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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Terry is in the reception area at the riding school, and he asks the receptionist if she's sure she can't make it, adding that it'll be a great party! The receptionist declines, explaining that it's her sister's birthday! Terry pleads with her, and she gives in and says she'll see what she can do! Stephen comes in and snaps that people don't seem to trust anybody round there. Terry asks what's wrong, and Stephen impatiently explains that Hawkins won't deliver the timber for the catwalk until they've paid for it. He asks Terry if he can take a cheque into town, but Terry says he's sorry - he's got to stay by the 'phone - he's in the bush fire brigade; they just called to say a fire has broken out - one of the farmers was doing a burn off and it got away from him. Stephen asks if it's serious. Terry says it isn't now, but if it gets worse, he'll need all the volunteers he can get. Stephen says he'll see if he can get one of the other men. Terry says he'd better get back to work, and he goes. Margaret suddenly walks over to Stephen and offers to take the cheque. Stephen thanks her, and tells her to get the address from the receptionist. He then realises that he should have told Terry something, and he goes to head out. Margaret suggests they have lunch when she gets back, but Stephen declines, apologising and saying he's busy today. He suggests they meet another time, and Margaret sadly says that would be nice... The receptionist gives her the cheque and the address and tells her that it's very nice of her to help out. Margaret glumly says she's got nothing else to do...

Stephen catches up with Terry outside and asks him if he'll let Robin know that the timber is being delivered this afternoon and explain why there's a hold-up. As the two men are standing there, Terry suddenly spots a woman with silver hair talking to Robin and another guy, and he remarks that she's not bad. He adds that she must be one of the guests; he wouldn't mind meeting her! Stephen tells him that he already has - although he couldn't see her at the time: it's his wife. Terry laughs, and then says he can't understand Stephen giving a good-looking woman like that the boot. Stephen curtly tells Terry to just give Robin the message. As they talk, Margaret walks past them, gets in her car and drives off.

Inside, the receptionist is on the 'phone and she asks the caller to just hang on a moment. Stephen comes back in and the receptionist calls over to him and says it's his sister calling. Stephen says he'll take it in the office. The receptionist transfers it.

Outside, Robin snaps at Terry that he wanted the timber there this morning, not this afternoon. Terry explains about the mix up over the money, and Robin grudgingly accepts this. He then asks Terry if Stephen told him that he'd be helping them set up the catwalk. Terry smiles as he tells them that he's at their service! He asks them if they know where they're going to put it, and Robin replies that they might drive around now and decide. He adds that, if Terry can get it all marked out today, the carpenters can start work tomorrow. Terry asks him if he's got a set of a plans, and Robin replies that they're in the office. He asks Patricia to go and get them, and she walks off. As she goes, Terry watches her, and then turns to Robin and says, "Sure is a good looker - bit out of my league, though." Robin curtly replies, "Yes, she is."

Tony and Shelley walk into Woombai, and Tony tells his girlfriend that, like he said, no one's home. Shelley asks him if he's sure, and Tony replies that of course he is - he wouldn't have brought her there otherwise; they've got the whole place to themselves. Shelley says she hopes so. Tony tells her to relax, but Shelley replies that she's supposed to be at her girlfriend, Sandy's, place; he dad would kill her if he knew she was with him - especially with no one home. Tony tells her that they can go somewhere else if she likes, but Shelley quickly assures him that it'll be alright. She goes and sits down on the couch. Tony says he'll see if Jill has got any tapes. Shelley, though, tells him not to bother about music; she tells him to come and sit next to her. Tony does. Shelley looks at him and remarks that it's a lovely old house. Tony says it sure is... They start kissing passionately...

Stephen is sitting behind the desk in the office at the riding school, staring down at the blotter, when there's a knock on the door and Patricia comes in, saying she needs the plans for the catwalk. Stephen tells her that they're on top of the filing cabinet. Patricia gets them and then, seeing the expression on her husband's face, asks him if he's alright. Stephen tells her that Barbara just rang; there's bad news: Helen's dead. Patricia, looking shocked, says, "You're joking!" Stephen continues that, when Barbara hadn't heard from him, she realised that he couldn't have seen it in the paper. Patricia asks what happened. Stephen replies that she drowned in Gordon and Barbara's pool. Patricia says, "Oh no..." She tells Stephen that she's very sorry. Stephen just stares at her.

A short time later, Stephen comments, "Poor Helen - a great life she had." He adds that he feels terrible about the way he treated her the last time he saw her; he wasn't exactly pleasant. Patricia tells him that he's not alone there - she keeps thinking about the way she tricked Helen into admitting that Stephen was Andy's father. She continues that she's very glad he didn't let her go through with all of that. Stephen points out that she put up a pretty good fight. Patricia says she knows - and she's very sorry it blew up the way it did; she never intended it to. Stephen replies that neither did he, and he adds that it just goes to show what can happen when you get two people as stubborn as they are. After a moment's silence, Patricia says it's nice to be talking again - she wanted to break the ice a couple of times in the last few days, but she always got cold feet. Stephen jokes that he's not that much of a monster, is he?! Patricia laughs, "No!" She then says she'd better get going. As she stands up, Stephen asks her if she'd like to have lunch with him. Patricia quickly says she'd love to. She goes. Stephen smiles.

Tony and Shelley are kissing passionately on the couch at Woombai. Tony suddenly pulls away and asks Shelley if she's glad she came. Shelley replies, "No complaints so far!" Tony says he thinks he'll check the 'fridge. Shelley, though, tells him not to do it yet - it's just getting interesting! Tony says he has to keep his strength up. Shelley impatiently asks why - so he can keep making excuses? Tony asks her what she means. Shelley tells him that he goes 'so far' and then that's it. Tony replies that he thought he told her: she's not like other girls - and he doesn't want to treat her like he doesn't respect her. Shelley reluctantly says she supposes not... They suddenly hear a car pulling up outside, and Shelley nervously says to Tony that she thought he said everyone was out for the day. Tony tells her that they are. Shelley asks who that is, then. Tony says he doesn't know. He starts to head outside and adds that they'll soon find out.

They go outside and walk along the verandah to see a flash sports car pulling up outside. Shelley comments, "Look at those wheels!" Robin, Patricia and Terry get out of the car, and Robin asks Terry for a hand with the pegs. Terry agrees. He then looks over at the homestead and notices Tony and Shelley standing there. He tells Robin to hang on while he says 'hello' to Tony. He walks over to the two kids and asks Tony if he's got a minute. The two of them head inside. Robin and Patricia also walk off, leaving Shelley to walk towards Robin's car, looking at it admiringly.

Inside, Terry tells Tony that he's asking for trouble. Tony asks him what he means. Terry replies that he means by bringing Shelley there when everyone's out. He continues that Tony knows what her old man's like - he thinks butter wouldn't melt in her mouth; if he knew Tony had her there, he'd skin him alive. Tony retorts that he's not going to find out - and he's not going to do anything anyway. Terry tells him that that's what he says now. Tony insists that it's true - he doesn't want to go too far; he thinks too much of her for that. Terry tells him that Shelley is a nice chick - and despite what her old man thinks, she's been around; she knows what it's all about. Tony replies that he knows what he's doing. Terry tells him not to say he didn't warn him. Shelley comes back in at that moment and asks them if they've finished their manly talk! Terry says yeah. Shelley asks him how well he knows the man who owns the sports car. Terry says he hardly knows him at all. Shelley continues that she'd really like to go for a ride in it. She turns to Tony and tells him to ask if he can take it for a spin. Tony points out that he hardly even knows the guy. Shelley, though, pleads with him to please do it - for her. Tony muses that Robin can only say 'no'. Terry curtly snaps that that's what he should say. The three of them head out.

Robin is standing outside with Patricia, and as he points out a particular area of the land, he asks what she thinks. Patricia suggests the area under the trees, as there's more shade. Robin, though, tells her that that's where the audience goes. He then adds that, if the hot weather continues, there's going to have to be somewhere comfortable for them to sit. Terry, Tony and Shelley walk over and Terry introduces Tony and Shelley to Robin. He and Patricia both say 'hello' but then return to their talking. Tony interrupts them to tell Robin that it's a pretty terrific looking car he's got. Robin, looking annoyed at the interruption, snaps that he's glad he likes it. He turns back to Patricia again, but Tony carries on that he was wondering if he'd mind if he took Shelley for a bit of a spin. Robin snaps that yes, he would mind. Tony says it would only be around the property, but Robin snaps that he said no. Terry tells Tony that Robin is a bit busy right now. Tony snaps that he should have realised. He and Shelley walk off. As they do so, Tony tells Shelley that Robin can stick his car - he wouldn't drive it if Robin paid him.

The two of them head back inside, and Tony angrily asks who wants to go racing around in cars anyway - he's got better things to do. They go and sit down and start kissing again. When they stop, Shelley remarks that she thought Tony was hungry. Tony waves this away, and makes it clear that he wants to go further than kissing. Shelley nervously says someone might come in. Tony tries to push her down on the couch, but Shelley says they can't do it there. Tony asks why. Shelley replies that it's too open. Tony says alright, and he points to where they can go, saying, "Through there." They get up and start walking towards Tony's bedroom. As they do so, Shelley says, "Tony..." Tony tells her that he's sorry for being so abrupt. They kiss again and then head to the bedroom...

In the reception area at the riding school, Terry asks the receptionist if she's heard from the firefighters. The receptionist replies that there's nothing yet. Terry tells her that, if they want him, she can call him at Woombai - he'll be there for the rest of the day. The receptionist remarks that she was just outside and there was a lot of smoke up in the hills. She asks if she should call the fire office, but Terry tells her not to hassle them; they'll call if they need him. As he says this, Margaret arrives back and chips in that the people in town are saying the fire is spreading. Terry says they should just hope that it doesn't come their way. Margaret points out that the Palmers are having a picnic, and she asks if they'll be safe. Terry replies that they're at Wilson Dam - they should be OK unless the wind changes. Margaret says she'll keep her fingers crossed. Terry heads out. As he goes, the receptionist tells Margaret that he was a real hero the last time they had a bad fire - he saved quite a few people. Margaret says they should hope this one isn't serious. Changing the subject, the receptionist asks how things were at the timber yard. Margaret replies that they were fine. She adds that she'll go and give the receipt to Stephen, but the receptionist tells her that he's not to be disturbed, as he's having lunch with his wife. Looking annoyed, Margaret curtly says she's glad he's found the time to sit down...

In the office, Patricia tells Stephen that she talked to John yesterday; it was the first time she'd seen him since...; she reminds Stephen that he knows all the gory details. She continues that they didn't patch things up, but they made a start; she was frightened that he'd never speak to her again; she's very glad she was wrong. There's silence for a few moments, and Stephen then tells Patricia that he didn't want to leave her, but he had no alternative. Patricia replies that she would have come to Woombai and been an ordinary housewife if he'd wanted her to. Stephen tells her that she wouldn't have with their problems. Patricia points out that they didn't even try, but Stephen replies that, at the time, there didn't seem to be any point. Patricia says, "And now?" Stephen replies, "We'll see." Patricia tells him that at least she's learnt not to push things. She realises she'd better be going, and Stephen jokingly asks her if Robin has her on a twenty-minute lunch break. Patricia smiles, but explains that she thought she'd go riding, and make the most of the facilities while she's there. Before she goes, she adds that there are two things she'd like to say to him: regardless of what he thinks, there was nothing between Matt Kennedy and her; and Margaret did do all those things she said she did - she's a very neurotic woman; she's trying to make her life as miserable as possible. There's silence for a few seconds, which is broken by Stephen telling Patricia that he believes her. Patricia goes, leaving Stephen looking thoughtful.

Margaret is sitting in the reception area when Patricia comes out of the office. She stands up and immediately snaps at Patricia that surely she doesn't really think she's got any hope of getting Stephen back? Patricia cooly asks if that's what she's trying to do. Margaret snaps that of course it is. Patricia tells her that Stephen asked her to have lunch, she accepted, they had a very pleasant time and that's all that happened. Margaret snorts and snaps that Stephen wouldn't be fool enough to fall in love with Patricia a second time. Patricia says they'll just have to wait and see, won't they? She goes.

Margaret storms into the office and hands Stephen the receipt for the timber. She snaps that she would have given it to him earlier, only the receptionist said he wasn't to be disturbed. Stephen just says, "Yes." Margaret tells him that he's a fool if he lets her pull the wool over his eyes. Stephen asks who she means. Margaret replies, "Patricia." Stephen retorts that Patricia isn't pulling the wool over his eyes. Margaret says she can bet she is. She tells Stephen that she's only worried for his sake. Stephen cooly says, "Are you?" Margaret asks what Patricia has been saying. Stephen ignores this and tells Margaret that she's there for a holiday; she should try and enjoy it and let him and Patricia get on with their own lives. Margaret snaps again that she'd like to know what Patricia said. Stephen thanks her for her concern, but he adds that the subject is closed. Margaret turns and storms out. She heads outside and stands staring at the view for a few moments. She then spots Patricia out riding. She calls out to a passing stablehand and asks him to saddle a horse for her.

The 'phone rings at Woombai, and Tony and Shelley emerge from the bedroom and walk into the lounge room to answer it. Tony picks up the call and a woman comes on and asks who she's speaking to. Tony says it's him. The woman on the other end - Denise, the receptionist - tells him that the bush fire brigade have just rung for Terry; the wind has changed and the fire's out of control; it's heading towards Woombai. Tony says, "Hell..." The receptionist continues that she's really worried about Mrs. Thompson and the Palmers - Wilson Dam is in the line of fire. Tony hangs up and tells Shelley to come on. Shelley asks what's happened. Tony tells her that the fire's heading their way.

A few minutes later, outside, Terry says he'll find Fiona, Dave and his missus and make sure they're OK, and then go and help the boys. Tony says he'll come too, but Terry tells him that he'll only get in the way. Tony insists that he's got to do something. Terry tells him to get the wheatbags out of the feed shed and hose them down. He then drives off. Shelley tells Tony that he's got to take her home; if the fire's heading their way, it's also heading towards Sandy's place. Tony says, "So?" Shelley tells him that her dad will ring there for sure to make sure she's OK; he's got to get her home before he finds out that the fire has changed direction; if he realised what's happened between them, he'd kill her. Tony tells her that it's OK - he'll get her home.

Patricia is sitting in a bushy area, looking thoughtful, when she sees Margaret ride up nearby and climb down from her horse. She storms over to Patricia and yells that her sister can't help herself - she's always got to make things as unpleasant as possible for her. Patricia ignores this and just asks Margaret if she can't find somewhere else to ride. Margaret continues that just because she's made friends with the people at Woombai, Patricia has to turn them against her. Patricia snaps that that's rubbish. Margaret snaps back that she's done a pretty good job with Stephen. Patricia, looking bemused, snaps that this is a joke. She continues that Margaret should be the last person to accuse somebody of making trouble; perhaps people are turning against her because they've finally woken up to her? Margaret snaps that it's Patricia who they've got to wake up to. She adds that Patricia isn't going to win. Patricia snaps that she's sick of this. She tells Margaret that her life may be miserable, but she's not going to make her's the same. Margaret threatens that they'll see about that. Patricia suggests that perhaps she didn't make herself clear back at the Reid House: there's the distinct possiblity that she and Stephen will get back together again. Margaret snaps that there won't be by the time she's finished. Patricia tells her that Stephen knows all about Matt - and he believes her, so there's nothing Margaret can do. The two horses suddenly start neighing, and Patricia, looking surprised, asks what's wrong with them. The horses suddenly start moving, and Patricia asks Margaret if she can smell smoke. The two horses trot towards them. Margaret comments that they didn't say the fire was in this area. Patricia remarks that it doesn't smell too far away. She starts to get back on her horse, saying she's not taking any chances.

Terry gets in his truck, which is parked outside the guest house. Robin comes over and says he's heard about the fire; there must be something he can do. Terry tells him that there isn't - unless he's had experience fighting fires. Robin says there must be some other way he can help. Terry tells him to tell Stephen to make sure he knows where all the guests are - and if they're not on the property, find out where they've gone. He continues that Robin should also tell Alan Pascoe to get the horses ready to move out if necessary. Robin heads off inside, and Terry drives off. As does so, Tony and Shelley come along, and Tony says he hopes Terry finds the Palmers. Shelley ignores this and says they've got to hurry. Tony tells her that it's alright. A stablehand passes and Tony asks him if there are any spare cars on the property. The stablehand says they're all being used. Shelley insists that she's got to get home. Tony tells her that he'll think of something. Shelley suddenly asks what about Robin's car, which is parked nearby. Tony points out that it not theirs. They walk over to it, and Shelley notices that the keys are in the ignition. Tony tells her that the guy who owns it will go through the roof. Shelley remarks that she didn't think that sort of thing would worry a tough guy like him. Tony gives in and says, "Alright." They get in, Tony turns the keys and they drive off. As they do so, Robin and Stephen come out of the guest house, talking, when Robin sees what's happening and snaps, "What the hell? That's my car." Stephen comments that it looks like Tony Parker driving. Robin snaps, "The little idiot." He rants that he told Tony not to touch it - he only bought it just before he came up there. He adds that he'll knock Tony's block off when he gets back.

Patricia and Margaret are riding through the woods; a number of trees around them are on fire. One of the trees suddenly falls in front of Patricia's horse, and, startled, it jumps up and throws her off. Patricia lands on the ground and tries to get up, but when she moves, she realises she's hurt her leg. She calls out to Margaret that she can't move. Margaret just sits on her horse and looks at her. Patricia calls out, "Margaret... Please..." Margaret continues to stay where she is. She then turns her horse and rides off, leaving Patricia stuck in the middle of the burning wood, screaming, "Margaret........"


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