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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Lynn tells Mrs. Collins that they've got to find them. Mrs. Collins asks Lynn if she knows who the other boy with Kevin was, but Lynn says she doesn't. Mrs. Collins says she's sure Kevin's behind it, but whether it was actually he who took Davey is another matter. Lynn asks what they can do. Mrs. Collins replies that she'll call her solicitor. Lynn snaps that she wants Davey back. Mrs. Collins says she'll see what she can find out.

Kevin and Peter run and collapse on the ground, and Peter asks what they should do now. Kevin says he'll think of something. Peter suggests they should ring David and Beryl, but Kevin is reluctant, saying they wouldn't be very pleased with him. Peter suggests calling John instead. Kevin just says he has to think. The two of them sit there, panting.

There's a knock on the door at the boarding house, and Fiona answers it to find Bert Wilkins, the horse trainer, standing there. She invites him to join her for lunch, but he declines. He remarks to Fiona that she must be disappointed at 'Rosie's Hope''s performance yesterday, and he explains that she was unlucky in the draw. He adds that she'll be stronger by the spring, when she'll stand a better chance. Fiona tells Bert to do whatever he think's best for the horse. Bert says he has to go, but before he leaves, he invites Fiona to a race meeting later in the week. Fiona accepts the invitation, and Bert says he'll call back with the tickets at about 5pm. He goes, and as Fiona closes the door, she has a broad smile across her face.

At Dural, Gordon tells Barbara that he's going to talk to Ted Morgan this morning. The 'phone starts to ring, and Rosie answers it as Barbara tells Gordon that she thinks he should make a clean break. Gordon, though, says he has to take care of things, and hand over the reins to Richard Coleman. Barbara tells Gordon that, as Patricia forced him out, he should let everyone at Ramberg stew in their own juice. Gordon, though, says he has ethics. Wendy interrupts the heated discussion to announce that she's going to sit outside in the sun. Barbara tries to assure her daughter that she and Gordon aren't arguing, but Wendy is insistent, and she leaves the room. Gordon asks Barbara why she's picking up on this now? Barbara replies that she thinks two weeks' notice would have been better so that he could get on with finding another job elsewhere. Gordon asks Barbara to leave things as they are. Barbara says she's entitled to her opinion, but she then apologises. Rosie comes off the 'phone and tells Gordon and Barbara that they'll never guess who it was. Seeing the look on the housekeeper's face, Gordon and Barbara simultaneously say, "Doug Palmer!" Rosie explains that he's visiting Sydney on his way back to Melbourne, and they're going to meet up and go to Manly to see Fiona. Gordon asks Rosie to say hello to Doug for him.

Kevin emerges from a public 'phone box and tells Peter that John is sitting his airforce entrance exam. Peter suggests they call his father, as he'd be bound to pay for tickets for them to fly home. Kevin says he doesn't suppose he has much choice. Peter tells Kevin that Davey's going to need changing first, and Kevin suddenly realises they don't have any nappies! Peter jokes, "Who'd be a father, eh?!"

Mrs. Collins comes off the 'phone in the hotel and tells Lynn that her solicitor suggested calling the police. Lynn says she doesn't want that, but Mrs. Collins goes on to explain that the police will only want to ensure that Davey is alright, and they'll suggest that Lynn and Kevin go and see a court counsellor. Lynn repeats that she doesn't want that. She adds that she wishes she knew where they were. Mrs. Collins points out that the obvious place is the airport. She tells Lynn to come on, impatiently adding that the sooner this is all sorted out, the better.

At the airport, Kevin is sitting in a seat, holding Davey, who's bawling his eyes out. Peter walks over to them and says he's got the tickets. Kevin worries about what will happen if someone starts asking questions, but Peter tells him to just say he's the child's Dad - which is the truth. He tells Kevin not to worry, but as Davey continues wailing, Kevin doesn't look as if he's going to find this easy.

John knocks on the kitchen window of the Palmer house and startles Beryl, who's doing some washing up. He comes in and asks if David's back from his trip, yet. Beryl replies that he is, but he's gone down to the beach, as he wanted some time to himself - he had Kevin on his mind. John explains that there's something he wanted to say to both of them, as he didn't want David to feel that he was coming off second-best. Beryl tells John that they can't expect him to tell them about everything he does. She asks him what it was he wanted to say, and so John tells her that he's just been doing some entrance tests, as he's trying to get into the airforce. Surprised, Beryl asks how long he's had this idea, and John replies that he's been thinking about it for a few weeks. Beryl remarks, "A pilot!" but John assures her that that'll be some time off, yet! He adds that he's decided it's what he really wants to do. Beryl says she supposes Martin encouraged him, but John replies that it was his idea. Beryl says Martin must be pleased, and John agrees that he is. He asks Beryl how she thinks David will take it, and Beryl admits that he's going to think Martin's behind it. She suggests to John that she should tell David rather than him. John says he just wants the two of them to be happy about it. Beryl tells him that he's halfway there, as she thinks it's terrific!

Rosie and Doug arrive at the boarding house, and Doug says he can't wait to see the look on Fiona's face! They knock on the door, and when Fiona answers, she appears to be very pleased to see them. She invites them in, and tells them that it's nice to see them there - so soon...! Rosie explains that they wanted it to be a surprise. As soon as he enters the room, Doug notices that the sculpture he bought Fiona has disapppeared from the spot where he hung it on the wall, and so Fiona hurriedly tells him that it fell down... off the wall... because Bunty and Thel jump around a lot! Doug says he'll put it up again. Fiona reluctantly goes to retrieve it from her wardrobe!

At the airport, Kevin asks Peter if he can get some warm milk for Davey. Peter is holding a milkshake, and offers Kevin some of that, but Kevin doesn't look impressed. He tells Peter that Davey's nappy needs changing, if he wants to do that instead. Peter walks off!

David says, "He what?!" He snaps that John has known for all that time and they're the last to find out. Beryl points out that John was trying to do the right thing by everyone, but David says, "Everyone but me." Beryl points out to David that she coped when Patricia came along, so why can't he cope with Martin? She tells David that he's always complained about John never settling down, but they've been really close lately, and that's been wonderful to see. She goes on to warn him, though, that if he keeps pushing John towards Martin, then he shouldn't come running to her when he pushes him too far. She tells David, "Think about it."

Peter and Kevin are sitting in the airport when Kevin suddenly notices Lynn and Mrs. Collins coming through the entrance nearby. Peter tells Kevin to keep his cool. When the two women reach where Kevin and Peter are waiting, Mrs. Collins says they've come to get Davey, and she tells Kevin that he was stupid if he thought he could get away with it. Kevin snaps that Lynn's not going to take Davey away, and he tells Mrs. Collins to get out. Mrs. Collins points out to Kevin that he's kidnapped his son, but Kevin replies, "I've got rights." Mrs. Collins, though, tells him that she's checked, and the mother has all the rights. Lynn asks Kevin to hand Davey over, and Mrs. Collins warns him that he's upsetting his son. She suggests that they meet at her hotel room to discuss this, and she warns Kevin that if he doesn't hand Davey over, she'll call the police and have him arrested. Kevin reluctantly hands Davey back to Lynn and he tells Mrs. Collins that they'll be at the hotel in an hour. He and Peter walk off, and Lynn tells Mrs. Collins that she doesn't have all the rights. Mrs. Collins replies that Kevin doesn't know that. Upset at what's been happening, Lynn tells Mrs. Collins that she doesn't want the job any longer, but Mrs. Collins reminds her that she's under contract. She tells Lynn to behave as she's supposed to behave - like a professional.

Doug shows Rosie his medals, that he found while he was clearing out his house in Brisbane. Rosie asks him if he's going to move to Melbourne, but Doug says he doesn't know yet - when he does sell the house, he'll have the money to do whatever he likes. He then tells Rosie that he's looking forward to when she comes down to Melbourne for the Anzac Day March, and Rosie says she might wear her ribbons. Fiona joins them with a tray of tea things, but at that moment, there's a knock at the door and she goes to answer it. It's Bert Wilkins again, and, pleased at the interruption, Fiona invites him in for tea. Bert says he doesn't want to intrude, but Fiona assures him that he's more than welcome! She introduces him to Doug and re-introduces him to Rosie. Doug asks how 'Rosie's Hope' is doing, and Bert replies, "Good." Doug says he takes quite an interest in the horses - and in fact there's not a lot he doesn't know about racing.

Barbara tries to tie her sunhat on, but is having trouble. Wendy goes to help her, but Barbara snaps that she can manage. Wendy persists, and tells her mother that a little bit of help doesn't hurt anyone. She adds that you need to accept help before you can give it. Barbara remarks, "Very philosophical!" They both go into the garden.

Kevin and Peter arrive at the hotel to see Lynn, but when they see Mrs. Collins, she tells them that Lynn has gone, and is on her way to Sydney before flying on to Amsterdam. Kevin angrily says she can't have taken Davey, but Mrs. Collins tells him that he signed the passport application, and Davey's name was on it. She adds that Lynn left a note. Kevin refuses to read it, though, and snaps that he isn't interested any more. He storms off.

Bert announces that he has to go and pay some attention to 'Rosie's Hope'! He tells Rosie that he'll see her at the next race meeting. He and Fiona go to the door, but Bert says he can see himself out. Rosie remarks to Doug that Bert seemed a really nice man, and Fiona jokes that he likes to keep in with the boss! Doug, though, says he's never heard of Bert Wilkins, and he's surprised he's never seen his name in the racing pages. Fiona sharply tells Doug that she's perfectly happy with him.

Kevin tells Peter that all they can do now is use the tickets his father paid for to go back to Melbourne. Peter asks, "Why?!" He points out that the weather is great, and he suggests they stay for another couple of days so that Kevin can take his mind off things. Kevin agrees that there's not a lot of reason to go back, so says, "Why not?!" He adds that he'd better give his parents a call, though. Peter assures Kevin that they'll have a great time, and he runs off!

Barbara reenters Dural holding a bunch of flowers, and remarks that Gordon will throttle her for taking just about every bloom from the garden! Wendy tells her mother that it's nice to see her enjoying herself. Barbara goes to sit down on the settee, but suddenly drops the flowers and clutches her head. Wendy rushes over to her, but Barbara says she's alright. Wendy tells her that she'll get her a cold drink. Barbara starts to say again that she's fine, but suddenly starts gasping for breath.

As Gordon is about to leave Ramberg, the receptionist tells him that he has a call. He takes it, and Wendy comes on the line. She tells him that it's Barbara: she's just had a relapse, and the ambulance is there right now. She then says, "I'm terrified, Gordon - I think she's dying." Wendy is in tears as Gordon stands looking worried...


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