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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

Wendy arrives at the hospital with a bag containing some clothes for her mother, and when she sees Gordon outside Barbara's room, she asks him how Barbara is. Gordon says she's going to be operated on very soon. Wendy guiltily asks if it's because of the accident, and Gordon replies that it is, but Barbara has been suffering from lots more headaches and blurred vision than she let on, and it would have been better if she'd seen the doctor straight away. Wendy asks if her mother will be OK, but Gordon replies that the doctor said there could be complications. A nurse emerges from Barbara's room, and tells Gordon that he can see her, now. As he and Wendy enter the room, Wendy quietly says it's all her fault. Gordon tells her not to think like that, as he doesn't want Barbara upset. In the room, Barbara says she hopes Wendy has brought her something decent to wear, as the gown really doesn't suit her! She then says that this is a new experience for her, as she's never been in hospital before. Gordon makes a joke about her being one of those disgustingly healthy people! In return, Barbara jokes that it'll be nice to be waited on hand and foot!

At the South Yarra house, Patricia tells Wayne that she's grateful to him for going to talk to the Ramberg board about how she feels, and she asks him to make sure he makes them sit back and take notice. She adds that, if he sees Paul, he should tell him how she feels about his changes. Wayne remarks that he thought Patricia had turned over a new leaf, and Patricia replies that she has, but only with people who've stood by her. Martin unexpectedly arrives, and gives Patricia a wrapped parcel. He asks Wayne how he is, and Wayne replies that he's great, and he's on his way to Sydney. He leaves, and Patricia upwraps her gift to find a light blue sarong inside. Martin explains that a friend of his acquired it in distant climes. Patricia wraps it around her and says it's lovely. Martin tells her that if she wants to show her gratitude, she could invite him to dinner. Patricia incredulously says, "My God, you're pushy!" She asks him when he had in mind, and in reply, Martin asks when Wayne returns. Patricia says it's tomorrow, so Martin suggests they eat tonight - just the two of them.

John and Jill are cuddling on the sofa at Jill's flat, when John says he has to get back to work. He doesn't move, though, explaining to Jill that he can't keep his hands off her! He eventually gets up and asks his girlfriend what she's doing this afternoon. Jill replies that she's going to see Patricia. She then tells John that she's surprised Patricia doesn't want her son seeing someone more acceptable than her, but John replies that Patricia learnt her lesson with Prue Armstrong! Jill then recalls how Patricia went into a frenzy when John was chasing after Angela because they didn't know they were brother and sister, and John agrees that it was a funny time. Jill tells him that she was in love with him even then, but he didn't know she existed. John replies that he needed his head read!

Susan is at the Palmer house, where she recalls that the last time they had a family cricket match, David was at the crease for half the day! David chips in that he can't help it if he's so good! Susan suggests they should only be allowed so many hits each tomorrow, but David says he wants a proper game. He then asks Beryl if his smart clothes are around, and Beryl looks surprised. She points out that old clothes would probably be better, but David says he wants to wear his new ones. He walks out to his bedroom to look for them, and Beryl explains to Susan that he probably wants to show Angela that he does wear them. Changing the subject, Susan says she thought of inviting Wayne, but he's staying overnight in Sydney.

In Barbara's hospital room, Gordon tells his fiancée that Gayle called, and she's getting on really well. Wendy suggests to her mother that she'll be able to visit Gayle when she gets better. Barbara laughs, but she then tells her visitors that they should go, and she doesn't really feel like indulging in smalltalk. She points out to Gordon that he has a company to run! Wendy says she'd like to stay on, but Barbara says she'd prefer to be alone. Wendy says they'll come back tonight, then, but Barbara says she probably won't feel like visitors later, as she'll have had her head shaved, and it won't be a pretty sight. Gordon tells Barbara that they'll do as she asks, and they'll come back tomorrow instead. He kisses her, and he tells Barbara that he loves her. Barbara tells Gordon that she loves him. She then tells him and Wendy to scat! Gordon says they'll be back in the morning.

At the South Yarra house, Jill admires Patricia's sarong, and comments that things must be getting serious. Patricia explains that one of Martin's friends found it overseas, but Jill then bursts out laughing, and explains that she's seen exactly the same sarong in the South Melbourne market! When Patricia hears this, she looks vaguely annoyed, and she asks Jill what she and John are doing tonight. Jill replies that she's working, but John's free. Patricia says that, in that case, John can join her and Martin for dinner. Jill says she thought Patricia and Martin would prefer to be alone, but Patricia says it would be nice for John to spend some time with them. Jill asks if Martin won't mind, but Patricia replies that Martin is too sure of himself...

David and John are sorting through a box of games gear, and John says he got a message from Ron Jackson to say they're not going to be back from Sydney in time. A cricket bat, stumps and bails are located in the box, and David invites John to come to the park with him for a practice before tomorrow. John, though, says he can't, as he has to get home for dinner with Patricia and Martin. David looks annoyed, and he snaps that he doesn't want to hold John up. He picks up the box and goes out into the garden, leaving John to comment to Beryl that he shouldn't have mentioned Martin. Beryl says she's worried about the picnic, as she thinks David's going to try and show Martin up.

Martin arrives for dinner early, and Patricia tells him she wasn't expecting him for another hour. Martin replies that he finished work early, and didn't want to sit at home twidding his thumbs. Patricia is wearing the sarong, and Martin tells her she looks very nice. She decides to go upstairs and change into something more comfortable, and she asks Martin to set the table while she does this. Martin asks why there's so much cutlery, and Patricia explains that John is joining them. Martin looks surprised, and sighs heavily.

At Dural, Rosie sets a plate of sandwiches down in front of Gordon, but he says he's not hungry. Rosie tells him that Wayne rang, wanting to find out how Barbara is. Gordon, though, replies that Wayne couldn't really care less about Barbara. Rosie points out that Barbara did go and visit Wayne when he was ill. Gordon explains that he saw Wayne when he was on his way out of Ramberg earlier, but didn't want to talk to him. He then tells Rosie that there something he needs to talk to her about: Barbara's condition is more serious than he's been letting on. He explains to the housekeeper that the doctor said that, because Barbara left it so long seeking treatment, she could be partially paralysed after the operation. Rosie says that's awful. Gordon points out that it might not happen, but it's possible. Rosie apologises for bringing the subject of Wayne up before, as she didn't know how bad things were. Gordon tells her that it's good to have her around.

Susan opens her front door to find Wayne standing there. He explains that he had no reason to stay the night in Sydney, so he thought he'd come back. He asks if Rob and Angela are around, but Susan replies that Rob is away on a trip, and Angela is at David and Beryl's. She offers Wayne some coffee, and Wayne accepts. He says he had a long day, but he got to talk to the people that mattered at Ramberg - even though his father wouldn't talk to him. An incredulous Susan asks if Gordon actually ignored him, and Wayne replies that he just tried to say sorry, but Gordon told him he was busy. He goes on to say that he decided to fly back to Melbourne, but when he got to the airport, he felt like coming there. Susan tells him it's always good to have someone to talk to, and she's a good listener.

Wendy arrives at Dural, and asks Gordon if she can talk to him. Gordon explains that he's been trying to concentrate on work, to take his mind off things. Rosie suggests Wendy and Gordon should go and see Barbara, and so Gordon explains about her wanting to be alone. Wendy chips in that her mother is very independent. She then tells Gordon that that's why she's there: she'd like her mother to move into Dural when she comes out of hospital, so that she's well looked after, and she'll be close-by. Gordon tells Wendy that he's glad there's something they can do together. Wendy reiterates that her mother is very independent, and is likely to be a difficult patient, but Gordon just tells Wendy that this means a lot to him.

In the hospital, Barbara is lying in her bed in the darkened room, sobbing quietly...

There's silence around the dinner table at the South Yarra house, until Martin breaks it by saying he and Peter can cook quite reasonable meals, although not as good as Patricia's. John yawns, and Martin suggests that maybe he'd like to go to bed. Patricia says it's still early, but Martin points out that it's silly to keep John up for the sake of it. A grateful John does as Martin suggests, and as he heads to the stairs, he suggests they meet up for another run in the morning. Martin says he'll be there! John heads upstairs, leaving Martin to say to Patricia that, after the way things were when he first turned up to set the record straight, he never thought he'd end up being invited to dinner. He adds, though, that while he was having his rant back then, he stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw her. Patricia looks wary, and Martin asks her why she's so on edge. Patricia innocently asks, "Am I?" Martin replies, "Mmm." He tells Patricia that she's a very beautiful woman. Patricia asks him if he wants coffee.

David arrives home after taking Angela back to Susan's. Beryl, who has just arrived home from work, asks how Angela is, and David replies that she's not too bad. Beryl then says it'll be good to have Lynn back tomorrow, and David adds that Kevin's looking forward to it. Beryl says she expects Fiona will be glad to get rid of Doug. She then asks David what they'll do if Doug recognises Martin tomorrow and says something to Angela. David replies that they'll just say Martin's a friend who used to fancy himself a lot!. Beryl tells David that she hopes he's not going to cause trouble, and David agrees that he won't do anything to spoil the day.

Patricia is clearing the table, and Martin offers to help her with the dishes, but Patricia explains that she can put them in the dishwasher. Martin tells her to leave them, then, but Patricia says she can't. Martin suddenly walks over to her, holds her and kisses her. Patricia kisses him back, but then pulls away and tells him that she thinks it would be better if he left. Martin asks her if this isn't what she wants, but Patricia replies that things have already gone further than she wanted. Martin asks her what she expected, then, and tells her to stop fighting it. They kiss again. Patricia repeats her request for Martin to leave, but Martin ignores her. He tells Patricia that he's never forced a woman in his life, adding, "Still, we'll get there, Patricia - you know we will..."


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