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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Wayne is putting golf balls across the floor of the lounge room at Dural, and Patricia, obviously annoyed, asks him if he has to. Wayne innocently replies that he's just killing time, but Patricia snaps at him to kill it outside. Wayne asks Patricia if she wants to join him. In reply, Patricia tells Wayne that she doesn't know how he stays so calm, adding that he's in as much trouble as she is if Ramberg goes down the drain. Wayne says he'll manage. When Patricia gives him a look, he hurriedly heads outside! Patricia goes and looks out of the window.

Paul is standing in the lounge room at Toorak and overhears Margaret at the front door, where she is welcoming Gordon and telling him that she didn't expect him to come rushing back. Gordon explains that he was on his way back anyway, and when he heard Angela was ill, he made time to stop over. The two of them enter the lounge room, Gordon adding as they do so, that he can't stop long. Paul pretends that Gordon's visit is unexpected, and tells him that it's a pleasant surprise. Margaret then tells Gordon that she's sorry she's wasted his time, but Angela is under doctor's orders: she's to have no visitors at all; she should have told him on the 'phone. Paul chips in that he was in the same boat: he dropped by to see Angela, too. Margaret indicates to Gordon to sit down. She then suggests that they could get in touch with Angela's doctor, but she can't really see him changing his mind. Gordon says it's a shame, but adds that, if it means she's on the mend quicker... Margaret tells him that she's sure he'll be one of the first people Angela wants to see; it will mean so much to her when she's feeling better. Gordon says he wishes Patricia had called him straight after the miscarriage. He adds that he supposes it's wishful thinking, but he may have been able to do something. Paul sourly remarks that Gordon knows what Patricia is like: that's probably why she didn't call. Surprised, Gordon says, "Come on..." but Paul continues that he wouldn't put it past her - not after what she did to him. Gordon responds that he knows Paul doesn't like her... Paul replies that Gordon can't blame him for how he feels. Gordon suggests that the share business was a long time ago, and there's no point in dragging it up again. Paul, though, says that's the least of it; there's a lot Gordon doesn't know. Margaret tells Gordon that, for one thing, Patricia has said that she's all concerned for Angela, but where is she now? Up in Sydney, waiting for him. Paul chips in that Patricia is making a last ditch effort to get him back to Ramberg. Gordon looks surprised, but says Patricia is entitled to try. Paul snaps at him not to be so damn noble, adding that the woman is a total con. Gordon tells Paul that he has nothing to gain by sticking the knife in. Paul replies that he's not just trying to badmouth Patricia. He continues that Gordon did him a big favour when he went to court; the least he can do is try and pay him back by letting him know the whole truth. He continues that Patricia came up to Woombai with Wayne purely to cause trouble for him: the two of them did their damndest to get him to have another go at Wayne, so he wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court. Gordon listens intently as Paul tells him that, when it backfired, Patricia tried to bribe Margaret into perjuring herself. Gordon looks at Margaret, who says, "I'm afraid so." Paul tells Gordon that he wouldn't bother telling him all this, but he wouldn't want to see him conned again. Gordon sighs, and says, "No worries about that." Paul looks at Margaret. Gordon continues that he didn't know any of what Paul told him, but nothing Patricia did would surprise him anymore; he's already accepted a partnership with Barbara's brother, though, and he's going up to Sydney now to get things rolling. He then thanks Paul for his advice, adding that it removes any last qualms he had about leaving Ramberg to sort out its own problems.

Wayne is putting in the grounds of Dural when a car roars up the drive at high speed and pulls up outside the house. Wayne walks round to the passenger side, where Bert is slumped over, and says, "Heavy morning?" Brian gets out the driver's door and tells Wayne to help him get Bert inside. Wayne asks what for. Brian replies, "'Cos he's in a bad way." Wayne retorts that it's not his problem. He then asks Brian if he doesn't think he's taking advantage of Gordy's good nature - using the place as a halfway house. Brian ignores this and says he'll see what Fiona has to say. He goes inside. Wayne looks at Bert.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Brian tells Fiona that he got a call from Bert's landlady: Bert must have been on one hell of a binge - he only just made it home, and flaked out in the hall. Fiona looks upset, and she starts pacing the room. Brian continues that the landlady couldn't move him. Fiona tells Brain not to expect any thanks when Bert comes to. Brian retorts that he could hardly leave him. Fiona closes her eyes, sadly, and then says she's cut all ties with him; she'd prefer to leave it that way. Brian tells her that he thinks she'll change her mind when she sees him. He pleads, "Please?" Fiona pauses and then reluctantly goes outside.

Bert is still asleep in the car, and Wayne is still standing there, holding his putter. Brian asks him if Bert has stirred at all. Wayne sarcastically says, "Just long enough for one quick round!" Fiona snaps at him that, if he's not going to say anything sensible, he should shut his mouth! She opens the car door and sits down on the edge of Bert's seat. She touches his shoulder and says, "Oh, my poor darling..."

A while later, Brian is having something to eat in the flat, and Fiona sits down at the table with him. He asks if Bert is any better. Fiona replies that she thought a couple of hours' sleep would do the trick, but he's still dead to the world. Brian says it's a good thing Bert wasn't driving. He then adds that he's glad Fiona hasn't turned her back on him. Fiona quietly says she's too soft for her own good. Brian asks her if she thinks she can help Bert in the long run. Fiona sadly says every instinct is telling her to stick to her guns - but she loves him; she can only try.

In the hallway at Toorak, Angela thanks Martin for sticking around while she spoke to the witch doctor! Martin says it couldn't have been that bad! Angela replies that it wasn't, actually - but the doctor asked her so many questions that she feels worn out! Martin suggests she lie down, and Angela agrees that this is a good idea. She goes upstairs. Martin goes into the lounge room, where Margaret offers him some cake. He declines. Margaret jokingly asks if he's worried about his weight! Martin says, "No." Margaret asks if it's Angela. Martin replies that it seemed to go alright, actually. He then explains that it's Peter he's thinking about. Margaret asks him if he ran into his his son, and Martin explains about seeing him at The Terrace. He adds that he'll never forget his look, and he tells Margaret about Peter saying he was the one who should have been killed, not Jennifer's father. Margaret asks what he knows about what happened during the war. Martin replies that Peter knows enough to stir up all the guilt that he's been pretending for years wasn't there. Margaret says she's sorry. Martin sits down and continues that he'll never forget the look on Barry's face; he was taking off and Barry was running, trying to reach him; he saw the shell hit him. He tells Margaret that he never knew he was so dependent on the opinion of his kids - he got used to Adam's rejection of him - well, almost - but he doesn't know how he could face up to losing Peter; Jen, too. He continues that, without Margaret around to talk to... and Patricia: knowing she loves him is the one thing that keeps him going. Margaret closes her eyes, trying not to look guilty. She then bends down next to Martin's chair and says, "Martin..." Martin looks at her and says, "Yes?" Margaret stares into his eyes and then says, "Oh nothing - it can wait..."

A cab pulls up outside Dural and the driver takes the bags out of the boot. Gordon gets out from the passenger seat and Wayne comes out of the house. He greets his father and they both then go inside. As they do so, Wayne tells Gordon that Patricia is there - she's been waiting to see him. Gordon replies that he knows, and adds that she could have saved herself a trip.

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room as Gordon comes in. He closes the door and then demands to know why Patricia didn't call him the moment Angela fell ill. He adds that he's just come from Melbourne - he knows exactly what's going on. Patricia, a momentary look of surprise crossing her face, snaps at Gordon not to get upset, as she's come there specifically to tell him all about it. Gordon, obviously disbelieving, says, "Really?" He continues that he's aware that she's there to twist his arm about going back to Ramberg and then adds that she should save her energy: he wouldn't work with her again if his life depended on it. Shocked, Patricia says, "Gordon!" Gordon tells her that he means it - he's already agreed to go into partnership with Barbara's brother, so she's too late anyway - and his decision is final. Patricia throws her arms up and sarcastically says that's fine and he should go ahead and sit back and watch her lose everything. She then adds that Angela is a very sick girl, and her treatment is going to cost a lot of money. Gordon calmly says Angela can rely on him for any amount of support, financial or otherwise. He tells Patricia that it's not going to work. Seeing the expression on her face, he adds that she's going to have to brush up on her 'pathetic' look if she wants to get round him that way. Patricia, taking a different tack, says she made a big mistake when she bought up the controlling interest in Ramberg and bought him out - it was petty, stupid and very bad business. Gordon just says, "Yes." Patricia continues that she'd like to undo the damage: she promises him that he can have an absolutely free hand - no interference, nothing - just name his price. Gordon says, "Don't, Patricia." Patricia tells him that he's not even giving her a hearing. Gordon retorts that that's because he's heard all he needs to from Paul - he saw him in Melbourne, on the way home. Patricia snaps that Gordon can't believe a word Paul says - he knows Paul hates her. Gordon replies that it's well deserved, he'd say. He then adds that he honestly thinks they've said it all. Patricia starts to plead, saying she mustn't lose her money; she can't. Gordon coldly says, "Don't beg, Patricia." Patricia glares at him and then snaps that she's never begged anything from him. She continues that Gordon would love to see her go under - but she'll manage. She storms out into the hall, where Wayne is standing with his bag of golf clubs. Patricia tells him that he's done it: their old friend, Paul, got to Gordon first. Wayne says he heard Gordon saying he got to him in Melbourne. Patricia sarcastically comments that Wayne's eavesdropping being just as good as ever. Wayne asks her whether she reckons Paul stuck the boot in about him as well. Patricia snaps, "What do you think?" She then picks up the 'phone and starts dialling a number. Wayne asks her what she's going to do. Patricia replies that, without Gordon, she's broke; she has two choices: either she puts up with it, or she actually goes ahead and marry Martin - at least he'll suppport her 'til something better comes along - but she has no intention of being poor. When she gets through on the 'phone, she orders a taxi to the airport.

At Toorak, Margaret is sewing a button back on to Martin's jacket, and Martin tells her that Jen used to fuss over all the little details. Margaret remarks that it must be a shock living on his own all of a sudden. Martin admits that he's never had to manage by himself before - that's why he'll be glad when he and Patricia are finally married. Margaret's face drops. Martin then asks what she'll do. Margaret asks him if he means after the wedding, and then continues that she'll manage, adding that she's had plenty of time with just her own company. She tells Martin that it was nice of him to ask, though. Martin assures her that he really is interested, as he feels they've become real good friends again; he's glad she and Patricia have sorted their problems out. Margaret puts down the sewing materials she's holding and walks to the other side of the room, turning her back on Martin. Martin asks what's wrong. Margaret puts her hands to her face, looking upset. Martin soothingly says, "Come on..." Margaret then says, "Everything Patricia has told you is a pack of lies. She doesn't want me around her. She hates me. And if you want to know the truth, she feels exactly the same about you." Martin looks shocked.

A while later, Martin comes off the 'phone in the hall. Margaret, standing next to him, looks worried. They go into the lounge room. Martin has a stern look on his face. Margaret asks what they said on the 'phone, and Martin tells her that she was right: the reception place has never heard of Patricia - there's no record of a booking in her name or his. Margaret replies that she hates to say it, but she's just as right about everything else: there's no wedding dress, no friend or relative of Patricia's has been invited; Patricia has no intention of having her as bridesmaid - her idea is to humiliate Martin in front of his friends: they'd all show up - so would he - but she wouldn't. Martin's eyes start to bulge, and he angrily, but calmly, says he believed every word. He sits down and continues that he believed she loved him just as much as he... He breaks off. Margaret sits on the arm of his chair and tries to explain that she wanted to tell him sooner, but she was scared; even now, she doesn't know what Patricia will do. Martin looks at her and tells her that she has nothing to worry about if he sees Patricia first. Looking concerned, Margaret warns him that he's got to be extremely careful - if he as much as looks like touching Patricia, she'll have the police around in no time at all. Martin snaps that Patricia's not going to get away with it. Margaret says she can understand how he feels. Martin angrily tells her that she doesn't know the half of it. He stands up, and so does Margaret. She tells Martin that if she was him, she'd leave Patricia alone - unless... Martin asks, "What?" Margaret then says, "No - I must keep right out of it." Martin, though, persists that he wants to know. Margaret looks at him and says the one area where Patricia is vulnerable is Angela. She adds that her sister didn't think twice about using his children when she wanted to get at him...

Wayne walks into Dural from outside and goes and knocks on the closed lounge room doors. Gordon curtly calls out, "Yes?" Wayne goes into the room and asks his father if he's got a minute. Gordon snaps, "Yes." Wayne says he guesses Gordon has heard some things about him. Gordon snaps, "Enough." Wayne continues that he just wanted to make sure his father knows the truth. Gordon sarcastically tells Wayne that that's a bit of a novelty for him, but Wayne asks to be given a chance. Gordon snaps that Wayne has had so many chances that he's lost count. Wayne complains that Gordon is writing him off without a fair hearing - he honestly thought they were getting somewhere; some hope. He sits down and says he'll try to stick to the facts. Gordon snaps, "Good." Wayne says it's true that he went along with Patricia - he did try to make it bad for Paul; it was her idea, though. Gordon points out that Wayne could have spent a long time in jail, and asks him if he ever thought of that? Wayne replies that Patricia was pressuring him, adding that Gordon knows what she's like. Gordon reluctantly says, "Yes." Wayne continues that he tried to get out of it - that's what he and Patricia were arguing about outside the court: he wanted to forget the whole thing. Gordon suggests that he left it a bit late. Wayne, though, reminds his father that Paul got off; if he'd gone along with it, Paul would have been sunk. Gordon says, "Maybe..." Wayne asks his father why he thinks he was so keen to come to Sydney, answering his own question by explaining that he didn't want to get mixed up in any more schemes. Gordon tells his son that he heard he was there to soften him up about going back to Ramberg. Wayne says that was Patricia's idea again, and he asks if he's once said anything to try and force Gordon into it. Gordon admits that he hasn't. Wayne explains that that was because, for the first time, they could actually talk without snapping and snarling at each other. Gordon says, "Something for the Guinness Book of Records, I suppose!" Wayne smiles, and he asks what Gordon reckons. Gordon says he's not entirely convinced, but maybe Wayne's not quite as much to blame as he thought. Wayne thanks him, and asks if he can stay, then. Gordon tells him that he can stay provided he has nothing more to do with Patricia - absolutely nothing. Wayne looks down and then says, "Done." They shake hands.

Martin is holding a packed suitcase in the lounge room at Toorak. Margaret asks if it all went alright and Martin says it did. He then says he hopes Margaret isn't thinking that he's doing this just to get back at Patricia. Margaret says, "Course not." Martin then tells her that something's come through very strongly in talking to Angela: she's terribly confused - she needs to be around people she can trust, and Patricia's obviously not one of them. Margaret says she wouldn't have suggested it if she hadn't thought it right for Angela. Martin says they'll be off as soon as Angela comes down. He puts his jacket on and says he can't help wondering about Margaret, though. Margaret says she'll be fine; she straightens his jacket. Martin continues that her having to face Patricia on her own doesn't seem right. Margaret assures him that she can handle her, and adds that she'll have to pack a few of her bits and pieces. Martin tells her that if she needs somewhere to stay... Margaret agrees that, actually, it would help for a day or so - she could help Angela settle in. Martin tells her to come for as long as she likes. Margaret says it's nice to know. Martin then tells her that, if Patricia gives her any trouble, let him know. Angela comes in. Martin picks up her bag and says, "Let's get you home." They go. Margaret smiles to herself.

In the flat at Dural, Bert is sitting at the table, rubbing his head. Brian asks him if he feels like something to eat, but Bert says, "Please, don't!" Brian then tells him that Fiona is in talking to Gordon; she'll be back in a minute. Bert sips from a glass of water and says he's not sure he's up to seeing her, yet. Brian assures Bert that Fiona isn't angry, but Bert says it doesn't matter; after what happened... He adds, "Maybe tonight..." Brian says he'll tell Fiona that Bert is still asleep. They suddenly hear a noise outside, and Brian says that sounds like Fiona now. Bert goes back to his bedroom. Brian picks up his glass and straightens the table. Fiona comes in and asks Brian if he's heard a peep out of Bert. Brian says there was just a quiet one; he thinks he could do with a little more time to himself. Fiona says she'll make him some light soup later, when he's able to taste food. She sits down at the table, and Brian tells her that she looks like she could do with a small pick-me-up. Fiona says she's alright. She then puts her head in her hands and says she's had some bad news, and if affects Brian, too. She explains that Ramberg is just about finished - it's going into receivership in the next few days - and it means she's got money worries on all fronts. Brian says, "I see." Fiona continues that she's going to have to make a few economies. Brian immediately tells her not to worry about him - he can get another job. Fiona smiles and says, "No offence, but you're the least of my worries!" She continues that, what upsets her is that she can't see any way round selling Rosie's Hope - and she was going to ask Bert to take her on again; she thought it might help him. Brian agrees that it would have; it's going to really disappoint him. Fiona says she knows - that's what's got her worried...

Patricia gets out of a cab outside Toorak and stands and looks at the house for several seconds. She then goes inside. Margaret is sitting on the settee in the lounge room, reading a book. Patricia immediately snaps, "What a wild goosechase that turned out to be - thanks to you and Paul." Margaret just says, "You're in my light." Patricia takes the book from Margaret's hands and says she'd like to know what's been going on there. Margaret tells her that Martin came round. Patricia snaps that she's not interested in him. Margaret cooly replies that she should be. Patricia snaps that she'll have plenty of time to talk to him once she's dealt with Margaret. Margaret tells her sister that she thinks she might like to know that Martin has taken Angela to his house - to stay - and she'll be leaving herself, shortly. Patricia asks what the hell Margaret is talking about. Margaret retorts that Patricia already seems to know she put Gordon into the picture - he was very grateful; so was Martin. Patricia glares at her and asks what she's been telling him. Margaret replies, "Oo, a few details... like the fact you've no intention of fronting up to the wedding." Patricia snaps, "You interfering--" She then tells Margaret that Martin wouldn't believe her. Margaret, though, says, "But he does." She continues that that's why it was so easy to convince him to take Angela away - he doesn't think Patricia is fit enough to be her mother. Furious at what she's hearing, Patricia reaches out and slaps Margaret round the face. Margaret immediately does the same to Patricia. As the two women glare at each other, Margaret says, "You wanted to see me at rock bottom, didn't you. You wanted to build me up and pull the rug out from under me. Well, it looks like it's the other way round." Patricia coldly says, "I'm going to try and undo the damage that you've caused. But God help you if you're here when I get back." She storms off, leaving Margaret standing with the makings of a smile on her face...


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