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    Written by: Michael Latimer    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Tony looks at the rifle in shock.

Some distance away, Stephen hears the shot, and he says to the workman he's with that there shouldn't be anyone shooting round there. The two of them get into a nearby car to go and check it out. Patricia is still lying on the ground as Tony continues to stare at the rifle in disbelief. He suddenly spots the car approaching and he goes and hides behind the big cartwheel nearby. As the car moves along, Stephen suddenly spots Patricia and tells the workman to stop. The two of them get out of the car and run over to the still body. Stephen holds Patricia and raises her head. He then lifts her up and carries her to the car. Tony is still watching. He takes a cloth out of his jacket pocket and wipes his fingerprints from the rifle. He then places it back in Terry's ute and starts running...

Stephen carries Patricia into the reception area at the guest house and tells the receptionist to get a doctor. Patricia starts groaning as she comes-to; there's blood on her forehead. As the receptionist tells the person on the other end of the 'phone that she's not sure what happened, Stephen gently tells Patricia that it's alright and that a doctor's on his way. Patricia, sounding woozy, asks what happened. Stephen tells her that there was an accident. Patricia puts her hand to her head and feels the blood; she asks again what happened. Stephen tells her to wait for the doctor, but, Patricia insists that she wants to know what happened. Stephen replies that it was somebody being stupid... Patricia, suddenly fully conscious again, snaps that somebody tried to kill her...; it must have been David. Stephen retorts that no one tried to kill her, but Patricia insists that it wasn't an accident. She continues that she's not being hysterical; after all the horrible things she's done to David... Stephen tells her that he doesn't want to hear any more of that; she's to tell the doctor that she fell and grazed her temple; there's to be no mention of a shooting - the last thing they need is wild accusations flying around. Patricia says she doesn't want any trouble, either, but she's scared - somebody just took a shot at her. Stephen gently says, "Trust me... "

At the homestead, Doug says he knows a rifle shot when he hears one. David tells him that it was probably some guy having a potshot at a rabbit.

A while later, the doctor tells Stephen that Patricia is fine. He then adds that Patricia claimed she fell from a horse and grazed her head on a tree trunk, but the wound isn't consistent with that; he suspects she was shot. Stephen retorts that she wasn't; he then adds that the doctor can call in the police if he likes, but they'll get the same story from everyone; if he wants to create a lot of unnecessary bother... The doctor relucantancy says, "Alright, she fell off a horse."

Sometime later, at Woombai, David asks if Patricia is OK. Stephen replies that she's fine - but he'd like an explanation. David asks him what makes him so sure that they know anything about it. In reply, Stephen asks him if he owns a gun. Rosie interjects to tell them that Terry Hansen was saying something about Tony wanting to have go with his gun. Everyone ignores this, though, and Stephen continues that it's pretty well known that David wants to have a go at Patricia. Rosie says again that it'll be Tony: he would have been fooling around and it would have gone off. Stephen, paying attention this time, asks who Tony is. David snaps that it doesn't matter - if he'd had anything to do with it, he would have told them. Stephen snaps that somebody took a shot at his wife - and he'd like an explanation. David asks for who: himself or Pat? Stephen asks what the difference is. David retorts that nothing would please Patricia more than to set him up. Stephen insists that all he wants is a few answers. Unbeknown to the gathering in the living room, Tony is standing outside, listening to the argument. Stephen continues that if he doesn't get any answers, he'll go to the police. David angrily asks him what proof he's got. At that moment, Tony comes into the room and announces that it was him: Terry had a rifle in the back seat of his car; he wanted a go with it but Terry wouldn't let him. Rosie chips in that Terry told Tony that the gun wasn't loaded - and when Tony pulled the rifle, he found it was loaded. Tony continues that he was going to see if Patricia was alright and then Stephen showed up; he was dead scared - he didn't think anyone would believe him. Stephen snaps that it's pretty ridiculous that an irresponsible kid should have access to a loaded rifle. Doug mutters agreement. David, though, snaps at Stephen that it's pretty irresponsible barging in there, shouting his mouth off, before he knows what the hell is going on. Stephen says he'd better get back to Patricia, and he suggests to David that he keep a bit more of an eye on Tony. David goes with Stephen to see him out. As they head onto the verandah, Stephen tells David that he owes him an apology. David replies that he won't argue with that. Stephen continues that he doesn't know all the details of what's been going on between David's family and Patricia, but he would suggest that, from now on, they have as little to do with each other as possible. David curtly replies that he couldn't agree more. Stephen walks off.

Back inside, David asks where Tony went. Doug tells him that the kid took off - he didn't have the guts to face him. David snaps at his father to give Tony a break, but Doug retorts that David is wasting his time. David snaps that he's heard that before, and he asks Doug if he remembers Jim Forrest. Rosie asks who Jim Forrest is, and David explains that he's a bloke who used to run a youth club; he saved him from reform school. Doug snaps that that's rubbish. David tells his father that he's not blaming him - sometimes a father can't get through to his kids. Doug repeats that David is talking a pile of rot, but David ignores this and tells Rosie that he was in and out of trouble every week; he was about 14 and he did a dare - shoplifting; the police got on to him but Jim Forrest dealt with them; he made him join the club and stay at school, and he found him a job; if it wasn't for him...; Jim was good to him and he reckons he can do the same thing for Tony. He tells Doug to get off his back.

In the lounge room at Dural, Angela asks John if he's seen Paul. He replies that he hasn't. Gordon comes off the 'phone and announces that that was Wayne - he and Jill are at Patricia's: Brian O'Donnel has been killed. Angela and John both look shocked, and Angela asks how. Gordon explains that it was a car crash. He then continues that he didn't know Brian very long, but he was a very nice young man. Angela says Jill must be upset and Gordon agrees. He heads outside, leaving the twins alone. John is looking thoughtful, and he says to Angela that he wonders when the funeral is. Angela asks why, and John replies that he wants to be there - for Jill. Angela remarks that she thought he was trying keep away from her. She then asks if this changes things between him and Jill, and John murmurs, "Yeah." He tells Angela that he never bothered to get Jill away from Wayne because her marriage to Brian would still be a hangup between them; now, though... Angela asks him what he's going to do. John replies, "Talk to her." Angela, looking concerned, tells him that she couldn't be happier to see them get back together again, but right now... John says he knows it could look as if he's taking advantage of what happened... but he's got to see her. He then appears to realise what he's saying, and he tells Angela that he'll wait - it would be pretty off if he was to go rushing straight over there. He adds that he still loves Jill and he wants to marry her.

At Woombai, David and Tony are walking in the grounds as Doug and Rosie sit nearby, talking. Rosie tells Doug that she knew he had troubles with David when he was a youngster, but she never knew it was so bad. Doug replies that it was a rough time for both of them; it started when David was 13 - neither one of them likes talking about it; he doesn't think David has even told Beryl about the trouble with the law - it's the first time they've talked about it for donkey's ages. He adds that he doesn't care what David says: a kid needs a bit of discipline. He looks over at David and Tony, who are play fighting, and calls out to use a left hook! Rosie stands up to head back inside.

In the living room, Rosie tells Doug not to worry about it. Doug mutters that David got enough to worry about, without looking after Tony. Rosie says she thinks it's good wanting to help someone like that. Doug replies that it would be - if it's true. Rosie looks puzzled, and Doug tells her that David is scared of growing up - that's his trouble: he turns 40 this year and he can't face up to it; with Jim Forrest, it was different - it was his job; David is only hanging around Tony because it makes him feel young again. He then continues that Tony is only 18 or thereabouts and David is going to make a great fool of himself. He tells Rosie to mark his words...

Patricia asks the receptionist at the guesthouse if she knows where Stephen is, but the receptionist says she doesn't. Another guest, seeing the wound on Patricia's head, asks her if she's been in the wars. Patricia replies that it was an accident. The receptionist tells the guest that his horse is ready, and the guest tells Patricia that he'll try and be more careful. Patricia looks annoyed, and she sits down in one of the chairs and starts flicking through a magazine. At that moment, Stephen comes in and asks her how she's feeling. She replies that she's still a bit fuzzy in the head. She then asks him what he's found out, and Stephen explains about Tony and how he thought the rifle wasn't loaded. Patricia snaps that Tony is a friend of David's, but Stephen tells her not to get paranoid. Patricia gives in and admits that, alright no one tried to kill her - but Tony was still pointing the rifle at her - probably because he's heard her being put down so many times over there, and he thought it would be good to try and put down the monster. She continues that they all hate her: Gordon, Barbara, David, Fiona, John, Angela, Rob, etc. etc... She then tells Stephen that the two of them are going to have to start a life on their own, and cut everyone else off completely. She adds that the Palmers are fine - they don't have to worry about them - but she wants him to buy Gordon out, because if he's still working with Gordon and Fiona, he'll have to see them. Stephen points out that business is business, but Patricia tells him that he's got the money to do it; he doesn't need Gordon - he can do it on his own. Stephen tells her that she's getting carried away - he can't just buy them out. Patricia tells him to make them an offer - money is the one thing they can't resist. Stephen suggests they talk about it later, but Patricia snaps that she wants him to tell her that he'll do it for her - buy them out - now. Stephen says he can't. Patricia asks him what he means. Stephen tells her that they should discuss this in their room, but Patricia refuses. Stephen snaps that, alright, if she wants it, she can have it: he's broke: the Melbourne house, the furniture, the Sydney apartment, the business, the lot: she wants to know who owns it?: his mother - he works for her and she pays him a salary; he doesn't have a penny to his name.

Patricia looking shocked, tells Stephen that she thought he loved her. Stephen replies that he does, but Patricia asks him why he lied, then. Stephen explains that he didn't want her worrying about where his money came from. He then snaps at Patricia to forget about the blasted money for a second; is she still in love with him? Patricia murmurs, "Yes." Stephen replies that that's all that matters. Patricia, though, snaps that she didn't think being married to him meant going begging again; what if his mother cuts off his allowance? Stephen retorts that, if he'd married anyone else, she probably would have - but she's strong enough to stand up to her. Patricia snaps that it doesn't change the fact that they're still dependent on her - and he should have told her; she really thought she'd found somebody she could be close to. Stephen tells her that she has, and he puts his hand out to hold her. Patricia, though, snaps, "Don't." She gets up and starts to walk out. Stephen asks her where she's going. Patricia tells him that she just wants to be by herself for a bit. She walks off. Stephen sits down, looking worried.

Gordon runs downstairs at Dural. Paul is in the hallway, and he asks for a word. Gordon suggests they go into the study.

In the flat at the back of the house, Angela asks John if he wants anything from the shops, but, looking distant, he says he doesn't. Angela tells him that, if it's that bad, he should go and see Jill now - don't wait 'til tomorrow. John tells her that she's right - there's no sense in putting it off. Angela asks him what he's doing about a car, and John replies that Gordon said he could use one of his for as long as he wants. Angela tells him that he can give her a lift into town, then!

As the twins head into the main house, they overhear raised voices coming from the study. Angela says she should find out what's happening, but John tells her to let them sort it out themselves.

As they go outside, they see a woman standing by Paul's car. Angela asks her if she can help her. The woman says, "Are you Angela?" and Angela replies that she is. She then asks the woman who she is, and she says, "Christine Matthews. I've come to stay 'til I've had your baby." Angela looks shocked.

Patricia is sitting by the lake at Woombai when David walks up behind her, startling her. He tells her that didn't mean to scare her. Patricia looks suspicious, and David tells her that there was a time when he could have wrung her neck, but it's hardly his style. Patricia says she wasn't expecting anyone, and David tells her that neither was he. After a pause, Patricia, looking slightly distant, asks him if he remembers the last time they were there by the lake, and David quietly says, "Yeah..." Patricia reminds him that they were in love, but again, David just quietly says, "Yeah..." Patricia then says it's quite funny - the joke of the year, really: Stephen is broke - 'mummy's' got all the money - if they want anything, they have to go and beg for it; it's not really her strong point, begging. She looks at the sky and remarks that somebody up there is really rubbing her face in it... She then asks David how it feels to win: he's got a wife that loves him for himself, John and Angela...; she supposes she should have known that one day they'd find out she'd lied about the letter. David, looking surprised, asks when that happened? Patricia, looking equally surprised, asks if they haven't been in touch. David replies that no one said anything to him. He then continues that no one has 'won'. He adds that Patricia is probably wondering what he's doing there: he's running away; his life - it's a mess. Patricia tenderly says she's sorry. David moves as if to sit down next to her, but he suddenly appears to change his mind and he walks off. Patricia remains sitting by the bank of the lake, looking thoughtful.


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