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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Martin doesn't say anything for several seconds, and Peter eventually snaps that his father hasn't answered Jen's question. He adds, "It's true, isn't it." Martin starts to explain himself, saying that if they'd been there, they'd have done the same thing; in that sort of situation, you don' t question right or wrong - you save yourself; it's called 'survival'; Barry would have done the same thing if it had been the other way round. Peter snaps, "Whatever happened to good old mateship?" Martin yells back, "I'm talking about reality, Peter, not the stuff you watch in movies." He continues that, if he'd tried to save Barry, both of them would have been killed; there were shells exploding everywhere; if he hadn't have taken off, his chopper would have been hit, too. Jennifer cries, "So you left my father there to die?" There's silence until Martin asks if they don't think he hasn't hated himself; he had to do it. Peter angrily says it's no wonder Adam never wanted a bar of the airforce, knowing that. Martin says Sandra should never have told their son; she always sided with Adam against him. Peter yells that now he knows why his father went on about him being a coward: because Martin knows more about it than he does. He continues that he wonders what all Martin's airforce mates would say if they knew - if they knew about the big war hero who turned chicken. Martin shouts, "That's enough of it." Peter shouts back, "Too right it is." He tells Jennifer to grab her things, as they're getting out of there. Martin asks where they're going, but Peter says he doesn't really care. Martin insists that neither of them them are being fair, but Jennifer cries, "Aren't we?" She picks up a bag and tells Martin that she knows now why he looked after her and her family: it stopped him feeling guilty. Peter tells his father, "You're a phoney. A lousy phoney." He and Jennifer walk out, as Martin stares after them.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Patricia gets up, turns off the TV and goes to answer it. Margaret is sitting in a chair, reading. The caller is Wayne, who tells Patricia that he thinks she should have the latest reports. He continues that a problem has come up: there's some competition: Barbara's brother - Gordon is considering going into a consultancy business with him. Patricia immediately snaps, "And you haven't been able to talk him out of it, right?" Wayne replies that it would look too obvious if he tried to push it, but Patricia isn't impressed by this excuse, and she tells Wayne that he's hopeless. She adds that she ends up doing most things herself. Wayne assures her that he's been dropping hints about Ramberg; he was hoping the suggestion would come from Gordon. Patricia snaps that, meanwhile, he lines up a deal with Barbara's brother; that's very clever. Fed up with Patricia's attitude, Wayne snaps at her to call him when she's in a better mood. He goes to put the 'phone down, but Patricia snaps, "Don't you dare hang up on me again." Wayne puts the receiver back to his ear and says he's told her that he's done all he could - if she doesn't believe him, tough. He hangs up. Patricia looks annoyed. She immediately starts dialling another number, as Margaret watches.

At The Terrace, Angela and Rob are in the kitchen with Peter and Jennifer. Angela tells the kids that Kevin has been in touch; they know all about it. Rob takes some plates off to some customers as Peter tells Angela that they're sorry to land on them at this time of night. Angela assures them that it's OK. Peter asks if Jennifer can stay until they can find a flat. Angela replies that they don't even have to ask. Jennifer quickly says she's grateful - she doesn't know what they'd have done; they just walked out. Rob returns and puts Peter and Jennifer to work on kitchen and waitressing duties! He and Angela then leave them alone in the kitchen, where Jennifer stars crying. Peter hugs her and tells her that they'll manage.

At Toorak, Martin says to Margaret, "To hell with the pair of them - they deserve everything they get if they can't at least give me a hearing." He starts pacing the lounge room, complaining that they had him tried and convicted before he even got home. He then rants that he's now arrived there to find he's missed Patricia by ten minutes; it hasn't exactly been his day. Margaret tells him to sit down and calm down, but Martin ignores this, and says he gave Jennifer everthing she wanted - his conscience, he supposes; he thought about Barry almost every day - it's not exactly something you wipe out of your mind. Margaret looks at him. Martin continues that there's a possibility he could have saved him, but he'll never know. Margaret tells him that he can't go through life wondering; he's got to accept it happened and that he made the right decision. Martin says, "But did I?" Margaret points out that there's no way he can reverse anything. Martin says, "No... but you've no idea how much I wish I could." He sits down. Margaret tells him, "That's it - relax..." Martin says, "God, I wish Patricia was here." Margaret looks upset.

Brian and Bert get out of a car at Dural, and Brian tells Bert that he's not to blame him for what happened. Bert slurs, "OK, I was a bit late." Brian tells Bert that he knows how late he was, and how much work he missed. Bert slurs that he was a bit tired. They go into the flat as Fiona emerges, wearing her dressing gown, from the bedroom. Brian explains that they're there because they forgot the cheque for the saddlery; they'll pick up the gear this morning. Fiona says all she has to do is find her chequebook! She looks at the obviously drunk Bert in disdain. She then sits down at the table and asks how training went. Bert slurs that it was alright - he wasn't doing good the first time round, but he worked out what was wrong: she had her tounge under the bit. Fiona finds her chequebook and then asks how dinner was last night. Brian remarks that he thought Jill would have been bursting to tell Fiona herself, but Fiona says she went out first thing this morning - she left a note; she's gone to Sydney for the day, with her mother. Brian says they enjoyed the meal - they got on famously. Fiona says Jill will no doubt tell her all about it tomorrow, when they out shopping - they're going on a binge! Brian goes to change before they head off, leaving Bert alone with Fiona. He slurs that he missed Fiona yesterday - he was going to get in touch, but something came up. Fiona listens, and then angrily asks Bert if he thinks she's completely stupid. Bert asks her what she means. Fiona replies that she can smell it on his breath. She asks him if he turned up for training. Bert replies that sure he did, and so Fiona asks what time he turned up. Bert replies that he was a bit late, but he got there. Fiona suggests he should ring Alec, adding that it might help. Bert, though, asks what that's got to do with the price of fish. He adds that Fiona's having a go at him for having a social drink. Fiona says, "Social drink my eye." She reminds Bert that he told her himself: he's an alcoholic. Bert snaps, "And you're like a cracked record, Fiona. No wonder I want to keep away from you." He storms off, leaving Fiona looking shocked and upset.

Outside, Brian asks Bert if he's ready to go. He says he is. He then asks Bert if he and Fiona had a bit of a barney. Bert snaps that Brian should mind his own business, but Brian says it is his business; they're supposed to be partners. Bert says they are, but Brian says they aren't when he's acting like this. He adds that it's only because Bert's letting things get on top of him - and not just because of his son. Bert snaps that Brian's said enough, but Brian continues that Bert feels as if he's of no use anymore; he thinks he can do all the work without him - which is nonsense; he's drinking because he's strung up. He tells Bert to pull himself together - arrive at work on time and sober. Bert indignantly says, "Now wait a minute, who says I'm drunk?" Brian snaps that he doesn't care if Bert's drunk or not, but he's been drinking before coming to work, and he's not putting up with it. The argument continues as a cab pulls up outside the house and Patricia gets out. She watches for a while and then goes inside. Brian tells Bert that he's not going to put up with it anymore. They get in the car.

Inside, Wayne is surprised to see Patricia standing there when he opens the door. He asks her what she's doing there, and she replies that she's there to do what he failed to do - and she's not leaving 'til Gordon agrees to come back to Ramberg - and if it means eating humble pie, she'll gorge herself on it; if he wants the block of shares, he can have them - as long as he agrees to come back. Wayne listens to this and then tells Patricia that it might be a bit harder than she thinks: Gordon's in Perth. Patricia looks annoyed, and she asks Wayne why he didn't tell her last night, on the 'phone. Wayne points out that she wasn't exactly listening last night. Patricia tells him not to be smart. She continues that that's the last thing she needs - a wild goose chase - especially with Angela pregnant. Wayne asks what the big deal is. Patricia snaps that it's a very big deal, for his information - she wants to spend as much time with Angela as she can. She sits down in the lounge room as Wayne incredulously says, "Don't tell me you've gone all clucky?" Patricia replies, "I'm concerned about the baby, yes."

By the front door at The Terrace, Angela kisses Rob goodbye. Rob tells his wife not to forget to make an appointment. Angela says she has - it's for tomorrow. She tells Rob to run along or be late. Rob waves goodbye to Peter and goes. In the kitchen, Peter is refilling the condiments, and he says to Angela that he wonders how Jennifer is going with the job hunting. Angela points out that she looked pretty determined to get one when she left! She walks over to the sink and goes to pick up a black sack of rubbish to put out. Peter offers to help, but Angela says it's OK. She pulls together the open top of the sack, and goes to pick it up. However, she suddenly drops the sack and clutches at her stomach, almost collapsing. Peter rushes over to her and asks what the matter is. Angela tells him to get the doctor, quickly; she adds that the number's by the 'phone. As Peter rushes to dial, Angela looks worried.

A while later, Peter opens the door to David, who asks how she is. Peter replies that the doctor's with her, upstairs. David asks Peter if he's OK. Peter just says, "Yeah." David goes upstairs. In her bedroom, the doctor is telling Angela, who's lying in bed, that she's a very foolish girl for not coming to see him as soon as she realised she was pregnant. Angela asks about her baby, and the doctor assures her that it's alright. David comes in and asks what the problem is. The doctor explains that Angela's pregnancy is virtually a miracle; the very reason that makes it unlikely makes it difficult - there's a great danger of losing the foetus in the early stages. Angela asks what she has to do to stop it happening. The doctor replies that to give herself a chance of saving it, she'll have to stay in bed 'til it's born; movement is the major problem. Angela looks at David and then says that, if that's what she has to do, she'll do it. The doctor suggests she take a few days to consider it, but Angela says she's never wanted anything so much - she'll do whatever she can to make it happen. The doctor reiterates that he still thinks she should take at least a day; in the meantime, she should stay in bed and he'll call again tomorrow. He goes. David tells Angela that it wouldn't bother him one bit if Angela changed her mind, but Angela says she won't; she would like to see Rob as soon as she could, though. David says he'll get a message to the depot. Angela says she'd like to see Patricia, too, to let her know. David pauses, then says, "Sure."

At Dural, Patricia tells Wayne to ring her as soon as Gordon get back from Perth and he's had a chance to test the air. Wayne obediently says, "Yes, mother." Patricia continues that if he for a minute thinks Gordon's not going to agree to come back, she'll be on the first flight out. Wayne says, "And use the same deal you were going to try today?" Patricia says, "Of course - it'll work." She then says she thinks it's time they went to the airport. They get up and go to the door just as the bell rings. It's Charlie, who's surprised to see Patricia. She asks where she sprang from, but Patricia replies that they're just on their way to the airport, actually. Charlie tells her that she can't do that, flying visit or not; she must know all about the wedding. She adds that, Wayne, being a typical male, doesn't know anything. Patricia, not wanting to get involved, says she and Wayne have a few more things to talk about actually, and she suggests that she see Charlie at her place for lunch. Charlie looks delighted, and she says she'll get out the silver! She adds that Patricia's timing couldn't be better - she's off to Europe again tomorrow. She then says she'll see Patricia in a hour. She turns to Wayne and says she wanted to have a chat with him but it can wait. Turning back to Patricia, she tells her not to be any earlier - she's got to shop first. She goes, and Patricia closes the door. Wayne offers to change her flight, but Patricia says "Don't bother - she didn't stand by me when I needed her; I'm damned if I'm going to have lunch with her, let alone tell her anything." Wayne looks surprised, and he says, "Don't times change!" Patricia wryly says, "They certainly do..."

Outside, in the drive, a car, travelling at quite high speed, pulls up suddenly, next to Fiona. The driver is Bert. Fiona asks him where Brian is, and Bert replies that he left him at the saddlery. Fiona asks what happaned, but Bert says he doesn't know; he just left Brian there. Fiona accuses Bert of going drinking, and Bert slurs that he's sorry - he didn't mean to. Fiona says that that's enough. Patricia and Wayne come out of house, and Patricia asks Wayne if that's the one and only Bert. Wayne says it is. By the car, Fiona tells Bert to go and sleep it off. Bert slurs that he'll be alright. Patricia and Wayne walk past, and Patricia snidely says, "Hello, Fiona. I heard you had a new man in your life. Congratulations!" Fiona looks annoyed.

David is serving customers at The Terrace as Jennifer sits on her own at a table, drinking coffee. Rob comes in asks if Angela's alright. David says she's upstairs in bed. Rob goes up to the bedroom, where Angela asks if David told him. She adds that she wants to have the baby. Rob says that of course she does. He then asks if she can sit it out, adding that seven months is a long time to spend in bed. Angela says she wants to do it. Rob says that, from what David says, even if she does stay there and does everything the doctor says, there's still a risk. Angela tells her husband that she wanted a baby so much, and they've been given a chance now; she asks him to please agree. Rob says OK, adding that she knows he'll do everything he can to help her. Angela tells him that he should do something about keeping the coffee shop going. Rob says he'll talk to David and Beryl. He then says he has to go, as he had to come home early. Angela says she understands. She tells Rob that she loves him so much - she knows it'll be alright if he's there with her. They hug.

A while later, David brings some food in for Angela, saying as he does so that he's sorry it took so long, but he and and Peter are run off their feet. Angela thanks him for helping out. She then asks if he can do her one more favour before he goes: Paul - ring him for her. David says he's not sure, but Angela says she's been thinking all morning: she hasn't been fair on him - the least she owes him is to say goodbye properly. David tells her that he doesn't think she should; he asks what would happen if Rob finds out. Angela, though, says she's got to explain what's happening; Rob won't be back 'til after 5pm, and Paul will be long gone by then. David says he doesn't like it, but Angela insists that she's only trying to be fair. David gives in and says he'll make the call from up there, so Peter doesn't know. Angela asks what will happen when Paul turns up. David says he'll tell Peter that Paul is a friend come to help; he'll make sure he leaves and let Angela get on with it. Angela thanks him.

Wayne returns to Dural, but as soon as he gets in the front door, Charlie storms out of the lounge room and snaps, "What's going on? Where the hell is Patricia?" Wayne calmly remarks that he thought Charlie had gone home, but Charlie snaps at him not to beat around the bush; where is she? Wayne tells Charlie that Patricia received an urgent call - she had to get straight to the airport. Charlie snaps, "Rubbish." She continues that she's not stupid, and doesn't like being treated like she is; at least she knows how things are between them, now. Wayne tells Charlie that she's taking it too seriously, but Charlie snaps, "Am I?" She tells Wayne that he's a bad liar - one of his failings. She continues that Patricia has lost a lot of friends over the past year, and she can add her to the list. She opens the door and tells Wayne that there's one thing Patricia's forgotten about: she knows everything about her - and she means everything; if Patricia's not careful, she may just decide to blow it all one day. She adds that Wayne might care to tell her that.

Patricia arrives back at Toorak in a cab, as Margaret watches from the upstairs balcony. The cab drives off and another car then pulls up - it's Martin's. Margaret continues to watch, but she can't hear the conversation. She does see Martin showing Patricia a piece of paper, though. Downstairs, Patricia and Martin walk into the house, and Patricia is saying that she can understand completely why Martin did what he did. She adds that the children are just over-reacting; at least, they're behaving in an immature way. Martin asks her if she thinks so, and Patricia replies that of course they are; he can't expect them to understand completely. Martin tells Patricia that it's good to have her back, but Patricia says she's only been away overnight. Martin says it was long enough, as it was hard with the kids. Patricia says she thinks Margaret was being a little optimistic thinking he had sorted it out with them - but he must be firm: put his problems behind him and concentrate on planning the wedding. Margaret comes downstairs and smiles as she enters the room and says she thought she heard Patricia's voice. Martin tells Patricia that she's got a great sister - someone to lean on while she's away. Patricia says she'll have to be careful - she'll be getting jealous! Martin assures her, though, that she has nothing to worry about. They hug, and Patricia looks at Margaret gleefully.

There's a knock on the front door of The Terrace, and Peter answers it. It's Paul. Peter gives him the teatowel he's holding and says he's been waiting for him; it's all his! Paul looks bemused, but Peter goes and Paul walks in. He puts the teatowel over the bannister and goes upstairs, leaving the front door wide open. He goes into Angela's room and sits by her bed. Angela, who looks pleased to see him, tells him that she's sorry for hurting him so much. She adds that she avoided him because she was scared Rob would find out; she didn't want to ruin their marriage, or hurt it. Paul says he knows. Angela clasps his hand and starts sobbing. She asks Paul to believe her: she's been thinking: he was right to call her selfish - she was - but she always has been. She continues that she's sorry - that's all she can say. Paul gently says, "But you did love me?" Angela replies that she still does - it's just that they can't go any further; she just wanted to see him to say she hopes that everything works out - and she'll never forget him - and thankyou for the most wonderful times of her life. Paul looks at her. He tells her that he doesn't like it, but he guesses that all he can say is... goodbye. He puts his arms round her, and they hug tightly. Just at that moment, the bedroom door opens and Rob excitedly says, "Guess what? I wangled the afternoon..." He stops dead in his tracks as he sees his wife and Paul locked in an embrace. Paul pulls away from Angela and they both turn to stare at Rob, who looks shocked.


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