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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The following morning, Angela is sitting in her nightclothes in the lounge when Rob comes in. Angela tells him that he should have stayed in bed and got some sleep, but Rob points out to his wife that she didn't get much sleep last night. Angela replies that she had a lot on her mind. She tells Rob that she wouldn't blame him if he doesn't still love her, but Rob tells her not to be such a silly twit! He asks her why she wouldn't talk to him about it last night, but Angela says she was scared, and she's only just decided to face up to it. Rob tells Angela she's a first class nong! Angela says she can't be a real wife, but Rob points out that if they really want kids, there's always adoption, which could be better - they could even adopt a child from Asia. Angela softly says, "Thankyou." Rob suggests that they should get away for a couple of days, and he tells his wife, "I love you, OK?" She replies, "OK." Rob then suggests they should get ready for the Christening, as they don't want to let Kevin and Lynn down. He walks out of the room, but Angela still looks upset.

At the Palmer house, Muriel Hardy tells Lynn that Vic is in his element! Lynn asks her mother how Vic has been with David, but Muriel replies that the men actually have something in common for a change! She then tells Lynn that she had a call from Lynn's grandfather, to say that he's too sick to make it - but he's grateful that Davey's middle name will be Ernest. Muriel then asks Kevin about what's happening with Beryl and Fiona. Kevin replies that they're meeting Beryl at the airport, and Fiona's still in bed. Muriel remarks that she hopes Susan won't be too tired, as she's been working all night. Lynn tells her mother to stop worrying. Kevin pours Muriel a glass of punch, and, upon tasting it, she says it's quite nice - very tasty!

Angela tells Susan that adoption could be better than having children of their own. Susan says she'll see if she can put Angela and Rob onto someone who could help. She adds, though, that things might be against the young couple, as they don't have a house of their own, and Rob is on commission, rather than having a regular income. Realising the time, she then says she'd better get a move on, as she's got to collect Fiona before going to the airport. Angela tells Rob that there is one way of making their bank balance look better: sell their block of land. Rob reminds Angela that she knows how he feels about that, but Angela says it makes sense, and she really wants to do it. Rob backs down, and admits that it wouldn't do any harm, as long as the money is just used for the one purpose. Angela suggests they should ask Patricia, and they agree to see her on the way to the Christening. Rob asks Angela if she'll be OK. Angela replies that it won't be easy, but she'll get by.

Vic tells Muriel that everything is finally under control. He then tells Fiona that Susan is waiting for her outside, so Fiona downs her punch and leaves, telling Muriel, as she goes, that they'll have a good chat when she gets back. She asks where David is, and is told that he's outside with his daughter. Vic takes a sip of the punch, and remarks that he hopes it'll help everyone relax. He tells his wife that Beryl shoudn't be in Sydney in the first place, and he adds that Patricia mustn't be allowed to get a foot in the door. He says he might give her a piece of his mind when he meets her.

Rob snaps at Patricia, saying they didn't come for advice. Patricia says she's just trying to point out that it might be better to hang on to the land for a while, and she adds that it's not easy being a parent. Rob snaps that that's fine coming from her. John, who overhears this, tells Rob that that wasn't necessary. Patricia just tells the couple that it's their land to do whatever they want with.

Outside the church, Rob hugs Beryl. She asks him how he and Angela are, and he replies, "Good." Fiona puts her arm round Beryl as she spots David, Patricia and John arriving. Vic also notices this, and remarks to Muriel that that must be Patricia. Muriel goes and says hello to Beryl. Fiona tells Beryl that she'll leave her a clear path, so she goes over to Patricia and asks to have a word with her. She asks her if she's going to attend the special board meeting to appoint a new MD at Ramberg. Patricia asks if Fiona was hoping to have him to herself. David and Beryl say hello to each other. Patricia tells Fiona that she'll be there. Patricia and Beryl say curt hellos, and Susan then comes over to escort her mother inside. Vic comments to Muriel about Patricia certainly being a lovely looking woman! Kevin thanks his mother for coming. He and Lynn look at Davey, and Fiona tries to soothe him. Angela and Rob watch as the kids take Davey inside. Rob asks Angela if she's OK. Angela says she's been thinking about Fiona, as she has a few outstanding apologies to make.

The vicar conducts the service inside the church, as Kevin and Lynn stand as proud parents. Beryl smiles as she watches, but Angela keeps a solemn face. David and Patricia smile at each other, and so do Fiona and John. Lynn eventually hands Davey to the vicar, who then completes the Christening as the congregation watches.

Outside, afterwards, Fiona asks Rob if he's told Angela about Domine, but Rob explains about Angela not being able to have children. He adds that his wife wants to sort things out with Fiona, and Fiona says she's glad, as the Woombai business really hurt her. Patricia approaches Beryl, and tells her that she's sorry about Hal's death. She says she hopes Beryl's coping, and Beryl replies that she thinks she'll manage. Patricia tells her that David has something to see her about, that might make a difference to her independence, and she adds that he'll probably talk to her about it later on. David comes over at this point, and Patricia walks off. Kevin and Lynn tell Rob that they're sorry he and Angela can't come to the party. Rob and Angela say their goodbyes, and leave. Kevin tells Lynn that it's a pity. Muriel comes and fusses over Davey, but Vic is concerned about getting back to the house before the guests arrive. John notices that Fiona has gone off with Rob and Angela, and asks why, but David says he has no idea. Vic tells Muriel that the whole David-Beryl-Patricia situation is terrible. Muriel just tells her husband not to make it any worse.

Back at the Palmer house, John and Kevin remove large bowls of punch from the 'fridge, and John remarks on how full they are. Kevin says that's because of the extra rum he put in! David and Patricia come in. Patricia says she gathers Beryl is flying back to Sydney tonight, and she tells David that that doesn't give him much time to talk to her. David says he can't just throw it on her - he needs to wait until she's relaxed a bit. Patricia, though, says she might have said too much, and she explains about how she told Beryl that David might have some good news for her. David snaps, "Pat, did you have to?" Patricia tells him that she didn't mean to put him on the spot. David says he'll try and pick the right time. Patricia tells him he needs to sort it out.

At Susan's, Fiona tells Angela that she's glad they're friends again. Angela says she's glad Fiona didn't throw her apology back in her face! She goes off to get some coffee, leaving Fiona to ask Rob how his wife really is behind the brave front. Rob says he'll put some music on. Having done this, so that Angela can't hear what he's saying, he tells Fiona that he's going to have to tell Angela about his kid, but he doesn't know how she'll take it. Fiona suggests that he keeps it quiet until she's had a chance to talk to Kerry. She adds that she'll do it first thing tomorrow, but she tells Rob to forget about it in the meantime, and concentrate on Angela. She tells him that, if he's going to break the news to his wife, she has to realise how he really feels about her. She adds that the last thing she needs is another marriage on the rocks! She tells Rob that he deserves things to turn out right, as he's one of her favourite blokes!

David and Beryl enter the lounge at the Palmer house. David asks Beryl to sit down, but she remains standing. He tells her that, if she doesn't like his idea, he'll forget it. Beryl tells him to hurry up, as she doesn't want to be away from the party for too long. David says he's been thinking of selling the house, and split the proceeds between her and the kids. Beryl yells, "Is that all this place means to you?" David tells her that he didn't think she'd care, what with her new home and job. Beryl suddenly agrees that it could be the answer. She says she supposes David will be moving somewhere else, such as in with Patricia. David yells that too many people think things have gone further with Patricia than they really have. Beryl tells him that he can't blame them. She tells him to sell if that's what he wants. She says she supposes Patricia is pushing for divorce. In a total rage, she tells David to give the entire proceeds from the sale to Kevin and Lynn, as she wouldn't touch it anyway.

Fiona tells Angela and Rob to have a good rest. Angela says it's good to sort things out. There's a knock at the door - it's Beryl, who says she didn't realise Rob and Angela were still there. Rob asks his sister what's wrong, but Beryl just says it was too much, being at the party. Angela and Rob say their goodbyes and leave, Rob telling Beryl to hang together, as he walks out. When the young couple have gone, Beryl tells Fiona that she couldn't bear to be at the party with Patricia. Fiona asks what happened, and Beryl starts to explain about David's suggestion of selling the house. She says that, ten-to-one, it was Patricia's idea. She then adds, though, that if David hadn't brought that up, she was going to tell him that she still loved him - but she couldn't after that. She says she still wants David, but she's too scared to tell him now, as he might choose Patricia over her. She says she wanted to tell him that she just wanted to be with her family, but she couldn't, as she was scared he'd turn her down. She got in first and suggested that he go ahead with the divorce. Fiona points out to Beryl that she played right into Patricia's hands - but she adds that Beryl at least told herself clearly how she feels, and that means something. Beryl tells Fiona to get back to the party. Fiona asks Beryl if she's alright, and Beryl replies that she needs time to calm down. Fiona goes, leaving Beryl sitting sobbing.

David and Patricia enter the Palmer house, and Patricia asks David what's worrying him. David snaps that it's between him and Beryl, which causes Patricia to remark, "Charming." David tells Patricia that she got what she wanted. Patricia says she doesn't see what David is getting at, but David tells her that she's been pushing again - yesterday she got John to talk to him about his job, and today she pushed Beryl into a confrontation. He says, "Don't try to take over, 'cos I'm telling you now, you won't."


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