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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Jill says she's no expert but the baby looks a few months old; Scott was only few days old when he died. Fiona insists that it's so like him. She asks Wayne if the guy at the junk shop knows where it came from, but Wayne says he didn't ask. Fiona asks why anyone would have a photo of Scott. Wayne chips in that all babies look the same, but Fiona ignores this and says there must be some explanation. Wayne suggests that she ask the bloke at the shop. Fiona looks round at the clock and reluctantly says the place will be closed by now - but she'll go first thing in the morning. Jill tells Fiona that she's sure the shop owner will think she's crazy, but Fiona insists that she's going to see him.

At the breakfast table the next morning, Gordon remarks that he can't believe Fiona would take leave of her senses like that. Barbara comments that she's sure Fiona isn't taking it that seriously, but Wayne asks why she's gone to the shop, then. He then adds that he's not saying Fiona is off her rocker, but he reckons she's pretty close to it; after losing that photo of her kid in the fire... Jill agrees that it's been pretty scary listening to her, and Gordon adds that Fiona was very upset the night the photo went... The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Wayne goes to answer it while the others take the breakfast dishes out to the kitchen. The man on the 'phone asks for Wayne - it's the guy from the junk shop. He tells Wayne that Mrs. Thompson has just left; he went through the story just the way Wayne told him to and she was very impressed. Wayne says he bets she was... He then tells the man that he'll drop the money into him later. The man expresses concern over making up a tale, but Wayne tells him that he's made an old lady very happy - plus he's made a bit for himself on the side. He then warns the man, though, that if he broadcasts any of this, they'll have problems. The man says, "No worries", and Wayne hangs up and smiles...

Fiona pulls up at Woombai in her car. Gordon is outside and he asks her if she spoke to the man. Fiona replies that Gordon's not going to believe it: the fellow in the shop didn't know much because he hasn't lived in the area that many years, but the baby in the photo was the person who brought the album in; of course, he's all grown up now, but he told the owner that the photo was of him when he was a baby - and his name is Scott! Gordon looks astonished.

A short time later, inside, Fiona continues that, apparently, the family's name is Watson; they used to live up by One Tree Hill; they've all gone now - both parents are dead and the son lives in Perth - but he came back to settle the estate and sell everything up; one day he turned up at the junk shop with a trailer of bits and pieces. Barbara asks how old this 'Scott' was. Fiona replies that he was 30 - about the same age as her Scott. Wayne asks if he's now gone back to Perth, and Fiona says he has, as he had no reason to stay in the area. Jill suggests that it could still be a coincidence, but Fiona retorts that the photo is her baby; she doesn't know how it got there and now they're telling her it's a photo of Scott Watson who happens to be round about the same age; she just doesn't know anymore... Gordon assures her that it will sort itself out. Something suddenly appears to occur to Fiona and she asks Gordon when the papers for their partnership are arriving. He replies that it will be this afternoon, and Fiona tells him that, as soon as she's signed them, she's catching a plane to Perth; she doesn't have any address for Scott, but she'll find out once and for all if he's her son - no matter how long it takes. Wayne smiles, nastily...

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Phillipe asks Lynn and Kevin if they're going out. Lynn replies that they're going to the hospital to see Davey, and Kevin adds that they've got a new toy for him. Beryl comes in and starts to say to Kevin that, before he goes... Kevin, though, interrupts and tells his mother that, if she's going to talk about David, she can leave it. Beryl snaps that he's not being very fair. Kevin continues that he knows Beryl is caught in the middle but there's nothing he can do; as far as he's concerned, he's finished with David. Beryl reluctantly accepts this and tells the kids to give Davey a big kiss from his Nan...

The 'phone rings at Toorak and Angela answers it. STD pips sound and Paul then comes on. Angela, looking pleased, tells him that it's great to hear his voice. She asks him how he is, and he says he's fine. He then asks Angela when she's coming back, and she replies that it'll be tomorrow sometime - the restaurant opens today, so that's all sorted out, and she wants to slip in and see Davey before she leaves. Paul asks how the kid is, and Angela replies that he's on the mend but he could have brain damage. She then tenderly adds that it breaks her heart to see Lynn and Kevin... Paul remarks that it sounds as if she's getting pretty involved, and Angela tells him that she's seen how close it's brought Lynn and Kevin; children can really bring a couple together. Paul says he supposes so. He then tells Angela that he loves her, and Angela replies that she loves him too. They both hang up. In the flat at Dural, Paul pauses for a few moments, staring into space and looking thoughtful. He then picks up the telephone receiver again and dials another number. The 'phone rings and is answered by a man saying, "Charles Dobson." Paul tells Dobson that he'd like some legal advice about adoption; he knows there are lots of rules and regulations but there must be way around them to speed things up - and he doesn't care what it costs. Dobson replies that that should make things a lot easier...

John arrives at The Terrace with Patricia and Charlie, and Angela welcomes him with a hug. She then tells Patricia that she looks great! Charlie heads off to find Phillipe while Angela shows John and Patricia to their table. Patricia suddenly spots Beryl and curtly says hello. As she then heads to the dining area, she comes face-to-face with Rob, and tells him 'politely' that it's nice to see him again. She then adds that it's nice to see the place has acquired a bit of class - she always thought Beryl ran it a bit like a truckie's roadhouse... Looking angry, Rob warns Patricia that, one step out of line and she'll end up in the gutter again. Patricia 'innocently' remarks, "Not in front of everyone...?" Rob snaps that he's done it once and he'll do it again.

In the kitchen, Charlie tells Phillipe that the food all looks delicious - she'll never decide what to have; Phillipe will have to advise her! Phillipe tells Charlie to let him take her to her table, but Charlie insists that there's no hurry. Phillipe explains that he can't work while being watched, and he leads Charlie back to the dining area. Beryl carries on preparing the food when, all-of-a-sudden, Patricia comes in and says sarcastically, "Working hard?" Beryl angrily asks what she wants. Patricia replies that John is looking well; it's good to have him back; Angela too. She then snaps that Beryl and David never thought she'd get back on her feet; they thought she'd finally got what was coming to her; well, she has: marriage, her children, money... She nastily tells Beryl that she hopes Beryl has got job satisfaction, as she doesn't have much else to be satisfied about. Beryl angrily orders Patricia to get out. As Patricia goes, she stands there, looking annoyed.

Charlie is talking to a couple of other diners while John is seated at a table with Kevin and Lynn. He tells them that he's sorry about Davey and asks how the kid is. Kevin replies that he's over the worst of it. John then continues that, the last time they talked he said a few stupid things, and he's sorry. He holds out his hand and says, "Mates?" Kevin agrees and the two men shake on it. Beryl suddenly comes into the dining area and tells Angela, who's talking to Patricia, and John and Kevin that she wants to see them in the kitchen.

Beryl shuts the kitchen door and says she doesn't want to spoil anyone's afternoon, but she doesn't know when she can get them all together again. She then continues that, after everyone has gone, she wants the four of them to sit down and talk. Angela asks what about. Beryl replies that they used to be a very close family and she thought it was time they sorted out their problems. Kevin snaps that she just wants to try and talk him round, and she's wasting her breath. He walks out. Looking annoyed, Beryl asks John and Angela who's going to be the next one to leave. John says he honestly doesn't know what talking can do. Beryl angrily asks if she's the only one who cares. She adds that she just wants a fair hearing and then they can do what they like. Angela agrees to stay, and John, after a moment's though, says he'll stay too.

Fiona is sitting on the couch at Woombai, staring at telephone, which remains silent. Jill comes in and looks at her in concern.

Barbara and Gordon are sitting outside on the verandah. Jill comes out and Gordon asks if Fiona is still there. Jill tells him about her staring at the 'phone, and she then adds that she's never seen her like this before. Gordon remarks that, hopefully, her solicitor will set her mind at rest when he calls. Jill comments that she thought it took days to find death and birth certificates. Gordon tells her that it doesn't if you have the right people looking. Barbara chips in that she hates to admit it but she thinks Wayne may have had a point. Jill asks if she means she thinks Fiona is going loopy. Barbara points out that Fiona is very sure that Scott is still alive. Gordon says he's worried about how she'll take it when she finds out it's mistake. Jill says she wishes Wayne had never found that old album. She then asks where Wayne is, and Gordon replies that he's gone out, as he had a few things to do.

Wayne is standing outside the Hansens'. Terry answers the door and, when he sees who the visitor is, angrily asks him what he wants. Wayne replies that he wants a chat - they haven't been on the best of terms lately. He continues that there have probably been misunderstandings on both sides, but he thought they might patch up their differences over a beer. He shows Terry the stack of tinnies that he's carrying, and Terry lets him in.

Fiona is still staring into space when Jill comes in and tells her that Gordon and Barbara are going for a ride. She asks Fiona if she wants to see them off, but Fiona says she doesn't. Jill tells her that staring at the 'phone won't make it ring. Fiona says everyone must think she's gone round the twist, but Jill replies that of course they don't. Fiona continues that she had dreams about Scott for years after he died: he was alive and she'd be searching for him or he'd be drowning and she'd... Jill tells her to stop: Scott is dead; she's always known that. Fiona, though, says she's been piecing it together: when she came back there to have her baby, he grandparents were horrified - especially when she wouldn't hear of adoption; it was 1953, and unmarried mothers... the life she'd been leading, they were probably imagining him being brought up in a brothel. Jill comments that she didn't think they knew. Fiona replies that they knew - it was just left unsaid... She continues that her baby was born in her grandparents' house; there was some ancient doctor with shaky hands... and then they both got that terrible 'flu - and there was a day, or maybe two, when she was delirious, and they told her that...; well, Jill knows about that. Fiona tells Jill that they showed her the grave, but she never saw the body; just say her grandparents knew the Watsons, who really wanted a child, and thought he'd be better off there growing up in a 'decent' home; they wouldn't let her talk about it afterwards... maybe they thought it was their moral duty? Jill suggests that it's pretty wild, and Fiona agrees, but says it could be... Jill tenderly tells Fiona that she's only going to hurt herself. Fiona tells Jill that she can say, 'OK, it's unlikely,' but she can't - because, if it's true, if there's the slightest chance... She smiles happily...

A taxi pulls up outside Toorak and Patricia gets out. As she heads inside, she looks in surprise at a car already parked in the driveway.

Paul is sitting in the lounge room when Patricia enters the house, and he smiles and says, "Hello Patricia." Patricia, looking angry, cooly remarks that Angela didn't say he was coming down. Paul explains that it's a surprise visit: Angela said she was sick of flying so he thought they'd drive back together - round the coast, so they can enjoy the scenery. Patricia snaps, "How cosy..." She then asks if he hasn't come down to check up on her? Paul asks why he'd do that, and Patricia tells him that he might want to see how well Rob and Angela are getting on... Paul retorts that Angela loves him and he loves her - there's no way Rob can come between them. Patricia says she wouldn't be so sure... Paul tells her that there's something Angela wants more than anything, and he's going to get it for her. Patricia sarcastically remarks that it's another of Paul's little mysteries; she can't wait. Paul, though, tells her that, in a couple of weeks, he and Angela are going to have their own baby - "Just try and separate us then." Patricia looks furious.

At the Hansens', Terry finishes off a can of beer and says it was beaut. He adds that he reckons he could go another one, and Wayne hands a can over. Terry tells him that he appreciates him coming over - he never thought he'd get the chance to clear the air. He adds that he feels terrible about it - it never crossed his mind that she wasn't a hooker; everyone said she was; he tried to apologise but she wouldn't have a bar of it - and that Mrs. Thompson would probably have him strung up. Wayne suggests that maybe he can put in a good word. He explains about him and Gordon buying back into Woombai, and adds that they're going to spruce the place up a bit; there could be some good jobs going. Terry says he doesn't think he'll bother applying, but Wayne assures him that he's got as good a chance as anyone. Terry sourly says he doesn't see he has much of a chance with the old girl around. Wayne, though, tells him that Fiona has got other things to worry about at the moment; right now, he will be the last person on her mind. He smiles nastily...

The 'phone rings at Woombai and Fiona rushes to answer it. As she listens to the person on the other end, she smiles and says, "Yes... yes, that would be it... 1st January 1953... yes... and what about...?" Jill is there, listening, as Fiona says to the person, "I see." She then asks them if they're quite sure. Tears start welling up in her eyes as she asks if there could be any mistake. She then says, "Certainly..." She thanks the person very much and hangs up. Jill asks what is it. Fiona starts smiling and crying at the same time. She shakes her head in astonishment and, overcome with shock and happiness, tells Jill that there's no death certificate. She hugs Jill in delight.


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