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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence


The next morning, Paul is walking round the apartment wrapped in just a towel. He calls Angela's name twice, but there's no answer. He looks out the window, but at that moment, Angela comes in the front door, carrying bags of food. They smile at each other. Angela says, "Breakfast." Paul tells her that he thought she'd gone off. Angela says they had nothing to eat. Paul tells Angela that he loves her. Angela says she loves Paul, too.

Sometime later, Paul butters a piece of croissant and puts it in Angela's mouth. He tells her that he's glad she didn't run off. Angela asks why she would. Paul replies, "Guilt?" Angela, though, says she doesn't feel guilty. Surprised, Paul points out that she's been so hung up until now, so why the change? Angela says she doesn't know. She adds that she was sewing curtains and couldn't stop thinking about him, and she suddenly thought 'why not?' She asks what's wrong with it, as long as she doesn't hurt Rob - and he's away for a few days, and doesn't have to know. Paul says he was thinking of a lot more than a few days, and Angela replies that so is she. She then asks why someone can't love two people at once. She tells Paul that she wants to keep seeing him. She suggests that, if he could leave Woombai and come back to Melbourne, Rob's away a lot and she could keep seeing him. She adds that she's messed herself up so much in the last month, thinking about him, and she's been lousy to Rob and to him. She says she'd never leave Rob, though - she loves him too much for that - but she also loves Paul too much to never see him again. Paul says he doesn't know. Angela asks what he means. Paul replies that it sounds corny, but he doesn't know if he can share her. Angela tells him that of course he can. She says, "Please don't start to get the silly hang-ups I just got rid of." She then says she's going to be rummaging around today, looking for things for the coffee shop, and she asks Paul if he wants to come along. He says, "Sure." They kiss passionately.

Bert and Brian get out of a car outside Dural, and Bert says he admits Brian's ideas have worked at times. Brian says it looks like they'll have a winner at the next meeting. Bert agrees. Brian says they make a good team. Fiona comes out and asks Bert where he got to, as they'll be here any minute. Brian asks Bert if he's nervous. Bert replies that he hasn't seen his grandson in twelve months. Fiona points out her outfit and asks if she passes muster. Bert tells her that she looks terrific. He adds that he doesn't know how to thank her. Fiona tells him that he can thank her by having a good time. Bert says that's up to Alec more than him. Fiona says she'll keep Alec busy; she tells Bert to concentrate on getting to know his grandson again.

Jill is outside, having just picked some flowers, when a cab pulls up and Gordon gets out. Jill asks how they went, and Gordon replies that Paul is on a good-behaviour bond. Jill says that's great. Wayne then gets out of the cab and Jill's face drops. Wayne tells her that he's sorry to hear about the fire. Jill just looks annoyed. Gordon explains that Wayne is moving back home, and Wayne adds that they're having a go at sorting things out between them. Gordon jokes that the old place won't know what's hit it - there are more people than have been there for a long time! Wayne tells Jill that it's good to see her again. Jill just says she's glad Gordon and Wayne are getting it together. Wayne says he and Jill will have to have a talk when he's settled in. Jill reluctantly says, "Yeah," and she goes inside. Gordon remarks to Wayne that he and Jill never did sort things out. Wayne agrees, and says he's glad she's here, as it gives them the chance to.

In the lounge room, Jill asks to see Brian outside for a minute, adding that it's important. Fiona asks if everything's alright. Jill tells her, "Wayne's back to stay." Fiona looks surprised.

In the flat, Brian asks who Wayne is. Jill explains that he's Gordon's son and that she used to live with him. Brian asks if she means before John? Jill tells him that it was a nasty bust-up, and they've never got on since. Brian points out that Dural is big enough for them to keep out of each other's way. Jill, though, says it's not just that - he couldn't have picked a worse time to arrive. She then explains that Wayne is a very unpleasant person, and if he works out what they're doing, he'll get such a kick out of mucking it up, they could have a disaster on their hands...

Gordon says he should have called, and let them know. Fiona, though, says it's his house, and he's not going to want everyone around on Wayne's first day back. Gordon agrees that it would help to have some time alone. Fiona says to Bert that she hopes his family is agreeable to a change of plan. Bert jokes that it's too bad if they're not! Gordon tells them that they're welcome to use the grounds. Fiona, though, says she has a wonderful idea. She asks if she can use the 'phone in the study. Gordon agrees and Fiona leaves the room, leaving Bert to remark to Gordon that she's an amazing woman, after what she's been through. Gordon says, "Yeah." As Fiona crosses the hall to go into the study, Wayne come downstairs and says it feels like he's never been away from the place. Fiona admits that she's surprised to see him back. Wayne says it showed. Fiona says she has a 'phone call to make, and she moves to go into the study, but Wayne stops her by saying he's sorry to hear about her place. Fiona just says, "Thankyou." She then tells Wayne that she'll dividing her time between Dural and Woombai, and while she's at Dural, she'll be as pleasant as she can, but neither of them like each other, so why pretend they do? Wayne asks if Fiona doesn't trust him, but quickly answers his own question by saying that that's fair enough, as long as she doesn't start bad-mouthing him to Gordon. Fiona shakes her head and says she'll let Wayne's behaviour speak for itself. Wayne looks annoyed. Fiona goes into the study and Wayne goes into the lounge room. Bert leaves him and Gordon alone. Wayne remarks to his father that the place is like Central Station. Gordon tells him that they'll have the place to themselves for the day, and Wayne says he was hoping they would. He adds that it feels good to be back. Gordon says it's good to have him back.

Outside, Bert's family has arrived, and Bert greets hs grandson, Tommy, and says it's good to see him. He then asks the boy's mother, Ruth, what she's been feeding him! Ruth says it's just the age. Bert says it's great to have him back, and he adds that it's a shame to miss the growing years. Ruth says it's a beautiful old house. Tommy asks if it has a pool, and Bert says it has. Tommy asks if he can use it, but Alec quickly scolds that it's not his house, and he should wait for Mrs. Thompson to ask him. Tommy impatiently says, "Yes, Dad." Bert says it's alright for Tommy to go for a swim, but Alec replies that it's only manners. Fiona comes out and asks if they're all set. Alec introduces Ruth, and Fiona says hello to Tommy. Alec corrects her: "Thomas." Fiona tells the boy that she's Aunt Fiona, and if he calls her Mrs. Thompson, she'll give him a big fat whack! They shake hands. Fiona then says there's been a change of plan - it's awkward for them to be at Dural, so she thought they'd go up to her country property. Bert says, "Woombai? That's a five hour drive." In reply, Fiona asks who said they were driving!

A helicopter is hovering above Dural, getting set to land in the grounds! Jill says, "Trust you, Fiona!" Fiona just laughs, "Why not?!" She asks Tommy if he's ever been in a helicopter before. Bert adds that this is just the start. He asks Ruth how she feels, and she replies that she's nervous but excited. She asks her husband how he feels, but he just says he wishes he'd known about it beforehand. Bert tells him not to be such a stick-in-the-mud. The helicopter lands, and Fiona calls, "Come on everybody, let's go!" They run to the helicopter. Wayne dashes out of the house to see what's going on, but after a few seconds, he returns indoors. From the helicopter, Fiona says goodbye to Jill and Brian, and she shuts the door. She waves as the helicopter takes off. Wayne comes outside again with a pair of binoculars, which he initially uses to look at the helicopter. Once it's flown out of site, though, he appears to focus on Jill and Brian...

A while later, Jill is sewing in the flat when Brian comes in and says he's going for swim. Jill tells him, "You're game!" Brian points out that the pool is heated. He asks Jill to join him, but she says she has some sewing to do for Fiona. She adds that the less friendly they appear in front of Wayne, the better. Brian jokes that she's looking for any excuse not to do exercise! At that moment, Jill pricks her finger on the needle she was using, and Brian jokes that that will teach her to keep an eye on what she's doing. Jill thanks him for the sympathy, picks up a nearby cushion and throws it at him. It misses Brian, though, and hits Wayne, who's just coming in the door. Wayne sarcastically says, "Nice welcome." Jill snaps that it wasn't meant for him. Wayne introduces himself to Brian, who says he's just off for a swim. Wayne tells them that they're both invited for drinks before dinner. Jill sourly says that's fine by her. Brian says thankyou. He adds that he feels nervous being in someone else's house. Wayne asks why, and adds that they're all friends there. Brian says he hopes so. He heads out, saying he'll see Wayne this evening. When he's alone with Jill, Wayne asks her if they are all friends - him and Jill. Jill, though, tells him that he's got to be kidding. Wayne says he doesn't see why they shouldnt be - he knows he was lousy when they broke up, but it was over a year ago. Jill says it's not just that - "I don't like the sort of person you are." Wayne points out that it didn't worry Jill once. Jill, though, says a lot has happened since then. Wayne says Gordon is prepared to give him another go, but Jill says Gordon is silly for trusting him. Wayne says he'll have to do something about that. He then gives Jill a letter from John and tells her that he lied about a lot of things, but the one thing he never lied about was loving her. He adds that John is very lucky.

Paul and Angela arrive at The Terrace with boxes of goods, and Angela says her feet are killing her. They go inside and Angela tells Paul to dump the stuff anywhere. They put the things down. Angela says she hopes it all works, the amount it's costing her. Paul tells her that he can't see why she's taking it on, as they'll never be able to afford a place of their own. Angela says she and Rob will live upstairs: when the Coffee Shop is open, they can change the front room into a living room. Paul asks when they will be ready to open, and Angela says it'll be four or five days. There's a knock at the front door, and Angela goes to open it. Nervous about Paul being there, though, she decides to look through the net curtains first, to see who it is. She then tells Paul that it's Beryl, and she suggests he go into the kitchen and shut the door. She lets Beryl in.

At Woombai, Tommy is on a horse, and Bert tells him not to be so nervous. Fiona says it's crazy - Bert's a trainer and yet Tommy's never ridden before. Tommy explains that his Dad doesn't like it. Alec calls out to his son to be careful. Tommy is led off by one of the workers. Fiona tells Bert that his grandson is a nice boy. Bert says he knew Fiona would like him; well he thought she would. Fiona then asks Bert if he knows what she's done, as she doesn't seem to be in Alec's good books. Bert says he doesn't have a clue. Fiona tells him that she wants to do the right thing for him. Bert assures her that she is. Fiona suggests she take Alec and Ruth back to the house for tea, and give Bert some time with Tommy.

Inside, a while later, Fiona offers Alec more tea. She then explains that the house belonged to her grandparents, and they had it extensively renovated before the riding school opened. Alec says it's a lovely old house, and it seems a shame to have spoilt it. Ruth warns, "Alec.." Fiona looks surprised, but she just tells Alec that he's entitled to his opinion. She asks him what he means by 'spoilt', and Alec replies that he reckons the place has lost some of its charm, all so a few rich people with nothing better to do can feel comfortable. Fioan tells him that a lot of very accomplished riders have been there - it's hardly a playground for the rich. Alec says it is targeted at wealthy people, though. Fiona replies that their fees are high because they've directed operations around those people who can pay them. She adds, "'Go for the ones with money' - that's my motto," and she tells Alec that there's nothing wrong with being wealthy. Alec says he didn't say that. Fiona tells him that he implied it. She adds that, from what Bert told her, Alec is doing very well himself, so he can't begrudge others doing better. Alec says that's not it at all. Fiona asks if that's why Alec is so tense with her. Alec replies that he doesn't envy others their money, but he does resent the waste of it, like seeing it thrown away on helicopter rides to impress a boy who doesn't need impressing. He adds that Tommy knows exactly what sort of man Bert is - he's made sure of that - so all Fiona's helicopters and horserides aren't going to affect it. He stands up and asks to be excused. When he's gone, Ruth tells Fiona that she's sorry.

At The Terrace, Paul listens in the kitchen as Angela says goodbye to Beryl. Angela then comes into the kitchen and says she thought Beryl would never leave! Paul tells her that he's been sitting there, thinking, for the last half hour. He then says they're kidding themselves - they had a wonderful time, and they've acted as if nothing has happened - as if they're a perfectly normal couple - but they're not - Angela's married, and that has to make a difference. He tells Angela that her saying she can manage to love them both is crazy. He adds that she's got to make a choice.

A short time later, Angela is putting the shopping away while she tells Paul to stop complicating it. Paul, though, tells Angela that she's kidding herself if she thinks it isn't. Angela says it's as complicated as they make it. Paul tells her to stop putting stuff away, and she pauses. She then reminds Paul that she told him she was sick of feeling upset about something she can't chage. She tells him that she loves them both and wants them both. Paul points out that Rob's the poor mug who'll get hurt if it blows up, and he asks if he's only expected to see Angela when Rob's on the road? Angela says Rob is away a lot, but Paul tells her that she doesn't see what he's getting at. Angela says that of course she does, but they've got three choices: she can leave Rob and they're all miserable; or she can stop seeing Paul and it'll be the same; or they can do as she suggests and they all have a chance of being happy. Paul asks Angela if she can't see how he feels. Angela replies that she knows it's hard on him: she's being selfish but she wants it to work. She tells him that she loves him so much. Paul asks what she'd do if he made her choose. Angela says, "Please don't make me." They kiss.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne is looking at a contract, and he says it looks very promising for Gordon. Gordon agrees. Wayne says it must feel good getting something of his own going. Gordon agrees that it's better than working yourself into the ground for someone else. Wayne asks him if he's not interested in going back to a nine-to-five situation again, like Ramberg, but Gordon laughs and asks when Ramberg was ever nine-to-five! Wayne says Gordon might change his mind one of these days. Gordon just says, "Maybe." He adds that it's nearly time for drinks, so he'll go and freshen up. The two of them head into the hall. Gordon tells his son that, whatever he does from now on, it has to be something that he wants to do. Wayne looks annoyed.

Outside, by the pool, Brian tells Jill that if Wayne's going to be so much of problem, they should get things moving as soon as possible. Jill says a marriage licence will take four weeks, but Brian tells her that he has the papers, and he shows them to her. Jill says she'll sign them when they get back to flat; she thinks they should shut up about it now. Wayne wanders out of the house, and watches them from a distance; they don't notice, though, and soon stand up and go inside. As they go into the lounge room, Brian says he wonders how Fiona's making out at Woombai. Jill says that, knowing Fiona, she'll have them eating out of the palm of her hand! The lounge room is empty, and so Jill offers Brian a drink. He asks for a beer, and Jill pours it. Brian stands there and signs his section of the marriage contract. He then gives Jill the pen and says she can sign it now. Jill tells him to put it away, but Brian says there's noone around. Jill says she doesn't know why it can't wait. She takes the pen and signs the contract. Wayne walks into the hall from the back of the house, just as Jill says to Brian, "Put it away for goodness' sake - the last thing we want is Wayne seeing it." Brian says he'll take it to lodge it tomorrow. He looks at the contract and says, "Jill O'Donnel - sounds nice." In the hall, a shocked and surprised expression crosses Wayne's face.


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