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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At the dinner table, Kevin tells David, Rosie, Jill and Gayle about Lynn looking forward to getting out of hospital. Gayle gets up to leave, telling Rosie that she'll see her tomorrow, but Rosie says she doesn't think it's a good idea for her granddaughter to go home, as she doesn't like the type of people who live round there. She offers to go to Gayle's house and stay there with her, but David suggests that Gayle could stay at the Palmer house, and share a room with Rosie. Gayle accepts the offer, but says she still wants to go home and pick up a few things. David offers to drive her, and Rosie tells her to bring something smart to wear to the court tomorrow. Gayle leaves the room, and Kevin remarks to Jill how the new arrival doesn't seem too keen. Rosie asks Jill for a hand in preparing Lynn's room for her return tomorrow. Kevin says he'll go next door to let the Hardys know what's going on. In Kevin and Lynn's bedroom, Rosie asks Jill's advice on whereabouts she should position the cradle. Jill suggests the housekeeper could put ribbon on it to make it look more decorative. Rosie has some fabric which she starts to arrange on the cradle to smarten it up. Jill tells Rosie not to get worked up over Gayle, but Rosie replies that it was hard enough coming to see her son, let alone finding out she had a granddaughter. She tells Jill that she might have to take Gayle back to Sydney, but she doesn't know what to do with her papers. Jill points out that Gayle might not want to go to Sydney, but Rosie says she feels responsible for the girl. She adds that if she'd kept in touch with Barry, she might have been able to help Gayle while she was still young. She says she thinks it's terrible the way Barry behaved, and she has to do something - she can at least look after Gayle until they find her father.

John gets back to Dural from Woombai, and Wayne sarcastically asks him if he took so long getting back because he was waylaid by Di, but John explains that he and Di didn't see any reason to hurry, so they stopped off at a pub. Wayne asks John what he thinks about Angela going overseas, and a taken aback John just says, "What?" Wayne tells him that he left Woombai before the bust-up, and he explains about Rob and Angela breaking up. John asks how long ago they left, and Wayne says it was twenty minutes, although they were calling at Charlie's first to pick her up. He adds that John's bound to have missed them, but this doesn't deter John, and he immediately rushes out to his car and speeds off.

As Charlie is driving along, she notices John's car coming up fast behind her, and, after much tooting from his horn, she pulls over. John clambers out of his car and goes and hugs Angela. He tells her that she can't run off, and that she should stay and sort it out. Patricia, though, tells him not to upset Angela even more. John says Rob is the poor mug in all of this, but Angela tells him that there were too many problems. John tells Angela to stay with Rob - he says that, although he didn't like the two of them being together at first, he can see that Rob has changed a lot since then, and he loves Angela. He adds that, if she leaves, it will finish Rob. Charlie calls from inside the car that they need to hurry or they'll miss their 'plane. Patricia tells Angela to come on. She also tells John that she tried to talk Angela out of it. Angela asks John to give Rob a message that it's not his fault, and she's to blame. Charlie drives off, as John watches, helplessly.

Kevin shows Gayle the teddybear - 'Hudson' - which he's bought for Lynn. Gayle says she can't think of anything worse than sharing a bedroom with a baby, but Kevin tells her that he's never had a room of his own - apart from the brief time since John left. Gayle says she prefers being by herself, but Kevin says it was good when John was there. He adds that he and Lynn want to have baby David in with them. Gayle says she can't think of anything worse than getting pregnant, and having a kid to tie you down, but Kevin says he's looking forward to it. Gayle tells him that he'll change, saying it won't be long before he's like all other men, wanting to get out for some fun. Rosie comes in, having heard the end of the conversation, and she asks her granddaughter for a hand in the kitchen. In the kitchen, Rosie says there's a meal to be prepared, and she tells Gayle that she can help. Gayle says she hates cooking, but this doesn't stop Rosie laying down some newspaper on the table so that Gayle can peel potatoes. She tells Gayle that what she said to Kevin wasn't very ladylike, but Gayle says she couldn't imagine a man saying it. Rosie says it's something you just don't do. Changing the subject, she then tells Gayle that, depending on the outcome of the court case tomorrow, she could come back to Sydney with her, as it would do her good. She asks her granddaughter if she has any job training, but Gayle says, "No - who needs it?" Rosie says she'll see if she can find a good secretarial course. Gayle doesn't look impressed.

Rob gets back to Dural and asks Wayne where Angela is. Wayne tells him that she's probably somewhere over Timor now - on her way to Paris. He tells Rob about John going after his sister, on a real mercy dash, and suggests Rob should realise he's missed his chance. A while later, Rob is drinking brandy, and he tells John that he doesn't understand why Angela didn't say anything. He adds that he can't believe she didn't want to stay and work things out. He asks who came up with the idea of Angela going overseas, and John tells him that it was Angela's idea, although he and Patricia tried to talk her out of it. John asks what went wrong, but Rob replies that, if he knew that, he'd have done something. John warns Rob that, if Angela is left alone, she'll convince herself that there's no point in getting back with him again. Rob reiterates that he doesn't even know what the problem was, and so John tells him that he has to find out - for his and Angela's sake. Rob asks John if he knows exactly where Angela is. John says, "Easy enough to find out." Rob tells him, "Right - I'm going after her."

Later, Rob is on the 'phone to David, and, when the call is over, Wayne remarks that Rob is serious, getting David to send up his passport. He offers Rob a drink, and then tries to talk him out of going, suggesting that it'll be hard to track her down. Rob asks Wayne why he doesn't want him to go, but he doesn't get an answer because John joins them and asks what's going on. Rob asks where Angela got the money to go to Paris, and John says he supposes it was from Patricia. Rob suddenly realises that Patricia got Angela to the airport, paid her fare, and even got Charlie to go along as bodyguard. He decides he wants to go out and get very drunk, and John asks if he can come along as well. Rob says John's going to have a hard time keeping up with him.

At the Palmer house, David tells Gayle that he's arranged for Rob's passport to be dropped off by a trucker on his way through Sydney. He says he knows Rob's having a tough time, and he feels sorry for him, as he's so down-to-earth that he couldn't handle his wife walking out, too well.

Patricia gets back to Dural after seeing Angela off, and Wayne tells her that she's missed dinner. Patricia says, though, that she was feeling so pleased with herself, that she had dinner with Cynthia Davis. Wayne tells Patricia that she won't be too happy with the latest development. Patricia asks what, and Wayne explains about Rob being back, not being happy, and planning to go after his wife. Patricia curses, "Damn." She asks Wayne where Rob is, and Wayne says he's out getting drunk, adding that John's with him. Patricia comments that that's a very responsible way of handling it. Wayne says they're making a night of it - so Patricia says she will as well. She asks Wayne for a drink, and says she's going to wait up until they get back...

Later that evening, Patricia watches through the window as a car pulls up. She then goes and stands by the lounge doors as Rob staggers in, with John trying to keep him upright. Slurring his words, Rob says to Patricia, "So, you came home after all, eh?" Patricia says she doesn't think Rob's in a suitable condition to discuss this, but Rob has other ideas, saying, "I'm telling you exactly what I think of you, Mrs. Hamilton." Patricia says she's glad Angela got away, but Rob tells her how he's realised that she paid the fare, she got Angela to the airport, and she got Charlie to go along as bodyguard. Patricia says, "Oh, for heaven's sake..." but Rob tells Patricia that she's been trying to split him and Angela up ever since he got there. He asks why she let them go through with the wedding, adding that he's sure she had a damn good reason. He starts to say, "You have to be the most interfering, stuck up..." and then says he can't understand, as Patricia obviously doesn't care for him, but why doesn't she care for Angela? He tells Patricia that she doesn't give a damn about her daughter. He says he's going to Paris and he's going to bring her back, and he warns Patricia that, if she tries anything, he'll beat her. Patricia tells John to get his drunk cousin upstairs, saying she'll talk to him when he's sober, but Rob says he'll feel exactly the same in the morning. He says, "You're not going to win this time, Mrs. Hamilton." Patricia almost looks regretful...

The next morning, Rob is on the 'phone to the car yard, asking for some time off, but when his request is refused, he quits the job on the spot. John tells him to take it easy, but Rob says he's going to the travel agent to arrange his flight. The two men both go out. Meanwhile, Patricia and Wayne have overheard the raised voices from where they are sitting at the breakfast table, and Patricia remarks on how it sounded as if Rob is arranging to get his passport. Wayne asks if that means the passport is going to mysteriously disappear when it arrives from Melbourne, but, surprisingly, Patricia says she's had enough of these tricks. She says she did what she did for Angela, but ended up hurting both of them. Wayne sarcastically remarks, "Yeah, terrible shame..." Patricia says there's only one way to settle this problem, and she's just sorry she didn't do it in the first place.

When Rob gets back to Dural, Patricia tells him that his passport has come. Rob says everything's organised, and he tells Patricia that it has nothing else to do with her. Patricia, though, just asks Rob to listen. She tells him that it's his choice to go after Angela, but it's not worth it. Rob says he was going to leave without saying anything else, but he reiterates that he meant what he said last night. Patricia says she supposes she deserved it, as she's been foolish and naive to think she could get away with manipulating everything. She adds that, quite frankly, she's sick of all the complications that have resulted, and now it's time for her to be honest. She tells Rob that he can decide what to do about this, but there's something he should know: the reason Angela has been acting strangely is because she's in love with Paul Sheppard. A shocked look comes over Rob's face, as Patricia continues by telling him that it's hard to accept, but it's the truth. Rob says that, suddenly, a lot of things make sense. He asks Patricia how long she's known, and Patricia says she's known since the morning of the wedding. Rob asks Patricia why she talked Angela into going through with the wedding, then, and Patricia replies that it seemed right at the time. Rob tells Patricia that she did it because she didn't want to look a fool in front of her friends, but Patricia says she did it because she thought Rob would make Angela happy, but she realised after the problems on the honeymoon, that that was a mistake. She tells Rob that she wants to help, but Rob tells her that it was she who arranged for Paul to stay around at Dural. Patricia says there were complications, but Rob says it doesn't matter anymore - he's going to cancel his ticket and go back to Melbourne. Patricia says she'll let Angela know, but Rob says not to bother, as they're through. Patricia tells Rob that she's sorry, but Rob asks, "Why should you be sorry? - you've got everything you wanted."


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