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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Jen cries out to her father to stop it; she adds that Peter didn't do it on purpose. Martin snaps at Jen to stay out of it. He then turns on Peter and yells at him that the little girl wandered into the pool area - and not only did Peter not fix the lock, he left the gate open after his swim. He pushes Peter again. Peter cries out that he didn't mean to - he-- Martin interrupts him to snap that he's sure he didn't - he was too busy worrying about enjoying himself, as usual. Peter says that's not fair, but Martin snaps back that he thinks it is. He then orders Peter to go next door first thing tomorrow, go down on his knees to those people and maybe they'll forgive him for killing their daughter. He adds, though, that he sure as hell won't. Peter starts shaking his head in disbelief, and Martin cruelly asks him if that's all he can do. He then yells at Peter to get out of his sight. Peter goes. Martin glares after him.

At the Riding School, Paul tells the guests that have gathered in the reception area - including Margaret and Patricia - that, after the morning ride, there'll be drinks served on the verandah. Margaret remarks that she's not sure if she wants to go through with it now! Paul assures her that she's not the only beginner, and he introduces her to the man standing next to her: Charles Herbert. Charles comments to Margaret that it's a relief to find someone else! Paul then looks at Patricia and says curtly, "You're no beginner, are you, Mrs. Hamilton?" Patricia brusquely replies, "I know how to look after myself." Paul then announces that it's time they got started, and the guests start to file outside. As they leave, Charles Herbert asks Paul how the dance is going on Friday night. Paul replies that he'll be talking to Mrs. Thompson about that this evening. Margaret lingers behind, and she comments to Patricia that Paul is a very efficient young man. Patricia agrees, and Margaret then asks her how she got to meet him. Patricia just replies that he's a friend of Angela's. Paul comes back in and asks the two women if they're coming. Patricia tells him that she isn't - she's meeting Jill at the stables, and they're going for a quiet ride alone.

A short time later, Patricia and Jill are walking their horses, and Patricia remarks that Paul seems to be in his element. Jill replies that he's doing very well. She then remarks that she's surprised to see Patricia there, the way she feels about Paul and Fiona. Patricia agrees that it caused a few ripples last night - Fiona didn't know what was going on; she seemed to think she's there to make trouble for Paul, but nothing could be further from the truth - really; she just thought it would be a lovely place for a holiday for Margaret and her - and she also gets to see Jill! She continues that she's amazed at the change in Paul - he must have been in a terrible state in Melbourne to behave as he did with Wayne; she hopes he's over it now. Jill says she's sure he is. Patricia comments that it would be awful if something triggered it off again. Jill replies that, while he's down there, she can't see that there's anything to upset him. Patricia says, "Of course not..." She then suggests that they do some serious riding!

Fiona joins Paul in the reception area and tells him that she's told Patricia and she wants to make quite sure that he's taking it seriously: she won't stand any nonsense from either of them. Paul assures her that there won't be any trouble from him; Patricia surprised him - she seems very pleasant - and he really thinks she and Margaret are there to enjoy their holiday. Fiona laughs, looking troubled, and she tells Paul that she's not a fool. Paul explains that he's just trying not to be paranoid about her. Fiona asks Paul if he's saying she is? Paul murmurs assent, to which Fiona replies that she's just trying to be realistic about both of them. She then wistfully asks what happened to that nice young man she helped eight months ago. Paul sourly says he's not in the mood for deep-and-meaningfuls. Fiona, though, says she is. Paul, giving in, says it took him 23 years to wake up. Fiona asks what happened to his faith. Paul replies that it's gone - he has to look after himself now. Fiona snaps at him not to be so damn cynical, but Paul asks why shouldn't he be? He continues that he's loved three people in his life: his granddad, Fiona and a girl that-- He breaks off and then says they've all let him down; what has he got to feel positive about? Fiona suggests that he might find something if he got rid of that chip on his shoulder. Paul retorts that that must sound as lame to Fiona as it does to him. He walks out, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Kevin is reading the newspaper in the Palmer kitchen. Doug is also in there, and he asks Kevin if he hasn't got anything better to do. He then asks Kevin what he's doing today, and Kevin replies that he promised Angela that he'd give her a hand painting the inside of her place. Doug, looking thoughtful, says he might come with him. Kevin agrees, but laughingly adds that Doug mustn't forget his handkerchief - for his head! Doug indignantly says it works, and he tells Kevin not to complain when his hair gets full of paint! He then tells Kevin to get move on, as he wants to stop off on the way to get a nice card for Rosie. Kevin asks if they can hang five, as he's expecting a call from Pete - he wants to find out Martin's reaction to the comic strip. Doug goes out to get a paintbrush from the shed, commenting as he leaves the kitchen that Peter is a talented young boy.

A short time later, Peter is on the 'phone at the Healy house, and, looking shocked and upset, he tells Kevin that he'd be glad to lend a hand - as long as Angela doesn't think he's sticking his nose in. Kevin tells him not to be crazy - she'll take any help she can get. He then asks Peter how his father took the cartoon, but Peter distantly replies that he really hasn't had a chance to show him yet, as something came up last night. Kevin suggests that maybe tonight, then. He tells Peter that he'll see him in about an hour, and Peter says, "Right." The two of them hang up, and, at the Healys', Jen asks Peter if he's going out. Peter explains that he's going to help Angela paint her house. He then adds that he thinks Jen should get out for the day, too. Jen says she has nowhere to go, but Peter tells her that anywhere's better than staying there with-- At that moment, Martin comes in, glaring. Peter tells Jen that he'll see her later, and he adds that she can come over if she likes. Martin curtly says to Peter that, wherever he's going, he hopes he's stopping in next door first. Peter, looking upset, replies that he doesn't think they'll want to see him yet. Martin snaps, "Anything to avoid responsibility. You're a coward." Peter yells, "Will you get off my back? Please? I feel responsible. I feel sick. I feel guilty, but there is nothing that I can do to bring that girl back. And I'm not taking the full blame, either, because it was an accident. The way you're going on, anyone would think that I threw her into the pool--" Martin interupts and cruelly tells his son that he might just as well have done. Jen cries out that that's not fair, and she tells Martin that he's being as unfair to Peter as he was to her. Peter tells Jen not to waste her breath, and he walks out. Jen tells Martin that he's so unfair. Martin snaps back that he doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Jen looks upset.

A while later, Kevin is stirring a tin of paint in the kitchen at the Keegan house. Angela and Peter are also there, the latter still looking upset; Doug is outside, cleaning a brush. Angela remarks that Doug is still a bit down, and Kevin replies that it really hit him, Rosie not being able to come down for ANZAC Day. Turning to Peter, Angela asks him how much of the tin of paint that he's stirring he thinks they'll need. Peter says, "About four litres." Doug comes in and announces that his brush is all spick and span! He then looks at the paints and starts announcing which ones need to be mixed, but Kevin quickly points out that he'd be mixing undercoat with top coat! Doug indignantly then tells Peter to give the other brushes a jolly good rinse out outside. He walks off to check what sort of job has been done cleaning down the walls. Peter goes outside. Angela asks Kevin what's up with his mate, but Kevin just says he's been off all morning - he even seemed off on the the 'phone earlier; he tried to find out what's bugging him, but he's not giving; he reckons he might give Jennifer a call and see if she knows. Angela sourly says she bets it's got something to do with his father.

A short time later, Kevin opens the kitchen door and joins Peter in the yard; Peter is bending down by the fence, cleaning the brushes. Kevin shuts the door and Peter looks round at the noise. Kevin tells him that he's just spoken to Jennifer. Peter says he knows it all, then. He asks if Angela and Doug know, but Kevin says they don't yet. Peter says he'd prefer if they didn't; maybe later. Kevin says he thought Peter might want to talk about it. He adds that it helps to talk - he knows what he was like when Lynn and Davey left - he was glad to have Peter around. Doug suddenly comes out, though, and asks what they're up to, adding that there's work to be done. He asks Peter if he's finished the brushes yet. He has, and he stands up and goes inside. Kevin tells Doug to take it easy on him. Doug laughs that the two of them don't know what a good day's work is! Inside, Peter, goes over to the table, where he stares into space, looking worried.

Jill and Patricia are in the reception area at the riding school, where Patricia is saying that it's just not in John's nature to want to continue after his basic training - he's like a kid with a new toy: as soon as he discovers how long it's actually going to take to become a fully qualified pilot, he'll pack it in; he's too impatient. Jill remarks that his letters don't sound impatient - they're full of how fit he is and how much the life suits him. Patricia tells Jill that she's being negative - she knows him too well. She adds that Jill mustn't sound as if she's not interested when she writes. The 'phone starts ringing and the receptionist answers it. She then calls over to Patricia and tells her that it's Mr. Healy for her. Jill tells Patricia that she'll leave her to it. The receptionist leaves as well as Patricia takes the call.

Outside, Margaret climbs down from her horse, and she says that was wonderful! She's accompanied by Bridgette MacArthur, who comments that it's a shame about Mr. Herbert. Margaret remarks that he seemed a nice man. Bridgette says Paul has taken him to his room, and Margaret comments that he seemed a pleasant man, too. Bridgette says, "Very..." She then adds that there's more to him than meets the eye - he's only working there as a favour to Mrs. Thompson - he's got an inheritance coming through. Looking surprised, Margaret comments that he's a dark horse! Bridgette continues that Paul is related to James Sheppard; she asks Margaret if she's heard of Ramberg Industries. Margaret says, "Ramberg? Well, fancy that..." At that moment, Paul walks over and says Mr. Herbert's got a swollen ankle, but he thinks he'll live! Bridgette flirts with Paul as she tells him that she 's sure he's done an expert job with him. Paul replies that he does his best with all the guests! Bridgette remarks that she'll have to sprain an ankle... Paul replies that she won't have to go that far... Bridgette then says she must have a shower and change. She walks off, and Margaret remarks to Paul that she's a nice girl. She then comments that there doesn't seem to be much love lost between him and her sister. They start walking towards the house, and as they do so, Paul says he thought Patricia didn't speak about him. Margaret replies that she doesn't need to - it's patently obvious they don't like each other. She continues that she's curious, that's all - she knows Patricia can be difficult at times - she's just getting used to her herself; they haven't seen each other for such a long time - not even a letter 'til a short time ago. She adds that she's impressed at how well Patricia has done for herself. Paul says, "Yes, she has." Margaret bitterly says, "She always did manage to look after number one." Paul doesn't repond. Margaret then says that she'll go and have a shower, adding that maybe they than can carry on this coversation some other time. Paul guardedly says, "Perhaps we can." Margaret thanks him for this morning and she walks off, leaving Paul looking thoughtful.

The 'phone rings at Toorak and Wayne answers it. It's Patricia, who says she's just been speaking to Martin - there's been a terrrible accident at his house: a child drowned in his swimming pool. A look of genuine shock crosses Wayne's face. Patricia continues that Martin is blaming Peter for it; Jen is going to be very upset, so she wants Wayne to go over there and give her a shoulder to cry on. Wayne asks what for? Patricia tells him that it's to make sure she doesn't cave in with her father. Wayne asks how can he do that? Patricia snaps that he can give her support. She adds that, if Jen is miserable and there's no one else to turn to, she'll turn to him. Wayne remarks that it's a bit tacky... Patricia snaps back, "Will you just do it?" She hangs up.

Fiona and Jill are walking in the grounds of the riding school, and Jill is saying, "She's living in a fantasy world." Fiona laughs and says Patricia always was, one way or another. Jill continues that she doesn't see how she can say John is going to leave the airforce - all he ever writes about is how much he loves it. Fiona replies that, as loathe as she is to say it, she agrees with Patricia about something. Jill says she'd like to get away while Patricia is there - she won't let up about John and the last thing she needs is someone reminding her of it every day. Looking thoughtful, Fiona remarks that Sydney seems rather attactive to her, too - they can leave Patricia and Paul to their own devices. Jill jokes that she's running away from a scrap! Fiona laughs, "Never!" She then adds that she's got some business to fix up in town, anyway - and she's going through withdrawals - she's got an urge to see a couple of good movies and eat in a decent restaurant! Jill laughs that that says a lot for the food up there! Fiona tells Jill that she knows what she means! Jill asks what if Patricia and Paul decide to make trouble. Fiona replies that Alan Pascoe is in charge - she'll let him know where he can contact her; they'd just better not try it; especially Paul - he's walking a very thin line at the moment...

Angela and the workers are in the kitchen at the Keegan place, and she announces that that's what she calls a good day's work. She offers everyone dinner, and Doug says he'll be in that; he goes to wash up. Kevin also agrees to stay. Angela then asks Peter, but he says he won't, adding that he'd better get going. Angela thanks him for the day and he goes. As he heads out, Kevin tells him to take care. When she's alone with Kevin, Angela asks him if he found out what's wrong with Peter. Kevin tells her that something really terrible's happened...

Wayne has arrived at the Healy house and he enters the living room with Jen. He explains to her that Patricia suggested he came over - she thought Jen might need moral support. Jen says she's fine, thanks. Wayne continues that he knows the position between her and her father. Jen tells him that she's handling it. Wayne says he knows it looks a bit silly him coming there; why would she want to talk to him? He then continues that he knows how she feels, though - he had the same sort of problem with his own father. Jen looks surprised. Wayne explains that he was involved in a bad accident last year - it started with a bad argument with his father; he was laid up for months and no one came near him. He concludes that, what he's saying is, he knows what it feels like when you think nobody cares about you. Jen, realising she's found somone who understands what she's going through, offers him some coffee. Wayne smiles.

A short time later, Jen and Wayne are sitting at the table with their coffees, and Jen is telling Wayne that when Martin first adopted her, she couldn't call him 'Dad'; her dad had just died - killed in Vietnam; she couldn't forget him. She continues that it was really so good there - Martin treated her like she'd always been his daughter and Peter called her 'sis' from the day she arrived. She then sadly says it's not the same anymore - it's like he never was her father. Wayne tells her that, if she gives it time, things will change - if Martin loved her that much, he won't be able to keep it up forever. Jen starts breaking down, saying she's not so sure, and telling Wayne to look at the way Martin treated Peter, and he's his own son; she couldn't believe how angry, how--; he scared her - the way he stood there and just yelled at Peter. As the tears start streaming down her face, Wayne tells her to have a good cry, and let it out. At that moment, Martin comes in and asks what the hell is going on. Wayne, who has his arm around Jen, comforting her, replies that the poor kid is upset. Martin snaps that he can see that, but he wants to know what Wayne's doing there. Wayne explains that he came over to see if he could help out, and they got talking. Jen cries that she had to talk to someone - he wouldn't listen to her. Martin sourly remarks that Wayne never struck him as the sympathetic sort. He continues that he'd prefer Wayne not to come round there and adds that he certainly doesn't want Wayne mauling his daughter. Wayne indignantly says, "You don't think..." but Martin interrupts him and says he doesn't think anything - he just wants Wayne out of there. Wayne turns to Jen and tells her he's sorry, adding that he'll be in touch. He goes. Jen stands up, looks at Martin and cries, "I hate you." She walks out, leaving Martin standing there looking angry.

Patricia is sitting in the reception area at the riding school when Paul comes in and says dinner's almost ready. In reply, Patricia says there are one or two things she thinks they ought to straighten out. Paul curtly says, "Yes?" Patricia tells him that she's genuinely pleased that he seems to be doing so well there - obviously, he's got the knack with the guests and she wishes him luck; but she also wishes that they could all forget that unfortunate incident in Melbourne. Paul snaps that he's in court next week, thanks to her and Wayne; he can't forget it. Patricia snaps at him not to blame her for being charged - it was entirely Wayne's doing. Paul retorts that he thinks she's scared that he's going to ruin her like he threatened to. Patricia laughs and tells him not to be ridiculous - she didn't take him seriously. Paul says it's pity - because he meant it. He then tells Patricia not to pretend that she doesn't know about his trust fund, either; he's been talking to his solicitor. He continues that she's got a fight on her hands - he's not going to be the weak idiot she thought she'd walk over in court. Margaret appears in the doorway as Paul tells Patricia that that rubbish about 'an unfortunate incident' doesn't have him fooled, either - he had her worked out a long time ago... He then snaps that dinner should be ready now, and he walks off, past Margaret. Patricia storms past her, too. Margaret looks thoughtful and smiles to herself...

Martin is in the Healy kitchen, fumbling as he tries to open the lid of a tin; he eventually throws it on the floor in frustration. Peter comes in and the two of them glare at each other. Martin asks Peter where he's been. He just replies, "Out." Martin snaps, "I asked you, where have you been?" Peter replies, "I said 'out'." He then tells his father not to try it. Martin glares at him. He then asks his son why he won't go and talk to the people next door. Peter replies that they went through that this morning. Martin cooly says he's been in there - they don't blame Peter for what happened. Peter comments that they're nice people. Martin immediately shouts, "That makes you feel good, does it?" Peter cries that, no, it doesn't make him feel good. Martin yells that he's glad - because Peter deserves to carry the death of that child with him for the rest of his life. Peter starts crying that that's what his father wants. He continues that it's bad enough without having Martin laying into him. Martin yells that he doesn't think it is. He tells Peter that he's a gutless wonder, and he asks him how it is that he doesn't have the courage to go in there and talk to those people. He asks Peter if he doesn't think the other neighbours are going to know, and he yells that Peter is making the whole family look like a pack of cowards, and he won't even face up to it. Upon hearing this, Peter appears to realise something, and he yells, "That's it, isn't it: I don't think you really care about me. And I don't think you care about that little kid, either. All that's worrying you is what they'll think of you, and what they'll think of your precious family." Martin looks furious. Peter continues, "Well, what family, Dad?" Martin suddenly lunges out and punches Peter in the face. Peter staggers back. Martin glares at him. Peter removes his hand from his face and says, "Don't you ever do that to me again." He walks off.

Angela is in the kitchen at her and Rob's place, cleaning, with the radio playing in the background. There's suddenly a knock at the back door and, looking surprised, she calls out to ask who it is. Peter replies that it's him. Angela turns the radio off and goes and lets him in. Peter explains that he tried the front door but she couldn't have heard him. Angela asks if he's been home. As he enters the light of the kitchen, she sees his face and swollen eye, and she tells him that she knows about yesterday. Peter cries it was all his fault. He sniffs as he tries to refrain from sobbing. Angela walks over and hugs him as he breaks down and tears start pouring down his face.


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