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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Dee tells Wayne that she knew they wouldn't let her down. She adds that he's certainly a fast talker - she thought Amanda would hold out for a few more days. Wayne comments that Patricia won't be too happy, and Dee agrees that they're going to have to be very careful; as far as she and Stephen are concerned, he and Amanda must fall in love gradually. Wayne suggests that it's stretching credibility a bit, but Dee points out that stranger things have happened. She then adds that they must also be careful about what they say in front of Barbara. Wayne tells her not to worry. Amanda suddenly comes in and Dee offers her her 'congratulations', adding that she's made a very wise decision. Wayne says, "Breakfast, darling?!" Amanda immediately snaps at him to keep his voice down, as she doesn't want anyone else knowing yet. Dee, though, tells her that there's no one else there: Patricia and Charlie are out socialising at the races - they left at the crack of dawn. Amanda asks about her father, and Wayne tells her that he's away on business in Adelaide. Amanda curtly says she still thinks they should keep the arrangement secret for a while. Dee replies that she was just telling Wayne that the two of them should have have a convincing love affair and then announce their engagement. Amanda gets up and goes to leave the room. Dee asks her if she's not having breakfast, but Amanda says she needs some aspirin. She goes, and Wayne remarks to Dee that Amanda really punched the champagne last night; he hopes it wasn't that that was doing the talking - she could be having second thoughts. Dee says she'll have a chat with her; she doesn't think there's anything to worry about.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Lynn is organising things for Phillipe, who will be looking after Davey while she's away for the day on a modelling job. She tells him that she's asked Mrs. Collins for whatever jobs she can line up, as she needs all the money she can get. Phillipe starts to say that, when Kevin comes back... Lynn, though, interrupts him and asks why he'd come back. Phillipe suggests that he'll have calmed down by now. Lynn retorts that it's not what Kevin did - if he wants to spend the night with Amanda, she can get over that - but it's why he did it: paying her back for something that happened so long ago; but he won't talk about it and that's petty; he owes her an apology, and he's not coming back until she gets it.

Kevin is sitting at the kitchen table in the Palmer house, and he asks Beryl if David said when he and Tony would be back. Beryl replies that it'll be sometime this afternoon - they're out looking for a cheap car for Tony. Changing the subject, Kevin says he got paid yesterday, so he'll pay a week's board. Beryl, though, tells him to save it for Lynn. She adds that he won't even be there for a week, but Kevin snaps that he and Lynn are finished. Beryl snaps that that's rubbish - she's worked with Phillipe and Lynn and she'd know if something was going on. She adds that one incident in Paris is hardly grounds for divorce, and she tells Kevin to go and see Lynn and talk to her. Kevin sullenly says he doesn't know what good it will do.

Phillipe, who is stripped to the waist, is working in the backyard at The Terrace. Lynn comes out, holding Davey, and tells Phillipe that the child's stuff is inside - Phillipe just needs to look after him. Phillipe takes Davey. Kevin comes in the front of the house as Phillipe starts making a fuss of the child and asking him if he's going to help him use the hammer he's holding! Kevin goes into the kitchen and stands there, sternly watching Lynn and Phillipe talking and laughing.

Dee is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, watching Amanda. Seeing the glum expression on Amanda's face, she asks her if she's cooling off the idea. Amanda snaps that she'll do it, but she just wishes she could get it over with. She asks how she's going to convince anyone that she's fallen in love with Wayne, but Dee tells her that he's not so bad once you get to know him. Amanda sulkily says it won't be much fun. Dee, though, tells her to think of the money - she'll get her allowance back to start with. Amanda remarks that her father will be livid, but Dee says that's her problem. She tells Amanda just to be her charming self with Wayne - especially when someone is watching: give them a nice display of blossoming romance...

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Kevin tells Lynn that he thought they should talk things over. Lynn replies that she agrees. Kevin takes out a wad of notes and gives them to Lynn, telling her that it's housekeeping money. She thanks him. She then continues that she's been thinking about what's happened. Kevin replies that he admits he went overboard with Amanda, but he doesn't think Lynn sees his side of things. Lynn assures him that she does: when he rushed off... Phillipe suddenly starts hammering outside, and Kevin angrily snaps that that's really great: as long as Phillipe is there, there's no hope of them getting back together; they're there trying to sort out their problems and he's outside. He tells Lynn that Phillipe has got to go, but Lynn snaps that he has no right to say that: it's Rob and Angela's place; Phillipe is running the restaurant for them; they can't get rid of him. Kevin snaps that he's not coming back while Phillipe's there, and Lynn retorts, "Don't, then - if you're not prepared to be reasonable." Kevin snaps back that she's the one who's not being reasonable. Upon hearing this, Lynn grabs the pile of cash on the table and tells Kevin to take his money; she can look after Davey without any help from him. She tells him that he can go back to Amanda, for all she cares. Kevin goes.

John, Fiona and Lisa arrive at Dural, and Fiona tells Gordon that their flight was delayed. Lisa adds that they only just have time to see Terry before the operation. She and John take the bags out to the flat, and Fiona and Gordon go into the lounge room. Fiona says she'd better get on the 'phone soon and make a few appointments. She then adds that she sooner she finishes her business there and gets back to Woombai, the better - it's so lovely up there at the moment... Gordon listens, but then tells her that she doesn't have to put on a front for him - she's starting to care for Terry, isn't she? Fiona, realising it's very obvious, replies that Terry is so helpless; if there was just some way she could comfort him... Gordon asks, "Despite what he did to Jill?" Fiona tells him that she can't forget that, but he's her son - if there was just something she could do... Gordon suggests to her that she go and tell him and see what happens. Fiona, though, says she can't; she's not that sure of her own feelings - and she promised the Hansens that she wouldn't say anything. At that moment John comes back in and announces that he and Lisa are going now. He asks Fiona if she wants him to say 'hello' to Terry for her, but Fiona says she doesn't, adding that she's sure she's the last person he wants to be reminded of. John goes. Gordon says to Fiona that it's not her feelings that she's worried about - it's Terry's: she doesn't know how he'll take it when he finds out that she's his mother. Fiona says she doesn't know - maybe she's afraid to take the risk...

Lisa and John go into Terry's room at the hospital, and Lisa asks Terry how he's feeling. He tells her that he's fine; he didn't think they'd get there in time. Lisa tells him that she's brought him something: she switches on a radio she's brought, and country music starts blaring out! They start reminiscing about dances they went to as teenagers, but as they talk, John looking increasingly awkward. He eventually says he'll wait outside in the corridor, and he leaves. As he does so, a nurse comes in and tells Terry that it's time for his injection. Lisa tells Terry that she'll leave him to it, but Terry replies that she doesn't have to go just yet. Lisa assures him that he'll be right. Terry asks her if she'll be sticking around during the operation, and Lisa tells him that she'll be there as soon as he wakes up. She leaves him to it. Out in the corridor, John asks her why she was in there for so long. Lisa replies that Terry is really scared about the operation; if she can put his mind at rest, she will. She suggests they go and get a cup of tea from the canteen. John asks her if she's planning on staying, adding that the operation will take hours; Terry won't even know if she's there or not. Lisa tells him that he can go if he wants, and John says he will, adding that he reckons he'd only be in the way if he stuck around. Growing annoyed at John's attittude, Lisa tells him to grow up. John retorts that, when she's with Terry, it's as if he doesn't exist. Lisa replies that she's fond of Terry and she wants to help him, but it's nothing like the way she feels about him. She add that there's no need to be jealous. John points out that she and Terry go back a long way; she could forget him in a click of her fingers. Lisa smiles and says it's not very likely! John says he's sorry; he then adds that he just doesn't know where he stands. Lisa replies that, when everything's over, they can talk about this. John, though, says he doesn't think he can wait that long - they need to decide what to tell Terry about what's happening with them... He asks Lisa to come back to the flat, as they can talk there. Lisa smiles and says, "Alright..."

Kevin comes into the Palmer house and calls out to see if anyone's home. When there's no answer, he goes to the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at Toorak. Wayne and Amanda are in the lounge room, and Wayne answers the set in there. Kevin comes on and asks for Amanda. Wayne starts to say that she isn't available, but Amanda snatches the 'phone from him and tells him angrily that he's got no right to decide who she can and can't speak to. Wayne tells her that it's Kevin, and he reminds her about the 'deep and meaningful relationship' they're supposed to be having. He suggests she tell Kevin to shove off, but Amanda retorts that she'll tell him to shove off. She takes the 'phone. Kevin tells her that he went to see Lynn but she wouldn't listen to a word he said. He asks Amanda if he can see her, as he needs someone to talk to. Amanda agrees, but tells him that he can't come to Toorak. She suggests they meet at the park in an hour, and Kevin says he'll get something for them to eat. Amanda hangs up and immediately snaps at Wayne not to do that ever again, adding that they may have a business deal, but her private life is nothing to do with him. Wayne smiles and calmly offers her a lift, adding that he's going out anyway, as he's off to the races. Amanda grudgingly accepts, snapping that maybe he is good for something.

Kevin is sitting on a bollard at the edge of the park, and Amanda spots him as she and Wayne are driving along. Wayne slows the car down and Kevin stands up, but before Amanda can get out, Wayne slams his foot down again and the car roars off with a screech of rubber. Amanda angrily asks him what he's doing and she tells him to stop the car. Wayne turns the vehicle into another road, and Amanda angrily asks him again if he's going to stop the car. Wayne tells her that he isn't. Amanda threatens that she'll jump out, and Wayne humourously replies that he doesn't fancy getting married to a corpse! He brings the car to a halt and Amanda gets out. She goes to walk off, but Wayne gets out as well and and asks her why she cares about Kevin Palmer. He adds that there are better things she could do with her time - he could take her to the races. He then asks what she'd prefer: Kevin moaning on about his boring problems, or a day at the races with suave, sophisticated, witty him?! Amanda comments that he has tickets on himself. Wayne points out that Patricia and Charlie will see how well they're getting on - and Dee will be pleased. He tells her to make up her mind: money or the bore? Amanda says she supposes she doesn't have much choice; she then adds that she wants some money to have a few bets; at least she'll prove she's a better punter than he is! They both get back in the car and drive off.

Lisa and John arrive back at Dural, and in the hallway, Gordon asks how Terry was. Lisa replies that he was fine - a bit nervous, though. Gordon offers them some lunch, but Lisa declines, saying they ate on the way back. She and John head out to the flat. As they stand outside, John tells her that, if they don't say anything to Terry, they'll just keep on going the way they are - and they just seem to be talking in circles. They go inside, and as they stand there, Lisa tells John that they didn't come there to talk; they both know what they really want... They start kissing passionately...

The nurse comes out of Terry's room at the hospital. Fiona is standing in the corridor and she asks whether the operation is over. The nurse asks her if she's a relative. Fiona pauses for a moment and then replies that Terry works for her - her name is Mrs. Thompson. The nurse accepts this and tells Fiona that Terry is just back in his room. Fiona asks if the operation was a success, and the nurse says it was as far as she knows. She suggests to Fiona that she go and see him, although he'll probably be groggy for a while; she adds that sometimes it helps if friends go and sit with him. Fiona says she'll just sit with him until his other friends turn up. The nurse walks off and Fiona goes into Terry's room, closing the door silently behind her. She creeps over to where Terry is lying unconscious and sits down next to him. She takes one of his hands, holds it in hers and starts stroking it. Terry suddenly mutters, "Lise? Lisa?" Fiona strokes his brow, and Terry murmurs, "Is that you, ma?" Fiona says, "Yes, dear..."

In the flat at Dural, their afternoon of passion over, John tells Lisa that he wishes they could just stay there. Lisa replies that she wishes they could stay, too, but they can't. John comments that it will be a bit grim at the hospital, but Lisa just tells him to come on, or they'll never get there.

At the hospital, Terry begins to come-to, and he asks if that's Lisa holding his hand. Fiona pulls her hand away and goes to make a quick exit, but the nurse suddenly comes in and tells Terry that Mrs. Thompson has been sitting there very patiently. Terry, sounding shocked, says, "Mrs. Thompson?" The nurse goes to get Terry's chart, and Terry angrily asks Fiona what she's doing there. Fiona tells him that she wanted to see how he is. Terry asks where Lisa is, and Fiona says she's sure she'll come. Terry asks Fiona how long she's been there, and Fiona says, "A while." Terry asks her why the hell she's there, and Fiona tells him that she was worried about him. Terry snaps that she doesn't give a damn about him, but Fiona, growing increasingly upset, says that isn't true. Terry snaps at her to leave him alone - the accident was nothing to do with her, so she can go away. Fiona tells him that she does care. Terry incredulously asks whether, after everything she said to him, she expects him to believe that? Fiona starts to say, "I didn't know then..." Terry asks her what she means, and he tells her to go away. Fiona turns round and starts to walk to the door. She then stops and turns to look sadly at Terry lying there. She says, "Terry, I do care for you - very much." Terry angrily says, "Sure - why should you?" Fiona pauses and then blurts out, "Because I'm your mother." Terry turns his head towards her; his eyes are still bandaged. Fiona looks shocked at what she's just said.


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