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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

At Toorak, Patricia remarks to John that she heard Jill was stuck with the wives all night. John jokes rather her than him! He adds that they mainly gossiped. Patricia comments that John went off with boys, and John replies that it was a good chance to get information on what he's in for. Patricia says, "And for Jill too." John says, "Sorry?" but Patricia quickly replies, "Nothing." John is about to head off to give Kevin a lift to the bank. As he gets ready to leave, Patricia asks how Jill is coping with him going in so soon. John admits that she was a bit down when they got in last night, and he adds that it's not fair him having all the fun while Jill sits at home by herself. Patricia quietly says, "No. No it isn't."

Jill is sitting having breakfast in her apartment, when Paul comes in and asks how the party was. Jill flatly replies, "Fine." Paul remarks that he thought Jill would have slept in, but Jill points out that some people have jobs to go to. Paul replies that it's early, and so Jill says she has a job to do at the Healys', first. Changing the subject, Paul says they need more bread. Jill tells him she's made list of some other things they need as well, and she gives it to Paul. Paul, though, says he'll need some money. Jill tells him to pay and she'll go halves later, but Paul says he's low on funds, and won't have enough. Jill asks him why he's not doing anything about it, and Paul replies that he's going to start looking for a job today. Jill bluntly says, "Good!" Says quickly apologises and tells Paul that he'll feel better when he's working. Paul just says, "Yeah."

John and Kevin leave the Palmer house, both looking smart, and John jokes that, a year ago, neither of them knew what a suit looked like! Kevin suddenly realises he's forgotten his wallet, and he goes back inside. John follows him and asks him if this is what he really wants to do. Kevin says it's a job - he got miserable last night, but he's not going to let it drag him down. He adds that Peter has been a big help, and John tells his brother that it's good that there's someone there for him when he's in the airforce. Having picked up his wallet, Kevin says, "Let's go." Outside the front door, he tells John that Peter is picking him up at luncthime and they're going to Angie's. John remarks that he thought Kevin was going there this evening, and Kevin says he is, but Peter wants to meet her. John says he hopes Angela gets on better with Peter than she does with Martin. Kevin jokes that everyone gets on well with Peter!

At the Healy house, Peter asks Jill if she's there to help clean up! Jill shows him some tins she found under her sink and explains that she can't use them. Peter says she should have brought them last night - they're Janice Merrill's favourite brand of cat food! He then asks if this is the only reason Jill's there, and so Jill explains that she wants to see Martin too. Peter says he's more fun! Martin comes in and says he doesn't know what he did to deserve Peter! He tells his son to leave them, and as he walks out the room, Peter jokes to Jill that the two of them have a date on the first night after John hits Point Cook! When they're alone, Jill tells Martin that she has to talk to him. Martin goes to get some coffee and Jill sits down. When he returns, Martin asks what the problem is. Jill tells him that, last night, she found out more than she wanted to know about life on the base. Martin replies that it's a closed community, but you get used to it. Jill asks him what would happen if his friend found out where he met her. Martin replies that it's unlikely, but Jill persists, and asks what would happen if he did. Martin says it could be unpleasant. Jill asks if it would affect John's career, and Martin admits that it wouldn't do it any good - and that's putting it mildly. He adds that there'd be no official atttitude, but John would become a joke with the men. He tells Jill that an officer is only as successful as the men's respect allows him to be. Jill asks Martin why he didn't say anthing the other day, and Martin replies that he was hoping it wouldn't become an issue. He adds that it all depends on whether Glen recognises Jill. Jill says that, even if he doesn't, it's bound to come out one day. She suggests telling John, but Martin points out that, if she did this, he'd probably tear up his application. Jill asks if he would, and Martin tells her that he would if it was a choice between her and the airforce. Jill says she's never seen John so keen about anything. Martin says that's why he turned a blind eye. He asks Jill what she's going to do. Jill asks Martin what he thinks she should do. Martin, though, says he can't buy into it - it's Jill's decision.

Paul is circling job adverts when the 'phone rings. He answers it, hears STD pips and then Fiona's voice asking to speak to Jill. He tells Fiona that she's out, and so Fiona says she'll catch up with her later. Before Fiona hangs up, Paul asks her if she can give Gordon message for him: he's sorry to hear he resigned and he had no idea Patricia would buy the shares. Fiona just asks what's one more blunder. Paul says selling the shares was a mistake, but nothing else was. Fiona nods, sadly. She asks Paul just to tell Jill that she'll call. There's a knock at her door and just before she puts the 'phone down, she adds that she doesn't think Gordon will be interested in Paul's message. The call over, Fiona answers the door to find Wendy standing there. She asks her how Barbara is, and Wendy says she came out of the coma last night - she still wasn't sure who anyone was then, but she's more orientated today. Fiona says that's good. She tells Wendy to sit down and she offers her a pick-me-up. She then says she had Richard Coleman on the 'phone this morning, three times, all concerning things he should know or could learn from Gordon. She adds, "A walking disaster, that man!" She then tells Wendy that she's just been talking to another disaster: Paul. Wendy asks if he called Fiona, but Fiona explains that she wanted to talk to Jill and Paul answered, and they ended up swapping insults. Wendy says Paul has some growing-up to do. Fiona says they should hope he has some of his holier-than-thou attitude knocked out of him along the way. Wendy remarks that she misses him, but Fiona tells her that she's better off without him. She quickly adds that she's sorry - it's none of her business. She gives Wendy a cup of coffee and then goes to get changed. Wendy says they can make it another day, as she should be at the hospital. Fiona, though, says Wendy has spent far too much time there. She adds that she's booked a table at her favourite restaurant, and a shopping spree will do them the world of good.

Barbara is lying in her hospital bed. She hears someone come in and asks if it's Gordon. Gordon says it is. Barbara asks about Wendy and Gordon says she'll be in later. Barbara pleads with Gordon not to go. Gordon assures her that he'll be there all the time.

Wendy is pacing Fiona's apartment when Fiona back comes in and says she's all set. She tells Wendy that worrying about Barbara won't do any good, but Wendy says she can't help it. Fiona assures her that Barbara will get better. Wendy says she was thinking about how Barbara was before the attack, and she asks how her mother will cope with being paralysed down one side. Fiona says Barbara will cope and she'll have Wendy and Gordon there with her. Wendy says she should be there now, but Fiona reminds her that her mother didn't recognise her last night. She adds that Gordon will tell Barbara where her daughter is. She tells Wendy to be herself, and adds that a change of pace will put Wendy back on top. Wendy says she'll be terrible company. Fiona tells her to come on!

Gordon tells Barbara that the doctors are very pleased with her progress, and she can be moved to a private home in a few days. He adds that he knows how much Barbara hates hospitals. Barbara asks why, and Gordon replies that the place he's chosen has an excellent physio. Barbara starts crying, and she asks for a tissue. Gordon dabs her eyes and asks what's wrong. Barbara replies that they both know what's wrong, and she adds that she doesn't blame Gordon. Gordon suddenly realises what she's saying, and he quickly assures her that he's not not sending her away - he'll be with her all the time. He tells her that he wants to make sure she gets better in a hurry, as they're to be married in three months. Barbara lies there, sobbing.

Angela is vacuuming the loungeroom of the new house when there's a knock at the door. She opens it to find Kevin standing there with one of his friends. When Angela appears surprised to see him there, Kevin explains that Peter borrowed a motorbike. Peter cheekily asks for a table for two and Kevin introduces him. When Angela hears the name 'Healy', she looks down at floor. Kevin tells her that he thought it was time they met. Peter explains that he twisted Kevin's arm. Angela tells Kevin that he shouldn't have done it, and she tells Peter that she's sorry, but she doesn't think this is a good idea, as it's an awkward situation. Peter asks why. Angela asks him if he's not bothered that she doesn't get on with Martin. Peter tells her to think of him as one of Kevin's mates, and he adds that he's a nice bloke - honest! Angela gives in! Peter says they only have 45 minutes to get Kevin back.

A short time later, the three of them are sitting at kitchen table, talking about the layout of the coffee shop. Angela asks Kevin if he's still coming over tonight, and Kevin says he is. Peter chips in that, if Angela gets in some supplies, he'll cook. Angela agrees. She then says she's sorry if she was touchy before. Kevin says they have to go, but Peter says there's plenty of time. They go outside, though, and Peter suddenly notices that the tyres of the motorbike have been let down. Angela says she doesn't believe it. Kevin asks where the nearest garage is, and Angela gives directions. Kevin sourly says it's his first day on the job and he's late back - "Victor'll love it."

At Toorak, Wayne tells Patricia that she has a visitor - Martin. Patricia remarks that she thought he might show up. Wayne asks him what he's drinking, but Patricia snaps that knows his way to the bar. Wayne leaves them. Martin comments that it's early in the day to be drinking, but Patricia says she felt like it. She explains that Jill called in earlier, and she was very upset. Martin says it's a rotten situation, and he's sorry for her. Patricia, disbelieving, says, "Yes, of course." She tells Martin that he was pushing the right buttons. Martin replies that he was fixing up the problem. Patricia snaps that there wouldn't be a problem if John didn't go into the airforce. Martin says he's going to. Patricia says John has a right to know what's going on before he makes the final decision. Martin asks her if she'll tell him. In reply, Patricia says she wishes Martin would stop threatening her with their relationship. Martin asks why they should keep it going if it doesn't mean anything to her. Patricia says it won't if Martin plans to finish it over a difference of opinion. Martin asks if that's what Patricia sees it as. He tells her that it's always been a dream of his to have one of his boys follow him into the force - it means a hell of a lot to him - and he won't hack a relationship with a woman who doesn't care about him more than anyone else. Patricia looks down. She doesn't say anything for several seconds, but she then shrugs and says of course she cares - John is very important to her. Martin says John is important to him, too. He adds, though, that he's not going to back down, and Patricia will have to go along with him. Patricia says she already has, or she would have said something to Jill. Martin tells her that he's grateful she didn't. Patricia asks Martin if he'd really walk out on her if she said anything. Martin tells her that it would be hard because he's in love with her...

At the Healy house, Peter is looking through some albums, and he asks his father why he can't borrow the car. Martin replies that he's using it. Peter says he needs another set of wheels, and Martin tells him that he can worry about that when he's paid back the 'plane fare. Peter remarks that his father isn't that hard on Jen. Martin replies that she doesn't cause him to lose his hair! Peter asks when his sister's lobbing, and Martin replies that it'll be next week. He asks Peter if he wants to read her letter, but Peter says he knows his dopey sister's letters off by heart: she'll be complaining that her gran won't let her out to have any fun. Martin says Jen has had enough to make her come home. Changing the subject, Peter asks his father where he's going, and Martin replies, "Toorak." Peter says Martin can drop him off, and Martin asks his son where he's going. Peter says, "Angie's." Upon seeing the expression on his father's face, Peter remarks that he thought that would rock him. Martin asks when Peter met her, and Peter explains that it was today. He adds that she was toey at first, but they worked it out. Martin jokes that he always knew Peter could charm the birds out of the trees. Peter jokes that he takes after his old man!

Kevin knocks at Angela's just as Peter and Martin pull up in the car. When Angela opens the door, she sees Martin and stares at him. Peter invites his father in, but Martin says Angela will let him know when she's ready. Peter gets out of the car and goes in. Martin drives off. Inside, Kevin says he was fifteen minutes late back to work, and guess who he ran into? He says Vic had a go at him in front of everyone. Angela points out that Kevin can't blame him - Vic can't play favourites. Peter shows Angela the music he's brought, and Angela points out to him where to put the albums. She tells the boys that she saw the council about regulations, and Rob will have a fit when he sees what hassle they have to go through. She offers drinks, and Kevin says he'll get them. Peter sits down on the floor and Angela says she hopes he's not too uncomfortable. Peter says they used to live in Japan for a while! Angela remarks that it must be rough moving around all time. Peter tells her that his mum was the only one who didn't like it. Angela comments that Peter was young when his mother died, and Peter jokes that Martin was stuck with bringing them up. He adds, though, that he didn't do too bad. Angela looks at one of the records Peter is holding and says it's one of her favourites. Peter tells her that he put it in by mistake - it's his Dad's!

Paul gets home and Jill remarks that he was a long time. Paul tells her that he's got a job - as a hotel porter. Jill asks him when he starts, and Paul says tonight - 10pm to 6am. Jill tells him to go and get some sleep. She asks him if he wants a wake-up call, but Paul says he'll set his alarm. He goes off to bed. John arrives at the apartment and shows Jill that he's received official notification: he has to report to Point Cook the day after tomorrow. He adds that he still can't believe it's all happening. Jill looks at the letter and unhappily says neither can she. John tells Jill that he knows it's going to be rough on her while he's away, but he'll be through training before she knows it. Jill says she doesn't think she could get into that kind of life, but John tells her that she could fit in anywhere. He then recalls how, when he left school, David was sure he wouldn't amount to anything. Jill tells John that he's proved him wrong. John says it was the only reason he stayed at Ramberg so long. Jill says she thought it was Southern Freight he didn't like, but John replies that he doesn't like business, full stop. He adds that he only stayed there because he didn't know what else to do. As soon as Martin told him about the airforce, he knew it was what he wanted. Jill starts to say, "John..." but then changes her mind and says she's being silly. John asks her if she's sure she's alright. Jill says she's sure. John decides to go out to get good bottle of wine. As he closes the door, Jill starts crying.


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