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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the Palmers', Beryl is preparing food for Gordon and Wayne as she's talking to David and saying they're partners now. David teases her by asking if she fancies herself as a business tycoon! Beryl replies that she doesn't know the first thing about running a company, but she's sure that, when Dee left her the money, she expected her to keep an eye on it. David points out that the accountant can do that, but Beryl says it's not the same, and she asks what if she gave David a new truck but he didn't know how to drive? He wouldn't give it away; he'd go and learn and get his licence. She asks what use is there in her having money invested all over town if she doesn't know where it is or what it's doing there? David remarks that he thought she only had shares in Gordon and Stephen's outfit, but Beryl replies that Dee's solicitor told her she has shares in everything from paperclips to oil! David laughs and says, "No kidding?!" Beryl tells him to look at Fiona with Ramberg - she took the trouble to learn what to do with the money she inherited. Realising he's not going to win, David laughs and says, "I believe you!" There's a knock at the door and Beryl goes to answer it. It's Gordon. He explains that Wayne is making his own way over. He comes in and David tells him that he's sorry to hear about Dee. Gordon says these things happen. He asks Beryl if she's ready for her first business meeting. Beryl asks if she'll need a calculator! Gordon laughs and says, "Not tonight!" David asks if he can sit in. Gordon agrees, but says it won't be very interesting - they'll just be working out who owns what and how to get along with each other. He adds that it's a pity Margaret's not there, as it would have made things easier. Beryl says she'll be out of jail in a few weeks - they can sort it out then. Gordon says he's going to visit her tomorrow, if Beryl would like to come. Beryl, though, says she doesn't think so. Gordon points out that Margaret is as much involved as the rest of them, but David snaps that Margaret was responsible for putting him in prison; they don't do her any favours. Beryl says they've all been put in a very awkward situation because of having to deal with people they don't get along with; they're just going to have to rise above it.

Amanda is sitting with Stephen in the lounge room at Toorak. Stephen tells her that it's not too late to change her mind: she can still come to live with him and Patricia. Amanda tells him that he knows she can't - but she'll be alright. She tells him that she'll miss him. Stephen takes her hand and says he knows they haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but he'll always love her. Amanda tenderly says she wishes her grandmother hadn't died - she feels so guilty about the money. Stephen says, "Everything happens for a reason..."

Out in the hallway, Patricia is on the 'phone to someone called Malcolm, who says it's a nice surprise to hear from her. He asks her where she Stephen are, and Patricia replies that they're still in Melbourne, but they're flying back tonight; that's why she's calling: she wondered if he'd be free for dinner tomorrow. Malcolm says that's very nice. Patricia continues that she and Stephen would like to ask his advice on something, and Malcolm laughs, saying he knew there'd be a catch! He asks if it's anything to do with Dee's will, and Patricia says yes: she and Stephen are thinking of contesting. Malcolm remarks, "That bad?" Patricia tells him that Dee's solicitor didn't think they stand much of a chance, but he, as Stephen's friend and lawyer, could tell them honestly where they stand. Malcolm says it would be his pleasure. Patricia suggests dinner at 8pm, and Malcolm says he's looking forward to it. Patricia hangs up.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Alice tells Lynn, who's pouring coffee, that if she'd known what Tony was up to, she'd never have let him go through with it. Tony says that's why he didn't tell her. He adds that, if his old man is lucky, they might let him out for his 21st! Lynn tells Tony to stop looking so pleased with himself: if the Morrells ever found out that he broke into their house, she doesn't know what they'd do! She then asks what David and Beryl said when they found out. Alice replies that David was thankful Joe's out of the way; Beryl, too, she supposes, although she has other things to think about. Tony says, "Yeah - like how many swimming pools to fit in the backyard!" Looking bemused, Lynn asks him what he means, and Tony animatedly explains that Beryl doesn't know what to do with all the dough yet. He adds that, if it was him, he'd blow the lot in a week! Lynn asks him what he's talking about, 'in a week'. Tony looks surprised and asks if Kevin didn't tell her. He explains that the old duck Mrs. Palmer was working for kicked the bucket. Lynn says she knows that. Tony continues that she left a whole lot of money to Mrs. P. in her will. He adds that he thought Lynn would have known. Lynn tries to say enthusiastically that that's wonderful... Alice chips in that everything's been so chaotic - Beryl probably forgot to call in the excitement. Lynn smiles halfheartedly and says Beryl probably thought Kevin would tell her - and he just didn't bother. Tony suggests that that's a a bit rough, but Lynn quietly says that at least she knows where she stands now: she's not thought of as part of the family anymore. She goes over to the sink, looking upset.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Kevin asks Beryl not to forget to ask Wayne about his job. Beryl says she doubts she'll get round to it, but Kevin tells her that she's an equal partner - she can bring up anything she likes. Beryl agrees to do her best. Kevin goes out. In the lounge room, David serves Wayne with a beer. Beryl joins them and they sit down. Wayne addresses the gathering and says the main concern is the business Gordon used to manage with Stephen; he looks at Gordon and says he assumes he'll want to keep his interest even though Stephen is out of the picture. Gordon says it depends, and he asks Wayne what his plans are. Wayne replies that he's not out to cause trouble for anybody - they all know there are personal differences between the shareholders, but the company's in a healthy state, and if they want that to continue, they have to learn to get along with each other, or they may as well forget the whole thing and sell the company to someone else. Beryl listens intently before asking if they could they sell at a profit. Gordon says they'd do better keeping it. Wayne says, "If we can all get along..." Beryl asks if she can say something: she's glad that they're bringing everything out into the open, because obviously she has a problem with Margaret because of her association with David - but she's willing to give it a go if everyone else is. Wayne asks Gordon what he thinks, and Gordon replies that they've put too much into the company to see it go under: they can count him in. Wayne smiles and says they can count him in, too. This settled, Beryl says that, while they're burying the hatchet, she wonders if it would be possible for Kevin to get his old job back. Wayne, who's staring into his drink, looks up in surprise and annoyance. Beryl continues that she knows it's early in the piece to be asking for favours, but Kevin was very upset when Wayne let him go, and he's willing to learn and he could help her with anything she doesn't understand. She adds, "It's a thought..." Wayne, though, says Kevin is welcome to start again - tomorrow, if he likes. He smiles and says they must keep their partners happy! Beryl states that, if everything's going to be that smooth, she thinks she might enjoy herself! Wayne takes a canapé.

The next morning, at breakfast, Beryl tells Kevin that Wayne couldn't be more charming - it's going to be a pleasure working with him. Kevin sourly says it doesn't sound like Wayne to him. David chips in that Wayne may be a bit of a slime, but he knows what he's doing. Beryl asks David how he knows, seeing as he fell asleep after the first hour! Kevin remarks that it's funny that Wayne didn't put up a fight about taking him back. Beryl says he was glad to - he said he'd always found Kevin very conscientious. Kevin replies that Wayne always hated his guts, but David tells him that he must have read him wrong. Tony stands up to clear the plates as Kevin says he doubts it. Tony announces that he's off, and David wishes him luck, saying they wouldn't get him back inside Pentridge, even as a visitor! Tony says he's got to keep the act up. Beryl warns him to be careful what he says to his father, as he'll be watching him like a hawk. Tony assures her that he'll be alright - honest; he's got it all worked out! He goes.

At Pentridge, Joe Parker is led into the visitors' area. Tony picks up his 'phone handset and Joe does the same. Tony says g'day to his father. The warder stands behind Joe on the other side of glass, but Joe doesn't respond. Tony continues that the place hasn't changed much since he was last there! He adds that, then, he was in Joe's shoes. Joe growls, "I sure as hell wouldn't like to be in yours, boy." Surprised by this, Tony uncertainly says, "Yeah..." He tells his father that he thought he might be a bit upset; he adds that he's sorry he didn't wait around when the cops showed up - he thought Joe might have seen them from upstairs and made a run for it. Joe just stares at him. Tony continues that he was downstairs in the dining room, knocking off the silverware, when they rocked up; luckily he saw them before they saw him, otherwise both of them would have had it. He smiles, but Joe then says that, when the coppers showed up, he was knocking off the silver in the dining room, too. Tony's face drops. Joe continues that he'd come downstairs by then and he couldn't see Tony anywhere. Tony tries to make out that he must have got it wrong. Joe growls, "Yeah, you were probably in one of the bedrooms, or the kitchen." He then snaps, "What do you take me for? You set me up." Tony asks why he'd do that, and Joe aggressively tells him that it's because he and his mother are scared of him and wanted him out the way. Tony says, "Come off it," but Joe tells him, "You don't know what it's like to be scared yet, boy - but you're gonna learn." Tony tells him that he can't prove he was set up. Joe snarls, "I won't be in here forever - I'll be out sooner than you think. And no matter where you go, I'm gonna find ya - and when I do, you're gonna wish you'd never been born." Joe puts the 'phone down and walks off, back to his cell, leaving Tony looking worried.

Beryl is on the 'phone, and she tells the person at the other end that she and David offered to have them there, but they're afriaid one of Joe's mates might come round and give them all a hard time; they were trying to come up with an idea when they thought of Woombai. At Dural, Fiona says that's fine - she'll be tied up in Sydney until Terry gets the all-clear from the hospital, so they're welcome to stay as long as they like; with the situation as bad as it is, Woombai is by far the safest place. She adds that she'll call Alan Pascoe and tell him to expect them. Beryl thanks her, and says it saves them from a lot of worry. Fiona laughs and says it works both ways: at least there'll be somebody around to water her plants! She then says she heard Beryl's good news, about the inheritance. Beryl admits that she's still pinching herself to feel it's real! She tells Fiona that she had Gordon and Wayne over there last night, introducing her to the world of high finance. Fiona says she heard part of the deal was that Wayne would be partners with her, and she tells Beryl to watch him. Beryl says that's what everyone keeps saying, and she asks why he should con her - he's got more than enough money of his own. Fiona replies that he's greedy, and she warns Beryl not to let him get too close - for her own sake. Beryl laughs that she has Kevin to advise her - he's training to be her business adviser! Fiona insists that she's serious. Realising she can say no more, she tells Beryl that she'd better go, as Lisa's picking Terry up from the hospital and they're expecting them back soon. Beryl asks Fiona to give her love to John. They hang up. Alice tells Beryl that, one day, she and Tony will be able to repay them for all the help they've given them. David comes in from the kitchen and tells her not to worry about it; just look after herself; it'll be alright. Tony sarcastically says it's terrific - having to spend the rest of his life hiding from his father. Alice tells him to look at it as starting a new life, adding that it couldn't be any worse than the old one.

Lisa's car pulls up outside Dural, and she tells Terry that they're there. She asks how he feels, and Terry replies that he feels like he's being kidnapped - he doesn't have a clue where they are! Lisa gets out and opens his door. Terry asks her if she's sure it's alright to stay there, pointing out that he hardly knows these people. Lisa assures him that the Hamiltons are very nice - there's nothing to be frightened of. Terry, who still has bandages over both eyes, indignantly says he's not frightened! He then says he could do with a smoke, and Lisa asks him if he's got any tobacco. Terry gets it out and says he'll do it. Lisa, though, tells him that he won't, as he'll spill more than he rolls! She takes the pouch and Terry tells her not to make it too thick. Lisa says she knows what she's doing - she always used to roll them for him in the old days. Terry says he remembers - she always made them too thick! Lisa playfully thumps him!

John is sitting in the lounge room when Fiona calls out, "Johnnnyyyyy." She comes in from the entrance hall and tells him that Terry and Lisa are there. John says he heard them drive up. Fiona asks him if he's not coming out to see them. John asks what he can do - carry him in? Fiona says, "I see - you're in a mood." John sourly says he'll see them when they come in. Fiona sarcastically says she hopes they can stand the excitement! She then tells John that she knows he's disappointed Lisa didn't want to marry him, but John snaps that it's got nothing to do with that. Fiona persists that of course it has - he was fine about Terry before that. She tells John that if he doesn't want Terry there, he should have said earlier. She adds that she hopes he's not going to make it difficult for everyone - she just wants Terry to relax so she can get to know him a little better. She says, "Please, Johnny - for my sake." John sighs and stands up, saying he'll see if Terry needs a hand. Fiona looks thoughtful.

Outside, Terry and Lisa are standing by the car. Lisa tells Terry that she shouldn't encourage him to smoke; he should be on herbal tea instead. Terry replies that it makes the papers too soggy! John comes out of the house and starts walking over to them. He stops part way and watches as Terry tells Lisa to get the matches out of his pocket. They joke around and laugh, and Terry lightheartely kisses Lisa. John looks upset.

At the Sydney apartment, Stephen rants that Patricia can't leave it alone; the whole issue of Dee's will was over when they left Melbourne; he doesn't want to contest it - he said it then and he's saying it now. Patricia, who's sitting in a chair, 'innocently' replies that all she's done is ask his best friend to dinner. Stephen accusingly asks if the fact that Malcolm is also his solicitor has nothing to do with it. Patricia tells him that he must want to know what his legal rights are, but Stephen snaps, "Forget the blasted will." Patricia asks if it isn't better to find out now, than in six months' time over a game of tennis, when it's too late. Stephen pauses for a few seconds and then tells Patricia that she should have told him before inviting Malcolm. Patricia stands up and asks Stephen not to be angry with her. She adds that she understands how he feels, but he's not being very fair to her: she knows what it's like to be broke, but never again; all she wants to do is ask Malcolm if there's any hope - if he says yes, they won't have to worry. Stephen tells her that, if Malcolm says there isn't, she's to drop the subject once and for all. Patricia says she promises - but at least she won't die wondering. Stephen remarks that she never gives up without a fight! Patricia replies that she thought that's why he married her! She kisses him, and they cuddle.

A while later, there's a knock on the door, and as Stephen is busy looking through a file, Patricia gets it. It's Malcolm, and Patricia invites him in, adding that she's running late with dinner. Malcolm jokes that he'll wait in the lift if she likes! Patricia tells him to come in! Stephen looks up and tells Malcolm that it's good to see him. Patricia goes off to continue with dinner and Stephen offers Malcolm a drink. Malcolm accepts and remarks that Stephen's looking well, considering. When he's sure Patricia can't hear, Stephen asks Malcolm how much she told him on the 'phone. Malcolm replies that all she told him was that the will wasn't to Stephen's advantage. Stephen explains that it was Patricia's idea to contest, and he adds that Malcolm can understand why he's not too keen. Malcolm knowingly says, "Yeah, of course." He asks how much Patricia knows: the full story? Stephen says he'd rather she didn't - it wouldn't help matters. Malcolm comments that it looks like he's in for an evening of pussyfooting. Stephen says it wouldn't be for the first time, but they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. He tells Malcolm that he's there as a friend.

Dinner complete, Malcolm tells Patricia that it was a beautiful meal. He asks Stephen if he eats that well all the time. Stephen replies that it's only when Patricia wants to impress anybody! Malcolm says he's impressed - he'll have to move in! Patricia says the spare room's his - on one condition. Malcolm realises she means she wants an answer about contesting the will. Patricia tells him that he's heard all the details and he's still not said anything. Malcolm remarks that he's never heard of a case where the will was quite so vindictive. Patricia says, "There's only one Dee around!" Malcolm continues that, all the same, they'll be fighting an uphill battle if they want to contest: first, they weren't ignored entirely - they got something. Patricia incredulously says, "A portrait of herself!" Malcolm says it's still a legacy - obviously Dee still had her sense of humour! Stephen comments that it's a little on the black side! Malcolm continues that, secondly, Dee supported Stephen and Patricia while she was still alive - very generously, in fact - so, in the eye of the law, they can't say they weren't looked after. Patricia asserts that Dee left most of her money to complete strangers; surely they're entitled to some of that. Malcolm tells her that if they feel so strongly about it, they should go ahead and contest, but they'd be wasting what little money they have; Dee was smart enough to make it watertight. Patricia rants that she doesn't believe this: "What kind of a society is this, where you're punished for not being able to produce a son?" Stephen warns, "Patricia..." Patricia says she's sorry, but they're being made to suffer for a stupid piece of paper. Stephen says it's not the end of the world - they agreed that if there was nothing they could do, they'd drop the subject. Patricia sighs, and says she's sorry.

In her quarters at Toorak, Amanda pours a stiff drink and sits back. Wayne comes in and says it's nearly midnight - time to go to bed. Amanda slurs, "Night night." Wayne tells her she can't sleep where she is, but Amanda drunkenly says,"Wanna watch me?" Wayne takes her drink from her and goes to pick her up. She struggles free and slurs that Wayne isn't going to take 'no' for an answer. She then picks up her glass again and says, "Off we go to beddy-byes." Wayne tells her that she doesn't need any more to drink. Amanda looks at him and says he mightn't, but she does. Wayne walks off. Amanda downs her drink.

Stephen, Patricia and Malcolm are having after-dinner drinks. Malcolm asks Stephen if he thinks he'll like the job, but Stephen says he doesn't know much about it yet; he's seeing the Managing Director in the morning. He offers Patricia a drink, but she declines. Stephen suggests she go to bed, and Patricia says she thinks she will. Malcolm gets up to go, but Patricia tells him to stay. As she heads off to bed, Malcolm says he wishes he could have been more encouraging. Patricia says, "So do I." She goes, and Malcolm asks Stephen if he's satisfied. Stephen tells Malcolm that he knows it's the right thing. Malcolm asks why, adding that Stephen has a knockout lady there, and she's desperately unhappy; he could challenge Dee's will without any trouble and he knows it. Stephen asks Malcolm if he thinks he hasn't been tempted. Patricia suddenly comes back in, and Stephen quickly changes what he was saying to telling Malcolm that he'd love to go into that line of work, but he doesn't think now's really the right time. Patricia picks up a magazine from the settee and asks, "Time for what?" Stephen says they're talking about the futures market, and Patricia sourly says they haven't got the money anyway. She heads back to the bedroom, and Malcolm remarks to Stephen that he's not bad at thinking on his feet! Stephen uncertainly says, "If she believed me." He adds that, sure, he could give Patricia all the security she wants, but he'd never be able to live with himself. Malcolm tells him that he's too noble for his own good. Stephen says, "Hardly." He tells Malcolm that he made a decision twenty years ago, and he's stuck to it; he's been tempted to go back, over the last few months, but he's glad he didn't; if Patricia knew, she wouldn't understand; she'd never forgive him. Malcolm asks, "How do you know?" Stephen says, "I just know. The last thing I want to do is jeopardise my marriage - and if Patricia knew the truth, I'd lose her - forever..."


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