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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

David says he hopes John can understand now why he was so uptight. John asks David how he can be sure he's not his father, as Patricia has been strange, and she could be lying. David explains about the clinic and the blood tests, but John just replies that he doesn't understand. David admits that it's hard to accept. John asks what else Patricia said during the argument, but David tells him that she didn't say anything else. He adds that he tried to talk to her later, but she clammed up. John asks David why he's bringing this up now, and David replies that he needed time, and he was worried about how John would take it. John tells David that he should have said something sooner, but David says he couldn't, as he didn't want to cause any upset. John points out to David that he's caused enough upset anyway, but David replies that it hasn't been easy for him. He asks John to understand. John thinks for a moment, and then tells David that Angela is pretty happy at the moment, and he thinks it would be better if she wasn't told yet. He adds that he'll tell her when he has more details, and says David would mess it up, and he doesn't want Angela hurt. David asks John what he's going to do. John replies that he came for answers, and the best place to find out the rest is back home.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia is sitting downstairs, in an armchair. John comes in, and Susan joins them. John asks his sister how Patricia is, and Susan replies that she's the same. She adds that she rang the doctor again, and he told her to keep Patricia calm. He also said that it would be better if she could stay on for a while - a couple of weeks, at least. John asks Susan if she's happy about that, and Susan replies that she doesn't mind. John tells her that, as she's using up her holiday doing this, he'll pay her. Susan tells John that she's going to need some time off tomorrow afternoon to go and see Bill, as it's their first anniversary. She then says it's time to get Patricia to bed. She helps Patricia stand up, and then takes her upstairs. Patricia stays silent throughout.

David tells Beryl that John didn't take it too well, and was pretty angry. Beryl incredulously asks, "For telling the truth?" She adds that John just needs time to get used to the idea. David says he supposes so. Beryl points out that this might even make John wake up to Patricia. Kevin and Lynn come in, and Kevin asks his father what time he's picking Doug up tomorrow. David replies that it'll be at nine. Beryl asks her husband to be nice to his father. David remarks that Doug couldn't have picked a worse time to come back.

John is sitting in the dark when Patricia comes downstairs and says she can't sleep. John offers to get her something, but she says she just wants company. John says he ought to hit the sack, as he has to get an early start tomorrow so he can come home to cover for Susan when she goes to see Bill. Patricia suddenly becomes alarmed, saying she doesn't want Susan to leave, as she doesn't like being alone. John assures her that Susan will be coming back. Patricia then says she's been thinking, about things that happened a long time ago. John asks her if she wants to talk, and whether she means about her and David. Patricia replies that she loved David. John asks her to tell him more, but Patricia suddenly shakes her head and says, "I can't." John replies, "Yes you can," but Patricia, more loudly, repeats, "No, I can't." She starts sobbing, at which point Susan comes in and snaps at John for upsetting his mother. She helps Patricia back to bed.

The next morning, Angela calls in to see Jill, and Jill remarks on how happy Rob seemed when she saw him. Angela agrees that Domine has been good for both of them, and she adds that they'll make sure they keep in touch with Fiona. She then tells Jill how nice her place looks, and Jill agrees that it's great - except she's not allowed pets, and she has to get rid of Plan C. She asks Angela if she knows anyone who'll take her. Angela says she'd have her, but it's Susan's house. She suggests the Palmers, but Jill is concerned that if she asked them, they'd feel obliged. Angela assures her they'll say no if they don't want her, but she offers to ask on Jill's behalf.

Beryl is fussing over Plan C! There's a knock on the front door, and Beryl passes Plan C to Lynn to play with while she answers it. The visitor is Doug. Beryl asks where David is, and Doug says he doesn't know, as he got a lift down with a friend of Bob and Aileen's! Angela chips in that she has to go, as Rob's expecting lunch. Doug remarks on how weary he is. He suddenly notices Plan C walking on the floor and shoos her away. He says he doesn't think it's a good idea to have a cat in the same house as a baby. Quickly changing the subject, Beryl asks how her parents were, and Doug replies that they were great, and he'd have stayed longer if she hadn't 'phoned. He adds, though, that he's glad she called, as he thinks it's about time he and David cleared the air.

Susan is at her apartment, packing some clothes into a suitcase, when Angela comes in. Angela comments about Susan having been roped in to help Patricia, but Susan replies that she offered. She adds that she thought Angela would be pleased that she and Rob have the place to themselves. Angela asks if Patricia is really that serious, but Susan replies that if Angela were to visit her mother, that might help. Angela, though, says she's sorry Patricia's sick, but she's not buying into it. She tells Susan that she's been sucked in, but Susan replies that she's a nurse, and she knows how to avoid her personal feelings getting caught up in the situation.

David gets home, slams the front door and snaps, "Unreliable old coot!" He goes into the kitchen and notices his father sitting at the table. Doug explains about getting a lift, and David asks why he didn't let them know. Doug replies that he didn't expect a lift after the way he left the house before. David apologises for losing his temper, but Doug tells him that it's not all his fault, as he should have kept his mouth shut. The air cleared somewhat, David dishes out the mail that he picked up on the way in. He calls Lynn, as there are some letters for her and Kevin. Lynn's letter is from her agent. There's also a letter for Doug, but when he opens it, he comments that 'that woman' has no idea about growing tomatoes. He explains that Rosie has sent him some tomato seeds, and now he's going to have to write to her and tell her the proper way to grow them. Lynn shows David and Beryl the photos from her modelling session, and David tells Lynn that she's a real stunner. He opens his letter to find a fuel bill! Doug tells him that there is some good news for him, though, as he'll only be staying for a couple of days. David tells his father that there's no need to rush. Doug says he'll see.

Wayne gets into Dural and Paul emerges from the study. Wayne snaps that he thought Paul would be hard at work, and then adds that he's fed up of being the messenger boy. Paul tells Wayne that he has enough trouble with Rosie, and he doesn't need Wayne's paranoia adding to things. Wayne asks him how come he's not at the office, and Paul explains that there are fewer interruptions at Dural. Wayne slyly adds that Gayle's out of his way as well, but Paul isn't impressed. Rosie, who overheard this last bit of the conversation, tells Wayne that he should keep on the right side of his boss, as it's better to have him as a friend than an enemy. Wayne says he's not scared of Paul, but he adds that neither Paul or his father want him in the company, and they're trying to make him feel so uncomfortable that he'll leave. Meanwhile, Paul has gone into the lounge, where he and Gordon are discussing business. Wayne joins them and asks how things are going, but Gordon says they have a crisis on their hands. He suggests to Paul that they go into the study, and as they go, he says that unless they get a loan, one of the subsidiaries is going to go down. Wayne says he can help, but Gordon ignores him. Rosie tells Wayne that his father's busy, and she suggests he try talking to him again tonight, but Wayne just says that, if they won't listen to him, it'll serve them right.

Angela and Lynn discuss Lynn's potential earnings, but Angela warns her that being rich isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lynn says she just wants to save up enough for a deposit, so that she and Kevin can have some privacy. Angela remarks that she wouldn't want to leave her baby to go out working, but Lynn tells her that it was different for her, as she was able to live her life before she got married, whereas she went straight from school to motherhood, and now she wants to get out more. Angela says it's fine to live the glamourous life, but you eventually have to settle down again. She adds that all the glamour in the world didn't get Patricia very far.

Susan gives John some pills for Patricia to take later, and she warns him not to upset her. John tells Susan to go, but before she leaves, he wishes her a happy anniversary. He goes upstairs and finds Patricia lying in bed. She asks John if they talked last night, or if she dreamed it. John tells her that they talked for a while. Patricia says she remembers being upset, and Susan sitting with her until she fell asleep. She tells John that it was very thoughtful of him to get Susan there. She adds that she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

Jill calls at the South Yarra house and hugs John. She tells him that she had four interviews this morning, so she hopes she'll get one of them. She asks how Patricia is, and John tells her that she's alright now. Jill asks if something's wrong, and John replies that he has a lot to tell her...

Lynn says she wishes Kevin would hurry up and get home. The front door suddenly slams, and Kevin comes bounding into the kitchen. Lynn gives him two envelopes, and, upon looking at them, he says, "Cadetships." He eagely opens the first letter and reads the contents, but a look of disappointment comes over his face. He opens the second letter, and reads that, but his face doesn't change. He eventually says, "I'm going to miss out." He goes on to explain that, because he doesn't have his HSC results yet, and they already have enough applicants, he's been advised to apply again next year. He says it serves him right. As he storms off to his room, he adds, "It's my own ruddy fault."

John tells Jill that he pressured Patricia a bit, and he should have known better. He explains that Patricia had been funny all day. Jill tells him that Angela came over, and seemed so happy, so she agrees with him that it would be a pity to spoil it. John asks Jill to do him a favour - hang around until Susan gets back, as he wants to go and see David and ask him if he knows anything else that would help him find his real father. He points out that David must have known the same people as Patricia, and might even know his father. Jill tells John that she doesn't want him to be hurt even more, but John says he's been thinking about it all day. He says, "I have to know the full story. The only person who can tell me that is my real father - and I'm going to find him."


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