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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Wayne tells Patricia that he can't see how she can blame him for Paul finding out that she knew who he was, but Patricia points out to her stepson that he wasn't exactly subtle when he spoke to Paul. Wayne says it all turned out OK, but he adds that Hal Mason had a go at him about it as well. Patricia warns Wayne to pull his socks up, as Mason isn't going to accept too many bungles from him, but Wayne replies that he'll be right if he can pull off what he's working on now. Patricia asks what it is, but all Wayne will tell her is, "Hotline to Fiona." He leaves the room as Rob comes in and tells Patricia that Angela is going to teach him how to ride. Patricia says she knows it's still his and Angela's honeymoon, but it might be nice if they invited Paul along as well - to show there are no grudges, and make him feel welcome. Although looking uncertain initially, Rob soon says, "Angela won't mind - she likes him." Patricia replies, "Good..."

Outside, Wayne sees Paul tinkering with his bike. He's about to head into Ramberg, and makes a comment about there being no rest for the wicked. Paul says he's sure Wayne enjoys it, and Wayne tells Paul that, if he decides to join Ramberg, he'll be there to help him. Paul says, though, that he can cope. Wayne asks how it feels to be worth a fortune, but Paul says it's not much different to being a gardener, really.

As John comes downstairs, Angela invites him to come riding, but he wants to see Beryl, and he heads straight out. Angela joins Patricia and Rob, and Rob informs his wife about Paul joining them. Patricia tells her daughter that it's important Paul can see he has friends. Angela says she understands. Patricia comments that John seemed to be in a hurry, and Angela tells her that he's going to see Beryl, and call in on Di. Patricia asks if her son is interested in Di, but Angela just replies that her brother has a housewarming present for her.

At the boarding house, John gives Di a large potted plant, telling her it's to brighten the place up. Di says she likes the place spartan, as she's not there much. John remarks that she must have had a fair amount of stuff when she was married, which prompts Di to ask how he knows she was married. John replies that some girls in the office told him. Di says she sold off a lot of her things when Jim died, and she's lived liked this ever since.

After a trip into town, Fiona gets back to her room at the boarding house, expecting to find John there, but just sees Beryl on her own. She comments about seeing John's car outside, and then realises he must have gone to see Di. Beryl sourly comments that he must prefer seeing Di to seeing her, and she starts getting angry about everyone thinking it's a mess, and how noone wants to see her. Fiona tells Beryl to stop that talk, but Beryl replies that she's missing the kids, and everything's so different all of a sudden. Fiona points out that there's an easy way to fix it. She tells Beryl that what she does about David is her business, but she shouldn't get paranoid about the kids, as they shouldn't be made to take sides. Beryl tells Fiona that she's right. She calms down, but says she just wishes John would pop in to say hello.

Patricia tells Paul that she's off to the opening of an art gallery, and she hopes to get something to go in the study. Paul says he noticed the space on the wall in there, and Patricia replies that she thinks the picture that was there must have brought back unhappy memories. She asks Paul if he's made a decision yet, but he hasn't. Patricia tells him that the news about the seminary came as a surprise, and it's no wonder it caused tension with James. Paul says his grandfather was pretty bigoted towards religion, and he thinks that Patricia and Fiona both enjoy life so much, that he can see why James took to them. Rob comes in and says Angela is going the whole hog with her riding outfit. Patricia leaves the room, and Paul comments to Rob about her being a nice lady. Rob agrees.

There's a knock at Fiona's door, and Fiona asks Beryl to get it. Beryl sarcastically remarks that perhaps it's John - and it is! He says he can't stay long, though, as he has to work. Beryl asks him if he's been upstairs, and so he explains about the plant. Beryl doesn't look impressed.

Rob warns Paul not to laugh at Angela's appearance. He tells Paul that he's only seen the good side of him, as a few months ago, he was bumming around, and was a waster. He says Angela was the best thing that happened to him. Paul says he supposes you can't keep wandering around waiting for something to fall into your lap. Angela comes in and warns the men not to laugh. Paul tells her that he thinks she looks great. Rob goes to fetch the car round and Paul tells Angela about how lucky Rob said he feels. He adds that he thinks she's lucky too. Angela says, "So do I." She tells Paul that it's good to see him smiling again.

John suggests to Beryl that the two of them could visit the funfair while she's up there, but Beryl snaps that she wishes he'd stop saying, 'while she's up there', as she's staying for good. John says he has work to do. Beryl sarcastically tells him that she knows he's busy, and she goes for a lie down. Fiona signals to John that she'd like a word with him by the front door. John asks what he's done, and Fiona replies that Beryl is a smidge neurotic. John asks if she's still going on about Patricia not giving the proper message, but Fiona says she's puzzled by that as well. John says he knows Fiona and Patricia don't get on, but that's the last sort of talk Beryl needs. Fiona says Beryl is still angry with Patricia. John asks if she thinks he's siding with his mother, and Fiona replies that that is how Beryl sees things. John asks what he can do, but Fiona just tells him to give it time. John leaves. When he gets outside, he sees Di washing her car. John tells her that he doesn't know what to do, as Beryl thinks everyone is against her. He suddenly has an idea - he tells Di that it's crazy, but he reckons it's worth a go...

Rob, Paul and Angela get back to Dural after their riding session. Paul is worried that he might be sore in the morning! He and Angela go into the lounge, where Paul agrees to teach Angela how to play chess. He comments to Rob that it's crazy him driving a heap like he does, when he works in a car yard, but Rob says he's used to it. Angela goes to get changed.

Wayne knocks on Di's front door, and when she answers, he tells her that it's just a friendly visit. He remarks to her that he was surprised she wasn't at work, but Di replies that Mr. Mason thought she deserved a break. Wayne notices the room contains just the bare essentials, and he then sees the plant. Di explains that John gave it to her, to say thankyou for helping him with the report. Wayne remarks that John would have been out on his ear if he hadn't got that report completed. Di offers coffee, and Wayne says, "Exactly what I feel like..."

Paul teaches Angela about 'check' and 'checkmate' in chess, and then suggests a game. John comes in and asks if Patricia is home, but Paul explains about her being at the art gallery. John says he wants to talk to her. He leaves the room, and Angela explains to Paul about David and Beryl splitting up. Paul tells Angela about how the chess set they're playing with was given to Patricia by his grandfather. Angela remarks on how Paul must miss him. Paul tells her about how Hal Mason talked about him stepping into James' shoes, but adds, "Some chance of that!" He says he doesn't know if he'll be suited to that sort of thing - he's worried about whether it'll give him what he wants. Angela tells Paul that her job at the stud made all the difference to her. Turning back to the chess, Paul tells Angela that it's her move.

Wayne asks Di how Fiona is as a landlady, and Di replies that she's good, and keeps herself to herself. Wayne remarks that it's good that Di's there, as Fiona's dense when it comes to business, but Di says that, during the little time she has at home, the last thing she wants to talk about is business. Wayne says it would be nice to offer. Di comments that Wayne seems very concerned about Fiona all of a sudden, and Wayne replies that she isn't a bad old chook...

Paul beats Angela in five moves! She goes out to see what Rob's up to, while Paul resets the pieces. As he does this, he picks up one of the pieces and stares at it for several seconds. He eventually gets up, goes over to the 'phone and dials a number. It's Hal Mason who answers. Paul asks to come and see him, as he's made a decision.

At Ramberg, Mason says he's sure Paul won't regret it. He decides to organise a social gathering so that everyone can meet the new arrival. Paul says he's never felt important before, but Mason says it'll be no joyride, as they will be working him. Paul says he's worried by the problems between Fiona and Patricia, and he doesn't want to end up as the meat in the sandwich. Mason tells Paul that Patricia is her own boss. He adds that James wasn't really aware that there was any animosity between the two women. Paul asks Mason if he has any ideas, but Mason says he doesn't want to buy into any possible conflict. He says he knows Patricia is the better businesswoman, but he tells Paul that he'll still have to make his own decisions. Paul sits down at his newly-inherited desk.

Patricia gets home, carrying a picture. She calls to John, and he joins her in the lounge. Patricia shows him the picture, but he doesn't look very impressed. He tells his mother that he's worried about Beryl, as she thinks he's siding against her. Patricia says a miscarriage can have strange effects. John says he reckons Beryl needs to be convinced that he won't take sides. Patricia asks him what he can do, and John replies that he knows it's a long shot, but she might be able to help...

Wayne tells Di that he'll see her on Monday. As he leaves, he sees Fiona on the landing, but he ignores her and walks out. Fiona asks Di what Wayne wanted, but Di says she's not sure - Wayne said it was just a social call.

Rob chases Angela around the lounge after she calls him a greasemonkey! He wrestles her onto the settee, where he ends up on top of her. They kiss passionately.

Beryl is circling an advert in the paper when there's a knock at the door. Fiona asks her guest to get it, and when she does, she sees John standing there again. She makes a comment about two visits in one day, but John just says, "I've brought someone to see you." Patricia steps into view. Beryl looks furious...


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