used to having dinner so early. Fiona chips in that the meal was fine, and she suggests that she and Beryl should prepare coffee in the kitchen. Prue says she'd prefer black coffee. Fiona quietly says to Beryl, "Be calm!" In the kitchen, Beryl tells Fiona that Prue is one of the rudest people she's ever met, and John is just as bad. In the lounge, David remarks that there's nothing on TV worth watching, and so Prue suggests to John that they go out, but John says he wants to stay at home, as he doesn't get to see his family very often. Prue tries to persuade him, but he remains resolute, and Prue eventually storms off. David asks John what's wrong with all the women tonight?!

There's a ring on the doorbell at Dural, and Rosie answers it - it's Jill, who's surprised to see who's letting her in. They hug, and Rosie tells Jill that they were real worried about her. Jill explains that she's back at Fiona's. Angela comes out and Jill looks round. Angela tells her that Wayne is out and Gordon is at a business dinner trying to drum up some work from his old contacts. Jill says it must be rotten for Gordon, and she adds that it's strange being at Dural. After dinner, Jill tells Rosie that she hasn't had a meal that good since leaving Woombai! Rosie decides to have an early night, and she heads off to bed, leaving Jill to tell Angela that Rosie knows about her being on the game, and she didn't turn a hair. Angela says she hopes she didn't seem too shocked, but Jill says she did a bit, before adding that she expected Wayne would have already said something. Angela says Wayne is a pig. She also says she's worried Rob has put her on a pedestal, as there are good girls and bad girls in his opinion, and she's a good girl. She remarks that she wonders how he'd take it if he found about about some of the things she's done. She tells Jill to forget about Wayne, but Jill says she still loves him - at least, when she thinks of him the way he was after the accident. Later, Angela comments that Rob is different to other guys. Just at that moment, they hear Rob and Wayne getting home, and Angela rushes out into the hall to say she's sure they'd like to go straight to bed, but Wayne has already noticed Jill, who immediately gets up and runs out. Wayne snaps to Angela that he doesn't want Jill there again, but Angela says it's her house as well, and she'll invite who she likes. Wayne retorts, "Yeah, that's right - birds of a feather." He storms off. Angela tells Rob that he came back too early, but she then asks how things went, and Rob says Wayne is alright. He adds that he was better off with Wayne than Jill, and comments that he thought it strange inviting Wayne's ex-girlfriend over. Angela snaps that she'll make sure Rob and Wayne spend lots more time together.

At James' property, Patricia signs a document and Mason tells her that she is now officically a member of the board. Patricia asks if Fiona has signed yet, but Mason says she hasn't. Patricia tells Mason that she's known Fiona a long time - long enough to know that she doesn't have a head for business. Mason says James seemed to think Fiona would be perfectly capable, but Patricia explains that he let sentiment get the better of him. She tells Mason that she knows she can rely on him to help her safeguard Paul's interests, and the less Fiona has to do with it, the better. Mason says that if that's that case, he's sure they can do something. Patricia says "I hope so." She then tells Mason that he's been a wonderful help to her, and she'll repay him when she's on the board. She adds, though, that she has one more personal request - there's someone she'd like to contact, but to do it would upset his family. She asks Mason if someone from the company can find out when David would next be at work, and then deliver a personal message to him. Mason tells Patricia that he'll do it himself.

At the boarding house the next day, Angela tells Jill that she's furious with Rob for taking Wayne's side. Jill says Rob probably thinks Wayne is right about her. Angela apologises for last night, but Jill says it doesn't matter, as it bucked her up - at least until Wayne got home. She adds that there are more important things in life than men, such as finding a job and somewhere to live - she explains to Angela that once Fiona gets back, she'll have to leave the boarding house.

John comes into the kitchen just as Beryl is telling David that it's very rude of Prue to spend such a long time in the bathroom. John suggests that Beryl knock on the bathroom door and tell Prue to hurry up, but Beryl says Prue is a guest. John says Fiona is being a nuisance, and he doesn't see why he should wait on her while she lies in bed. Beryl explains that she told Fiona to stay there. She tells John that the way he's treating Fiona is disgusting. John asks Beryl what she expects after what Fiona said about Patricia, and so Beryl points out to John that Fiona brought him up for the first few years of his life, and she did the rest - Patricia didn't do anything. John says Patricia has done a lot lately, but Beryl yells that she doesn't like what she sees. John says he'll pack and go if Beryl feels like that. Beryl says she doesn't want him to, but unless he bucks his ideas up, maybe he should.


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