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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Patricia says to Stephen that surely he doesn't seriously believe a story like that. Stephen asks her if she had lunch with Terry. Patricia replies, "Yes." Stephen angrily asks, "Then what the hell are you playing at?" Patricia retorts that she was just trying to do the right thing: help matters with Fiona by being pleasant to her son. Stephen snaps at her not to lie to him. Patricia gives in and explains that she was trying to make sure Fiona didn't interfere with them; if Fiona thinks she has some influence over Terry, she'll think twice before she starts meddling. Stephen listens to this and then angrily tells Patricia that it's a disease with her - yesterday she promised to stop manipulating people, and today she's doing it again; it's got to be a sickness. He continues that the first thing he's going to do is talk to Terry and put a stop to his fantasy talk - and then he'll think very seriously about whether it's worth he and Patricia even trying to get back together again. He storms out.

Terry is chopping logs outside. Stephen comes out and snaps at him that he's trying to make a big man of himself, is he - claiming he made love to Patricia? Terry starts to try and explain that that's not right, but Stephen interrupts and says the men seem to think that's what happened - where would they get a story like that? Terry replies that he might have said something that got mixed-up in the telling. Stephen snaps at him that he's been boasting at Patricia's expense. He adds that he wants the men told the truth by tomorrow morning. Terry agrees that he doesn't want them thinking the wrong thing about her. Stephen says, "Tomorrow morning - alright?" He walks off. Terry looks at Fiona - who has just rocked up - as he does so.

Back at Woombai, Fiona snaps at Terry that she gave him more credit than to get involved with Patricia; she's trouble - he knows that. Terry retorts that he's not a five-year-old kid. Fiona continues that she's trying to say that Patricia has the unique talent of making trouble for anyone who gets involved with her. Terry says it was his fault. Fiona tells him that Patricia only saw it as a way to get at her; she knows what she's like. Terry insists that he can make up his own mind about people. Fiona tells him that Patricia has a reputation - she doesn't want him doing anything silly. Terry says he's just going to apologise to her. He adds that he doesn't want Fiona saying anything to her - he's done enough things to upset Patricia, and he doesn't want her interfering. He goes. Fiona stands there, looking upset.

Amanda wanders into the lounge room at Toorak, and noticing Wayne sitting around in his pyjamas, she comments that he's still not dressed. Wayne asks why should he be. Amanda replies that he's making the place look like a hospital ward. Wayne points out that she's been lying around all day herself. Amanda snaps that she hasn't been feeling well. Andy comes in at that moment and announces that he won't be in for dinner as he's going to the Palmers'. Amanda tells him to have a good time, and he goes. She then turns back to Wayne and tells him that she's sorry she's been so bad-tempered - she really hasn't been feeling too good lately; she hasn't said anything because he's feeling so down himself. Wayne suggests to her that she see a doctor, and Amanda says she'll try and make an appointment for tonight. Wayne tells her that she should have gone when she first felt off. Amanda says she knows. She then asks him how he's feeling. Wayne replies that she's right - he should try and make an effort. He continues that there's a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon - he'll try and drag himself along. Amanda warns him to be careful, and she asks him if he's really well enough. Wayne says he'll get a cab to the office and back again - what can happen? Amanda tells him that she doesn't like him getting blackouts; anything could happen. Wayne points out that the cab driver would make sure he gets home. He adds that nothing has happened since the first time; it's probably just one of those things - maybe he was just tired. He tells Amanda that he's going to make an effort to get his act together; tomorrow will be a good start.

Andy arrives at the Palmers', and Beryl tells him that it's good to see him. Andy thanks her for the invite; he then says hello to Lynn. Beryl says she has things to do in the kitchen. Lynn quickly offers to give her a hand, but Beryl tells her to stay and talk to Andy. She leaves them. Andy asks Lynn how she's been. Lynn smiles and says that's a silly question, as it's only a few hours since they've seen each other. Changing the conversation, Andy says he wonders what's on TV tonight. He picks up the guide from the coffee table, and then points to the name of a movie and says it looks interesting. Lynn looks, and points to it as well. As she does so, Andy runs his index finger over hers. Lynn looks at him and quickly pulls her hand away. Andy comments that it was a nice day. Lynn just says, "Yes, it was..." Andy continues that the weather probably won't be as good as that over in England. Lynn just says, "No..." Andy then remarks that it's a pity you can't have things the way you want them. Lynn quietly says, "Yes, it is..." The tension is broken by Beryl calling out to Andy to ask if there's anything he won't eat. Andy calls back that he'll eat anything! He looks at Lynn.

Amanda is standing by the desk in the lounge room at Toorak, talking on the 'phone. She then hangs up and starts writing something. Wayne comes in and she tells him that she couldn't see the doctor tonight, so she made an appointment for the morning. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Amanda answers it. A woman comes on and asks for Wayne Hamilton. Amanda turns to Wayne and tells him that it's for him, adding that it's someone who doesn't know about his change of name. Wayne takes the 'phone and says hello. The woman says, "Hi, it's Jacki - Jacki Ingleton!" Wayne, looking surprised, asks her how she is. Jacki replies that she's about the same as the other day. She thanks him for the coffee, and Wayne, looking bemused, says it was his pleasure. Jacki tells him that next time it's his turn to pay! Wayne distantly says "Yeah..." and then asks why that is. Jacki reminds him that she paid the other day. She adds that he's lucky she had some money on her; he might have been washing dishes for the owner, otherwise! She continues that she hopes he hasn't become an old meanie since she went overseas. Wayne assures her that he hasn't - not on her life; he's still the same old Wayne. He turns to Amanda and tells her that it's an old girlfriend - the one from the coffee shop; he might be able to find out what happened at last.

A short time later, Amanda asks Wayne why he didn't ask Jacki Ingleton more questions. Wayne retorts that he can't have her thinking he's round the twist; he'll find out more tomorrow. Amanda says she'll cancel the doctor's appointment so that she can be there too, but Wayne tells her not to. He adds that she'll be back in time, anyway. Amanda says she guesses so. She asks who Jacki Ingleton is, and Wayne replies that he told her: she's an old girlfriend; her father was involved in business dealings with Fiona a couple of years back. Amanda asks if it was serious. Wayne says he supposes it could have developed, but he fell for Jill. He adds that it will be interesting to see her - he's dying to find out what happened in those three hours the other day.

Patricia is sitting on the edge of the desk in the office at the riding school when there's a knock on the door and Terry comes in. She looks surprised to see him and nervous that he's there. She asks him what he wants, and he explains that he came to apologise. Patricia tells him that she thinks he ought to go. Terry says he just wanted to say sorry. Patricia quickly thanks him. At that moment, Stephen comes in and glares at Terry, who explains that he just came to apologise to Patricia - and to him, too. He adds that the men know the real story now. Stephen grimly says he should hope they do. Terry continues that that's all he came to say, and he goes. Stephen shuts the door behind him. Looking upset, Patricia asks her husband why he stayed away so long after what he said. Stephen replies that he had a lot of work to do, and he needed to think; he came to a very important conclusion. Patricia tells him that she knows she did the wrong thing and she's sorry. She goes on that the things she does only happen because she feels so insecure with him; she promises nothing like that will ever happen again. Stephen bitterly remarks that she's very generous with her promises - she's made so many about changing, but she hasn't kept any of them; how is he supposed to take her seriously? Patricia pleads, "Please..." Stephen tells her that he doesn't doubt she means it, but it's going to take her a hell of a long time to achieve it; if she was stuck up there at Woombai all day, with nothing to do, he can't see how she can stay out of trouble with Fiona. Patricia starts to say that she doesn't have to see her... but Stephen interrupts and says that's exactly what he had in mind - making sure she doesn't. He tells her, "I want you to take the job with Robin." Looking astonished, Patricia says he can't mean that. Stephen continues that he's not talking about them finishing - just giving themselves a chance; if she takes the job, she'll be occupied in the city all week; they can see each other at Woombai on her days off; that way, she won't have to be in contact with Fiona; they'll see if they have a chance to save their marriage. Patricia asks if it's a sort of separation. Stephen says he supposes it is. Patricia asks if it's the only way, and Stephen replies that he's afraid so; he's given it a lot of thought. Patricia gives in and says that, if it's what he wants... Stephen tells her that it's not what he wants - but they have to give themselves a chance...

At the Palmers', Beryl is sitting in an armchair in the lounge room while Lynn and Andy sit next to each other on the couch. Beryl remarks to Lynn that she'll be able to see all the films before them, now. Lynn, though, says she doesn't think that happens anymore - they release movies all over the world at the same time now. Beryl says she thought she read that London got them first. There's silence for several seconds, and Beryl eventually comments that Lynn and Andy seem to have lost their tongues. Lynn says she's feeling really tired, and Andy quickly says he is, too - he might make it an early night. Beryl agrees that he should go home and get some rest. She then reminds Lynn to ring Kevin. Andy thanks Beryl for the invite. Beryl heads out to the kitchen. Lynn says to Andy that she'll ring Kevin as soon as he's left. They go to the front door, where Andy says he shouldn't have come - it was a stupid thing to do; there's no way they can just be friends. Lynn sadly says, "No..." Andy goes to kiss her, but Lynn stops him, saying she'd better ring Kevin. Andy starts stroking her hair as he says he's going back to Sydney tomorrow, so this is goodbye. Lynn tells him not to say that; she pushes his hand away. She says again that she's got to ring Kevin. Andy leaves, and she shuts the door. She then leans against it, looking worried.

The next morning, at Toorak, Andy and Amanda are walking downstairs, and Andy asks Amanda if she's sure she'll be alright. Amanda assures him that she'll be OK. She adds that she's going to see the doctor - it's probably just 'flu or something. Andy then asks about Wayne - will she be alright with him? Amanda replies that of course she will - she's sure meeting that girl will help him; she wants to see him happy again. Andy remarks to Amanda that she's really fallen for Wayne, and Amanda agrees, "Very much." She then adds that she supposes Andy can't understand how she can fall in love with someone she shouldn't. Andy, looking wistful, says, "No... not at all." He goes to leave, but as he does so, Wayne joins them and tells Andy that he's glad he caught him. He continues that, about his mum... the article... Andy tells him to forget it. Wayne says he knows he's harping, but he really is sorry. Andy says he knows. Changing the subject, Wayne asks him if can drop something into the Palmers' on his way to the airport - Beryl will need it for the meeting this afternoon. Andy, looking worried about seeing Lynn again, says he doesn't want to miss his 'plane. Amanda tells him that he's got stacks of time - it doesn't take two hours to get there. Andy nervously says, "No..." He goes.

Lynn opens the front door at the Palmers' and looks surprised to see Andy standing there. He asks if Beryl is home, but Lynn says she isn't - she's gone shopping. She asks why, and Andy explains that Wayne asked him to drop in an envelope on his way to the airport. Lynn takes it and then shuts the door. Andy goes to walk away, but then turns and knocks on the door again. Lynn nervously goes and opens it. Andy walks past her into the house and Lynn asks what he's doing. Andy tells her that he can't leave her - not the way he's feeling. They start kissing passionately...

A while later, they're sitting on the couch, Andy with his arm around Lynn. Lynn asks if the taxi driver was mad at him. Andy replies that it's too bad if he was. He kisses Lynn. Lynn tells him that this is insane - she's going to England in three days' time. Andy tells her that he wants to be with her 'til she goes. Lynn says it's impossible, but Andy replies that it isn't - he can book into a cheap hotel somewhere. Lynn tells him that Beryl is going to Sydney tomorrow. Andy asks if that means they'll be there by themselves, and adds that that's fantastic. Lynn tells him that there is a very big 'but', though: she can't let anything happen - she could never face Kevin again if it did; she wants something to happen, and that's bad enough, she but can't let it go any further. Andy says he understands, and he adds that at least they'll be together. They kiss...

Jacki Ingleton is sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Toorak, and Wayne hands her a drink. As he does so, he tells her that it was useless trying to fool her when he knew darn well that he had no hope of remembering. Jacki assures him that nothing happened - he was acting perfectly normally; he was a bit depressed, but that's all. Wayne asks where they met - the coffee shop? Jacki tells him no - they met in Toorak village; she suggested coffee and he was happy to go along with it; they chatted about old times. She adds that she hasn't been back to Sydney yet - he's the only one to clap eyes on her! Wayne remarks, "Lucky old Wayne!" Out in the hallway, Amanda stands and listens at the doorway at the flirtatious nature of the conversation. She then walks purposefully into the room. Wayne stands up and introduces the two women to each other. He asks Amanda how it went at the doctor's. Amanda replies that it's just a virus. Jacki remarks that she thought it was only her and Wayne for lunch. Wayne smiles at her. Amanda says to Jacki that she believes she's been overseas. Jacki says that's right. Amanda tells her, "What a pity - you missed our wedding."

Beryl arrives home to find Lynn mopping the kitchen floor. She tells her that she doesn't have to do that, but Lynn insists that she has to do something. Beryl asks where Davey is, and Lynn replies that he's next door with her mum. Beryl comments that, the amount of time she's spent with him, he may as well have gone already! She then says she thought she saw Andy on her way back on the tram. Lynn quickly says she forgot: he dropped a file in for her. Beryl remarks that, the funny thing was, he was walking. Lynn tells her that he let his cab go and stopped for a chat. Beryl remarks that he really is a very nice young man. Lynn looks worried.

At Toorak, Jacki says she's sorry to eat and dash, but she's got a game of tennis organised for this afternoon. Wayne says he's got a business meeting anyway. Amanda curtly tells Jacki that it was nice to meet her. Jacki retorts, "You too, Amanda." She goes, and Amanda shuts the door behind her. As soon as she does, Wayne angrily asks her what the hell the idea was of dropping in that they're married, like that, then fawning all over him. Amanda points out that she is his wife - she doesn't see she did anything wrong. Wayne snaps at her to grow up. He adds that it was her idea that they shouldn't interfere with each other's lives, and he tells her not to do anything like that again.

Somtime later, the 'phone rings at Toorak. Amanda answers it, but then there's a knock at the door, and Amanda asks the caller to hold on. She answers the door to find Beryl standing there. She asks Amanda how she is, and she replies that she's fine. Beryl then asks why Wayne didn't arrive at the meeting. Suddenly looking worried, Amanda says he was heading there. Beryl suddenly notices that the 'phone is off the hook, and Amanda goes and picks it up again. A man comes on and says, "Mrs. Morrell?" Amanda says it is. The caller tells her that he's from the bank - he wants to let her husband know that he left his chequebook on the counter when he was in before. Looking surprised, Amanda asks how long ago he was in. The man says it was about an hour ago. Amanda asks what he was doing there, and the man replies that he made a withdrawal - quite a large one. Amanda thanks him and hangs up. She turns to Beryl and tells her that that was the bank - Wayne has been in and drawn money out. She adds that somethng must have happened; she's going to call the police - it sounds like another blackout. Beryl points out that he turned up alright last time. Seeing Amanda looking shaky, she asks her if she's alright. Amanda says it's just a virus. Beryl says she should have thought. She offers to stay, but Amanda says she'll be alright. Beryl tells her to let her know if anything happens. She goes, leaving Amanda looking worried.

Patricia walks into the reception area at the riding school, followed by Fiona, who says, "Off are you?" Patricia snaps that she thought that would be obvious. Fiona snaps back that it'll teach her to play her little games. Patricia storms outside.

Wayne opens the door and walks into Toorak. Amanda immediately asks him where he's been, as she's been worried about him. Wayne assures her that she needn't have been. Amanda asks him why he didn't go to the meeting, and then if he knows that he went to the bank and cashed a cheque. Wayne tells her to calm down - he didn't have another blackout. He continues that he didn't go to the meeting because he didn't feel up to it; he went for a drive instead; he felt rotten about the way he treated her and was on the way home to tell her when he had a better idea. He takes a small case out of his jacket pocket and hands it to her, explaining as he does so that this is where the money went. Amanda opens it; inside is a gold bracelet. Wayne tells her that it's to say 'thanks' for being such a good friend. When Amanda doesn't say anything, he asks her if she doesn't like it. Amanda quickly says that of course she does - it's just that she was thinking that this is probably a good time to tell him something. She continues that, when she went to see the doctor this morning, it wasn't a virus - "I'm two months pregnant." Wayne, looking astonished, says, "Two months?" Amanda tells him, "It's yours, Wayne."


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