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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Sitting in the lounge room at Dural with Andy, Amanda asks him if he makes much money. Andy tells her that he doesn't from gigging around pubs! Amanda asks what about records, and Andy replies, "Not yet!" He then adds that they put down a demo tape a couple of months back. Stephen comes in and asks Andy how he is. Andy replies that he's pretty fit. Stephen says he wishes he could feel the same. Amanda asks if it's been a hectic morning, and Stephen tells her that yes it was - and a hectic afternoon, as well. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Amanda goes to get it at the bar. It's Patricia, and she asks for Stephen. Amanda tells her that he doesn't want to come to the 'phone. Patricia snaps at her to make him. She continues that she had Margaret over there threatening to kill her, and she needs help. Amanda snaps at her that she needs help alright. Stephen warns, "Amanda..." He takes the 'phone and asks Patricia what it is. Rejoining Andy, Amanda tells him that Patricia has finally gone round the twist. As they talk, Stephen turns round and asks Amanda if Margaret is there. Amanda replies that she's been there all day. Stephen returns to the call and tells Patricia that she can forget it. He hangs up, and Andy asks what the problem is. Stephen tells him that Patricia is trying every trick in the book to get attention: now, Margaret is supposed to have tried to electrocute her! Amanda says Margaret will kill herself laughing when she hears that. She leaves the room to go and tell her. Andy remarks to Stephen that Patricia seeemed a pretty together lady when he met her. Stephen replies that she was - it was one of the reasons he married her; he thought she'd always bounce back, but not anymore. Andy comments that it must be hard when someone you love starts acting strangely. Stephen says it is. Amanda comes back and Stephen asks what Margaret had to say. Amanda tells him that she's not in her room; she can't find her anywhere. Andy and Stephen look at each other in puzzlement.

Barbara is out in the garden, attempting to putt some balls into a pot. Gordon joins her and jokes that he's not sure what he'd call it: not a par, a birdie or an eagle! Barbara says, "More like a bloody vulture!" Gordon suggests that she go back in the house and have some afternoon tea, but Barbara explains that, when she heard Stephen was bringing Andrew over, she decided to keep well away. Gordon tells her that Andy is a nice boy, but Barbara snaps that she doesn't care - she doesn't want to face him; she can see nothing to be gained by meeting either Andy or his mother.

Margaret walks into Dural, and when she finds Stephen in the hallway, she remarks that he's home early. Stephen ignores this and asks Margaret if she'd mind telling him where she's been. Margaret asks what's wrong, and Stephen tells her that he had Patricia on the 'phone; he needs to know if what she said is true. Margaret replies that it would help if she knew what she's supposed to have done. In the lounge room, Andy says to Amanda that if Margaret really did that stuff, he reckons she and Patricia must hate each other like no one on earth. Searching through his bag, he comes across a demo tape. Amanda comments that she didn't think he'd have one on him. Andy tells her that he always carries one in case of emergencies! At that moment, Margaret comes in and asks the two of them if they've heard Patricia's latest. She adds that the whole idea is a joke. Stephen, who has followed her in, asks her if she did go to the apartment. Margaret tells him that yes, she did. She continues that Andy gave her the idea of going there. Andy asks how come, and Margaret replies that she realised that if they could be friends, even though they're on opposite sides of the fence over the will, she reckoned she and Patricia could work something out. Amanda asks if Patricia didn't take a bar of it, and Margaret tells her that Patricia screamed abuse at her and slammed the door in her face. Stephen asks her what she did then, and Margaret replies that she came back to Dural; she certainly didn't try to make a stereo blow up in her face! Stephen says it's hard to take Patricia's story seriously. Margaret says she thinks Patricia is jealous because she's made friends with everyone; but she should let them make up their own minds - there's not really anything else she can say. She leaves the room. Stephen stands there, looking worried. Amanda tells him that he doesn't have to be too bright to see that Patricia is lying. Stephen remarks that it's such a crazy story for her to dream up - she acted as if she believed every word she was saying. Amanda suggests that she could be going loopy. Stephen tells her that she's very upset. Andy suggests to him that he go and talk to her, but Stephen replies that he doesn't want to get involved; he made the break, and he has to hope that she can sort herself out. Changing the subject, he asks Andy what he's holding. Amanda explains that it's a demo tape. Out in the hallway, Margaret quietly runs downstairs and puts the keys back on the table.

Fiona is in the flat, and she dials Matt's number, but she gets the answerphone. She leaves a message to say it's her; she's ringing to check if he's back; it's all such a mess with Jill - she was going to wait to talk to her, but she really doesn't think it can wait.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia is pouring herself a drink when there's a knock on the front door. Looking worried, she calls out to ask who it is. Fiona calls back that it's her, and Patricia goes and answers it. She asks Fiona what she wants, and Fiona retorts that she wants to see Jill. Patricia tells her that she isn't there anymore. Fiona asks where she is, then, and Patricia snaps back that she's with a friend. Fiona asks who, and whether there's an address. Patricia snaps that she didn't even see her - Jill just left a note. She adds that she's getting a splitting headache standing there, talking. Fiona rants that she's talking about something that could affect the life of her grandchild. Patricia snaps that it's Jill's baby and Jill's decision, and Fiona should just keep her nose out of it. She shuts the door.

The final note of Andy's demo tape plays, and Amanda remarks that it would probably sound better over a decent stereo! Margaret jokes that as long as no one asks her to set it going! She then asks Amanda if she's going to hear Andy's band playing tonight, and Amanda says she is. Barbara comes in at that moment, and Amanda tells her that she's just missed meeting her half-nephew. Barbara explains that she saw him and Stephen driving away. Amanda tells her that she can probably catch up with him tomorrow. Barbara just grunts, "Maybe," and she returns to the kitchen to carry on with dinner. Margaret remarks that she didn't sound too happy. Amanda curses about her and her big mouth. Margaret asks what's wrong, and Amanda explains that Barbara is sensitive about Andy. Margaret asks why, and Amanda tells her that she was apparently very close to Andy's mother; she was shocked to find out that Stephen and Helen Green had anything to do with each other. She adds that she's sure Barbara will come round; she hopes so, for her own sake, as she'll run into Helen Green sooner or later - in the court room, if not socially. Margaret asks Amanda if she thinks Andy will rope his mother into challenging the will. Amanda replies that he has to - without her backing him, he has no leg to stand on. Margaret muses that, with 'Father Unknown' on the birth certificate, Andy has to have his mother to verify that he really is related to Dee...

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Wayne answers it. Margaret comes on and tells him that she needs to know everything there is about the will; it's best he got up there. Wayne snaps, "No way." Margaret tells him that he'll manage it if he wants to hang onto the money. Wayne sighs and tells her that he'll be at the North Sydney Motor Inn at about 9:30pm. Margaret tells him that she'll see him there.

Later that evening, Barbara is sitting with Fiona in the flat. Fiona thanks her for coming to talk to her. Barbara tells her that they've all had run-ins with Patricia - it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Fiona points out that it could have been avoided. Barbara wonders out loud where Jill is, and Fiona glumly says she's probably at Scott's - but she doesn't want to turn up there if she's wrong; she really doesn't want to see him again. Barbara suggests that she let Matt cope with whole thing; she should go back to Woombai; she's sure Beryl... Fiona, though, says no: the Palmers have been through a frightful situation, and she'd just feel like she was in the way. Barbara asks if nothing will stop Fiona from trying to make Jill change her mind. Fiona replies that she can help Jill make the right decision - for both Jill and her grandchild.

In the lounge room in the main house, Amanda checks heer bag and says she thinks she's got everything. Margaret says, "Earplugs?!" Amanda tells her that she's just like Stephen! She then continues that she's glad her father hasn't gone back to Patricia - she thought he might have weakened. She asks Margaret if she's sure she doesn't want to come. Margaret says she's sure, but adds that she thought she might go and catch a movie. Amanda tells her that she can give her a lift part of the way and Margaret accepts this, saying she can catch a cab for the rest of the journey. Amanda goes to bring the car round. When she's gone, Margaret goes to the 'phone on the bar and dials a number. The call is answered after a few rings by Patricia. Margaret says it's her, and she tells her sister that she's just ringing to say 'keep up the good work'. Patricia asks her what she's getting at. Margaret tells her that the more fuss she makes about her, the quicker she'll turn everyone off - Stephen already thinks she's playing for sypmathy. Patricia threatens Margaret that she won't get away with it. Margaret retorts, "We'll see..." She starts to tell Patricia to tell everyone about this call, but as she does so, Stephen comes in. He asks where Amanda is, and Margaret explains that she's getting the car. She then points to the 'phone and says it's Patricia again, demanding to speak to him. Stephen tells her to tell Patricia that he's busy. He leaves the room, and Margaret asks her sister if she heard that. Patricia repeats, "I'm warning you..." Margaret tells her that she can warn her all she likes; her friends are getting sick of her - and soon she's going to end up all alone in that little apartment. She then warns Patricia to be careful to lock up tonight, as you never know who might come visiting... She hangs up. At the apartment, Patricia looks at the 'phone in horror.

Doug and Lynn are carrying a large trunk into the Palmers', and Doug grumpily remarks that it's convenient that Kevin has to work late. Lynn explains that Wayne zoomed off to Sydney and dumped a whole load of work on him. She adds that he'd help if he could - he's as pleased as the rest of them that The Terrace has been sold. Doug remarks that it's a bit strange that the people wanted to move in straight away. Rosie comes in from the kitchen and asks if there's much left at The Terrace. Doug says there's a bit yet. Rosie tells him that dinner is ready - a bit of a celebration. Lynn asks if she means for David. Doug says he feels he should be up there with him, but Rosie tells him that his son will get better without looking at him for a few days!

At Dural, Gordon thanks Barbara for dinner, and he comments that it's a shame Fiona couldn't join them. Barbara explains that she didn't feel like the company - and she had some calls to make. Gordon asks if she's alright, and Barbara replies that she thinks she's working herself up into a state over Jill. Gordon asks if she won't be able to cope if she doesn't get her way with Jill over the baby. Barbara suggests that maybe Matt can help. Gordon asks how, and Barbara replies that maybe he can get Patricia to say where Jill has gone. Gordon asks if Patricia knows. Barbara tells him that Fiona thinks so, but with Patricia...

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia tells Matt that her head is still reeling. Matt tells her that all he's got out of her so far is that she and Stephen are splitting up and that he wants a divorce; the rest is a jumble. He then asks her if she's serious about Margaret, and Patricia snaps at him that Margaret is playing a war of nerves with her, but every time she tells someone, they laugh it off and treat her like a crank. Matt suggests that it is far-fetched, but he adds that he believes her. Patricia, looking relieved, tells him that he doesn't know how much that means to her. Matt asks her if Margaret would do anything drastic, but Patricia says she doesn't know - that's the scary part. Matt asks if she's ever acted violently before, but Patricia says she was a wimp before she went into prison. Matt asks if it's changed her. Patricia tells him that David Palmer has just been shot by a psycho who found his way out of prison... Matt says she doesn't think Margaret would-- Patricia interrupts and tells him to tell her; she doesn't know what Margaret is capable of; it makes her sick to her stomach. Matt suggests to her that she get a good night's sleep. Patricia says she's not letting her guard down again, and so Matt asks if she'd sleep any easier if he stayed over. Patricia asks him if he'd mind, and Matt says he's sure. He adds that, in the morning, her head will be clearer and she'll probably see Margaret as all bluff.

In the lounge room at Dural, Stephen offers Gordon and Barbara another drink, but Barbara declines, saying she's floating already! Stephen comments that that's what Patricia always said about Irish Coffee. Barbara angrily asks if they're going to have to have Patricia every time he opens his mouth. She adds that she thinks he's enjoying putting himself through the mill. Stephen stands up and tells her that she's right - he's sat around brooding long enough. Gordon asks him where he's going, and he replies that he's going to the apartment. Barbara snaps that she might have guessed. Stephen assures her that he's not going to change his mind about Patricia - but if she's making up crazy stories, she's obviously terribly upset, and on her own with no one to talk to there's no knowing what she might do. Barbara snaps that, after they've had a little chat, she supposes their getting back together again won't be far behind. Stephen replies that he's not ruling it out - eventually; he loves her, and he doesn't think it's a crime to hope their relationship doesn't go down the drain.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia takes some pills, and Matt asks if there's anything else he can do. Patricia tells him that he can put the cat out! He stands up from where he was sitting on the bed and tells Patricia to leave it to him to answer the door if the boogie-man comes! He turns the light off and leaves the room. Patricia snuggles down.

Later, Patricia is asleep, lying on her back. As she sleeps, she suddenly starts crying out and shrieking. Matt runs in and hugs her as she wakes up, shaking. He assures her that it's alright. Patricia cries that she can't have a dream like that again, and she asks Matt to stay with her for a while, as she doesn't want to be on her own. Matt helps her lie down again, and he pulls the covers over her. He then climbs into bed beside her and lies down. He looks at her, intently.

Wayne has arrived at the hotel, but he angrily asks the receptionist what he means about having re-let his room. The receptionist explains that when Wayne hadn't arrived or 'phoned by 9:30pm, they assumed he wasn't coming. He adds that he'll organise another room immediately. Margaret arrrives and asks Wayne if something's wrong. He explains. Meanwhile, the 'phone behind reception rings and the receptionist answers it. Margaret and Wayne go and sit down and Margaret tells Wayne that Andy is still planning on contesting the will. Wayne points out that he'll have a hard time with 'Father Unknown' on the birth certificate. Margaret replies that Andy's got a good chance of getting his mother to the party to testify. Wayne says it's a good thing he's one step ahead of him, then. Margaret asks him what he's done, and Wayne explains that he's ordered an investigation into the Greens; you never know what it might come up with. Margaret says that if only she'd known; he's had a wasted trip. Wayne, though, assures her that it's alright, as he'll be able to deal with the investigator in person. Margaret asks him if they've come up with anything yet. Wayne tells her that they haven't, but he adds that he's sure they'll come up with enough to give Helen Green a run for her money...

Patricia is asleep again, in bed next to Matt. Stephen arrives outside the flat and knocks on the door. Matt is asleep as well, and don't hear. Stephen stands outside momentarily and then takes out his keys and opens the door. The flat is in darkness, and so he reaches round and turns the lights on. He then walks into the lounge room. He softly calls out, "Patricia?" There's no answer, and so he decides to try the bedroom. He opens the bedroom door and then stops in his tracks, looking shocked at the scene that confronts him...


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