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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia incredulously asks Stephen what he means when he says Margaret is staying with Gordon and Barbara. Stephen points out that she has to stay somewhere - and she's Gordon business partner now. He adds that she seems to be getting on top of things but she still needs support; she's really trying - yesterday, she was a complete mess, but today... He adds that she's very attractive... Patricia snaps that she finds that hard to believe. She then adds that they have enough problems without Margaret; she turns to Andy and tells him to explain to Stephen. Stephen asks what's wrong, and Andy replies that it's his birth certificate: it shows his father as 'Unknown'. Patricia tells her husband that she's already spoken to Malcolm, and their only chance is to get Andy's mother into court to explain why. Andy chips in that that's the hard part - his mother's already angry at him for seeing Stephen. Patricia asks Stephen why Andy's mother didn't put his name down in the first place, but Stephen replies that he doesn't have the faintest idea. Patricia asks him if they had an argument when they split up, but Stephen says there was nothing like that. Patricia asks why, then, but Stephen snaps back that he doesn't know. Patricia asks who Andy's mother is. Stephen and Andy immediately look at each other, warily. After a silence of several seconds, Patricia impatiently asks what the mystery is. Stephen reluctantly admits that Andy's mother was his father's secretary. Patricia snaps, "And?" Stephen says he'd rather not go into it. Patricia gives in and says he can do whatever he thinks is best - but they're going to have to get Andy's mother into court; they've no other choice. Andy says he doesn't like their chances. He then continues that one thing might help, though: maybe it's about time Stephen went and talked to her himself. A worried look crosses Stephen's face.

Barbara and Margaret are sitting at the table in the living room at Dural, polishing the silver. Margaret comments that Stephen seems nice, and Barbara laughs that she thinks so! She then adds that her brother was rather impressed with her, too. Margaret says she's glad. Barbara continues that she thinks he finds it hard to think that she's Patricia's sister, and she adds that Margaret should take that as a compliment! She then asks Margaret if she's spoken to Patricia since-- Margaret interrupts with a curt, "No." Barbara starts to tell her that, if she wants to use the 'phone... but Margaret interrupts and snaps that as far as she's concerned, Patricia doesn't exist. Barbara looks shocked, and Margaret quickly calms down and suggests that, on the other hand, maybe she's turned over a new leaf since she married Stephen... Barbara smiles at her in bemusement.

Andy is driving his van with Stephen in the passenger seat. Stephen suggests that they should have 'phoned first, but Andy tells him that if they'd done that, she would have have gone out. Stephen remarks that it'll be strange seeing her again after so long. Andy tells him that his mother has changed a lot more than he has. Stephen asks his son if he's 'preparing' him. Andy replies that some people would just feel it's off if they saw them together now. He stops the van by the side of the road, and Stephen asks him why. Andy tells him that he's letting him out. Stephen asks him if he's not coming in as well. Andy replies that he wants to fill the van up - and he thinks it would be better if Stephen went up and said 'hello' on his own; he'd be embarrassed to be there first up. Stephen reluctantly agrees and gets out of the van. Andy drives off. Stephen walks up the path and some steps to the house he's standing opposite. As he approaches the front door, a woman comes out, carrying a shopping bag, and, not expecting to find anyone there, almost bumps into him. She snaps at him to look where he's going. She then looks up to see who it is, and looks shocked when she sees it's Stephen. She asks him what he's doing there. Looking surprised, Stephen says, "Helen?" Helen tells him not to look so shocked, and she asks, "What's a 60-year-old woman supposed to look like?"

The two of them go inside the Green house, and Stephen looks round and says it's a nice place. Helen thanks him. She then snaps that she said she didn't want him contacting Andy and she told Andy not to continue seeing him. Stephen starts to say that he only came there... but he's interrupted as Helen tells him that he's not welcome; as soon as Andy arrives, she wants him to leave. Stephen tells her that he's not there to upset her - he wouldn't be there now unless it was absolutely necessary. He starts to continue that they've come... but Helen snaps that she's not interested. Stephen tells her that they need her to go to court to testify that he's Andy's father, as Andy is contesting Dee's will. Looking shocked, Helen says, "He's what?" Stephen tells her that Andy is doing it for his sake - they have the birth certificate, but it lists the father as 'Unknown'. Helen snaps that they can't do it. Stephen tells her that he understands how she feels, but Helen snaps back that he wouldn't have the faintest idea; how dare he walk in there and turn her life upside down again - didn't he do enough twenty years ago?; she lost her job... her dignity; she raised that boy on her own - it wasn't easy, but she did it, and she was proud of him until today. She continues that she doesn't know how Stephen persuaded Andy to go along with him, but she's not getting up on any witness stand and swearing that Stephen is his father, and if she has her way he won't even contest the will.

Fiona is reading in the lounge room at Dural when Barbara comes in. After making smalltalk, she asks Fiona if she's talked much with Margaret. Fiona replies that she hasn't, no, and she asks why the question. Barbara replies that she doesn't know if she's imagining things but she feels very uneasy about her - she mentioned Patricia earlier and Margaret suddenly seemed to snap. As she says this, Margaret comes downstairs and listens in the hallway as Barbara continues that there was a complete change in her for a couple of seconds - it was really scary - and then, just as quick, she went back to being normal - almost too normal. A thoughtful look crosses Margaret's face as Barbara tells Fiona that she hopes Margaret isn't going to use the house as a battlefield.

Jill arrives back at the Morell apartment and Patricia asks her how the job hunting went. Jill glumly replies that no one wants to hire a pregnant woman - and she can't say she blames then. Patricia assures her that something will turn up. Jill says she hopes so, as she doesn't want to keep getting in the way. Patricia, looking surprised, tells her not to talk rubbish. Jill tells Patricia that she's glad she's around, as she has nowhere else to go. Patricia points out that there's Fiona, but Jill says she can't see her with John and Terry around - so Patricia is stuck with her! Patricia tells her to stop seeing herself as some kind of nuisance, and she adds that she's welcome to stay as long as she likes.

Margaret is sitting in the garden at Dural when Barbara comes out. Margaret comments that the garden is very nice, and Barbara jokes that she'll get her doing some weeding! She sits down next to her and, seeing the glum expression on her face, asks her if she's alright. Margaret replies that she's fine. Barbara remarks that she doesn't look too happy, and Margaret tells her that she's had bad news, actually: she rang up Wayne a few minutes ago because she's lost one of her cardigans and thought she might have left it down there...; she knows about the will - Wayne took great delight in telling her that her money had been frozen. She glumly adds, "So much for my new start," and then asks what else she should expect.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen tells Patricia and Jill that there's no way Helen is going to testify - she point blank refuses. Patricia snaps that that's just lovely. Not wanting to get involved in the arguments, Jill goes to have a lie down. Patricia asks Stephen if Andy is still keen to go ahead, and Stephen confirms that he is. Patricia mutters that they have to be grateful for small mercies. Stephen points out that that's only if it's still worth going ahead - without Helen, they're stuck. Changing the subject, he says he has to go and pack for Adelaide. He then adds that he doesn't want to go on this business trip as he'd rather stay at home and sort out this mess once and for all.

At the Green house, Helen serves Andy with some sandwiches for lunch and then sits down and starts browsing through a magazine. Andy asks her if she's not having any, but she tells him that she's not hungry right now. Andy tries to explain that he's only doing it because he likes Stephen and he was being ripped off. Helen snaps that he doesn't know all the facts - Dee Morrell might have had a perfectly good reason. Andy, looking surprised, points out that a while ago she was saying that Dee was an evil old woman; he doesn't know why she's being so difficult as it doesn't matter what she thinks about Dee or Stephen - she just has to say in court that Stephen is his father; it's true isn't it? A sheepish look crosses Helen's face momentarily before she replies that of course it is. Andy asks what the problem is, then. Helen snaps that when she fell in love with Stephen he was 22 and she was 40; with an age difference like that... well, some people think it's indecent, particularly if the woman's older - and it's going to look worse now - she, a woman of 60, having an affair with a man young enough to be her son; she still has pride left. Andy points out that it would only be them in a courtroom - no one else; and they'd be doing something decent for Stephen's family by simply telling the truth. Helen snaps that there's one member of Stephen's family who wouldn't think she was doing something decent. Andy asks who, but Helen quickly replies that it's not important - the important thing is that she's not doing it and that's final.

Margaret, Barbara and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, and Margaret asks Gordon if he knew about Stephen's son this morning. Gordon admits that he did. Margaret asks if he knew that he was going to contest the will, as well. Gordon tells her that none of them want her to lose out so soon after coming out of prison; it's just unfortunate. Margaret says she knows they all meant well. She then continues that, when she was a child she was always taught that it was family you could rely on when you needed support; well, that certainly hasn't been her experience; Patricia is the closest family she has, and the treatment she's had from her... that's why she flew off the handle when Barbara started talking about her - she's just a part of her life she wants to forget. Barbara, looking guilty, says she's sorry - she should have realised. Margaret says she's not going to get depressed - if the money isn't to be, there's nothing she can do about it; she's still got her freedom - that's most important. She then adds that she thinks she'll go and tidy up upstairs before lunch. She leaves the room, and when she's gone, Gordon smiles at Barbara, who, with a grimace, says, "Guess who's got egg all over their face now..." Unknown to her, Margaret is standing in the hallway, listening, and she overhears as Barbara continues that Margaret has got enough on her plate without her being suspicious of her. Margaret smiles as Barbara jokingly tells Gordon that he's got a stupid wife...

Outside, John is starting his car when Charlie suddenly comes over. She asks him if Barbara is in, and John says she is. Charlie tells him that she won't hold him up. As she goes to walk off, John asks her if she's heard from Lisa. Charlie says she heard from her yesterday, and she's fine. John asks if the collection is going alright, and Charlie replies that it's going swimmingly. She adds that if John would like her to give her a message... John quickly tells her that there's no message, and he drives off.

Fiona is in the flat at the back of Dural, and she has just sat down to read a magazine when there's a knock on the door and Charlie calls that it's her. Fiona hurriedly gets up, puts on her jacket, picks up her bag and goes to the door ready to tell Charlie that she's just going out! She opens the door and explains that she's just on her way out, but Charlie ignores this and waltzes in anyway, saying she won't stay long! She continues that she just thought there might be something she can do for John, as he's obviously missing Lisa very much. Fiona curtly replies that it's an old saying, but 'time heals'. Charlie says she knows, but she might have some good news to speed up his recovery. Fiona says she'll pass it on, and Charlie tells her to tell him that Jill O'Donnel is back in town - without her gorgeous husband - 'goodbye Lisa, hello Jill'. Fiona looks shocked, and she tells Charlie that if Jill were in Sydney, she'd have called her. Charlie says she wouldn't know about that, but Jill is staying at Patricia's - she's seen her. Fiona looks stunned.

Stephen is on the 'phone to Andy, and he remarks that he tried; he can't do anymore. He hangs up and tells Patricia that Helen won't be in it. Patricia says they'll just have to subpoena her, but Stephen says no - he's not forcing Helen to do anything she doesn't want to. Patricia suggests that she could go and see her, but Stephen again tells her no - he doesn't want her meddling. He asks if that's clear. Patricia starts to say that she really thinks... but Stephen asks again if that's clear. Patricia reluctantly says it is. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Patricia opens it to find Fiona standing there. She walks into the apartment and asks if Jill is there, as she wants to see her. Patricia comments that she's making quite a habit of forcing herself into their apartment, and she asks Fiona what makes her so sure Jill wants to see her. At that moment, Jill comes out from her bedroom, and, looking pleased to see Fiona there, explains that she heard her voice. Stephen says he'll wait downstairs for his taxi. Patricia tells him that she'll come with him, as she has some shopping to do. They go, and Jill and Fiona hug. Fiona asks Jill where Brian is, and what on earth she's doing in Sydney. Jill cries, "Oh, Fiona..." and throws herself into Fiona's arms.

A short time later, Jill is explaining that, when Brian went back to Ireland, she had nowhere to go - she had no money to stay on the south coast by herself and she needed somewhere to live until she got a job. Fiona asks her why she didn't come to her. Jill explains that she rang Woombai and some woman - who Fiona tells her would have been Alice Parker - told her that Fiona was staying at the Hamiltons'. Fiona asks her why she couldn't get her there. Jill replies that she tried, but John answered. Fiona says, "So?" Jill cries that he's the last person she wants to see - Fiona knows what they're like together. Fiona tells Jill that she wants her to come and live with her; after all, she's carrying her grandchild - and she'll have her family around her for the very first time in her life. Jill anxiously asks if that includes Terry. Fiona replies that so much has happened... Jill tells her that she's read her letters and she knows how she feels about him, but he raped her, and she can't forget that - she still has nightmares about what happened, and it caused lots of problems in her relationship with Brian; she doesn't know how Fiona can even-- Fiona interrupts and tells Jill that she's just asking her to give him a chance; she did and when she got to know the person underneath... she's sure Jill will end up the feeling the same as she does. Jill snaps that she'll never feel that way - not in a million years; the only way she'll be able to love her baby is if she forgets that Terry is the father - and even then she doesn't know how she'll go - she doesn't want Fiona to make a choice between Terry and her. Fiona says she doesn't see why she has to make a choice, but Jill tells her that she does: if she wants her to come and live with her, she has to make sure Terry isn't around. Fiona says she can't. Jill tells her that that's it - she and her baby or Terry. Fiona cries that it's not that simple, but Jill says it is to her. Fiona cries that she shouldn't force her to decide, but Jill repeats again that it's her or Terry. Fiona cries as she realises she can't give up her son. The two women hug. Jill then tells Fiona that she still loves her, but that's the way it has to be - she understands that Terry is her son, and she knows how much it means to her. Fiona asks her if she won't change her mind, but Jill shakes her head. Fiona asks her if she'll stay in touch, and Jill replies that of course she will. Fiona cries that she had it all worked out: Jill, her grandchild, her son... Jill cries, "Don't..." Fiona sadly says, "Well, bye..." They go and stand by the front door, and Jill wipes a tear from Fiona's eye. They then kiss each other goodbye, and Fiona leaves. As the front door closes behind her, Fiona pauses on the step, looking sad.

Patricia walks up and stands looking at the window display of an electrical goods shop. She then goes in and a man comes over and asks if he can help her. Patricia explains that she's looking for a tape recorder. The man takes her over to look at some big stereo systems, but Patricia tells him that she's looking for something smaller - something that she can put in her handbag. The man says he'll have a look. Patricia tells him that she wants the best he's got. As he walks off, she smiles, looking pleased with herself...


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