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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, at Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that she doesn't see the point in him doing casual work, but Gordon says consultancy for a stud farm is better than waiting for the 'phone to ring. He tells his wife that he'll see her tonight, before asking her what she's going to be doing today. Patricia says she's going to get in touch with Angela. Gordon tells her to leave it, but Patricia says she has to do something. Gordon asks about Charlie, and Patricia replies that she's already wired Paris. Gordon tells Patricia not to interfere, and Patricia says, "You consult, I'll behave. Alright?" Gordon goes. Patricia immediately makes a call to book a ticket on the two o'clock flight to Melbourne...

Rob is busy looking at the paper. Angela comes in and jokes that she's sure she's put all the dishes in the wrong places. She asks Rob if there are any decent jobs, and Rob replies that there are a couple. Angela says she wants to find a job as well, but Rob makes it clear that he isn't happy about this, telling his wife that she'd get involved and not want to stop when the time comes.

David tells Rosie that he's booked the rail tickets for her and Gayle's journey to Sydney, and Rosie says she was glad she could save some money by not flying. She then says she's glad Rob and Angela are back together, and she tells David that he won't be alone for much longer. David says, though, that there's more to it than that. He says he'd better push off. Rosie joins Lynn and Gayle in the kitchen, and Gayle suddenly blurts out that she borrowed the money from the housekeeping, and Lynn lied for her. Lynn quickly adds that she didn't want to see the two of them arguing. Rosie tells Gayle that she took long enough to own up, but Gayle says she was waiting for Rosie to be in a good mood. Rosie says she can't stand dishonesty, but Gayle says it's not her fault Dad left her broke. Rosie points out that Gayle can earn a living like other people, but Gayle asks what she's supposed to do until then? Rosie says she'll give Gayle an allowance, and she digs out her purse and gives her granddaughter some notes. Gayle starts to walk out of the kitchen, but Rosie reminds her about the money she borrowed. Gayle puts it back in the tin. Rosie looks disappointed.

There's some urgent knocking on the door and ringing of the bell at Dural, and when Patricia answers it, she finds the visitor is Charlie, who starts babbling about having terrible news, and Angela not boarding the 'plane, but Patricia interrupts her, and says she knows, as Angela is in Melbourne. Charlie says she was imagining all sorts of awful things, and she was worried about letting Patricia down, but there was nothing she could do. Patricia apologises to her friend for having so much trouble. Charlie asks Patricia why, if Angela's in Melbourne, she's in Sydney, but Patricia says she's going down there this afternoon. She tells Charlie that Rob has woken up to her meddling. Charlie says Rob could probably turn Angela against her mother, and Patricia replies that she'll have to hold out the olive branch. Charlie asks about Paul, and so Patricia explains that he doesn't believe in divorce. Charlie says the whole situation is a disaster, but Patricia says not necessarily - by going to spend time with Angela, she's bound to drop in on David - nothing could be more natural...

David interrupts Angela as she's vacuuming Susan's apartment. She explains that she has to do her bit. David asks how things are going, and Angela replies that they're working at it. She says she didn't realise how much she'd hurt Rob. David asks if this is the right approach, and Angela says she hopes so. David says it's better to be yourself. Angela says she's been trying to find a good excuse not to ring Patricia, but she'll have to do it once she's finished tidying up.

Charlie tells Patricia that jetlag is starting to set in. Patricia writes a note for Gordon, and Charlie remarks that he'll hit the roof. Patricia says he's meant to - she wants the kids to think it's all Gordon's fault. Charlie tells Patricia that she's evil. Patricia says that, once Gordon starts seeing Barbara Armstrong again - which he will, as he always turns to her when he's upset - David will give her all the sympathy she needs. Paul enters the room and Patricia asks him to make sure Gordon gets the note.

Rob gets back to Susan's, and Angela asks how things went. Rob says he tried for a couple of jobs. He notices that Angela has been writing a note, and asks if it's to her parents, but Angela says it's to Paul, to tell him that she loves her husband, not him. Rob looks annoyed, but after he's read what Angela has written, he tells her that she has at least been honest. Angela says she'd better call home, now.

Gordon gets in as the 'phone rings. He answers it, and is pleased to hear Angela on the other end. Angela says she supposes he wondered what was going on. She asks if he and Patricia are annoyed, but Gordon says they're both very happy that she and Rob are back together. He tells Angela that they didn't think they should get in touch at once, but they'll probably come down in the next few days. Angela asks if Charlie has been contacted, but Gordon says he's just got in, and doesn't know. In the lounge, Paul picks up the note and listens as Gordon tells Angela that she made the right decision. Gordon adds to say hello to Rob, and Angela thanks him. With the call at an end, Paul gives Gordon the note, which he immediately reads. A shocked expression crosses his face as he screws the piece of paper up in his hand.

Having arrived in Melbourne, Patricia listens as Angela tells her that she realised how much she loves Rob, and adds that Paul is out of her system. She gives Patricia the letter she's written, and asks her to take it back and pass it on. Patricia explains that she came down ahead of Gordon to clear the air, as Rob might think she was interfering. She asks how long they're going to stay at Susan's, and Angela says it'll be until they get a deposit for a house. Patricia suggests they could sell the Sydney land, but Angela replies that Rob doesn't want to. Patricia tells Angela that she and Rob are welcome to the South Yarra house, but Angela says Rob wouldn't like it. Patricia says she can at least offer. Angela says she's lucky, because if she'd stayed away for longer, she might have lost him for good.

John knocks at Jill's door, and then sees her as she comes round the corner in the corridor. They start to chat about Jill's trip to Melbourne before Jill tells John that she's glad she bumped into him, as she had time to think while she was away. The conversation goes no further, though, because Di emerges from Fiona's room, having just paid her rent for another month. John gives her some keys and tells her to wait in the car, but before Di leaves, she gives John a peck on the cheek. John sheepishly tells Jill that that's what he wanted to talk to her about. Jill tells him, though, that there's no need to apologise - she just left her run too late.

David tells Rosie to hurry up. Rosie asks where Gayle is, and is told she's with Davey. In Kevin and Lynn's room, Gayle is making a fuss of the baby, telling him that they'll see each other again. Rosie comes in, and remarks that Davey is beautiful, but Gayle just sourly says, "Seen one, seen them all." Rosie tells her that David is ready. Out in the lounge, Lynn thanks Rosie for all her help, and they hug. Rosie tells her to ignore all the fancy books that tell you how to raise children, and just do what you think's best. She leaves. Lynn tells Gayle that she hopes things go well for her, and she tells her to write if she gets the chance. Rosie calls to Gayle, and Gayle says she'd better go.

At Susan's, Angela asks Patricia to apologise to Charlie for her. The front door suddenly bangs, and Rob comes in. Upon seeing Patricia, he sourly remarks that it didn't take long for her to get down there. Patricia says she doesn't intend to make things worse for Rob and Angela, and she suggests to Rob that they should forgive and forget. She tells Rob about the South Yarra house, but Rob says there's no way they're accepting that. Patricia says there are no strings attached, but Rob tells her it would mean she could turn up on the doorstep whenever she felt like it. Patricia snaps that she only turns up to places if she's invited. Rob still says he's not interested, and Patricia says she won't push it. She gets up to leave, and says she knows she made a mistake in meddling, but it's easy to be wise after the event. Angela says she'll see her mother out. Rob listens as Patricia tells Angela that she'll ring her tomorrow. When Angela joins him again, she points out that Patricia did admit her mistake, and you can't get much fairer than that.

There's a knock on the front door of the Palmer house, and Lynn answers it to find Patricia standing there. She asks to see David, and adds that she has a present for Davey. Lynn explains that David is dropping Rosie and Gayle at the station, and she adds that they'll soon have a place of their own. Patricia wryly says, "That's nice for them." Lynn tells Patricia that it's beaut of her and Gordon to let Gayle stay at Dural for a while - especially after the trouble she had with the police. Patricia looks taken aback, and says she didn't know - but adds that there's no point in judging the girl before she's met her. Lynn opens Patricia's present, and is delighted when she finds out it contains very expensive baby clothes. Patricia asks how Davey is, and Lynn says she'll take her to see him. In the bedroom, Patricia picks Davey up and tells him he's a cute little chappy. Having got home, David comes in and tells Patricia that she hasn't lost her touch. Lynn shows David the present. David offers Patricia some coffee, and Lynn goes to the kitchen to make it. Patricia tells David that this brings back memories.

John and Di get into Dural after a night out. John says it would have been better if he'd spoken to Jill first, as he didn't want to hurt her. Gordon emerges from the study and tells John that something has come up and Patricia has gone to Melbourne. John asks why, but Gordon says he's the last person to find out what his wife is thinking.

Late at night, Rob pays a visit to Patricia at the property she inherited from James Sheppard, and tells her that he has a few things he wants to straighten out without Angela being around. He tells Patricia that he doesn't like her, but he's not going to make Angela the meat in a sandwich. Patricia asks Rob why he's not telling Angela about how he feels, but Rob says he knows Patricia would like that, as it would cause more trouble. Patricia says she's trying to be reasonable. She asks Rob if there's anything else. Rob tells her that Angela might be taking her side at the moment, but it won't last. He tells her that she's done her dash with a lot of people, and he reckons Gordon will wake up to her soon, too. He tells her that she preys on people's good sides, and the nicer they are, the more she'll push them. He adds that people in Sydney know what she's like, and it won't take long for people in Melbourne to come to the same conclusion - and, "I'll be grinning from ear to ear when they do." Patricia says that's not fair, as she always tried to do the best for everyone. Rob says, "You really believe that, don't you?" He adds, "I thought you were a conniving bitch, but you're even worse - you're a bit round the twist."


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