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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Geoffrey Nottage

Rob gets home from work and tells Angela that he made a couple of sales today. Angela kisses him. The 'phone rings, and Rob answers it, commenting on the fact that there are STD pips. The caller is Gordon, who asks to speak to Angela. Angela asks Gordon how things are going, and Gordon replies that they're not too good, as Patricia has left and is staying in the South Yarra house. He adds that he thinks they've split up for good this time. Angela asks what went wrong, but Gordon says he'd rather not discuss the reasons, as he doesn't want to upset her. He tells Angela that he'll be far happier away from Patricia. He then asks how things are between the newlyweds, and Angela replies that they're fine. She tells Gordon to take care, and hangs up. She immediately tells Rob about Gordon and Patricia splitting up, and Rob remarks that Gordon's probably better off. Angela says she supposes Rob's pleased. Rob asks where Patricia is, and Angela tells him that she's at South Yarra. Rob says he supposes it won't be long until she turns up on their doorstep, but Angela says she'll go and see her mother while Rob's at work tomorrow. Rob tells Angela not to let Patricia start interfering, and Angela says she won't.

At the Palmer house, Susan tells Kevin and Lynn that David hasn't any broken bones. Lynn tells Kevin that Patricia was with David when the accident happened, and Kevin immediately snaps about her being around. Susan sarcastically tells him he has a great attitude. She says David pulled a muscle and has a gashed arm, meaning he won't be able to work for a while. Kevin snaps that it'll be no problem if Patricia's there.

Outside Fiona's front door, Beryl asks Hal Mason if he's going to miss Lindy, and remarks that it's too bad she had to leave when she was just getting to know her father again. Mason says Lindy has always been keen on pottery and the US in that order. Beryl asks Mason to give Lindy her love when he sees her off, but Mason says his daughter would never forgive him if he didn't bring her. He tells Beryl that he'll pick her up at 8:30am. He leaves, and Beryl goes back into Fiona's room. Fiona asks Beryl why she didn't invite Mason in, and so Beryl explains about seeing Lindy off early tomorrow morning. Fiona says that at least Mason and Lindy are talking. Beryl chips in that that's the only reason Hal Mason wants her around.

At the Palmer house, Kevin jokes with David - who has his arm in a sling - that he'd hate to see the other guy! David says he'll be a nuisance for a while, but Lynn says they'll all pitch in. Patricia says she'd like to help, too, and she explains that she and Gordon are separated, so she'll have lots of time on her hands. Lynn gratefully accepts the offer. Kevin asks Patricia if she and Gordon are getting a divorce, but Patricia says they haven't discussed it yet. Davey starts crying, and Lynn says she thinks he's got a cold, and she's going to take him to the clinic tomorrow. Patricia offers to drive her, and Lynn says that would be great. David tells Kevin that he's lucky Patricia is willing to put herself out to help.

Paul is at the boarding house, where he apologises for waking Fiona, but Fiona tells him not to worry, as he's brought her the best news she's heard in years. She adds that she would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Gordon gave Patricia her marching orders. Paul remarks that Gordon seems more relaxed without Patricia around. Fiona says she wishes she could congratulate him in person. She asks if Rosie is pleased, but Paul replies that Gayle is still missing, and Rosie is at the police station right now. He explains that Rosie was scared of contacting the police because Gayle has been in trouble before. Fiona asks Paul if he believes Wayne, and Paul replies that Gayle seemed genuine, but Patricia backed Wayne. Fiona says she thought Paul could see Patricia for what she really is, now. Paul says he should have stuck up for Gayle, but he asks why Wayne would have made up the story. Fiona tells him that he doesn't know Wayne's track record. She explains about Wayne getting drunk once and trying to force himself on Jill. She adds that Wayne tried to get back with Jill again the other day, but she told him where to get off. Paul adds that Wayne must have gone and tried it straight on with Gayle - "There's no way he'll get away with it."

Di gets out of her car at Ramberg at the same time as Wayne, who parks next to her. Di remarks on it being a gorgeous day, but Wayne just snaps, "If you say so." John approaches Di and tells her that he's sorry he wasn't more upbeat last night. As Wayne walks across the car park, Paul rides up on his motorbike and almost knocks him over. Wayne snaps, "Watch it." Paul tells Wayne to get back in his car, as they're going home, and Wayne is going to tell Rosie that he lied through his teeth about Gayle. Wayne tells Paul that he's off his head, but Paul says he knows about Jill. Wayne says Jill has nothing to do with it. He tells Paul that 'the little tramp' stole from him. Paul tells Wayne that he's done enough to hurt Rosie, adding that he's surprised, as he thought Wayne cared for her. Wayne says the housekeeper is better off without Gayle around. Paul tells Wayne to either go home and sort it out, or he'll speak to Hal Mason and arrange for him to be sacked. Wayne, though, has other ideas. He says he'll admit the truth, but only if Paul tells Mason to forget about the trial and take him on permanently.

Paul and Wayne enter Dural, and Paul immediately starts calling for Rosie. Gordon emerges from the study and says the housekeeper isn't back from the police station yet. He asks what the two men are doing there, and Paul says he'll leave Wayne to tell his father. Gordon asks what's up, but Wayne just says he wants to talk to Rosie. Gordon asks why, and Wayne replies that it's personal. Gordon says, "It's Gayle. You lied." Wayne whines that it wasn't his fault - Gayle led him on - but Gordon says there's no way his son can excuse it. He adds that he's only owning up because of Paul. Wayne says he didn't want to turn Rosie against him, but Gordon tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Wayne yells that Gordon never gives a damn about him.

Patricia and Angela are out walking in Melbourne. Angela says she's been to see David, and Patricia replies that that's good, because he needs cheering up. Angela then says she spoke to John, and he told her about Gordon throwing his wife out. Patricia says she'll be fine if she keeps busy. Angela asks her mother why she didn't tell her what had happened, but Patricia says she probably partly brought it on herself, as she shouldn't have mentioned Barbara Armstrong. Angela asks what she's got to do with it, and, smiling, with her back to her daughter, Patricia says Barbara and Gordon had an affair while she was in Hawaii. She adds that Gordon denied it, though. She then thanks Angela for helping by marrying Rob, as Gordon didn't want to spoil her wedding day. She says, though, that they were just going through the motions. She says she promised she wouldn't let it get to her, but she tried too hard, and to lose him now... She tells Angela that she still has her and John. Angela hugs her.

Angela is ironing as Rob tells her that Patricia never put herself out to make Gordon happy, so why shouldn't he find someone else? Angela says she knew he'd take Gordon's side. Rob asks her how long the ironing will take, as he has a client coming in half an hour. Angela says that, if she went to Sydney to see Gordon, she might be able to help. Rob asks her if it will just be Gordon she wants to see, but Angela replies that she meant what she wrote to Paul. She says Gordon and Patricia have done everything for her, and it's time she did something for them. Rob says, "OK."

Beryl tells Hal Mason that she was quite envious when Lindy left, as she's never been out of the country. Mason says he has to go, as the work will be piling up, but adds that he'll be in touch. Beryl tells him that he doesn't have to keep in touch. Mason asks her if she's saying she doesn't want to see him again, but Beryl says she just doesn't want him to feel obligated. Mason tells Beryl that he's seeing her because he wants to. Fiona comes in and Mason leaves. Beryl tells Fiona about her and Mason having dinner, adding that there's no need to worry any more about Lindy being the only reason he wants to see her. Fiona tells Beryl that she just doesn't like to see her making a mistake. She tells her that Patricia is in Melbourne running after David, explaining that Gordon and Patricia have split up, and it's only a matter of time before she and David are together. She adds that Beryl has Hal Mason, so why worry...?

Patricia and David laugh and argue over getting David's shoes onto his feet. Kevin comes in and Lynn enters the kitchen from the bedroom with Davey. Kevin explains that he's there to pick up an essay for school. Patricia says she and Lynn will be back as soon as they can. David invites Patricia for dinner, and Patricia accepts. She and Lynn go out. Kevin goes to the 'fridge, and isn't impressed by the raw mushroom salad he finds in there. David asks him if it's because Patricia bought them, but Kevin replies that he hasn't said a word to her. David tells him that he doesn't have to, adding that his son isn't giving her a fair chance. Kevin says he knows how Beryl would feel about it, but David replies that Beryl is running around with some bloke in Sydney, and Kevin isn't having a go at her. Kevin storms out.

At Ramberg, Hal Mason hands a file to John. John pauses and then invites his boss for a drink after work. Mason, though, says he's too busy, and he tells John to say what he has to say right there. John tells Mason that he wants him to stop seeing Beryl, as she'd go home if he wasn't around. Mason says John is making a lot of assumptions. John asks Mason if he'd carry on seeing Beryl if he could have Di back. Mason orders John to get out. John goes.

In the car park, Di tells John that she's lined up a place for them to look at, but John says he's not in the mood for flat-hunting.

In Di's room at the boarding house, John tells Di to put off the estate agents indefinitely, as he's had second thoughts. Di asks why, and John replies that it's because Hal Mason will kick up a stink. Di says Mason can handle it, but John says it's not just him - he just doesn't think he's ready for it. He suggests they should cool things for a couple of weeks. Di tells John that she doesn't understand him. John just replies that he'll see Di at the office.

Fiona tells Beryl that she'll be with Jill. She notices that Beryl is writing a letter, and Beryl tells her that it's to Susan, to explain that she has no intention of running back to David. Fiona asks Beryl if she wants to lose her husband, but Beryl says David spent most of his life wishing she was Patricia. Fiona reveals that she had a letter from Lynn a while back, and it said that David told Kevin that he didn't have enough time for the children while they were growing up, and he wanted another chance to do it right. She tells Beryl that losing the baby meant a lot to David as well, saying that if Beryl wants to punish her husband for not being there, she's done a very good job, but she thinks it's high time Beryl went back home now. Fiona tells Beryl that they were such a happy family, and can be again - "It's up to you."


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