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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

John is pacing around downstairs, while Susan sits on the settee. Margaret eventually joins them and tells Susan to go and see Patricia, as she's a bit upset. Susan goes upstairs. Margaret then tells John that she's not going to come back again, as Patricia didn't want to see her. John says he's sorry, but Margaret says she expected it. She points out to John that she did warn him. She starts to head towards the front door, but John asks her not to go. He asks Margaret what happened before Patricia met David, but Margaret says she doesn't know. She adds that she first she knew of any of it was when Patricia suddenly announced that she was pregnant. Patricia then fell in love with David, but her parents were against that, so she and David ran away. The rest John knows. John says he wants to know who his real father is, but Margaret says she can't help. She makes to leave again, and John offers her a lift, but she declines. She tells John that she meant what she said: she won't be coming back, and she doesn't want him to contact her.

Doug and Lynn are watching a quiz show on TV, and Doug remarks on the poor quality of the contestants. Kevin comes in and gives Lynn a letter. She opens it to find her first modelling cheque - for $300. She wonders what to do with it, and Kevin says they should enrol Davey in the Hawthorn Supporters' Club! Doug suggests it would be better if the kids paid some board. He goes off to work in the garden, leaving Kevin to sourly say he's never seen his grandfather pay for anything in his life! Lynn, though, says he did today. She leads Kevin into the kitchen, where there's a big box of groceries that Doug bought because they were specials. She tells Kevin that she's beginning to realise his grandfather's quite a nice man. Kevin jokes that Doug doesn't want Lynn to bawl him out again!

Wayne asks Susan if Patricia is alright, and Susan replies that she's sleeping. Wayne starts snapping about Gordon having a hell of a lot to pay for - kicking Patricia out, and making him lose his job. Susan says she doesn't want to know. Wayne tries to placate her by telling her to relax, as he'll be around to take care of things. He tells Susan that she's doing a good job, but she just curtly says, "Thankyou." Wayne smiles.

John tells Jill that he thinks Margaret knows more than she's letting on, but he doesn't think he'll get anything else from her. Jill tells him to forget about it, but John says, "No way."

Kerry is looking at photos of Domine in Fiona's room, when Fiona comes in. Fiona asks if the plumber turned up, but Kerry says he didn't. She then remarks on how happy Domine looks, and Fiona agrees that the child has settled in very quickly. She adds that Kerry should be pleased. She tells Kerry that she knows it's hard, but she has to stop thinking about Domine so much. Kerry says she's going to get a job as soon as possible, and Fiona agrees that it's best to look on the positive side. Kerry says there's still the problem that she doesn't have any money, but Fiona points out that she has. She tells Kerry that she's bought her a dress. Kerry says she can't accept it, but Fiona tells her a little bit of help won't hurt. She adds that it'll make Kerry feel better! She then asks Kerry if she can drive, and Kerry replies that she used to in the country, but she wouldn't like to drive in the city as the traffic scares her. Fiona invites Kerry to join her for a drive later, to deliver some business papers. Kerry accepts. Fiona smiles broadly.

On the 'phone, Jill tells Fiona that she's still a crafty old devil! Fiona jokes, "Watch the 'old'!" She adds that her headache came on very quickly, so she told Kerry to go on her own! She then asks Jill why she rang, but Jill asks if she needs a reason. Fiona says of course not. She asks Jill how things are between her and John, and Jill replies that they're fine. She adds that the great thing is that they're not just in love, but they're great friends as well. Fiona says she always knew it'd work out. Jill says, "You old matchmaker, you!" Fiona tells her again about mentioning being 'old'! Jill says Kerry's lucky, and Fiona remarks, "Everybody's friend Fiona." She tells Jill that Kerry needs a break.

The doorbell rings at Dural, and Paul answers it. The young woman standing there tells him that she has some papers for Mr. Hamilton. Paul asks her if there's anything to sign, and so Kerry explains that she's a friend of Fiona's. Paul asks her where her car is, and Kerry explains that she almost hit a dog at the end of the road, and she drove her car into a ditch, where it's now stuck. Paul says he'll give the papers to Gordon and then help her retrieve her vehicle.

Paul is revving the engine of Fiona's car hard, but the wheel just spins in the mud, and the car refuses to budge. He suggests to Kerry that they swap places, so she gets into the car and revs the engine while he tries to push the car out of the mud. He eventually succeeds. He joins Kerry in the car and suggests they have a drink. Kerry says she needs to let Fiona know what's happened. They drive off.

At Dural, Kerry gets off the 'phone to Fiona. Paul offers to show her the garden, later, and Kerry says she'd like that, as the garden's beaut. Paul says it's not so good when you have to look after it! In response to Kerry's puzzled face, he explains that it's a long story. Paul asks Kerry what she does, and she replies that she used to be a barmaid, but is out of work at the moment. She remarks that Gordon must be a good boss if he's letting Paul live in the house, but Paul explains that he's a friend of the family. Kerry says it must be a big family to live in such a large house, but Paul explains that it used to be full, but Angela got married, and Wayne was kicked out. A look of alarm comes over Kerry's face, and she asks Paul if he means Angela Keegan. Paul says he does, and Kerry suddenly thanks him for the drink, but says she has to go, as she doesn't think Mr. Hamilton would be pleased with her being there. She goes, leaving Paul looking rather confused.

Fiona is listening to the radio when she hears the front door slam and Kerry comes storming in. She snaps that she doesn't like being tricked, sending her round to the Hamilton house where she could have seen Gordon. She asks Fiona what he'd think upon meeting the woman who dumped his son-in-law's baby, saying it could be embarrassing. Fiona tells Kerry that she thought it would do her good to get out. She asks her how she got on with Paul, and Kerry says they got on fine, but he won't want to know her, now.

Lynn is on the 'phone, while Kevin and Doug are in the kitchen. Kevin asks his grandfather how the gardening's going, and Doug replies that it's going real well. Lynn comes in and announces that that was her agent on the 'phone, and she thinks she should use the $300 to get a composite done. An astonished Doug rants about spending that amount of money on photos, and points out to Lynn that she must have enough pictures already, but Kevin tells him that Lynn needs proper photos. Lynn chips in that Mrs. Collins told her that, if she wants to get more work, she'll need a composite. Doug gives in, and says he supposes you have to spend money to make money. He tells Lynn to make sure she gets a decent photographer. There's a knock at the front door, and Doug goes to answer it. The visitor is Rob, who's looking for David, but Doug tells him that he and Beryl are out. Rob says he needs to talk to David urgently. Kevin asks if it's about the rosters at work, and Rob replies that it's a bad time for independent drivers, and David has barely got a look in. Doug says it was the wrong time for his son to go out on his own. Rob says David will be able to talk to John, who should be able to do something.

Wayne tells Patricia that living in Melbourne is supposed to be cheaper than living in Sydney, but the move's wiped him out. Susan comes in with some new pills from the doctor, and tells Patricia that she must be getting better because the pills are weaker than before. Wayne says it must be an effect of having him around. John comes in, and Susan takes Patricia upstairs. Wayne remarks on John being onto a good thing, what with the car, and Patricia's money. John points out that the car was a present, and he tells Wayne to go if he doesn't like it. Wayne just says that Patricia wants him there. John says that if Patricia heard about what Wayne had done to Ramberg, she wouldn't be so pleased with him. He tells Wayne that there's going to be a board meeting, and Gordon's position could be in jeopardy. Wayne says it'll serve him right. John threatens that, if Gordon does lose his job, Wayne had better keep out of his way...

John is sitting on Patricia's bed with her, and he apologises for bringing her sister to see her. Patricia says it was a surprise. John says he thought it would help. Patricia says they were close once, but a lot has happened since. She asks John if Margaret said anything, but John says she didn't really. Patricia says Margaret told her something: that John spoke to David about his father. She adds that she's not upset - just grateful that John hasn't pushed for information. John says he wants to get to know his real father, but Patricia says she's not going to say anything, as it was a long time ago. She repeats that she's grateful that John's not pushing. John says he has to go, as Jill's waiting for him.

John pulls up at the side of the main road, and Jill gets in. She says she's looking forward to the film tonight, but John asks her if they can give it a miss, as he can't concentrate. He tells Jill about Margaret telling Patricia that he's looking for his dad. He adds that Patricia's fine, but won't tell him anything about his real father. He says he thinks Margaret knows more than she's saying. Jill asks John what he's going to do, and John says he's going to go and see her again. Jill resigns herself to seeing the movie tomorrow.

John knocks on Margaret's front door, and she looks displeased when she answers it and sees who's standing there. John, though, tells her that he's just got one question: "Who's my real father?" Margaret says she doesn't know. John says he thinks she does know. Margaret tells John that she thinks there are things John should know about his father, but she promised Patricia. John promises Margaret that he'll leave her alone if she tells him, but Margaret again repeats that she isn't keen. However, she then agrees to tell him what his father was like. She tells John that when his father found out Patricia was pregnant, he gave her money and the name of a doctor to carry out a termination - he didn't care how Patricia felt - he just felt lumbered. She adds that she doubts he's changed since then. She tells John, "He didn't care whether you were alive or dead then, and I'm sure he doesn't care now." She slams the front door shut, leaving John on the step, lost for words.


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