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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Dee asks when they came up with that idea. Wayne replies that he doesn't know, but he got dragged in a couple of days ago. Dee says she should have seen it coming: Patricia showed she was no better than a common thief when she took the will, and when that failed, ripping her off probably seemed the next best thing. Wayne asks Dee what she's going to do, but Dee ignores this, and angrily rants that Patricia's dragged Stephen down to her level; he was always weak, but there was no harm in him until he married her. Wayne repeats his question about how Dee's going to handle it. Dee replies that she'll do whatever's necesary, and she tells Wayne to book her on a flight to Melbourne immediately. Wayne stands up and says, "What about me?" Dee ignores this, though, and Wayne looks rueful.

Patricia is having breakfast at Toorak, and she asks Stephen if he has any appointments in the city to keep him late today. Stephen says he hasn't, and asks why the question. Charlie chips in that Patricia doesn't want to miss a second of the ball tonight! Stephen replies that nor does he - he had to mortgage the house to pay for Patricia's dress, and he wants to get his money's worth! Patricia agrees that it was expensive, but says she doesn't care - she wants to show Stephen off to all her friends. Charlie slyly says she thinks a few of them already know Stephen. Patricia says she'll keep an eye on him, then; she wouldn't want him straying. Stephen humourously says there's not a chance: old flames are strictly out of bounds! Amanda comes in and snaps that she'd like a dollar for every time Stephen said that to her mother. Stephen angrily snaps back that twisting the truth to suit herself is becoming quite a habit for Amanda. Charlie sarcastically asks Amanda what the matter is: trouble with her love life? Amanda smiles nastily and tells Charlie that she really shouldn't keep late nights at her age - it makes the bags under her eyes look so much more noticeable! Charlie gawps. Patricia tells Amanda that it's a pity she has to work today, as she and Charlie are spending the day at the show, and they'd have taken her along for a ride. Amanda ignores this, and announces that she's resigning her job today. Stephen asks her what she going to do for money. Amanda insists that she has made an effort, but Stephen says it's not a very convincing one, and if she does resign, she's not to come to him for a handout. Patricia chips in that it's no fun being broke. Amanda nastily says, "You should know."

At the Palmers', David is asleep at the kitchen table. Beryl comes in, complaining that the washing machine is broken, and asking if he can have a look. She suddenly realises he's asleep, though, and she wakes him up. She comments on his tiredness, and David reminds her that he said he couldn't sleep last night, and went for a walk. Beryl says she knows - when she woke up and saw he was gone, she thought she'd get up and make him a hot drink; the next thing she knew, the alarm was going off. David decides that he'd better get going. Beryl asks him if he's sure he's OK, and David assures her that he'll come good. Beryl asks him if he's feeling a bit off, and David says, "Yeah." Beryl tells him that, in that case, it's back to bed for him. David says he'd better be chasing up work - plus he has a job to do. Beryl, though, tells him that he can sleep until it's time to go - no arguments. She drags him off to the bedroom.

At the Morrell apartment, Dee sips a drink. Wayne comes in and offers her a lift to the airport, but she declines, saying she's ordered a hire car. She then tells Wayne that she admires him for having the guts to tell her what Patricia and Stephen are planning. Wayne replies that he thought he owed it to her. Dee tells him that he put his future on the line to repay the debt; she likes that, and will see he's not the loser for it. Wayne asks how, and Dee tells him that he can keep the money he makes from their scheme, plus he'll receive a hefty bonus from her. Wayne incredulously asks Dee if she wants him to go on with it, and Dee replies, "Naturally." Wayne says, "But..." Dee asks why they should alert Patricia and Stephen now - they haven't done anything yet. She explains that she'll give them enough rope to hang themselves, and Wayne's going to help her. Wayne points out that he'll end up inside, too, but Dee assures him that she'll make sure he's protected - if he cooperates. Wayne relucantly says he doesn't see he has any choice. Dee tells him that he'll do very nicely out of it. Wayne says he's sick of all the double-dealing, as it doesn't get you anywhere in the end. Dee tells him that it made her millions. She then adds that she's had her failures too, but she doesn't regret it. She tells Wayne that he mustn't let what's happened finish him. She tells him that he has a lot of potential, and with her help, he'll go a long way. She adds that he just needs a rest, and she advises him to go off to one of the islands and lay in the sun for a couple of days. Wayne asks what if he doesn't feel different when he gets back? Dee tells him that he chose to get involved, and he has to see it through. She holds out a cheque to him and then tells him to take her bags down to the lobby, as the car will be there in a minute. She adds that she can't wait to get to Melbourne and let Stephen put his proposition to her. Wayne asks Dee if she's really going to let her son go to prison. Dee replies that, once she's got some evidence, she'll give him a choice: divorce Patricia and have nothing more to do with her, or they'll both end up in jail for embezzlement.

At Woombai, Fiona tells Gordon that he's just in time for tea. Gordon asks Fiona if she's had a chance to think about the things Greg Flynn wants them to do. Fiona says he's more trouble than he's worth, if Gordon asks her - all the things he wants before bringing tourists there... She pours some tea and continues that Alan's going to love her when she tells him what needs doing. Gordon snaps, "He does work for you." Fiona looks surprised, and Gordon says he's sorry. Fiona asks him if he's still upset about Wayne, and Gordon nods. Fiona tells him that he's done the right thing, and he shouldn't upset himself about it. Gordon, though, says, "He tried to commit suicide last night." Fiona looks shocked. She asks if he's alright, and Gordon explains that Dee Morrell walked in and stopped it. He adds that, by the time Barbara got there, the booze had knocked him out. He tells Fiona that Barbara rang this morning and Wayne was back to himself again. Fiona asks Gordon if he didn't see Wayne, and Gordon replies that he refused to go over when Dee rang, as he thought Wayne was playing for sympathy; now he knows better, he supposes he should feel something, but... Fiona says she understands. She tells Gordon that she couldn't hate anyone and be glad that they're dead, but she doesn't feel any sympathy for him either. She asks what Wayne's going to do now, and Gordon replies that Barbara thinks he's patched things up with Patricia, so he'll probably sponge off her until he wears out his welcome.

At Toorak, Patricia calls upstairs to Charlie to say they'll be late. Charlie says she'll be two secs. The front door opens and Dee walks in, followed by a taxi driver carrying her bags. Patricia looks surprised and tells Dee that they weren't expecting her. Dee sarcastically says, "Really?" She thanks the driver and pays him, and he goes. Patricia asks Dee when she left the convalescent home, and Dee says it was yesterday; she intended spending a week-or-two in the Sydney apartment, but it was well and truly occupied. Patricia says Wayne would have moved out if Dee asked him. Dee says, "He was about to move out via the window when I arrived." Patricia looks shocked. Dee continues that it's such a messy way to commit suicide; she told him to stop being tedious, and went to bed. She adds that he obviously thought better of it, because he came looking for company this morning, when she got up; his conversation wasn't exactly scintillating, so she left him to it. Patricia incredulousy says, "You're so compassionate!" Dee snaps back, "You should talk." She adds that Patricia would have jumped for joy if she'd left the hospital in a box. Patricia asks if they can't they try to get along. Dee, though, replies that she meant what she said: she won't be happy until Stephen is free of Patricia. She starts to walk off, but Charlie comes downstairs and welcomes Dee home, telling her that she's looking wonderful. Dee angrily snaps, "What are you doing here?" Charlie looks surprised, and says she's Patricia's houseguest. Dee says she trusts it'll be a very short stay! She goes upstairs, leaving Charlie to comment to Patricia that she doesn't know what she's done wrong, as that's the second time Dee has snubbed her. Patricia says she only does it because they're friends! She then says she'll let Stephen know his mother's back. Charlie tells Patricia that she'll wait for her in the car. She goes outside. Patricia goes into the lounge room, where she heads for the telephone. She makes a call, and the 'phone starts ringing at the Sydney apartment, just as Wayne has packed his bags. He answers the call and Patricia tells him that she's just heard about last night, and she feels awful - she should have realised how he was feeling when he rang. Wayne sourly replies that he doesn't know what Dee said, but it's no big deal - he'd been at the window, looking out, and he'd been drinking, so he was unsteady on his pins; Dee jumped to the wrong conclusion. Patricia asks him if he's sure - she knows how depressed he's been about Jill. Wayne assures her that he's not the type to end it all. Patricia points out that he is feeling down. Wayne retorts that he's had a few setbacks, but he'll survive. Stephen comes into the lounge room at Toorak as Patricia asks if it would help if Wayne spent some time with them. Wayne, though, says he's going up to Queensland for a couple of days, and he'll see them when he gets back. Patricia says she's looking forward to it - they can have a good long talk. Wayne just says, "Sure." Patricia tells him that they'll keep him so busy with the new company that he won't have time to be depressed. She looks at Stephen, and Wayne says, "Thanks." He adds that it's nice to know someone cares; Gordon didn't even bother to ring when he heard what was going on. Patricia says, "So much for his high moral standards." Wayne snaps, "Who cares?" and he adds that he'll see Patricia when he gets back. He and Patricia both hang up. Stephen says to Patricia that they have to keep Wayne on-side, and Patricia replies that it's even more important now. Realising that Patricia's indicating that his mother's back, Stephen says,"Oh no." Patricia adds, "And nothing's changed." Stephen asks if Wayne's having second thoughts, but Patricia explains about him getting drunk last night, and trying to commit suicide. Stephen, shocked, says "What?" Patricia continues and tells him about Dee arriving and talking him out of it. Stephen thanks God that she stopped him. Patricia explains that Wayne pretended Dee misunderstood, but he was just trying to save face. She then smiles as she adds that it's ironic: Dee gave them back the tool they need...

At Woombai, Fiona asks Alan Pascoe if it's absolutely necessary to use explosives to get rid of the trees. Alan says he's afraid so. Gordon asks if they can't use a chainsaw, but Alan replies that they'll still have the stumps to deal with; the best way to handle it is to blow it. Fiona tells him to make sure the guests stay well and truly out of the way. Gordon says they'll put up a sign, and Alan adds that they'll put warnings out over the PA. Fiona remarks that it seems like a lot of trouble for four old trees, but Alan says he'll be glad to see them go. Fiona asks why, and Alan explains that they call them widow-breakers: if you're standing underneath when a branch falls off, your wife can put in for a pension straight away. Fiona tells him that he's convinced her! Gordon asks Alan if he's got someone lined up for the job, and Alan says he's waiting outside. Fiona asks why not bring him in, but Alan then says it's Terry Hansen. Gordon says he'll go out and speak to him, but Fiona says that's not necessary, and she tells Alan to ask him to come in, adding that she'll wander over to the Reid house, and see how things are going over there. Terry comes in. Fiona says she'll make lunch when she gets back. She sees Terry and asks him what experience he has blasting trees. Terry replies that he learnt about it all in Vietnam, fighting for his country. Fiona looks at him and says that as long as he knows what he's doing...

Stephen and Dee are coming downstairs at Toorak, and Dee says she's glad Patricia went out, as they always get on so much better when she's not there. She adds that she's very pleased they're talking again. Stephen tells his mother that he wanted to see her at the hospital, but the business with the will made it a bit difficult. Dee says she's glad to see Stephen's not entirely corrupted. She asks how Kevin's shaping up, and Stephen replies that he feels he'll work out. Dee asks him if he was upset when he got her call, and Stephen admits that he'd prefer Dee trusted his judgement. Dee says she had an instinct about the boy. She then announces that she's invited the Palmers to dinner tonight, as she'd like to meet the lad and his family. She adds that she knows Patricia doesn't like the parents, but a businessman's wife can't be too choosy about the people she entertains. Stephen tells his mother that they have tickets to a ball tonight, and he asks if they can make it tomorrow. Dee, though, says it would be bad manners to put people off; but if they must go to the ball, she'll struggle through the meal by herself. Stephen says he'd like to be there. Dee responds, "But Patricia comes first, as usual." Stephen snaps that his mother always manages to reduce everything to a choice between the two of them. Dee suggests they drop the subject. Stephen says he'll talk to Patricia when she comes home. Dee asks him if they'll forego the ball. Stephen replies that he thinks he should be with Dee on her first night home. Amanda comes in at that moment, and looks delighted to see her grandmother. Dee asks her why she's not at the restaurant, and Amanda replies that she's thinking of tossing it in. The two of them go into the dining room, where Dee tells Amanda that she wishes she wouldn't, as she'd like her to ask the Palmers to have dinner with her tonight. Amanda immediately snaps that she doesn't want Lynn round there, as she's nothing but a... Dee asks what she's done, and Amanda snaps that she messed things up for her with Rob. Dee advises that, if a man wants a woman badly enough, nothing will put him off. Amanda says she could have made him love her if she'd had time, but Dee snaps at her to grow up. Amanda says she's not going to let Lynn get away with it. Dee tells her granddaughter that there's too much of her in her for her own good. Amanda agrees to invite the Palmers, but says they won't come if Patricia's there. Dee says she'll make sure she isn't - and she'll enjoy doing it...

At The Terrace, Beryl asks if Dee wants all of them there. Amanda asks her to please say yes. Beryl, though, replies that it's very nice, but David won't go with Patricia there. Amanda says she won't be there. Beryl admits that David won't be working, but she then says she thinks they should say no - but the kids can go. Amanda asks Beryl if she's not the least bit curious to find out if Dee really did pay off the truck, but Beryl tells her not to start that nonsense again. Amanda asks why else Dee would be so keen to meet them, but Beryl says it's Amanda talking about it. Amanda says it's obvious Beryl doesn't know the first thing about her grandmother! Beryl asks what is she like, but Amanda tells her to come and see for herself. Beryl gives in, and says they will. Amanda says that's great. Beryl tells Amanda to get Lynn to fill in for her, as Dee shouldn't be home by herself after leaving hospital. Amanda says they won't be late, as Dee's still not 100%. Beryl says she hopes dinner won't be too much for her, but Amanda assures her that of course it won't. Beryl tells Amanda to wish her luck when she breaks the news to David...

The 'phone rings at the Palmers', and David rushes from the bedroom, where he was asleep. The caller is Mr. Baker, who tells David that he was supposed to be at his factory half an hour ago. David says he's sorry - he's been a bit crook, but he's on his way. Baker, though, tells him to forget it. David angrily points out that he's never let Baker down before, but Baker just says he never will again. He tells David that he's through with them. He hangs up. David looks annoyed.

Dee is watching TV when Amanda comes in and sees a terrible old weepy on the screen. Dee explains that it's cheap sentiments - her terrible vice! Amanda says she didn't think Dee kept her sentiments secret! Dee comments that Amanda must have good news, or she wouldn't be so cheeky! Amanda says the Palmers will be there, and Dee says, "Good." Amanda then adds that there's one snag: she had to tell a little white lie to make it happen: she encouraged Beryl to think Dee might have paid off David's truck for them, as they got it paid off just after she visited Dee in hospital, and none of their friends have that kind of money, so she made a joke about it being Dee, and kept it going. She says to her grandmother, "It wasn't you, was it?" Dee replies that that's for her to know and for Amanda to find out. Amanda smiles...

At Woomabi, an explosion startles Fiona, who's sitting inside with Gordon. She remarks that it sounds like a battlezone. Gordon says there's only one more to go. Fiona says she knows they're taking precautions, but it's still giving her the jitters. Gordon assures her that there's no need to worry: Terry knows what he's doing. Fiona sourly remarks that she's glad he's good for something.

Outside, there's a sign pinned to a tree, saying, 'Danger Keep out - Blasting in Progress'. Terry looks at the other workers and says, "OK, guys, take cover - more boom-booms!" He bends down to detonate the explosives, but nothing happens. The men watch and Terry laughs. Alan advises him to give it a minute, but Terry says it should have gone off straight away. He goes to walk to the tree, but Alan tells him to leave it for a while, as it could blow any moment. Terry, though, says it's as dead as a doornail. Alan again tells him to leave it, but Terry says it'll be alright.

Inside, Gordon and Fiona hear another explosion. Fiona looks startled. Gordon tells her that she can relax now - no harm's been done. Fiona says, "Thank goodness that was the last."

Outside, part of the tree has fallen onto Terry, and Alan and another worker are trying to clear it off him. Alan then tells the man to get Terry in the cart and ring an ambulance.

A short while later, Terry is taken into the house, and Alan goes to dial an ambulance. Gordon asks what happened, and Alan explains that Terry thought the last charge was a dud, and he went to check it out. He gets through to the emergency services and asks for an ambulance to Woombai. Fiona watches, horrified. She asks if Terry's badly hurt, but is told that it's hard to tell. Terry starts screaming that he can't see. Fiona looks horrified as she says, "He's blind..."

At the Palmers', David is drying his hair, and Beryl asks him if he's feeling better. David says he wishes they didn't have to go tonight. Beryl asks if he doesn't want to meet the woman who paid off his truck, but David replies that, if he thought she had paid it off, he'd have a few words to say to her. He picks up his jacket, and Beryl comments that she didn't think he'd be going out. David tells her that he can't relax all day. Beryl asks what's so urgent, and David replies that he has to find extra work. Beryl tells him to leave it until tomorrow, but David says he can't. Beryl warns him to be be back in plenty of time. David says he will. As he goes, Beryl looks suspicious.

Patricia and Charlie arrive back at Toorak, discussing the day. Patricia pours a drink and Charlie tells her to go and soak in a hot tub. Patricia says she intends to. When Patricia has sipped her drink, Charlie asks if it helps, and Patricia says it sure does! Charlie then says she'll leave her to it. She heads for the stairs and sees Dee in the hall, where she tells her that she has a souvenir for her. She holds out a plastic bag, which Dee takes into the lounge room and throws in the bin. Patricia asks her if she must always be so rude to Charlie, but Dee replies that, if she wasn't there, it wouldn't be necessary. She then asks Patricia if she enjoyed her day at the show, and Patricia says it was fine - and now she's looking forward to the ball tonight. Dee, though, says there's been a change of plan: she needs Patricia and Stephen to host a business dinner for her. Patricia snaps that Dee should have checked with them before making the arrangements. Dee says Stephen is agreeable. Patricia gives in and asks who they're entertaining. Dee replies that it's the Palmers. Looking horrified, Patricia snaps that Dee must be joking, but Dee replies that she wants to get to know Kevin and his background. Patricia accuses Dee of doing it to annoy her. Dee retorts that she told Patricia she'd make life difficult. Patricia snaps that she wants to get one thing clear: no matter what Dee does, she's not going to leave Stephen, and she's not going to have Dee make her life a misery - so they will not be entertaining Dee's dreary guests. She goes to leave, but Dee threatens, "Don't you walk out on me." Patricia snaps that Dee made the rules; if she wants a war of nerves, she's got one, but she won't be the first to break. She storms out. Dee sits down, putting her hand to her chest, apparently in pain.

At Woombai, Fiona is standing, looking over Terry, when Enid Hansen comes in. Gordon tells her that Terry's still in shock. Enid, upset, says, "My poor boy." Terry cries out, "I can't see." He holds out his hand and Enid tells him that she's right beside him. Terry reaches out and grabs what he thinks is Enid's hand - only it's not; it's Fiona's. She looks at Enid in horror as Terry pulls her towards him. Enid shakes her head, indicating that Fiona's not to say anything. Fiona looks shocked.


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