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    Written by: Paul & Liz Cunningham   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Early the next morning, Brian is up and is putting his boots on when Jill emerges from her bedroom. Brian apologises for waking her up. Jill says it's alright, and then thanks him for being so understanding. She tells him that she's so glad to have him for a friend. She then realises that she forgot the porridge, but Brian says he doesn't have time now. Jill asks him when he'll be back, and Brian replies that it'll be late, as there's lots to do. He goes. Jill smiles and looks contented.

Angela is sitting at the table in the living room at Woombai. She's written 'AJK' several times on a piece of paper, and then, at the bottom, she's written 'Angela Jane Keegan'. Matt comes in and remarks on Angela being up early. Angela explains that she couldn't sleep, so she got up to watch the sunrise. Sge adds that she did it a lot as a little girl: she used to wake up before everyone else; in the summer, the sun would be a pink glow and then rise to a deep red... Matt asks her if she remembers anything else, and she continues that she remembers being lonely - she had her brother, but no one else to play with. Matt asks about what she's been writing, and Angela, in reply, asks him if 'AJK' stands for 'Angela Jane Keegan'. She also asks if Keegan is her married name, and Matt tells her it is. Angela says she's been thinking about her husband - she can almost see him; she'd recognise him as soon as she saw him.

Wayne is out jogging in the grounds at Dural, when he runs past the flat. Jill is on the flat's balcony, and she laughs at Wayne's exertions. Wayne invites her to join him, and she goes to get changed.

A while later, the two of them finish their run and collapse onto a large chuck of rock, which they use as a seat. Jill remarks that she thought Wayne had to take it easy after his accident last year, but Wayne replies that his doctor says he's OK now - plus he's getting flabby round the middle! Jill asks him why start running today? Wayne replies, smiling, that, today, he feels extra good... They get up and start walking back towards the house. As they do so, Jill notices Brian's car outside, and expresses surprise, as he wasn't supposed to be back until late. Wayne suggests that something must be up...

Brian's shirts are lying over the back of the couch and the chairs in the flat. Jill goes in and asks him what he's doing. Brian explains that he's packing, as a couple of guys from Immigration were at the track, and he wasn't going to hang around, as, if they catch him, they'll deport him. Jill asks how Immigration found out, and Brian replies that someone tipped them off. Jill tells him that he can't keep running, but Brian insists that he can't go back to Ireland - no way. Jill hugs him and tells him that she wishes he could stay. Brian says he'd better finish packing. Jill asks him if there's anything she can do, and Brian replies that she can drive him a long way from there, and then he'll hitch. Jill asks who could have tipped Immigration off. Brian, looking surprised, asks her if she really doesn't know. He then continues that it had to be Wayne, and he asks Jill if it isn't time that she found out what Wayne is really like.

In the lounge room, Wayne says it wasn't him. Jill tells him that Brian said Wayne's never liked him. Wayne retorts that he doesn't think Brian is doing the right thing by her. He appears to convince Jill that he's innocent, and Jill asks who provided the tip-off, then. Wayne suggests that it was Bert - he probably shot his mouth off at the track when he was drunk. He adds that if it had been him who had tipped them off, they would have come to the house. Jill admits that he's right. Brian suddenly calls to Jill from the hallway, and Jill tells Wayne not to come out, as she doesn't want there to be a fight. She leaves the room. Wayne looks pleased with himself.

John is in a car and tells the driver to drop him off where they are. He gets out and the car drives off. John goes into a telephone box, takes out some change, puts some in the slot and dials a number.

Patricia is sitting on her own at the sole remaining table in the living room at Toorak when the 'phone rings. She gets up to answer it, and John comes on. Patricia asks him where he is, and he replies that he's nearly at Woombai, as he's been lucky getting lifts. He asks Patricia if she's done anything silly about Rob, but she tells him that she hasn't - although she wouldn't mind getting back at him... She reminds John to talk to Angie about the coffee shop, but John replies that he'll play it by ear, and see how she is. Patricia tells him not to let Fiona pull the wool over his eyes. John replies that he'll give her a ring from Woombai. Patricia hangs up and reluctantly goes back to the table in the living room. She picks up her packet of cigarettes from the table, but it's empty.

Sometime later, Patricia is in a shop, paying for some groceries. When the shopkeeper tells her how much they cost, she realises she doesn't have enough money to pay for everything, and embarrassedly decides just to take the bread, milk and cigarettes. She pays, and goes to head out of the shop. As she does so, an old lady is walking towards her, and the lady comments to Patricia about how terrible it is that everthing is going up. Patricia, smiles politely and says, "Inflation." The old lady continues that all people care about round there is money.

Jill stops Brian's car by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. They get out and Jill gives Brian some money. Brian refuses it, but Jill insists, and he tells her that he'll pay her back. Jill hugs him and tells him to be careful. Brian says he'll send her postcards when he gets a job, but will make sure he keeps on the move so he can't be traced. The two of them suddenly kiss each other for several seconds, and Brian tells Jill that he loves her. Jill dashes back into the car, looking upset, and drives off. Brian watches her sadly, as she goes.

Patricia arrives back at Toorak, takes out the cigarettes and lights one. She then looks at the pile of mail she's brought in with her. One letter in particular catches her attention, and she opens it. When she reads it, she finds it contains a threat of legal action against her if she doesn't settle an outstanding bill. She goes to the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Wayne answers it. Patricia comes on and tells him she needs his help - she needs some money to tide her over. Wayne asks her if $100 will be enough, but Patricia replies that it's not nearly enough - she wants some of Gordon's money. Wayne tells her that he can't risk it - if Gordon ever found out...; he's not going to risk things there. Patricia snaps at Wayne that he owes her a hell of a lot. Wayne, though, tells Patricia not to threaten him - after all, she's the one asking for money. Patricia curtly tells him that circumstances can change, and warns him not to come to her for help again. Wayne smugly says he's not going to need it anymore.

At Woombai, Matt tells Angela that it's a pity she didn't go for a ride that morning, as it was so peaceful. Angela asks Matt what her husband was like, but Matt refuses to tell her. Angela says she thinks she was in love with him, and Matt replies that she was. Angela asks how long they were married, but again, Matt refuses to say. Paul then comes in and he and Angela go out.

John, on foot, approaches Woombai and suddenly notices Angela riding. He watches her, and then thinks back to the dreams he had about her before he ever met her. As a happy smile crosses his face, his mind switches back to the present, and he sees Angela's horse stop. He then watches Paul come up behind her - also on his horse - and he looks annoyed.

Jill pulls up back at Dural in Brian's mini and gets out. As she heads for the house, she passes, and looks at, a silver saloon parked in the driveway. She then goes inside. As she steps into the hallway, Wayne comes downstairs and tells her that an Immigration Officer and a Commonwealth Policeman are waiting to talk to her in the flat. Looking worried, Jill asks if Gordon is around, but Wayne replies that Barbara's brother stopped in on the way through to Melbourne, and they're having lunch at the airport. Jill says she's glad, as she doesn't want Gordon to know about this. As she heads for the flat, she tells Wayne that she's going to try and convince them that the marriage was for real.

In the flat, Jill tells the two men that she and Brian met by accident and fell in love - that's why they married. One of the men says it would help if Jill could tell them where Brian is, but Jill replies that she doesn't know - he's gone on the run. One of the men asks why, and Jill explains that he didn't want to be sent back to Ireland. She's then asked why Brian would be sent back, and she replies that he had a job and his visa had run out; she adds that the men know that, as they were at the track this morning. One of the men asks if that's why he's gone. Jill explains that he was frightened. One of the men then tells her that not everyone whose visa has expired is deported - they need to question Brian, and if his answers are satisfactory, they could extend his visa for another three months. Jill looks upset as the man continues that Brian's not a criminal and adds that they have to talk to him eventually. Jill tells them that when they went to the track that morning, Brian was so upset. One of the men replies that they're only trying to help him.

In the hallway in the main house, the two men thank Jill for her co-operation. Jill tells them that she's not sure when she'll hear from Brian, and one of the men tells her that it means Brian will go through months of unnecessary worry. The two men go, and Jill heads into the lounge room. Wayne is in there, and he asks how things went. Jill tells him that the two men just wanted to talk to Brian. Wayne asks if that means he'll be allowed to stay, and Jill replies that she thinks so - but she's got no way of getting in touch with him. Wayne tells her that he'll help her, and adds that he hopes she still trusts him. Jill tells him that he's always been a good friend. Wayne then comments that Jill must have done a good job convincing the two men that she and Brian were in love. Jill replies that it wasn't hard - if Brian had been there for much longer, it might have been true...

Brian is sitting at the side of the road as cars go past. A car passes and then comes to a stop. Brian picks up his things from the ground and heads for the car. The things he picks up include his wallet, in which the picture of Maureen has been replaced by a picture of him and Jill...

John has arrived at Woombai, and Matt tells him he's glad he's come; he thinks it will help, particularly if Angela can remember him. At that moment, Angela comes in. John turns to her, smiles and says, "Hello, Angie." Angela looks at him and immediately tells him that she recognises him. She stares at him for several seconds and then says his name is John. John tells her not to try too hard to remember, but Angela replies that of course she remembers. She runs and hugs him as she recalls that he's her husband...


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