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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

At Susan's, Rob tells Angela that she's finally seeing Patricia for what she really is, and he adds that there's no point losing sleep over it. Angela says it's not that that's worrying her; she's been thinking about John, because she called him last night and he didn't seem angry - he just told her that Patricia was upset. She tells Rob that she hopes John isn't going to stay with Patricia, but Rob replies that Patricia is probably laying it on thick. Angela says she thought her mother had changed. Rob asks her if she now believes what he was saying about Patricia trying to break them up. Angela just remarks about 'poor Gordon'. She adds that she wishes she'd kept out of the whole thing. Rob suggests Angela should call Gordon, but Angela says it would be too hard to talk to him over the 'phone. Rob points out that Gordon will just be glad to hear from her.

At Dural, Paul asks Gordon if he's seen Gayle, but he hasn't. The 'phone rings and Gordon answers it. The STD pips sound, and Gordon hears Angela's voice. She tells him that she's sorry she hasn't contacted him before, but she's been really silly. Gordon tells her that he's just glad to hear her voice. He asks how things are, and Angela replies that it's all a mess. Gordon asks her if she means between her and Rob, but Angela replies that she's talking about Patricia. She tells Gordon that she wishes she could give him a big hug to say sorry. Gordon points out that she could if she wanted to. Angela explains that things are a bit tight right now, but Gordon tells her that money's no object now he's got his new job. He suggests that she should bring Rob, but Angela replies that she doesn't think it would be a good time for Rob to get away, as he's trying for his truck licence. She adds that she'll try and come if she can, but Gordon tells her there are to be no 'ifs'. He adds that Rob is going to come. The call comes to an end. Rob snaps at Angela, thanking her for making up his mind. Angela just announces that she's going to David and Beryl's.

John arrives at the Palmer house to see David, but Lynn tells him that he's in the shower. John says he'll wait, and he goes into the lounge. Lynn remarks to Kevin that she wonders what John wants to talk to his father about, and Kevin replies that it's probably Patricia, as John can only see the one side of her. Lynn points out that Patricia is John's mother, but Kevin reminds her that it was Beryl who brought John up. He adds that he can't wait until she gets back from Macedon so that things can get back to normal. Lynn says she hopes Beryl doesn't think she took sides with Patricia, but Kevin assures her that Beryl will understand. As he packs up, ready for his first exam, Lynn points out that English is his best subject. Kevin says it's supposed to be. He asks Lynn what they'll do if he doesn't pass, so he can't get his cadetship. Lynn just tells him that of course he'll pass, and then they'll be able to move out and get their own place. Angela arrives and finds John sitting in the lounge. She asks where David is, and John explains about him being in the shower. Angela says she'll wait to see him before she flies to Sydney - she explains about going to see Gordon, to apologise for believing Patricia. John tells her that she should say sorry to Patricia, as she's a mess, but Angela won't, as she's angry at her mother for setting the whole thing up. John tells her that she didn't see Patricia last night - when she stopped crying, she just sat there. Angela replies that she trusted her, but she used it to stop her seeing Gordon. She tells John that she doesn't want to know about her. David emerges from the bathroom and asks what's going on. Angela tells him that it's just another family argument. John explains that they were talking about Patricia. Angela says that if her mother's always playing people off, she has to take the chance that they won't like it when they find out. David asks her what she means, and Angela explains about the way Patricia used her and John against Gordon. When David hears this, he says it changes things. He asks her how she knows, and Angela tells him about Patricia getting drunk and starting to ramble. She adds that, when Patricia realised what she'd let slip, she freaked like mad. She also comments that it was a shock to Patricia's system, telling the truth for a change. David says he'll call in and see her when he's taken Kevin to his exam. He tells Angela and John to leave it to him to sort out.

Gayle is cleaning the bar at Dural when Paul comes in and tells her he was looking for her. Gayle snaps that she went for a walk. Paul tells her that he's sorry for his behaviour, and for hurting her feelings. Gayle says it's alright. Paul asks her if she'd like to be his partner at Gordon's dinner party, and a delighted Gayle accepts. Paul tells her not to bottle up her feelings in future. Gordon comes in and asks Paul to listen out for the 'phone, as Angela's going to leave a message to say what 'plane she'll be on. Paul is taken aback, and incredulously says, "Angela?" Gordon explains that she's coming up this afternoon.

Rob tells Angela that he's worked things out so that he can come up to Sydney tomorrow. Angela tells him that he's already sent Kerry and Domine money, and now he wants to see them. Rob asks Angela if she's not going to Sydney to see Paul. Angela stomps out of the room, but Rob yells that she promised not to see him, and now she's going to stay in the very house where he's living. Angela tells Rob that she's over that. Rob tells Angela that he trusts her, and tells her that she should do the same for him. Angela backs down, and says she'll arrange another ticket. Rob asks her if there's really something wrong with him wanting to see his daughter.

David asks Lynn where Kevin is, as it's time to take him to his exam. Lynn asks David if he can give a note to Patricia from her, to thank her for her help. Kevin comes in and remarks that he'll be glad when the exams are all over. David tells him that he has no worries. He and Lynn wish Kevin good luck, and the two men leave.

As she reads the note, Patricia remarks to David that Beryl didn't waste much time getting Lynn back under her thumb. David tells Patricia that he hoped she would have calmed down, as he doesn't want to argue, but Patricia tells him that he just doesn't want to feel uncomfortable. David tells Patricia that he's sorry, but Patricia yells that he's made a fool of her, again. She asks him what Beryl can do for him, and adds that she can make something of him, but David says he's happy as he is, and he tells Patricia that she was trying to run his life. Patricia snaps that she's done a damn sight better job than he has. She asks him how he thinks he got where he is? Who got him his job back? Who stopped him from being fired? She tells David that he can't possibly have thought he did it all on his own. David says he doesn't want anything he can't earn for himself. Patricia tells him that she'll take back everything she's given him. She tells him to go back to Beryl and says she never wants to see him again.

Gordon tells Angela that he's sorry to hear Patricia is in a bad way, but Angela says she'll be alright. She tells Gordon that it's great to be back, and Gordon replies that the whole house is happier now that there isn't someone trying to put a spoke in the wheel. Angela gives him a present - a tie - to wear at board meetings, and also as a peace offering. Gordon says he was taken in, even though Barbara tried to warn him. Angela asks how Barbara was when she heard the news, and Gordon replies that she's a great lady. Angela says she's glad Barbara's coming to the celebration dinner. Gordon invites Angela to join them as well. He adds that Rosie is looking forward to showing off the happy couple. Angela comments that he and Barbara aren't even together yet, but Gordon explains that he meant Paul and Gayle. Angela looks shocked.

John arrives at Susan's. He tells Rob that he's spoken to Ron Jackson, and he wants to see Rob for a chat about getting his licence. He then asks David if he saw Patricia, and David replies that she didn't want to talk. Rob decides to leave them to it. John asks David what he's going to do, but David says he can't do anything. He tells John that Angela was right: Patricia arranged the whole thing. John remarks that he didn't see David fighting Patricia off, but David says Patricia conned him - and Angela and John. He tells his son that they're better off forgetting her, but John say he can't just dump her. David warns John not to let Patricia fool him, but John says he's not that stupid.

At the South Yarra property, John tells Patricia not to pretend that she's alright. As she arranges some roses that John bought for her, Patricia remarks that she's surprised he hasn't started packing yet, as she assumed he'd be leaving like the rest of them. She adds that it would be better if they all just went, but John says he's not going anywhere. He tells Patricia that he's disappointed in some of the things she's done, but he's staying to look after her. Patricia says she doesn't need anyone to look after her, and she tells John that he may as well go. She adds that everyone will soon turn him against her, anyway. She suddenly pricks her finger, snaps, "Damn," and bursts into tears.

Kevin is revising at the breakfast table, while David gives Rob a bit of a prep talk to help him with Ron Jackson. He tells Kevin that he won't be able to give him a lift today. Kevin goes off to his room, and David asks Lynn what the subject is today. Lynn replies that it's Maths. David asks how Kevin did yesterday, and Lynn says Kevin thought it was terrible. David tells Lynn that Kevin will be alright.

At Dural, Gordon tells Rosie that Barbara rang, and she can make it back for the dinner. The two of them leave the room, and Angela and Paul find themselves alone. Angela tells Paul that she waited up for him last night, as she wanted to talk, but Paul replies that he came in pretty late. Angela remarks that she's surprised he's not spending more time with his girlfriend. She tells him that she talked to Gayle, and she doesn't seem his type. Paul says he's already been getting it in the neck from Jill and Fiona. Angela asks him about the relationship, and Paul replies that it's hard to get out of. He explains about how he was lonely, and miserable, and how Gayle cared about him. He tells Angela about how he and Gayle made love, but Gayle took it to mean more than it did. He says it's just an act now, but he cares enough for her to want to let her down gently. Angela jokes that Paul has a habit of complicating his love life. She asks him when he'll tell her, but Paul says he doesn't want to spoil the dinner. He adds that a few days won't make any difference.

Lynn calls to Kevin, telling him he doesn't want to be late. Kevin says he wishes he wasn't going, but Lynn tells him she'll be thinking of him, and he leaves.

Outside the exam hall, one of Kevin's schoolmates asks him how his revision went, but Kevin replies that Maths isn't his best subject, and he could have done with more study time. A teacher comes out and tells the line of pupils to leave all their books and notes at the front of the hall. Kevin and his mate wish each other luck, and go in. A few minutes later, the teacher announces that the exam lasts three hours, and he tells the pupils to begin. Kevin starts writing, but then stops, and looks around the hall. The teacher turns his back to the pupils. Kevin looks round again, and then starts fiddling with the end of his jacket sleeve, as if he has something hidden up there. He only just spots another teacher coming up behind him...


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