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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

A while later, Martin is sitting on the couch in the lounge room when Peter and Kevin come in. Peter starts to pick up a few of his things, and Martin asks him where he's going. Peter ignores him and just says to Kevin, "Let's get out of here." As he turns to go, Martin stands up and grabs his arm. He snaps, "Well?" Peter snaps back at him to get away from him. Martin sarcastically says he's going to make it on his own is he?; he thinks his friends are going to look after him and put up with him indefinitely, does he? Peter yells that he doesn't give a damn where he stays, because anywhere is better than there. He looks at Kevin. Martin tells Kevin to wait outside, as he wants to talk to Peter alone, but Peter snaps that he doesn't want want to hear it. He and Kevin go.

At the Palmers', Beryl is tending the wound on the side of Peter's head, but she tells him that there's not much she can do - he's going to have a real shiner. She then turns to Kevin and tells him to put Peter's bag in his room for now - they'll work out the sleeping arrangements later. Kevin goes, and Peter apologises to Beryl for being such a nuisance. Beryl assures him that there's no problem, and she adds that he's got nothing to worry about there. Peter expresses concern that his father is going to guess where he is, but Beryl assures him that they'll handle it. She then asks where else he thinks he'd be staying? The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and a look of fear crosses Peter's face. Beryl answers the call, and the person on the other end asks for David. Beryl tells them that he's not home yet, and asks if she can get him to call; she adds that he'll be home sometime after 6pm. She then says she'll pass on the message and hangs up. Kevin comes back in and asks if it was for David. Beryl says it was - something about a job tomorrow. She then asks Peter if he was afraid that it might have been Martin. She quickly adds that nobody's going to get at him there.

Later, Beryl is in the kitchen with David, and she remarks that she's surprised Martin hasn't 'phoned there, at least. David angrily says he knows what kind of reception he'd get. Beryl comments that Peter still seems to be in a state of shock. David replies that he can stay there for as long as he likes. Beryl says she knows that, but what's he going to do?: he's worried about not being able to pay his way. David sourly says he doubts Healy will pay for him. Beryl agrees, and adds that she doubts Peter would want him to, anyway. David continues that he supposes he really can't afford to start boarding. Beryl says she knows that. She then adds that she heard Peter telling Kevin that he's thinking of tossing his course in and start looking for work. David points out that he'd be lucky to find any. Beryl says it's such a shame - if he had a part-time job, he could stay on at TAFE and still be independent. David agrees: "If." Something suddenly appears to occur to Beryl, who says she thinks there might just be a way...

At Rob and Angela's, Angela says sure - it's a great idea - there's plenty to do around there. Beryl asks when he can start. Looking at Rob, she then adds that she's sure they'll get their money's worth. Rob grudgingly says it's nothing to do with him, really - the coffee shop is Angela's baby. Angela points out that they're going to need someone. Rob replies that he's sure Peter will be fine, but they've just got rid of one lame duck... Angela retorts that, after the way Martin Healy talked to her this morning, there's no way she's not going to help. Rob reluctantly says he knows, but still... he thinks they need the place to themselves for a bit; having someone else living there... Realising her brother's concerns, Beryl quickly steps in to tell him that Peter wouldn't be living with him and Angela; he's staying with her and David. Angela starts to say she thought-- Beryl interrupts and asks if she means she thought they wouldn't want him because of the way things are between David and Martin? She then answers her own question by saying that it's something they're just going to have to live with. She asks Rob if that's all that's worrying him, and Rob smiles and says, "Yeah!" He asks what David thinks, and Beryl replies that she wouldn't like to be there if Martin comes round for a visit. Angela says she hopes he does - David will make mincemeat of him! Beryl says she'd prefer he didn't... She then suggests that they should forget about that, and she asks what time she should send Peter round tomorrow. Angela replies that he can start whenever he likes - if Martin Healy wants to cause trouble about it, she'll be more than happy to take him on...

Fiona, Jill, Brian and Bert arrive back at the boarding house, and Fiona tells Brian that it's all his for as long as he wants it. Brian says that's good of her. Fiona opens the door to her room, and Jill opens the door to hers, opposite. She tells Brian that she'll give him a guided tour, and then adds that it'll take all of ten seconds! She and Brian go into her room. Bert joins Fiona in her room and asks if she's glad to be home. Fiona happily says she is - be it ever so humble! She then tells him that, how he ever got her to leave so early, she'll never know! Bert points out that it was worth it - they've got the whole day ahead. Fiona asks what time did they did leave Woombai? Bert replies that it was about 4:30am! Changing the subject, Fiona says she's got an appointment with Ted Morgan at about 3:30pm, so she thinks she'll hit the shops! Jill and Brian come in, and Jill comments that shopping sounds a bit energetic for her. Fiona asks her if she's still feeling a bit off, and Jill replies that she just can't seem to shake her headache. Fiona, looking disappointed, says she was thinking of being a bit extravagant, too! Jill tells her not to let her stop her. Fiona thinks for a moment and then says, "Why not?! I should be a bit extravagant today - today of all days..." She nods knowingly, but an expression of disappointment then crosses her face as Brian tells her that he'll be treating himself to a very quiet day. She asks Bert what he's doing, and he replies that he's got a few things to do; he might have to see one of the owners later. Fiona looks disappointed again. Jill suggests they have a late breakfast, but Fiona says she'll decline - she'll have a quick shower and head off.

A while later, Bert and Brian are in the kitchen. Bert is doing the washing up as Brian wipes. Bert asks Brian if he's been thinking about his situation, but Brian replies that there's not much he can do. Bert tells him that he can't give up - there must be an angle; it would be a shame if he got sent back to Ireland now. Brian asks Bert if he's saying he reckons they make a good team. Bert agrees that they've been a big help to each other, yeah. Brian then says it's just a case of keeping their fingers crossed. Bert asks what the chances are of getting caught, but Brian doesn't reply. Bert then asks him if he's going to tell the others. Brian, though, retorts that the fewer people who know, the safer he is. Bert asks about Jill, and he remarks that Brian's pretty keen on her. Brian admits that he is. Bert asks him if he's going to do anything about it, but Brian replies that that depends on the boyfriend. Bert then asks if Jill knows how he feels, but Brian, looking disappointed, says she hasn't got any idea. Jill suddenly comes into the kitchen, having had a shower. Brian asks her if she's feeling more perky, and Jill replies that she is, a bit. She then adds that she's got to go out and buy Fiona a present. Bert says, "It's not her birthday or something, is it?" Jill replies that poor Fiona thinks she's forgotten all about it. Bert suddenly realises that that's what all Fiona's talk was about. Jill remarks that she's as subtle as a sledgehammer! Brian tells Jill that he wouldn't mind coming with her, as he'd like to get Fiona something too. Jill says she was thinking of taking her out somewhere tonight, and she adds that it would be nice if he and Bert could come too. Bert, looking annoyed, says he wishes he knew before he made that 'phone call. Brian asks him if he's got something on, and Bert explains that he's got to a meet bloke at Rose Hill. Jill asks him if he can't cancel, but Bert says the bloke is making a special trip; he couldn't contact him now, anyway. Brian says, "Never mind - we'll just tell Fiona you had to see a man about a horse!"

At Rob and Angela's, Angela goes to the kitchen cupboard, listening as she does so to Rob and Peter, who are in the hall. As the two men come into the kitchen, Rob is complimenting Peter on his good work. Peter replies that he's got to give them value for money. Angela points out that at least this keeps his mind off everything. Rob adds that he doesn't have to prove anything to them. Peter explains that he doesn't want to take handouts, but Angela assures him that they're not giving them - they can't afford to! She pours some orange drinks for everyone, and then says everything is pretty much under control until they buy the furniture. Peter points out that they've got the sign to paint yet. Angela says, "Yeah." Peter then adds that there's a bit to do in the kitchen, too, which leads Rob to joke that he knows what needs doing better than Angela does! He then announces that he has to make tracks. He kisses Angela and goes. Angela asks Peter what time Kevin is coming over, and Peter replies that he thinks it's about 1pm - his lunch break. He adds that Kevin is a good friend, and so are his mum and dad.

At the Palmers', Beryl asks David what time he'll have to leave. David replies that it'll be in a few minutes. There's a knock at the front door, and Beryl answers it to find Martin standing on the doorstep. She tells him that Peter's not there, and adds that, if he's sensible, he'll go before there's any trouble. Martin, though, ignores her and says, "I want to see him." He barges into the house as she repeats that Peter's not there. David gets up and walks from the kitchen into the living room, where Martin tells Beryl that he doesn't believe her. David snaps to Martin that he didn't hear Beryl invite him in. Martin asks again, "Where's Peter?" David repeats that he's not there. Martin angrily rants that they can't tell him that Kevin didn't bring him back there last night. Beryl snaps that Peter is out on a job - he wants to suport himself. Martin sarcastically says there's a turn up for the books. David tells him that Peter will be a damn sight better off away from him, anyway. Beryl suggests that they should be sensible, and she tells Martin that she's sure Peter will contact him later - if he wants to. David, though, says he can't see why he'd be bothered. Martin angrily asks if David and Beryl know what Peter has done; do they know a child is dead because of him? Beryl yells that, yes, they do know - and they understand how dreadful he feels. David adds that if Martin was any sort of a father, he'd understand too. Martin listens to this and then unleashes a furious outburst: he tells Beryl and David that he sees why they're helping Peter: it must give them a real kick to call him a lousy father - especially after John preferred him to David. David snaps that that's it, and he orders Martin to get out. Martin retorts that he's not going until he sees... but David interrupts him and yells that if Martin were smart enough, he'd get out now before he knocks his block off. Beryl insists, "Please?" Martin mutters that it's not worth fighting over. He goes to walk off. As he does so, David snaps that he didn't think Martin would be interested in picking on someone his own size. Martin looks round, then turns and walks out. David snaps, "Gutless wonder."

Jill and Brian arrive back outside Fiona's apartment, having just met Bunty and Thel on the way in. Jill warns Brian that they are one of the hazards of living there! Brian is carrying bunch of flowers. He and Jill go into Fiona's room and Brian shuts the door. As he does so, Jill suddenly spots Gordon sitting in one of the armchairs! Looking delighted, she asks when he got back, and he replies that it was about ten minutes ago - he thought he'd drop in on the way through! He stands up and he and Jill hug; Jill tells him that it's good to see him. Gordon introduces himself to Brian, and Brian tells Gordon that he's heard about him from Fiona and Jill. Gordon replies that Bert has been telling him about Brian, too - Bert said Brian has been a great help with Rosie's Hope. Jill excitedly tells Gordon that they only got back from Woombai a few hours ago, and Gordon remarks that they must really have been up with the sparrows! Jill explains that that's what gave her this headache. Bert asks if it's still bothering her, but Jill says it's nothing to worry about. She asks Gordon about Barbara, and Gordon replies that she's coming along and will be home in a couple of months. Jill comments that it's a long time, but Gordon replies that the main thing is, she'll be fully recovered, and they can be married straight away! Jill happily says that's terrific - that's one wedding she not going to miss! A look suddenly crosses Bert's face, and he says to no-one in particular, "Why didn't I think of that before?" He announces to the people in the room that he's found the answer to a problem he's got; he has to go. As he leaves, he tells Brian that he could have the answer to his problem. He goes, and Jill asks Brian what he was talking about. Brian quickly replies that it's something to do with a horse. He then adds that she and Gordon have got a lot to talk about; he leaves them to it, heading off to the kitchen to put his flowers in water. Jill tells Gordon that Fiona will be so pleased about the wedding. Gordon replies that he was hoping that she and Fiona could both have dinner with him tonight, as it's Fiona's birthday. Jill explains that she and Brian were going to take her out somewhere, but Gordon tells her that they can come to his palce. Jill says it sounds nice, but adds that she thinks she'll have to brighten up a bit, first. Gordon tells her that he'd like to see them both before he goes to Melbourne. He then goes onto explain that he's decided to stand as a character witness for Paul, as it's his trial next week. Jill says that's wonderful - he needs the support. Gordon responds that it will help Paul realise that he's not holding any grudges. He continues that he'd like to sort things out with Wayne while he's down there, too. Jill laughs that he has been making decisions while he's been away! She adds that Rosie will be pleased. Gordon agrees, and remarks that she said he was too hard on Wayne. He continues that, watching Barbara and Wendy after all the problems they've had... He adds that Jill wouldn't believe how close they are now - it wasn't easy for them, but they've stuck with it. Jill asks Gordon if he thinks he can get through to Wayne. Gordon replies that he can try; whatever their problems have been, Wayne is still his son.

A car is driving along the road. Martin is inside, and he stops outside Rob and Angela's. He looks at the house and then suddenly drives off in a hurry.

Inside, Kevin calls out to Peter that lunch is ready. Peter joins him and Angela in the kitchen and tells them that his father was just out the front, but he drove off again. Angela asks him if he's sure it was Martin. Peter bitterly replies that he still can't believe what his father did. Trying to change the subject, Angela tells him to have lunch, but Peter continues that they used to be great mates - it was always Adam his father fought with; he never could be bothered arguing with him; he didn't rub him up the wrong way like Adam. He then grimly comments on the expression on his father's face yesterday; how could he believe he didn't care about Sharon drowning; his he mustn't know him at all...

At the boarding house, Fiona laughs at a brooch that, depending on which way it's held, displays a pair of either opened or closed lips! As she pins it on, she asks Jill where she got it, and Jill tells her. Fiona says she loves it - it's hideous! She then thanks Brian for the lovely flowers. Brian asks if she had a good spending spree, but Fiona replies that, just because she felt like throwing a bit of money around, there was nothing to spend it on! Brian jokes that he's never had that problem! Jill goes and sits down, and Fiona remarks that she's still not looking too good. She suggests they give Gordon a ring and call off tonight, but Jill tells her that there's no reason for Fiona and Brian to miss out just because she can't make it. Fiona comments that it would be no fun for Jill, but Jill tells Fiona that it's her birthday - and she knows she's looking forward to seeing Mr. Hamilton. Fiona agrees that she is - she's dying to hear all about Barbara and the wedding. Jill says she might have a lie down: a few hours' sleep might make her feel better. She tells Fiona and Brian to have lovely a time if she doesn't make it. She leaves the room, and Fiona remarks to Brian that maybe Jill shouldn't be going anywhere tonight. Brian says he agrees, and then adds that he'd like to stay and keep an eye on her. Fiona says that's a good idea - a nice quiet, relaxed, night is probably best for Gordon and her. She looks at her watch and says she's got an appointment at 3:30pm - it might be an idea if she went to Dural straight from there. Brian agrees that it would stop Jill from going. Fiona says she'd hoped to see Bert before she went, and she asks Brian if he said where he was going. Brian says he didn't - he was a bit mysterious about it, actually.

Bert walks up to the front door of a house and knocks on it. A woman answers and says, "Hello, Bert, what can I do for you?" Bert replies, "How would you like to get married, Carmel?"

A while later, Brian, Carmel and Bert are sitting in Fiona's apartment. Carmel is smoking as Bert says to Brian, "Two thousand dollars. What's your problem, mate?" Carmel chips in that she can't be much fairer than that. Brian replies that it's not the money. Carmel suggests that maybe it's not having conjugal rights! Brian, though, says he knows that that's not part of the deal. Bert tells him that it's easy: he and Carmel just have to live together for about six months; make it look like a real marriage. Carmel adds that there are no commitments: they're both free to lead their own lives. Brian explains that that's it: marriage for him would have to be the real thing - he couldn't get married unless he loved the girl. Bert points out that he wouldn't really be married, and Carmel adds that they can get a divorce after a year - it happens all the time - then he'll have no problems with the immigration. Brian listens and then says he knows they're both trying to do him a favour.... Bert replies that he doesn't think Brian has much choice. Brian, though, says he's sorry, but Bert has it all wrong - he's not interested in marriage at the moment, unless it's the real thing. Carmel comments that you can lead a horse to water... She stubs out her cigarette and stands up. Brian tells her that he hopes this hasn't put her out too much. Carmel admits that she could have done with the money - it's a pity she was given the bum steer. She shakes hands with Brian and wishes him lots of luck. She then asks Bert for a lift home, and Bert exasperatedly replies that he said he would. Carmel heads outside. Bert stays momentarily to tell Brian that he'll probably pop a birthday bottle of champers on Fiona's doorstep later, before he sees the bloke in Rose Hill. He then goes. Brian starts clearing up - he picks up Carmel's tea cup and the ashtray. He takes them into the kitchen, where he empties the contents of the ashtray into a plastic container filed with other bits of rubbish, including some paper tissue. He then stuffs an old plastic bag on top and closes the lid of the container. As he does this, Jill suddenly comes in and startles him. Brian asks her if she slept well, but Jill replies, "Not at all. What exactly was all that about?"

At Dural, Fiona tells Gordon that, if he's trying to make her feel important, he's certainly succeeding! A waiter is standing by the table, and Fiona asks Gordon if the caterers come recommended. Gordon laughs, "Highly!" Fiona jokes that it makes her feel like visiting royalty! Gordon then asks what else Ted Morgan had to say, and Fiona replies that it was very interesting: apparently, Paul has been in touch with him; another contact for when his money comes through. Gordon tells Fiona that he thinks she's reading too much into it - she's making him sound obsessive. He opens a bottle of champagne as Fiona says she thinks Paul is obessive where Patricia is concerned. Gordon responds that Paul just joined the club. He then adds that it's a good thing Rosie isn't there as she'd be well and truly on Fiona's side over him! Fiona asks Gordon if he's heard from Rosie, and he replies that she's doing quite well - it won't be long before she's back there ordering him around! Fiona remarks that Rosie and Jill are the two people she'd most like to have been with her tonight. Gordon sits down, pours two glasses of champagne and says they'll just have to drink to absent friends! They raise their glasses, Fiona smiles and says, "Absent friends."

Jill sitting in the lounge room in Fiona's apartment as Brian tells her that there she has it: his terrible secret. Jill says she can understand why he doesn't want to go back: no family, no girlfriend, nothing like that...? Brian replies that he still wishes she hadn't found out. Jill asks if he thinks she's going to dob him in. Brian points out that it puts her in a difficult position. Jill, though, says she doesn't mind - she doesn't think he'll get found out; there are a lot of people in the same boat. Brian says, "Perhaps..." He adds that he's concerned, though. Jill jokingly assures him that she's not going to try and find a wife for him! Brian laughs and bemusedly says, "Dear old Bert!" Changing the subject, he asks Jill if she's ready for her knock-out pill now. Jill reluctantly says she supposes she'll have to take it. Brian gives her the tablet, and Jill tells him that she's glad he's not going to get married to Carmel - she didn't sound like his type. Brian asks what is his type? Jill replies that she doesn't know - she'd have to be very nice to deserve him. Brian tells Jill that he wants to stay there, but he could never marry anyone he didn't love. Jill says she'll be asleep soon, and she suggests that he might as well go out and have some fun. Brian, though, says he's going to have a quiet night, reading. Jill pulls the covers over her as she lies down on Fiona's couch. Brian asks her if she wants the telly on, and she says, "Yeah." He goes over and switches it on. He tells Jill that he hopes she can sleep off her headache. He then turns off the light and says goodnight. Jill lies there, in the near-dark, watching television.

A while later, Jill is fast asleep as the TV plays loudly. In the kitchen, flames suddenly burst from the plastic box containing the cigarette butt and the rubbish. The flames leap up and set fire to the curtains...

At Dural, there's a cake on the table, with several candles lit; Fiona says it's beautiful. She then adds that it's very diplomatic too. Gordon jokes that you can't put too many candles in an 'F'! He tells Fiona to blow them out and make a wish. She does, and says to herself, "You better believe it!" Gordon wishes her a Happy Birthday, and says he hopes the next year is even better than the last. Fiona smiles happily.

At the boarding house, Jill is still fast asleep. The whole kitchen is alight, and the flames are starting to spread to the lounge room, but Jill lies there obliviously...


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