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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne is in the lounge room at Dural, talking to John and Angela about the previous night. He says, "Talk about embarrassing." Angela asks if Patricia was actually crying, and Wayne replies that she'd already made a fool of herself by being drunk. He suggests the twins call her, but John asks why they should. Angela adds that Patricia's brought everything on herself. Hearing this, Wayne sarcastically comments that everyone says he has a hard heart. He leaves the room. Angela runs after him and tells him that Jill wants him to call her. She goes back into the lounge, where John asks if Patricia could just have been putting on an act. Angela says she doubts she'd make a fool of herself just to get sympathy. John admits that it doesn't change the facts. Out in the hallway, Wayne has got through to Jill and he asks her if she's OK now. Jill says she is. Wayne asks why Terry came over in the first place, and Jill replies that he spouted some garbage about Wayne offering him a job. Wayne asks what exactly he said. Jill assures him that Terry didn't make any threats; she wouldn't even have freaked if she hadn't been there by herself. Wayne says he'll come up. Pleased, Jill says she'll make dinner, but Wayne tells her that he won't be up straight away as he has a couple of things to do. He adds that he might have some news when he arrives. Jill asks if he can give her any clues, but Wayne says no.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen closes the front door and Barbara remarks that there are enough leftovers to last a week. Stephen sourly remarks that they can't blame people for losing their appetite. Gordon chips in that he's never seen a room clear so fast. Barbara asks if Patricia did much damage, but Gordon says people weren't really outraged - just uncomfortable. He adds that they shouldn't be too hard on her, and Stephen says he agrees, as there's no point in kicking someone when they're down. Barbara concedes that there's no point dwelling on it, and she suggests to Gordon and Stephen that they go into the study and she'll get the caterers to start clearing up. Gordon agrees, saying he supposes they could get the signing of the Woombai papers out of the way. Stephen says he supposes so, and jokes that he never thought he'd see the day when he became a partner in a riding school! Gordon assures him that he won't regret it. They both leave the room, but just when Barbara thinks she's alone, Patricia opens the door that leads to the bedrooms and comes out. Barbara asks her how she's feeling, but Patricia snaps that she needs Barbara's fake sympathy like she needs a hole in the head. Barbara tells Patricia that she used to think she'd get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing her get what she deserves, but she just felt sorry for her. Patricia snaps, "Goodo. That should keep you going for a while - you'll be more smug than ever." She adds, "Go for your life: you won't get another chance, I promise you." Barbara looks at the ground, in bemusement.

Paul enters Dural just as Wayne is about to go out. He sarcastically says Wayne's not leaving them? Wayne snaps that this is Paul's lucky day, as Jill is expecting him at Woombai. He goes out, and Paul goes into the lounge room, where Angela is cleaning a mark off her tennis dress. Paul tells her that he's got good news: he's chased around and he's found a way of teeing up a girl who's looking for a father for a baby; he'll fix her up for money and his name will go down on the birth certificate. Angela sourly says she doesn't want to know the details. Paul asks her if she's still OK with the idea, and she replies, "Yes, sure." Paul asks what's wrong: Patricia? Angela replies that she keeps telling herself that it's not her problem. Paul says it's hard not to think of what's happened, but he'll make sure she relaxes today and nothing else.

With the Hamiltons and the caterers having left, Patricia tells Stephen that she's glad they're all gone, as she feels like a complete idiot. Stephen tells her to take it easy, but Patricia replies that she wouldn't blame him for throttling her. Stephen says it's not as bad as she thinks - if it was, he wouldn't be giving her this. He opens up a case and gives her a necklace. Patricia says she can't, but Stephen ignores this and puts it round her neck. Patricia asks him why he's being so good to her, and Stephen tells her that it's because she's his wife, and he loves her. Patricia says she doesn't know what came over her - she felt such an idiot standing there, but she just felt she had to explain, and when she started talking about John and Angela... Stephen says, "Shhh." He tells her that all she needs is him - he'll help her forget them. Patricia, though, says, "That's what I'm afraid of: I don't know if I can."

A while later, Wayne is at the apartment, and he asks Stephen how Patricia is. Stephen says she's a bit better - she's lying down. He asks Wayne if he wanted to speak to her, and Wayne says he did, but he adds that Stephen might be able to help. He explains that it's about the apartment, and he asks whether Stephen has any plans for the place when he returns to Melbourne. Stephen says he hasn't for a few weeks. Wayne asks if the place will be free for a while, and Stephen asks Wayne if he's interested. Wayne explains that he's on his way to Woombai to collect Jill, but it's awkward for him to bring her back to stay at Dural with John there. Stephen says he understands, and asks Wayne if he wants to put Jill up at the apartment. Wayne asks if that's OK, and Stephen says he'll leave the key with the building manager. Wayne gets up to go, and Stephen asks what the rush is - is Jill champing at the bit to get back? Wayne says she will be... Seeing Stephen's bemused expression, he adds that it's a private joke. Stephen sees him out. Outside the door, Wayne smiles, looking pleased with himself.

At Woombai, Wayne tells Jill that Gordon's the problem, as he suggested hiring Terry; he tried to put him off, but there was no way, and there's nothing he can do short of telling Gordon about the attack. Jill cries that Terry can't come and work there, and she asks if there's no way to stop him. Wayne points out that Gordon's the boss - it's all systems go. Jill gives Wayne a bowl of soup. He tells her that he's sorry she found out about this from Terry - he thought he'd be back from Sydney first. Jill says she can't stay there, and Wayne asks her where she'll go. Jill says it'll have to be somewhere in Sydney. Wayne then says he'll have a word with Patricia - he's sure she'll be OK about them using the apartment. Jill says she doesn't want to make a nuisance of herself. Wayne assures her that she won't, and he adds that, if she's afraid of John making a pest of himself, she shouldn't be, as he won't appear at the apartment after the bust-up with Patricia. Jill asks what he means, and Wayne tells her about Patricia and John not speaking. Jill asks if Patricia is alright, and Wayne replies that she's upset and won't be hanging round Sydney for long. Jill points out that she can't leave straight away, as she owes it to Doug and Rosie to hang around until they arrive. She adds that she could kick Fiona for arranging that. Wayne asks when they arrive, and Jill says it won't be until tomorrow afternoon. She asks what they'll do if Terry turns up before then. Wayne says he'll make sure he keeps out of Jill's way.

The next morning, Wayne walks outside to pick up the newspaper when he sees Terry approaching. Terry tells Wayne that he wants a word. Wayne replies that that makes two of them.

Inside, Terry snaps that he wants to know what the hell is going on. Wayne retorts that Terry can start by telling him why he's hassling Jill. Terry asks if she's there, but Wayne replies that she's out for a walk. Terry snaps that Wayne rolled up making friends, offered him a job and said everything would be just fine working there, so why are Jill and Fiona still tearing into him? Wayne 'innocently' says, "Are they?" Terry replies that he saw Fiona yesterday and tried to thank her for the job, but she ignored him and just drove off. Wayne immediately snaps that he told Terry to keep quiet about the job until he got things organised. He adds that he's sorry if Fiona and Jill gave him a hard time, but he can't expect an open-arms welcome. Terry sourly asks if he's got the job or not, and Wayne tells him he has, if he wants to take it up. Terry says it's hard when half the people round there hate his guts. Wayne replies that Fiona will be away for a while and he'll be taking Jill to Sydney tonight, so it'll give Terry a chance to prove himself without them around. Terry asks what about when they get back? Wayne says Jill won't be back, and he tells Terry that he must show Fiona he's worth keeping on. Terry remarks that Wayne's got it all worked out. Wayne tells Terry to just leave the thinking to him in future. He then tells him that he can start today, but Terry says he can't, as he has to give a week's notice at the garage or he'll lose pay. Wayne says he'll make his pay up for him - there's a lot needs doing, so the sooner he starts, the better. Terry says he'll go and tell the garage now. Wayne tells him to report to Alan Pascoe when he gets back. Terry replies, "OK - boss!" He goes, leaving Wayne smiling to himself.

Outside, Terry whistles, cheerily. Jill is just coming back from her walk, and when they see each other, they glare at each other. Terry eventually walks off.

Inside, Jill says she saw him. Wayne says he told Terry that he's not allowed anywhere near her. Jill tells him that just the sight of Terry makes her stomach turn. Wayne points out that Doug and Rosie will be there soon, and then they can take off. Jill says it's funny - she loves Woombai so much, and she never thought she'd have to leave; she wouldn't if it wasn't for Terry. Wayne remarks on the berries Jill has brought back. He bites one and then says he hopes they're not poisoned!

Patricia is drinking coffee, and Stephen asks her if she has any big plans for today. Patricia says she'll just loll around the house and wait for her hangover to go away. Stephen says he has to spend this morning with a boring client. He adds that he should be finished by mid-afternoon - if Patricia is feeling brighter, they could go somewhere nice. Patricia says that's fine - she should be firing on four cyliners by then. Stephen goes. A few seconds later, Patricia picks up her jacket and bag, combs her hair and goes out...

Angela is hitting a tennis ball up-and-down on her racket when, from a distance, she sees Patricia pull up at Dural in a cab. She runs over to her and says she hopes Patricia's not sending the driver away, as she won't be there long. Patricia snaps that she's not leaving until she's spoken to both Angela and John. Angela says there's no point, but Patricia snaps that she doesn't believe either of them believed the things they said yesterday.

Inside, in the lounge room, Patricia asks where John is. Angela says she doesn't know. Patricia snaps that she's not leaving until she's spoken to both of them - unless she's thrown out. Angela orders her mother to stop being so melodramatic. Patricia snaps that that's funny coming from Angela after the performance the other night: barging in and laying down the law. She repeats that she wants to see John - now. John comes in from the kitchen and angrily asks Patricia if she really thinks she can talk her way out of it. Patricia says she gathers John and Angela both heard about her performance yesterday. John just says, "Yeah." Patricia says she's not there to argue about what she's done, or to make excuses. John says they're not interested, and Angela explains that she tried to tell Patricia that. Patricia yells, "Will you both wipe those priggish bloody expressions off your faces." She snaps that she's trying to be honest, and John sourly says, "For a change." Patricia pleads that she at least be given a hearing - she's not proud of what she's done: at the time, she was confused, angry and hurt - Paul took Angela, Margaret was getting at her, and David called her an unfit mother; when the letter came, she supposes she just snapped; when she burnt it, it was too late. John points out that Patricia could have gone to the police, but Patricia asks what evidence she would have had - it would have looked like an ex-lover trying to help David out. She sarcastically adds that she's sure the police would have been very impressed if she'd turned up with a pile of ashes for them to read. She tells John and Angela that they've no idea how relieved she was when other evidence turned up to clear him. John snaps, "I bet you were," and he repeats that they're not intereted. Patricia looks at Angela, who tells her mother that they really won't change their minds. Patricia angrily asks what the hell she has to do to get through to them: beg? John tells her that she made a big enough fool of herself last night, so she shouldn't do the same today. Patricia angrily snaps that they're both so smug. She adds that it's funny coming from them, the mess they've made of their lives. John points out that at least they didn't set out to hurt people. Patricia replies that that may be, but they made a pretty good job of it: Jill, Rob, Paul, Fiona and Wayne - and they've hardly been devoted children to David and Beryl, so they shouldn't treat her like the wicked witch. John yells to Patricia that she can either walk to the cab or he'll carry her. Patricia snaps that that's fine. She tells Angela to go ahead and play happy families, and she tells John that she's sure he'll be the same brilliant failure he's always been. She adds that they shouldn't imagine it'll be difficult for her to forget them - there's not a great deal worth remembering.

Rosie and Doug drive up to Woombai, and Doug says his back's killing him. Rosie gets out of the car and sees Terry, who says hello. Rosie explains to Doug that Terry works at the local garage, but Terry says he's now on the payrolll there - he's Equipment Service Manager. Rosie says good for him. Doug notices that Terry has been working on his car, and he offers to help, but Terry says there isn't a car round that he can't fix. Rosie says they won't hold him up, and she adds that they're staying in the house while Fiona's away. Terry returns to the car, and Rosie tells Doug that Terry's parents - the Hansens - are a lovely couple, and Terry's not a bad fellow, either. Doug says he's a know-all, if you ask him!

Wayne walks out to greet Rosie and Doug, and Doug remarks that there are lots of memories there for Rosie. Rosie says there are none as nice as the last time they were there together. Doug jokes that he doesn't remember anything out of the ordinary, and so Rosie points out that he proposed! Doug says it's no wonder he nearly forgot - he was seeing stars when he got stuck in-between Paul and Rob! Wayne joins them, hugs Rosie and welcomes Doug back. A policeman suddenly comes out of the house and Rosie asks Wayne if he knew he was there. Wayne says he didn't - he must have been talking to Jill. Doug says they'd better take a look-see.

Inside, Jill is sitting, staring into space, looking shocked. Wayne asks what's up; what's happened? Jill quietly says, "I can't believe it. The policeman just told me: there's been an accident. Brian..." Wayne asks if he's hurt. Jill continues, "He's dead..." Doug and Rosie look at each other.

Stephen arrives home, and Patricia asks him where he's been. He explains that he was with a client. He then says he's had an idea to take Patricia somewhere nice; after pulling off the deal this morning, he can afford to relax. Patricia asks what he's talking about, and Stephen suggests they have a nice quiet spell at Woombai; now the company's bought into it, he ought to check it out. Patricia says it's a nice idea, but... Stephen says that's terrific - they can move up tomorrow. Patricia, though, says, "No." Stephen asks why not, and Patricia says she doesn't want to go - she wants to stay in Sydney. Stephen asks why, and Patricia replies that she saw John and Angela today. Stephen's face drops. Patricia continues, saying she had to try to talk some sense into them. Stephen asks if they didn't want to know, but Patricia says it was much worse: she never thought they could make her hate them. Stephen tells Patricia that she's upset - she should never have gone there. He repeats that they should go to Woombai and forget the twins. Patricia, though, tells him that he doesn't understand: she wants to make them pay for what they did to her. She angrily says, "How dare they treat me like some sort of criminal?" Stephen points out that she's been brooding about it all afternoon, which is the worst thing. He starts to say that, if she's realistic... Patricia, though, interrupts, saying she is being realistic. She tells him, "I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I am going to make them so sorry." Suddenly fed up with this, Stephen snaps that he's been enormously patient with her - he could have been very angry yesterday, but he wasn't; his patience just ran out, though, and he's not playing second fiddle to her nonsense anymore: either she starts acting like a normal human being for once, and forgets all that nonsense about the kids, or he's calling their marriage quits. He angrily tells Patricia, "It's up to you."


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